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Monday, 8 October 2012

A new story. "A woman like no other"

Hi everyone,
  Here is another of my older stories, I have had it in mind to post it for a while but it has a slightly harder edge to it which had put me off until now. But like i said, this is a place for all my bits and bobs. 
 Besides I have just read it again and it is quite good. Hope you agree.

A woman like no other

    They say it is rude to stare, but sometimes you just can’t help it, After all, you had never seen a woman quite like me and as i sit in my drawing room, eyeing you up and down, I can feel you eyes on me, there warmth making me tingle.
   It was natural for me to be glamorous, I adorned being so, but, today I have prepared myself with one purpose in mind. Seducing a young man……..seducing you.
   Tall and curvaceous, long limbed and beautiful, I know i am the image of every young mans fantasy of an older woman. My red hair is immaculately enstyled, to frame my face. A face, though lined with maturity, was flawlessly made up to emphasise  my green eyes and full lips. But it was not these stunning details that held your eyes, but the deep creamy depths of my cleavage, moulded and displayed today in a tightly tailored blouse. A blouse that did as much to emphasise my bust, as the tight pencil skirt did her hips and thighs. It was a simple yet stunning out fit, completed and complimented by black stockings and shiny black stiletto heeled shoes and as I move the entire outfit glistens and shines, for the woman before you is like no other you have ever seen before, because  I   am dressed entirely in…..latex.
   “I don’t think the agency, made everything entirely clear”, I say holding up the contract. “Did they my dear”.
  I see the tears in your eyes….and smile.

I beckon you forward. Unsure and a little unsteadily like a fawn you approach. The needle like heels of the shoes which now enclose your feet, feeling weird and unnatural, But then again how else should they feel to a young man like you.
  I instruct you to take your position, head lowered, , gloved hands across that white apron. For a moment I allow myself a smile as I take in the stunning vision before me.
  It has taken 7 hours, 7 long hours but now you are the perfect image of feminised submissiveness . A beautiful doe eyed beauty, dressed in the uniform of a cute French maid. A uniform which is tiny, tight ,trimmed with white frills, smooth , sexy and fashioned entirely from glossy black rubber. Yes rubber , , shiny and wet, rubber that clings to every curve and dimple of your newly feminised body, whilst its skirts ripple out to bob and flutter about your matchingly pantied bottom.
From your shame reddened cheeks down to the tips of your manicured nails, from the peak of your dainty cap to the point of your glossy shoes  you are perfection and what’s was more you are mine, completely and utterly.
  Oh the idea of it, is almost to sweet. To imagine possessing something so beautiful, so sexy to have to do with what I please, oh yes my sweet thing  you are mine aren’t you dear, yes, after all you could have struggled, protested pleaded, but you did nothing……didn’t you because deep inside you knew you could not resist me..why? because I am like no other woman you have seen before.

   “Excellent Andy”, I say complimenting you on your immaculate appearance. Your uniform is perfectly polished and your make up flawless. You look stunningly feminine, as of cause you now are. “you like to look your best for me don’t your Andy”.
  “Thank you Miss…yes miss I do”,
 But as I explain about the party that evening your beautiful face fills with a mixture of excitement and terror. I explain I have invited a number of my friends to dinner and you with serve us. I explain I have told them all about you and that they are eager to meet you. However you have little time to dwell on the idea of public display, for 30 minutes later my guests have arrived and you are standing outside the drawing room door awaiting my call.
   You enter . The room is full of both ladies and young men, all are elegantly dressed the ladies in long dresses and the men in smart tuxedos. All eyes instantly turn to you and as to come before me you give me a quite delightful curtsy and say, “You called miss?”.
   I instruct you to your duties and with practised grace atop your heels you move about the room, serving champagne and snacks.
  At first all you could feel were eyes on you, but soon, you were being stroked about the arms and shoulders as you pass You are complimented and greeted , everyone knows your name, the ladies smile like loving Aunts whilst the young men just gaze at you with…well with desire I am afraid and I am afraid that it is this emotion that takes over, your hand is taken your tray removed, a hand is slipped up under your skirt and yes your panties are being pulled down, down and over your heels, you look back to me, an expression of fear and excitement in your eyes and then, then you are being handled  and eased down to kneel on a low glass table. Bent forward your bottom raised and your skirt pulled aside exposing you utterly. You try to struggle, or you put on a bit of a show I think, but there are hands on you strong feminine hands, you look back over your shoulder, there is a half naked woman there a tall beautiful blonde woman  and about her waist is strapped….Oh is strapped a mans thing, wide and pink and long, glistening with oil. You panic now for real, but you can’t escape, you look back as you feel the first nudge between your seatcheeks, seat cheeks which are eased apart. Oh god… you think  oh god I’m going to be fucked  . And yes you are my dear, right here right now fucked like a good girl.   You should beg, plead, struggle but you don’t, well a little for show maybe but not enough and then in that moment before the gathered crowd you feel a deeper more insistent thrust and smoothly you part, part and submit . Oh it goes in and in and in. Oh you feel speared utterly taken, then with a slow rhythm it begins, your fucking , your first fucking, in ,out, in ,out, deeper and deeper, 9 inches oh!, Oh!, you can barely breath, you can barely gasp air, because you are moaning, sighing, panting my sweet, panting like a bitch on heat, your glossy lips parted in an ‘O’ of pleasure, but my dear those cute lips are not just for show , oh no they are to inviting , to soft, to moist, to be ignored. There is something warm now, brushing your cheek, something hard and warm and oh wet!. Your heavy eyes flicker open, just as its tip is offered to your lips. You start back for a moment, It is a cock!, a large sleek cock, the cock of a young man. You stare, stare into its one eye, weeping with its excitement, But you can not stare for long can you my dear, for the young man is in control and despite your uncertainty, with one hand on your head and the other about his cock, he guides it between your glossy lips, filling your  mouth, You gag, and panic, draw breath through your nose in deep lung-fulls your eyes wide and tearfilled, but then slowly you close your lips about it and slowly the young man begins to fuck your face, fuck you in rhythm with your bottom, fuck you deep and long. You don’t know how to feel, you can’t tell shame from pleasure, pain from passion you just feel. Feel the pressure build, feel the young mans cock trembling, fell your lips  drawing him in, drawing him deeper and deeper suckling, suckling wettly and lovingly ,passionately, suckling, suckling suckling……he come with a gasp, and for a moment you feel you will drown, you snatch your breath and then relax as the stream of hot milk creams down the back of your throat.
   Your tongue laps at its tip you feel the spent cock slip free, a dripple of cum strands between your lips , but they are not sealed for long, for as your eyes open you see the young man was just the first in a long line of beautiful people, who would use your body that night .


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  1. What could I said, I LOVE IT; yes this is a bit more "HARD" than your other stories but once again so well described that I wish I was present at this fabulous party (perhaps waiting my turn impatiently to pleasure or be pleasure by beautiful sexy you, or perhaps on my four on the next table)
    Kiss (French, deep and demanding)