Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Self portrait

Hi everyone
   I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger had a breakdown and refused to play. So hopefully it will go up now.
  I drew this 9 years ago, when i was 15. I had thought i had lost it but found it on an old disc. I worked at first in black and white, just pencil, but i still dreamed of being made up all pretty.
  Still i hope you like this, i still think it is pretty good.


PS, do we have PSs on blogs?, well anyway. I just wanted to add. Moving in with G and P is possibley the best thing i have ever done. Really a dream come true.

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