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Friday, 10 June 2011

Rear of the year.

Having finally accessed my google account i found this in my in box and it brought a smile back to my face.

Congratulations to the gorgeous Carol Vorderman for being voted Rear of the year in a british poll. As you know i am totally beguilled by the lovely Ms Vorderman and this award proves i am to my delight not alone.
  Lets face it this woman, is quite stunning and especially when you realise she is 50. 50! I mean please, she can't be 50, that is twice my age.
 Thank the lord for such older women. She was not a model or anything like that, but a plain and bookish Mathamatision, A boffin with a huge IQ, Who signed on to present a little gameshow on daytime tv in britain about 25 years ago, Hang on i was only just born, Crickey that is frightening.
 Anyway, congratulations Carol. Brains, Beauty, beautiful curves ,lovely smile and to top it all Louboutin heels.,


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