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Friday, 17 June 2011

Moving out

Just for those that know, thanks you my bum hole of a landlord i will be moving from my flat this weekend and Thank goodness i won'l have to deal with him anymore.
And so after many offers on their part i will be accepting my master P and mistress Gs offer to move in to their home.
I have turnod them down before because i think it will make te line between Andy and Amanda harder to keep. But we shall see.
Anyway i just wanted to say to G and P Thank you i am looking forward to it very much.


  1. That's so coooool for you congratulations!
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I understand your happiness for the change, but I understand also your fears for the new change, also becuase at least you were Andy here and Amanda there. Now the line is more grey than black, sometime you will not be able to see it, or so you think.
    But believe me, I'm sure it will not be this way. You are you, no matter how you call yourself or how you dress yourself.
    It must be clear for you and also for your G&P. If not, they don't deserve you (But I'm sure that they will be scared as much as you). You must just recreate Andy space and Amanda space, but on your heart you already know you will be able to do it, or you would not accept their proposal.