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Monday, 16 May 2011

A story. Knightley Manor

The strange world 
Knightley Manor
part 1
the measure.


Quickly there is some one else in the stop", the elder of the two women glanced through the parted door. True enough she saw a woman of about 50 slowly browsing through the racks of clothes. it was unusual to see a more mature lady in the small boutique but by her style of dress it was clear she was no mere window shopper. The older of the two women shifted her position to get a better look. The customer was tall and blessed with a figure well below her years, long shapely legs were enhanced by the deep sheen of supple burgundy red leather pants, the same shape of material formed the loose silk blouse, displaying beneath, a bust which despite its fullness clearly required no support. A wide black patent belt, highlighting her slim waist connected these two equally beautiful halves of her body. The woman, Vanessa, remained still as the customer neared, now she could see her face, perfect features full lips , dark eyes, high cheeks, all emphasised by immaculate , rich make up, not to heavy yet dramatic enough to be clear this woman knew her beauty and all framed by thick waves of shoulder length red silken hair, shot through with sparkling grey that hinted at a woman confident in her looks and happy with her age, this woman was quite stunning. Vanessa Homewood smiled.
The younger slim blonde looked up from where she knelt beside the moulded feminine figure, her hand resting on the sculptures polished thigh, her green eyes glowing with excitement, "Yes?".
"Prepare the measure".
"Do you not think she is a little ..old?"
"don’t be ridiculous ,look at her, she is gorgeous, no we will have two in one day!".
"Good afternoon madam", the older woman approached the customer from behind, ravishing the twin globes of her leather clad buttocks with greedy eyes. Who, in one elegant movement turned to the welcoming voice.
"You have some truly wonderful items", she said, her rich velvet European accent moulding the words into poetry.
"Are we looking for something special", Vanessa purred.
"No not really, I just saw your boutique and thought I might take a look", she paused, "perhaps a new pair of pants", her well manicured hands smoothing across the front of her thighs, "something maybe in black?"
Vanessa Homewood smiled "In black…I’m sure we can find just the thing"
"Hmm yes these are beautiful", Jane Aston-Jones purred stretching her legs within their new black, supple leather sleeves, "The finish is so shiny".
Without beckoning Vanessa ran one hand across the customers shimmering left buttock, "It is a process called rubberization. The leather is soaked in a pure natural latex rubber gum, this penetrates into its pores giving the material all the properties of rubber, very smooth and supple, totally water resistant and endowed with a permanent high gloss liquid like finish".
"Rubberization" Jane repeated in thought as she turned once more before the mirror, "do you know I think I will ta…." Her voice trailed as she saw the item young Caroline had just placed on the rack behind her hostess, Vanessa turned to follow her gaze. She smiled.
"PVC?", Jane said
"Oh no completely different", Vanessa took the pants from the rail and held them up, the shop lights glistened on there polished surface "These are P.P.V, Pure Plastic Vinyl, The very latest thing extremely expensive to produce, ultra smooth and very, very tight, you see they have no stretch at all, they don’t fit you….you fit into them".
It was as if her words were a challenge, and Jane would take it.
Jane Aston-Jones could not help but release a soft moan, as the tight, tight black plastic settled about and between her buttocks. It was the second time of trying and now with the wisp of her panties removed the shiny black film fitted without a crease or wrinkle. From waist to mid calf it moulded so tightly it looked as if a coat of gloss enamel lacquer had been applied to her skin, with only the slight flaring from calf to ankle revealing there true nature of her attire.
Slowly she bent forward feeling the ungiving plastic squeezing and tightening about her bottom, but no more than an inch or two could she move before the glossy films sensual embrace became to much between her legs and, with blushed cheeks, she straightened.
"They fit perfectly", Vanessa said as much to her smiling assistant as she did her client. "do you like them madam?"
"Jane smoothed her hands across her bottom, luxuriating in their warm embrace, "Very much, however they are rather impractical, I’m sure you do not get many sales".
"Very true madam, they really are for displaying? A figure, rather than merely clothing. But not more than 2 hours ago a young lady of about 25 tried this very pair on, she did look very sexy, but if I may say, you fit the measure even better".
"Why thank you", Jane glowed with delight at the compliment and turned once more before the mirror, "very well, sold. Yes I will take them"

Returning to the changing room she once more gazed at her ripple free pants. Where she would wear them, had no idea, but she would think of something. Smiling at both her purchase and at the positive comparison with a 25-year-old, she eased the pants off and returned to her deep red leather pants. Which despite their tightness now felt positively slack.
Checking her look once more in the mirror she took her bag down off the hook, ‘shoooosh’ to her surprise the mirror opened as a door. Sensing something odd she looked round the back of the mirror, ‘there had better not be one of those dirty little peep cameras in here’, she thought, but no it was just a door with a large well lit room behind, some kind of studio workshop by the looks. Full of outfits, rolls of fabric, bottles of stuff, brushes, boxes, tools, the room did not seem unusual for such a specialist boutique, however it was what lay in the centre of the room that tweaked her natural curiosity and drew her inside.
It was rectangular sheet of glossy black material some 7feet by 3, highly polished ,very smooth and it’s centre was formed the raised shape of a woman, naked but for needle like high heel on her feet. It was like a jelly mould, you know you would fill it with resin or something, then when it had set you would have a life size sculpture, probably a mannequin mould for the shop Jane thought. The light in the room was bright and Jane lent over to admire the immense feminine detail the spread-eagled figure contained. Every dimple and crease was captured to perfection. From her beautiful face, to the peaks of her pert nipples and from the buckles of her high heels, to the intimate folds of her sex, parted and open, its inner lips moulded in such precision so as to display the soft labia and hard clit nib.
Suddenly Jane’s eyes stopped wandering, she stared, was it her eyes or…or were those smooth shiny breasts ever so slightly, rising and falling. She looked again. Oh my goodness they were!
Bemused she tentatively reached out her hand and at the first touch of those erect nipples, cried out in shock. Suddenly the silent room was full of pitiful whimpering and moans, as writhing like a liquid snake the figure came alive!
Shocked, stunned, repulsed and revolted, Jane watched in horror as the figure writhed like an eel, trapped beneath a film of thick black tar, her moans filling her ears with desperate muffled pleas for help.
It took a few long moments for Jane to regain any sort of control of her nerves, but then, still shaking, she forced herself to the figures side.
"Are you all right? Don’t worry I’ll help you, I’ll help you" she panted.
Jane struggled to fight off her revulsion she felt at the sensation of the girl writhing beneath her touch. There was something unnaturally slick and slippery, about its smoothness and shine, but with her mind trying to avoid imaging how much worse it must be for the poor girl trapped within. Jane forced herself to continue,
With her fingers fumbling helplessly across the glass smooth surface, it quickly became clear to Jane that the unfortunate girl was enclosed within some kind of rubber bed. She lay on a ridged base over which a second, thin sheet, of latex rubber had been stretched. This appeared to be seamlessly closed down the sides, effectively imprisoning the girl inside. But Jane could not understand how the girl had been so tightly enclosed, it was as if the latex sheet had been melted on to her, or even stretched down like……, Jane stopped as the true horror swept over her. She fell back shaking her head in horror and disgust …… ‘Oh my god!’, she thought, ‘She’s been vacuum packed!
But the desperate wordless, moans did not stop.
"D…don’t worry I’ll get help", Jane stumbled to her feet "I’ll be back"
The sad moaning ringing in her ears Jane turned away and stumbled to the door. There stood Vanessa, a cruel smile on her red lips.
"I see you have met our last customer, very beautiful, quite a few years younger than you, as I said, she did not fill out the measure as well as you", she tossed the plastic pants in front of her.
Jane shook her head, her usual cool gone in a mixture of horror and anger,
"I don’t know what you bitches are up to but the police will be here some", she took out her mobile phone.
"I don’t think you will get a signal down here, besides….". at that moment Caroline entered and before her she pushed a wide eyed young man. "….this cute little thing came looking for you ,said he was meeting his Auntie Jane, a tall ,beautiful, red haired woman, wearing red leather pants…..Beautiful Aunty?". She paused and ran a hand down the young mans spine, "You know I think you have a little crush on your Auntie Jane, don’t you honey".
Slim and trim, dressed in smart beige trousers and a crisp pale blue shirt and with neat brown hair, dark eyes and a soft round face, the young man looked younger than his 18 years. Yet at that moment, with his wrists cuffed, a collar and lead about his slim neck, those soft eyes were filled with fear. "Auntie Jane what is happening?",
"Oh, sweet heart, are you all right", Jane moved toward him. Vanessa stepped between,
"He is at the moment but later? Well that depends on you…Auntie Jane".
Jane looked down to her phone. No signal. "What do you want," she sighed " money? I have money, my rings, car? What? Anything just let us go, we won’t tell anyone"
Vanessa smiled "I think you know what I want" she looked down at the gleaming black figure at her feet.
Jane’s heart leapt into her throat at the thought. "No! no! please no, I will pay you so much". She pleaded, "My cheque book and cards are all in my bag, what ever price I’ll pay just….."
"You are the price and you alone" Vanessa coolly purred confident of her position. " Still if you need persuading", from nowhere she produced a shiny rubber hood, the young man let out a muffled cry as she drew it to his head. "Shush now it won’t hurt you"
"Please he is only 18 let him go, do what you must with me but don’t harm him" Jane pleaded
Jane looked to the trembling boy, her eyes trying to calm the fear she saw. "Andrew, my nephew, he is spending the summer with me, please don’t hurt him"
"We have no intention of harming either of you", Vanessa purred, her gaze drifting from Aunt to nephew. "In fact I think harming something as cute as this young man would be a crime. Don’t you agree Caroline?".
The look on her companions face was one of clear understanding, her eyes sparkling with delight.
" The countess?", Caroline whispered.
"The countess, she shall be paid in full ".
"What? what is it?", Jane said, taking the opportunity to wrap her arm about her companion. "Who is the countess?"
"She owns us…or rather she will have owned us, For once she has this gorgeous prize in her hand…our debt will be paid".
"No", Jane said, "No you can’t take him, please". The woman struggled as she was pulled away,
"I will not harm him, I promise, he is a prize far higher than even you. However I can make life uncomfortable for him, if you do not enter into the spirit". She held the shiny latex hood once more to Jane’s nephews face.
"No…no please no" Jane gasped, "No, don’t put that to him please" her elegant posture slumped "Please …please", she looked down at the still writhing figure. "I will pay your price"
30 minutes later Andrew sat unsure where to look. Right before him stood his beloved Auntie, back to him naked but for the needle like high heel shoes now adorning her feet, her arms out stretched as her smooth skinned body was sprayed with a fine coating of oil, slicking her hair to her scalp. It’s rich gloss highlighting her beautiful figure.
"Your Aunt dose have a lovely body Andy. You don’t mind if I call you Andy?, No?, Good, yes she is quite stunning for an older woman. But then again I get the suspicion you have seen your Auntie’s body before haven’t you dear…..", Andy looked away his face flushed deep crimson. Vanessa smiled. "….Yes, I think you are very well aquatinted with it….naughty".
Meanwhile Caroline was allowing her fingers to drift naughtily between Jane’s gleaming buttocks, teasing the sensitive skin within.
Jane looked straight ahead and trembled in her dangerously high heels. "Stop that", Jane murmured, summoning as much authority as her position would allow.
"Why?" Caroline smiled, pressing her fingertip to the older woman’s most intimate opening, making her arch her back and gasp. "I think you like it"
"Yes she really is beautiful..", Vanessa said stroking the shiny latex hood down the beauties tear streaked cheek. "… But we know a way to make it look even better, don’t we Andrew".
Caroline placed the oil aside and taking the naked woman’s arm followed Vanessa and her young captive, through into an adjoining well-lit room.
Jane gasped and stopped, before, them lay a second shiny black rubber bed, its top sheet peeled back like the petal of some bizarre plant awaiting its victim. The realisation of what was about to happen to her brought images of first figure flowing through her mind. She felt sick and looked away, deep into the tear filled eyes of her beautiful companion. She thought of struggling, fighting, she knew she should, but deep inside she knew, there was no way out.
Vanessa seated Andrew and took the place beside him, taking his hand in a mockery of compassion. He stared ahead. Caroline quickly positioned the trembling woman before them, the open bed glistening wetly between.
"It really is so nice not to have to struggle, so many girls kick and fuss, it really is so much more civilised with a ‘willing’ subject". Vanessa laughed mockingly. " Now in you get". Jane looked down, her mind raced with terror, imagining the fate before her, she looked up pleading to her captor. Vanessa drew the hood across Andrews trembling tear-streaked cheek, "In to bed you get".
The woman, Mature, confident, beautiful now sobbed as slowly she lowered herself into the beds latex folds, her breath came in desperate pants, her voice softly pleading for mercy, helpless gasping for words as slowly she lay back on the cool slippery rubber bed, its soft mattress moulding about her back and buttocks. Then once on her back she remained passive, staring up at the ceiling lights, allowing Caroline to arrange her, she remembered the other figure, she would be the same, legs parted arms spread displayed for all to see. She could no longer resist, her eyes, tear filled, Glanced to her nephew for help she knew could not come.
"I love you Auntie Jane". He sobbed
"I love you Andrew so very mu….." , suddenly it went dark , she screamed in terror, as the top sheet of ,wet slippery rubber was drawn over her. She stiffened as she heard the zippers close down the sides over which, unknown to her, loose flaps were glued down. It was done, so swift no fuss the air tight prison was sealed and within that pitch black, alien cell Jane knew nothing but the sounds of her heart pounding , her panting breath, and the sound of creaking stretching latex.
She waited now for what she knew would come and waited. Vanessa was cruel she knew and enjoyed what she did, An eternity was passing for Jane in her latex void ,sweat mingling with the oil making her slick and hot nothing but darkness and the pungent aroma of rubber.
Beyond the void, Vanessa drew Andrew closer a wicked smile on her lips and a little box in her hand.
"Don’t be sad, this is the fun part", so saying she flicked the switch and the light glowed "Fast or slow" she asked the terror struck beauty, he just sobbed, "well I like it slow, take your time is my moto"
It happened all to quickly, there was a distant hum, followed by a rush of air about her head. She felt the air tickling her naked body as it was drawn out of the bed. She felt the latex briefly ripple over her body, before softly settling and slowly beginning to collapse onto her. The rubber now seamed to come alive squeaking and stretching, melting down about her writhing body, within moments her movement was restricted she was pinned down , arms and legs weighed down by the unyielding force of stretching black rubber as it fought to work into every crease and dimple of her body.
Panting now, she felt her chest being squeezed, her breathing now shallow and constricted by the ever-tightening film. The tighter it got the more movement became impossible, yet still this latex skin wanted more, she felt it seek out the hollows of her eyes the dimples of her nostrils, moulding tightly about her head to silence the sound of escaping air.
As the packaging continued, she became aware of hands on her body, gentle hands helping to mould the stretching rubber into every detail of her hands and heeled feet, into every curve of her body, breast, leg and then finally to her horror, her sex.
She could feel fingers light and tender softly ease her lips apart, offering her clitty to the latex’s touch. For a moment she felt the air flutter over the tender flesh of her enflamed nib , she arched her back, struggling as best she could for escape, but then like the lips of an eager lover, the latex enveloped her. Enveloped her and squeezed.
Andrew watched in horror as his latex entombed Aunt began to writhe before him. Her body arching and stretching like a sensual serpent. Her desperate moans clear above the sound of the vacuum pump.
" This is my favourite part", Vanessa said drawing the trembling Andrew closer, "all that sexual fire burning with nowhere to go".
Within her darkened latex world Jane cried out and fought to control the sudden sexual fire building inside her, but her latex lovers embrace would not let her go. The stimulation grew and grew, it’s heat flowing through her latex imprisoned body, and directed back to her very core, Back into her breasts, her lips, the flesh of her thighs and deep into the liquid heat of her sex.
Jane rode the ebbing and flowing sexual current for what seemed like a lifetime, but trapped motionless in her latex prison her surrender was inevitable. Eventually the waves began to break and she let out a deep sensual moan.
Her climax seemed multiplied beyond anything she had ever felt before. It made her heart pound and her body tremble. Wave after wave of liquid fire seamed to flow through her, as one climax began to drift away another began to simmer and rise leaving her a helpless toy to the vacbeds merciless embrace until such time as it chose to release her.

The vacuum pump shut off and, but for the muffled sensual moans seeping from within the gleaming package, the room was silent. Caroline quickly knelt beside the vacuum-sealed figure, her fingers stroking over the perfectly highlighted features of Jane’s face, she paused for a moment them with a small tool pierced the latex at Jane’s nostril with a pattern of tiny holes. She smiled to herself, the film of oil she had applied to Jane’s body had formed a perfect seal, and the vacuum was perfect and would hold for as long as they desired.
Poor Andrew broke down in tears, he fell to the floor beside the shiny figure his hands trembling hovered above the smooth film, unable to touch the living membrane that had swallowed his beloved Aunt.
" Auntie, oh auntie I love you", he sobbed.
"Oh how sweet" Don’t worry about her Andrew, she will be having fun for a very long time" said Vanessa leaning over, "But Its time now for you to have some". Suddenly his world was filled with the smell of rubber, the latex hood eased over his head in one smooth movement turning it into a gleaming rubber ball featureless but for the pattern of pin prick hole at the nose.
Andrew screamed.

To be continued….

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  1. I like the story so far, good plot. When can we see the next installment?