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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A short story

  This is a very short fantasy.
   I am sorry if the spacing and text is a little odd, but i scanned this from a very old type written story.

A Fantasy.

It was a palace there was no other word for it, a palace that would provide you both with desperate shelter.
You were greeted at the huge doors by a delicate coffee skinned young lady, her sweetly beautiful face immaculately made up, to highlight her naturally beautiful features,, Smokey jet eyes, high cheeks and full lips glossed a deep ruby red, she was dressed ,quite naturally in full Indian costume, long rich robes of brightly coloured silk and satin, which seemed to give off the scent of rose gardens. You squeezed your auntie’s hand.
Your Aunt explained your predicament, the car you had rented had broken down and naturally the moment you had started to walk to the nearest town the heavens opened. The girls smiled, and in perfect English said
"Yes is do’s rain quite a bit this time of year".
You are both invited in and find yourselves in an amazingly ornate Palace, everything was polished marble and silken draping, the scent of perfume filling the air and everywhere you looked another stunningly beautiful dark skinned girl smiled back. Presently you are led into a bright wide room, its furnishings clearly those of a living room.
"God afternoon, my we are wet", you are greeted by a woman of about 50, with deep dark eyes and long black hair, as everything else in the palace she was exquisitely beautiful.
"My lady", said the girl, "This lady and her companion request shelter".
"Please, please my home is yours" The woman smiled, turning to the 2 beauties behind her .She spoke in Indian. The girls came forward, "Please you are welcome", the lady introduces herself as the Maharajaess.
You sit for some time, your Aunt detailing the trip you had made from delhi and once more how the car broke down. Yet as your Aunt spoke you could not avoid the rich beautiful eyes of your new host, she seamed to be admiring you, not staring but yes, admiring you, you felt yourself blushing.
"And this is your Nephew9'", she gestured to you,
"Yes Andrew is my nephew, we always spend our holidays together",
"He is a very beautiful boy", the word seamed odd, beautiful?.
"Yes he is", your Aunt smiles squeezing your hand, "Oh darling you are freezing", she says. "I think I had better get you some dry clothes from the car"
"Please", the maharajess said, "Please you to will become soaked, please allow my maidens to attend to him".she beckons two young ladies, again words on Indian The girls look at you, nod and smile, "Please Andrew, do go with my maidens, I am afraid they do not speak your language but, they will take great care of you".
The beauties take your hand, you glance to your Aunt she is smiling and shyly you allow yourself to be led away.
The room you finally enter is bathed in a golden light, and scented with rose and jasmine, you feet warm instantly. After a few moments alone, the girls, both like the first, immaculately made up and quite stunning, return and begin to help you out of your damp clothes. Surprised at this you step away and shake your head, saying you could do it yourself. However the beauties would not take no for an answer and with a point of a red tipped finger and shake of the head made it quite clear they would take care of you and as your pants slipped down your legs you feel your colour boil in your cheeks. You had never been naked in front of a girl before and no matter how hard you tried they would not allow you to 'cover yourself up.
A few moments passed as the girls ran there hands over you, they were so soft so gentle and to your immense embarrassment your body naturally responded .The girls giggled and despite your efforts to cover up drew your hand away and led you to what looked like a leather massage table. Its surface covered by a thin clear plastic film.
you are beckoned to lay face up upon the table, your legs and arms positioned neatly beside you and as you listen to the girls preparations, you become aware that this will not be as quick as you thought, no, much to your growing unease the girls were clearly instructed to take there time.
On their return you see both girls carry glass containers, filled with translucent golden liquid, a feint haze of warmth curling from their surface.
To your surprise raise them above you and allow there golden contents to stream onto your feet and legs,
'What is that?", You gasp, the liquid is warm, thick and slow and is allowed to stream in rich glistening strands until your feet and legs; up to your thighs; are basted beneath its viscous golden coating. You feel your heart pounding, your breath panting, you have never felt anything like it before. For a moment you feel the liquid spreading, running between your toes and legs and then once more it begins again .This time the rich glazing is poured across your body and over your now very erect boyhood. It rums down your arms, you feel it warm and heavy, thick, like treacle, it spreads across your shoulders and chest, heavy and slow, coating and sealing you, Again a pause, your heart is pounding, you feel it will burst. You gaze down along you body, glazed in glistening golden syrup, so warm, so warm . You see the jars hover above to, see the golden oil within and it begins to pour, slow and thick, at your chin, across your lips, you dare to part them, HONEY!!!, you are coated in, honey!.
A voice soft and warm is then in your ear, '"Close darling".
Your Auntie!!, you Auntie is smiling at you, her breath sweet and scented , so warm so close, "close your eyes and lips",
You do, and the honey completes its glossy envelope. .
"You are a very beautiful boy"
Lost in your honied world you are unaware of the fine mist of scented spices and powdered gold which is sprinkled across your glistening body, instantly the honey darkens, from gold to coffee,
You don't remember anything, you don t remember waking, or being moved or anything. The first thing you feel is the soft slip of a brush on your lips, smooth and creamy, your head focuses, one of the girls is close before you , smiling, the soft brush in her painted fingertips sparkles with cherry red gloss, you stare at her, and part your lips, they are slow, wet, and creamy. She is painting your face!!, you are having make up applied!!,
Startled you turn away, and look down, you are dressed the exquisitely feminine outfit of an Indian maiden, long white wrap skirt, streaming to the floor and a tight white bodice, in which , to your greater shock were cradled two perfect coffee tinted teardrop breasts, each capped by a deep copper peak. Your head span, it was a dream, unreal you turn once more. The mirror.
You approach on high heals, you see your eyes and it is not a dream, they are your eyes, but now they belong to a stunningly beautiful ,rose scented girl, an Indian girl, her coffee skin bedecked with superb sparkling jewels , a girl with long legs, slim waist. pert breasts and tumbling glossy black hair.. A girl with a sweet round child like face, blue, ornately painted eyes and full glossy red lips. It is not a dream
You are lost for a long moment, then you feel the touch on your arm and turn to face the 2 girls , are you possibly as beautiful as they'?. They smile and you are kissed softly on your new wet lips, you moan and close your eyes, it feels so soft, so moist ,so warm and creamy.
They take your hands, you feel no fear now and are led from the room and back to where you know your Aunt awaits.
She rises from the chair as you are brought in f the look on her face says it all a tear glistens. You approach, elegantly now atop your heels and stand before her. There is a pause, a long silence, you breath... roses. Then placing the palms of your hands together as if in prayer, you bow your head and say.
   "Mistress. I am yours hand maiden"


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