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Thursday, 11 October 2018

New Story. "Missed Calls"

Hi everyone
   Here we go, a full story from my own pen, alright laptop. I have been back and forth over this and I think it finally works. I had it finished a few times but it never worked, it was slow and, well... ordinary (Uck!!!!)  So I used all the old tools I used in a previous life and tore it apart , Moved front to back, middle to top, cut out a whole character and placed their part in with another and yes, that was better, that was what I wanted from the start.
   So here we are, another story involving Andy, but not an Andy and Aunt Jane story, Yes it;s that handy alternate universe thing.
 Anyway enough chitter chattter.
Hope you like this, I was going to post it in two parts but there was no natural break that felt right, so It's all here and now.
Enjoy (I hope)

Missed calls

“I’m going now, well, later, but today”, The young man said dumping a rucksack on the floor and slumping into the deep faux leather chair of the mid town coffee shop. “Me Bag, airport, bye bye Boston hello California. I passed the lot, way ,way better than even I thought, so no more re-sits cramming or rubbish for me”.
  A genuine crackle of ‘well dones’ ‘Good on yous’ and ‘take me with yous’ passed amongst handshakes and arm smacking from his smiling friends.
 “I got an intern thing at MRNet…... In California! California .Never heard of them, but Miss Collins says they are well hot and saw some of my latest work, can’t think what though, but wanted me and only me, providing I can get my self ready to go this very afternoon. So here I am, ready to go . Fuck’n hell California…yes!…I mean…What?”
    The young mans excited voice trailed off as he realised his friends were, as one, distractedly looking past him. Half turning he suddenly became aware that a figure had moved up beside him.
   Dressed in a slick, tight burgundy leather jacket, unzipped to display a confidently deep cleavage and matching pants of polished leather, the mystery woman, surveyed the group of young men from atop her dagger like heels with a cool disinterest. However there was something in her cool, cat like, green eyed gaze that made them shift nervously and move as one to create a spare seat, a seat which to their collective astonishment, she gracefully and without acknowledgment, slipped into.
  For a long moment she looked from flushed red face to flushed red face, accepting their open mouthed, wide eyed looks of clear admiration with a confident arrogance, drinking in their silent worship as if it were the finest wine. With her long black, clinically straight, bobbed hair and ornately make up features the woman of 35? maybe 40? was stunning, probably the most stunning woman they had ever seen in the flesh and she knew it, she knew it and took her time to revel in it, before, with an elegant crossing of her long, leather sleek legs, she turned her body and cool green eyes to the startled young man beside her.
   Again a pause but this time it was she who took a moment for silent admiration, slowly eyeing the young man up and down before, with scarlet polished nails glistening under the lights, she extended her open hand in greeting,
  “Hello Andrew”, she purred in a voice low and smooth like honey, “I, am Emma DeWinter”.

3 Hours earlier ....................

“I am sorry,this…this is too much”.
Blonde, Pretty and sweet. Nearly 50 years old but still slim and feminine. Miss Lucinda Collins was the epitome of buttoned up, woman’s Institute baking, Church going, conservative womanhood. Strict and firm, honest and decent. However in that moment, her voice was little more that a weak and pale imitation of authority.
    The figure to which she spoke turned on dagger like heels and fixed the timid lady with her coldest gaze. “Second thoughts? Remember, it was you who was so eager to retain the good name of your school, any whiff of scandal would be a disaster I recall you saying, you who was so happy to falsify your students international studies placing. So quick to accept my offer, quick to protect your schools name, your name, your reputation among your community. No Miss Collins, the deal has been signed, my lawyers have the deeds and I have come to collect”
  “But these things you propose, are too much”
For the briefest of moment Miss Collins felt some sense of duty to protect her student, no matter what hell his actions had brought down on her. However her bravery turned to nothing as the woman, sleek and sensual in polished burgundy leather jacket and matching pants stepped closed, her slim athletic figure standing tall above the smaller woman.
  “Miss Collins”, 
     Emma DeWinter purred, her smooth Texan accent coating the Head Mistresses name in sensual vocalised syrup.
  “You saw my site, read the posts, his posts. Saw the damage he had done breaking in. I did not invite him in. My web site is protected, follows strict U.S protocols, including counter tracking programmes designed to ward off anyone under 21 years….apart it seems from over eager British college boys. It was fortunate that when these defenses are compromised, it activates my retaliation tracker, which allows me to access the computers of unwelcome callers, gain their data and, if you like, mess with their Shit the way they did mine. $2.6 Million dollars, of my own money I have now had to re-invest in new security. We have negotiated this once before, I am not in the mood to negotiate again”.
 “But….but these things that will happen, that you will do with him. I …I have never heard of such….practices”
  For a moment Ms DeWinters eyes narrowed and her gaze seemed to cut deep into the smaller woman’s frail air of dominance.
   “All those practices, as you put it, are of his own choosing and in a way they are the things which have saved you and your establishment from a ruinous court case. For if he had not had such….. kinky desires and if my data collector had not shown me images of the pretty young man responsible. You would not be talking to me right now, but to my lawyers”
  “I…I just don’t believe it of him…he is such a good student, quiet, polite. It’s a shock. I simply can not believe it”
   The tall woman paused, her eyes drinking in the nervously shifting headmistress before her, then, with a smile, she slipped her dangerously sensual figure behind the principles desk and without invite skilfully tapping on the computers keyboard.
  “Hey wait”, Miss Collins gulped, “That… that is locked”
“Was it?” Came the dismissive reply. “Perhaps my I.T department could upgrade it for you. What you are about to see it called a live screen capture. Quite simply a visual recording of a monitors output, a kind of old school video recording if you like, of every cursor movement and mouse click made that night. A map of your innocent young mans desires. Come, look. Technology can be such fun”.
  A few more keystrokes and the woman straightened and turned the screen to reveal the elaborately designed front page of her site as it  slowly dissolved to reveal the perfect digital animation of a beautiful late teenage boy. His eyes covered by a lace and satin blindfold.
  Drinking in a deep breath, Miss Collins nervously returned to her desk and steeling herself, unwillingly gazed at the screen.
 Tall, slim with a beautiful tanned body and long long legs, the highly detailed digital figure on screen was naked but for bright red rubber panties, a wide collar about his slim throat closed by a shiny silver padlock and a slick coating of oil. His arms high and wide, wrists manacled to a cold white tiled wall above him, a look of exaggerated fear on his pretty face.
     “We all have hidden desires Miss Collins” The leather clad woman whispered, slipping into the deep armchair, her long legs crossing with a sensual leathery creak “It is quite natural, I am sure you have them too and however it is my sites specialty to bring them in life.”
    Unable to create any coherent reply, Miss Collins attentions remained helplessly captivated as the on screen recording showing the cursor tentatively moving over the options, lighting each up in turn. The arrow hesitated, jumped and flickered about and before…. ‘click’.
    The screen faded and danced away to be replaced by new instructions, these were accompanied by the animated image of the boy gagged with a large red ball, his eyes wide and imploring.
 For a long moment the arrow on screen paused, twitching. Clearly expressing the users thoughts and uncertainty, then a click on ‘STILL’.
 Once more the screen faded and reformed. Miss Collins twitched, in all her years she had never seen anything like it.
  The new stylised and highly detail digital image showed a darkened stone chamber and the cute young man as a Victorian adventure or rather an “Adventuress”. For in his fully petticoated, tan coloured skirts ,half buttoned jacket, knee boots and pith helmet, surrounded on all sides by spear wheedling bare breasted warrior woman, he looked the very image of the helpless damsel in distress. A caption.

Drawn in by the immense detail Miss Collins was almost disappointed when,with a click, the image changed.
   Still in that chamber, the new image revealed the young man as the captive of 4 beautiful women, all of whom were dressed in shiny imitations of Egyptian priestess outfits. The boy wide eyed with horror, now helplessly wrapped from chest to toe in a seamless cocoon of glossy transparent latex bandages. Another caption

 Miss Collins trembled, as once a gain she watched the cursor travel the screen. A click, a new image.
  This showed the boy once more, suspended now in what looked like a rubber sac, from which emerged several tubes and pipes of various sizes, coiling up and away into some bizarrely diabolical looking machine. His face smothered by a mask and this body sealed in latex, he was clearly the helpless prisoner of the strange, bug like Aliens, that could be seen in the inky darkness beyond . A caption.

As the mouse clicked again, Lucinda Collins swallowed, mouth dry. Then a symbol flashed and a number ran across the screen followed by the flashing words .

  From the sudden lack of movement on screen it was clear the user was now very very uncertain of what to do. The curser blinked, remaining still and unmoving.

  “You can see he is thinking”. Emma De Winter signed, shifting her smooth leather clad bottom in the deep leather armchair. “ If he had left now, I would have just smiled and delighted in teasing another naughty boy. No harm done. However this is his mistake”.
  As she watched, the cursor came alive, dancing across the screen in a skilled and expert fashion, drop boxes appeared, codes tapped in, click, click, click, another code, data data and more data before, but not with a moments hesitation, a final click and Lucinda Collins jaw dropped.
      (You take a one-way journey from boy to girl)
      (You are served as our sweet sissy sundae)
      (Abducted by aliens you subjected to sensual experimentation)
      (You will be trained to obey my every desire)
      (You become my perfect rubber doll)
      (The curse has struck, can you avoid being mummified…Alive!)

With the words and titles burning in her mind, the stunned and confused woman again watched the cursor scroll up and down the list, stopping and pausing, returning and moving 5….3….6.3…6…1..6…1…6….1  CLICK


       For a few moments the screen darkened before multi camera angles showed a perfect digital rendering of a bedroom, lit by warm candlelight, to all the world as extravagant as that of the court of a French King. Then into vision stepped three young women, each dressed in lavishly stylised Maid uniforms fashioned from deep plum red Latex. Between them they led/supported a young woman. Exquisitely made up, bejeweled auburn hair pilled high on her head and her slim, perfect body gowned in clinging red Latex , she appeared as if she had just been led from some gloriously elegant ball .
  As the pair watched, or rather as Miss Collins watched and Ms De Winter watched Miss Collins, the digital girl was led before a wide canopied four poster bed. Draped and dressed entirely in shimmering liquid like bronze Latex, this nest of deep golden latex seemed to transfix the girl until one of the Maids squeezed her hand. Turning on silent instruction, she came face to face with the other maids who, with clear skill and measured movements slowly and sensuously stripped away her shimmering gown.
  Now from the back, the camera drifted slowly up the young woman’s now naked body, from the tip of her heels up her long, long legs, lingering at her small peach like bottom to watch the Maids caress her pert and toned buttocks and the deep cleft between. Exposed and utterly naked but for a sheen of sweat, the digital girl clearly trembled as once more the camera rose to traverse her back, the flawless skin, oiled and tanned, before finally reaching her girl neck and shoulders.
   For what seemed like an age the image lingered, drifting over every complex curve and curl of the girls Auburn hair, as one by one the woven diamonds and jewels were softly removed. Then smoothly the camera angle moved, faded and after a deliberate moments pause, reformed.
  Now Miss Collins mentally stepped back in shock. The face into which she found herself gazing was a stunning piece of digital imagery, as clear, flawless and detailed as any piece of movie magic. The image was also painfully beautiful, one who in another life would have graced the covers of a million glossy magazines. Crystal blue eyes, ornately made up with rich tones sparkled from behind long jet lashes, whilst lips full and wetly glossed hung in a nervously innocent, yet desirably kissable pout. 
  However, it was not just the beauty alone that caused her to freeze, but the faces stunning familiarity. For despite being so impossibly different, so impossibly beautiful, so impossibly feminine, the sparkling blue eyes, behind those long jet lashes were clearly those of the student she knew, clearly those of Andy Watson.
   “You see, this is the clever part”. Ms DeWinter said, reveling in the woman’s stunned reaction. “With a clients permission, the program farms suitable personal images from their hard drive social media photo galleries and blends them into the image. My clients love it because it takes away their control and adds a huge degree of uncertainty. They also love it because over the years I have gained a reputation for strict data care and confidentiality. No images from my site have ever bled out into the community at large, because no one has ever been able to hack my system…..until now”.
   The cool leather clad woman smiled, she did not really care her words were only going half heard, because the look of astonished disbelief on the smart and correct Miss Collins face was pure art.
   “To be perfectly honest” she continued “ if my unwelcome friend had not disrupted so much data I would have allowed him to play, I mean he is under age yes, but he is gorgeous, I mean and I am kind of loathed to admit it, but he is the most beautiful transformation I have ever seen. In fact I had to check back to ensure the system had uploaded the correct images”.
  With that the woman rose from the chair in one slick movement to step up behind Miss Collins. Deliberately close, she felt the woman shiver as she placed a sensual hand on her back. Then,  leaning over, clicked the mouse to display a photo of the young man. For a moment she let her hand linger and move, caress,  before with cool grace returning to her seat and her tea.
  For a moment the nervous headmistress remained distracted by the uninvited touch, but swiftly she was lost in a new and more startling display. For as she watch, the sweetly boyish features of the young man she knew slowly and painstakingly transformed into those of the girl, his eyes, brows, lips, cheeks enhanced and highlighted by the skill of an invisible makeup artist, whilst his short hair miraculously tangled and flowed, growing to cascade in rich and glossy Auburn waves down across his shoulders.
 “Actually it is a shame my security cut in so well, because a few more minutes and I think quite a few of my other clients would have been bidding strongly on him for the next level play. Never mind they will wait”.
Miss Collins turned away, her face red, red as the glossy lip print on the delicate tea cup cradled in Emma De winters hand.
    “But….but why?”
  “Why?..Well I don’t intend to rush things. I’m sure he’s going to be rather disorientated at first, I mean. I know he understands what will happen, after all he has made his choices, but I think it might take a few days for him to understand that it really is going to happen. So I’ll give him a week to, let’s say…settle in?  But don’t worry they will wait”
  Miss Collins shook her head, the image of the young man still so clear in her head. “No no, I mean …..why?…..why want….this”
    “Oh I do apologise, Oh that’s simple. It’s what he wants to be, who he wants to be, how he wants to be, what he wants to feel ,to experience. My Clients have come online to me for years to experience such things, the only difference is that, thanks to my new studio, our young man here, will experience them all….for real. Who knows, maybe I will train him as my Maid. Yes, I quite like that idea, when we are not in studio, he can be my English Maid, in a teeny tiny Latex uniform and killer heels, with all those auburn waves pilled up under a cute cap. My very own Maid, to serve me tea. Which by the way Miss Collins, is quite delicious””.
 The cool American shifted in her seat, perhaps even displaying a faint uncertainty of her own “I’m sorry?”
 “Mum…Mummification”. Ms Collins repeated, a clear tremor of horror in her voice. “ …why mummification?”
  “Yes, mummification. That was quite a surprise I admit, for one so…. inexperienced in such things. It’s possibly the ultimate submission….Oh don’t worry no one will not be pulling his brains out through his nose and storing his organs in pots or anything like that. No, sensual mummification has many forms. But as he clearly has a thrill for Latex, that is probably what I shall mummify him in. Perhaps slowly in bandages, layer after layer, all coated with liquid latex to seal him in or perhaps a quicker route, Vacuum mummification is new but quite beautiful to see. Nothing is tighter or more revealing, every detail of the body, molded and highlighted by the shrinking shiny latex.
  That however will be up to my online clients to decide. In the past my mummification users have mostly created slow scenarios, such as the Egyptian Adventure strand he so enjoyed, so I imagine that is where they will direct things. It’s popular because it is more dramatic, I mean there is so much scope for the victim to do all that super sexy struggling and pleading, my users love all that damsel in distress stuff. However it does mean making provision for feeding and watering and ….other needs. These things are important, especially should a user request he remain mummified for a few days. After all, once we have him tightly wrapped they will probably want to watch him wriggle and struggle for a while. But that’s OK we have ways to take care of that…..by tubing….Are you OK Miss Colllins? Oh dear have I shocked you?”
   Her legs unsteady, a white faced Miss Collins, stepped from her desk and to the window, her gaze across the manicured lawn blurred by the thoughts and images in her head. Years of honorable and dutiful dedication to creating the perfect seat of learning, along with her own hard earned reputation, hung in her hands along with the fate of one of her students, a young man in her care. She struggled, her thoughts punctuated by the slow but insistent tick tick tick of the grand clock.
  “Your dedication to this school and to your student is admirable Miss Collins”, the calm and controlled Emma De Winter sighed, placing her cup and saucer on the table beside her, before standing and smoothing her clinging leather pants and moving to the window. “I like that and I like you and so I will make you an offer”
 Miss Collins turned and found her guest once more intimidatingly close behind her.
  “Don’t look away Miss Collins, look at me….at me. Very good. Now I will make this offer once and only once”. She stepped closer, deliberately invading the smaller woman’s space, “I will not take your student on one condition and only one and that is if……You take his place”.
  Miss Collins throat tightened, her stomach knotting. “What?”
   “It is quite clear. You enter my world for one year and become mine to do with whatever my users and I please and in return I will not reveal this little event, I will leave your college forever and demand nothing more from it. Your reputation intact, legacy assured.”  She tilted her head, her eyes dancing over every horrified and confused twitch of Miss Collins face and in that face she found her answer.

   Commanding and confident Emma DeWinter smiled to herself as she walked through the college halls, sharp heels clicking rhythmically on the stone walkways. She loved being this woman. She wasn’t cruel, she wasn’t a bitch, she just loved the confidence she possessed, loved the power she commanded, the respect she generated. She adored the looks she got, the stares, the attention. She was tall, elegant, beautiful and desired and she knew it. She loved being this woman and as she gifted the young man a smile for holding the door open for her, she knew he would be fantasising about her all that night. But above all that she loved who she was, because that afternoon she would finally get the one thing she had always secretly desired. Oh it would have been nice to have taken Miss Collins, to have that pretty face in her hands, to have that neat trim little body to play with, to wrap and dress, tease and terrify, manipulate and……mummify, but what awaited her, unsuspecting, unknowing and innocent, would be so much sweeter.

3 hours later.........................

“Hello,I am Emma DeWinter”.
The young man, stunned and confused, glanced nervously to the equally dumbstruck faces of his friends before, without thought, accepting her offered hand.
   “Er Hel…Hello” .He stammered as her fingers gently enclosed his. “I am Andrew…Watson… Andy Watson.”
  “Yes you are”,  The woman said, slowly letting her eyes drift up and down his body, carefully eyeing him with a sly approving smile, before returning to fix him with her gaze . “And I am very pleased to meet you”
    To anyone watching it would have been as if the dumb struck young mans face had turned to liquid, so many confused and bewildered emotions flowing across his features at once. Emotions only heightened by the seemingly deliberate caressing of his hand as she turned it in hers.
The woman raised an inquisitive and perfectly arched brow. “From MRNET”
   “Oh my gosh yes, yes”, The young mans eyes widened as the brief mystery was revealed. “oh I am sorry, yes, hello. Hello….er to many hello’s sorry”
  “And to many sorry’s as well”. The woman genuinely smiled, allowing his hand to slip free with a final stroke. “And did you just say, Oh my Gosh?”
   “Oh um”. The young man stumbled,
   “Don’t worry it is not a trick question, It’s just nice to still hear such a sweet phrase”
  “Oh I was taught not to swear in…you know.. in the company of ladies”
  Emma De Winter remained silent, her eyes once more drifting across the figure before her. She took a breath and exhaled slow, leaning forward, a carefully placed hand resting on his knee. “I think that is very sweet….I am so glad I took the time to come and meet you personally Andrew and are you ready to come and work for me?”
    “Very much so”. The young man straightened in his seat, his attention solely on the mesmerising woman before him. “This is amazing, I am honoured to be…to come to work with…for you. I am sure I can bring you….”
   “It’s ok Andrew”, she broke in with a squeeze of his knee. “Don’t worry, relax this is not an interview, you’ve got the place. Now the internship is for one year, but we can review that once I know where you are at the end of that term. Acceptable?”
   “A year?….Er wow yes. I mean yes that is superb yes very acceptable, thank you. But what about the rest of my course at college ”.
   “Miss Collins, your head mistress, has….. agreed for you to studying under me and my team. I promise you will gain all the qualifications you could hope for”.
  The boy, smiled broadly, the look of pride in his face, clear for Ms De Winter to see.
   “But tell me, have you ever worked in an online environment before, because, although….. studio based, a lot of your work will be in the public domain”.
   “No no I have never worked for a business before. But whatever you need Ms De Winter will be fine I am sure”
   “Will you give me your full commitment? I don’t wish to scare you off, but I can be a very strict employer, I demand and expect full commitment. I can’t really offer you too much in down time. You may be needed 24/7…..is that acceptable?”
   “I would be stupid to question anything. This is an opportunity I must grab with both hands, so no, no I have no problem”.
   “Good, good. Obviously  you will be the most junior of my….   …employees”, The woman continued, “so must obey my commands and those of my assistants with out fail. Is that acceptable”.
   Noting the woman’s slight shift in tone, Andy shifted in his seat, his eyes glancing briefly down to the polished tip of her shoe as it ‘accidentally’ came to rest on his shin. “Yes sure, you are the boss, even working late, I mean I am happy to work on should things need to be wrapped up”.
  The woman paused and allowed herself a secret smile, his inadvertent choice of words only increasing her absolute delight in his outward innocence. “So my eager young man….”, her eyes narrowed and held his like a magnet, almost daring him to try to look away, “…..everything is ready, are you ready to leave?
  The young mans face lit up into a broad smile “Er yes, yes. I have my bags ready. It’s crazy I mean I only came back from visiting my Mum and Dads back home yesterday. Only got my laptop back from Tim this morning and now before I can even unpack I am off again. Yes I am ready”
  “Where do your folks live?”
   “Back in England, On the south coast”.
    “England?” Emma DeWinters eyes narrowed. “And you were there, how long?”
   “Oh Er about 3 weeks, since recess, would have stayed longer, but you know…stuff”
The woman mentally paused, her body easing back in her seat. “Yes, stuff…..you have been without your laptop, your Hp laptop, for 3 weeks?”
  “Yes, It got messed up, I mean it completely crashed underneath me.”
   The woman tilted her head quizzically. “Crashed?”
   “Totally. I couldn’t get into, onto it or under it. Not been able since”.
   “You have not been able to use your Hp 12. For 3 weeks?”
    “Not a case of not being able to, mostly I wasn’t near it. I left it with Tim here to sort it while I was away. I mean I’m good but Tim is the genius”. The boy paused, the look in Ms De Winters eyes, drawing him up. “Er…I hope that don’t effect the internship”
     Slowly Emma De Winter turned in her seat, her cool gaze to be met by the reddened face of a very flushed blonde haired young man, a look of disbelieving terror on his face. She paused, her eyes narrowing, brows arched. It was as if the entire room had fallen silent and then slowly one corner of her lips curled into a dangerously sensual smile of understanding. She extended her hand towards him. Nervously, very very nervously he took it. Her grip closed tight.
   “Hello Timothy”.
    Seeing the recognition of who she was and what she represented clearly etched on his face, the woman calmly waited, waited, allowing the moment to linger as her grip tightened, her gaze transmitting her every thought into the quivering young mans brain.
    “Tim's been doing the reset and updates for me”. Andy said, a nervousness in his voice. Mind racing at the thought that he might have just blown the biggest opportunity of his life.
   “Oh has he”.
    “Yeah, there was so much weird shi…sorry stuff going on I couldn’t even get into it….but but I could have if I had time”
     “Oh I’m sure you could”
    “Er yes, but…..”
     “It is so nice to have helpful friends”, Ms DeWinter continued, her attention fully on the young man, who was slowly melting with shame and terror under her cool unblinking gaze. “It’s funny Tim, for some reason I feel I really should be taking you to California. Isn’t that odd? Can you think of a reason why I would feel such a thing? You know I am sure you would greatly appreciate my working environment. You sound a very clever boy and I have no doubt you have greater knowledge than Andrew of the technology, both physical and virtual, online media has to offer. Just as I have no doubt you have a greater knowledge of the world your friend is about to step into… Don’t you my clever boy”
   The red face boys tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, the words of denial he so wanted to speak, lost in the back of his throat. Mutely he nodded and as her hand slipped from his, the cool, confident and assured Ms DeWinter returned her attentions to the young man beside her.
 “Would you be a dear Andrew and go to the counter and get me an English tea. Milk no sugar”.
 “Oh er…Yes Ms DeWinter, Sure”. Standing, his back now to the leather clad woman, Andy took a moment to accept the silent looks of excited envy and delight from the rest of the group, returning each with a wide smile. But as he moved past them toward the counter he could not help but feel unsure if the request was a dismissal. The way she had been so attentive to his friend putting a worrying doubt in his mind.
  However it was a worry of no substance, for as he moved through the busy coffee shop, her eyes were on him, all over him and only on him, appraising his slim body and elegant grace with a quiet admiration, she smiled. For a moment she allowed herself to imagine him in needle like heels, his freshly spanked little bottom peaking from beneath the hem of a ridiculously tiny Latex skirt, but the fantasy was cut short by the sudden, silent flashing of her young mans phone as it sat on the table before her. She glanced down at the callers name on the screen.
Miss Collins 3.45
  For a moment she paused and shifted in her seat. Then glancing around and buoyed by the knowledge that, apart for Timothy, all the others had nervously buried their faces back into screens and laptops, she confidently reach down to scoop the device into her hand. Openly spinning it in her polished fingertips, she turned her face once more to the still quaking young man to her right, before, with a slow and playful Shhhhh on her lips, she slipped it coolly into her pocket.

    “Milk no sugar. I hope that is right”.
    “Andrew? May I ask you a question”. Emma De Winter asked, the teacup in the returning boys hand having barely touched the table before her.
   “Sure, of cause…”, he replied sitting.
   “I need you to be totally honest OK?”.
   “Absolutely, always yes”.
   “Andrew. Do you have you any idea what MRNET is?”
      The young mans stomach knotted, a sudden weight on his shoulders, he paused and took his time. “Honestly….Er.. No Miss. I’m sorry. But I would really…..”
     “Not important…Do you know what ……Rubberisation is… ..Honestly?”
     Another pause. “No, not really, but…but I could look it…no not at all.”
      “Do you know what a Vacbed is?”
      “A sleeping bag thing?”
       “Do you know what it means to be Tubed?”
      “In what context”.
      “How about feminisation?”
      “Sorry I am lost”
       She paused, paused and fixed him with her coolest stare. “You really and truly have no concept of my business at all do you Andrew”.
  Andy Watson, swallowed deep, his head a mass of doubt. The wrong word could mess his entire future up. California, California, that was all he ever dreamt of and this was his chance, but he knew that being dishonest, lying and claiming he knew more than he did would be wrong, stupid and madness. He knew a lot, but not enough to pass in the real world. He lowered his eyes, breaking her gaze and silently shook his head.
   Despite Emma De Winters cool, confident, sensual, exterior, Emily Dee Winters was still that kind-hearted girl form Texas who had broken free from small town life to reinvent herself, to embrace the bright lights and fulfil her desires and in that moment she silently promised to keep the young man safe.
  However, as kind as Emily was, it was the sensual Emma De Winter’s desires by which she now lived and now, right now, before her like a gift from above, sat the greatest of all her desires. A beautiful young man. A boy, just old enough, but who knew nothing of her world, or of what was about to befall him, nothing of how his life would soon change. Nothing of Latex, of bondage, of submission, or of lipgloss, of perfume, of dagger like heels or…. of feminisation.
  For a moment sweet kind-hearted Emily questioned, doubted and paused. However it was Emma who moments later rose from the chair, sleek, sensual, leather clad Emma, whose cool green eyes sparkled with delight, whose red glossed lips curled into a victoriously naughty smile, whose red polished fingertips reached out to his and whose voice, deep and warm, like flowing honey that said, “Come on then”
   “Er…N… What…now?”, the young man said, rocking backing his chair. “Now? But…but what about your tea?”
    “Yes right now, my car is outside, my jet is waiting and don’t worry about the tea. There will be plenty of time for tea I promise”.
 “Holy shi….I mean Wow, I mean when I was told I was going today I thought, airport and waiting and…but now? Right now?” The young man shook his head in disbelief and looked about the group.  “Guys?…Guys I’m out of here, outta here. I’ll…..well I’ll be in touch, there’s …hell there’s a jet waiting for me”. At the clear beckoning of her offered hand the young man, took up his bag and standing, slipped his hand in her hers and with the hum of best wishes in his ears, turned away.
   At the door to the shop they paused and slipping her hand from his she directed her young prize towards the awaiting Mercedes and as she watched him, Oh so eagerly walk towards his fate and slide into the open door, Emma DeWinter slipped the vibrating phone from her pocket. The screen lighting to her touch.
Miss Collins  3,47pm
Miss Collins  3.50pm
Miss Collins  3.52pm
Miss Collins  3.55pm
Miss Collins  3.59pm
Miss Collins  4.02pm
Miss Collins  4.05pm
Miss Collins  4.07pm
   She smiled and calmly bathing in the looks she was getting from the other patrons, accepted the call and raised the phone to her ear
“Thank God! Andrew It’s Miss Collins. Listen to me, do not go with Emma DeWinter, do not go with her. Stay away from her, she is from some sick online fetish thing, she is dangerous, stay wherever you are. I’ll explain later. Do you understand?……Andrew?….Andrew?…Andrew?”
   For a brief moment, the woman contemplated a reply, some witty put down, some cutting declaration of victory. However Emma DeWinter needed no such pointless gratification and so, with a triumphant smile and disdainful flick of her wrist, the phone entered the trash bin.

The End or is it just the beginning?


  1. Absolutely delightful so far, this looks like quite the intriguing story so far. I can't wait to see how this goes.

    1. Hi Logan
      Thank you so much. I might leave the continuation to your imagination

  2. From Sweet Sissy Stevie

    Wonderful story. Andy does not know what is about to descend on hi. I see him a few weeks hence sweetly dressed as Ms. DeWinter's maid serving at a soiree at her so elegant place in L.A. Being California he will be in an off-the-shoulder tiny latex maid's dress with lots of petticoats pushing the dress up to nearly horizontal revealing his sweet little bottom now clad in the tiniest of latex briefs but showing clearly the effects of Ms DeWinter's vicious little dogwhip applied during training. Shiny latex stockings, matching opera-length gloves, impossible heels, apron and cap to complete the outfit. Also sweetly and perfectly made-up of course. I can imagine Ms DeWinter's elegant lady guests cooing over his English accent as he serves them giving his deepest curtsy.

    More soon please

    Love and XXXXX


    1. Hi Stevie
      Thank you so much,I am delighted you liked the little story and your continuation is wonderful.
      Big Hugs

  3. After the first few lines, I felt tempted to complain that Andrew sounded nothing like a Bostonian, but I did realize he's supposed to be British once I got further into the narrative.

    That last line suggests a potential continuation, which wouldn't be unwelcome, though this also works perfectly well as a self-contained story.

    1. Hi RocketDave
      Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments. I have no idea why I chose Boston. I think it is just a place I would like to visit. Maybe then I could pick up the accent.

  4. Interesting story of reinventing oneself and changing what and those that need to fill a void. Even if only as a plaything for a while. Simply because she can.
    You never cease to amaze.
    I hope that it is not too long before Timothy is brought along for a taste of his dreams. Andrew should be well on his way into a world that will entrance and beguile him. As he will do to others as he blossoms.
    I hope future volumes will have your amazing artwork to follow.

    1. Hi Lee
      Thank you for your smart comment, I love to try and create character within a short story and the changing of Emily Dee Winters into Emma DeWinter was fun to write. The same can be said for what is about to befall Andy.
      I imagine Emma DeWinter hanging a threat to return over Timothys head, leaving him in perpetual dread that one day she will walk into that same coffee shop and sit beside him and say
      "Hello again,you clever boy".
      A pleasure as ever

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    1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. So nice to hear from you and so glad it tickled you

  6. Hi dove, here is helpless Andy first stage of preparation before total mummification in latex! Hope you will like https://66.media.tumblr.com/662b6657ddd91dce6673770a2a6b4d3d/tumblr_pdbckf4mgU1qz9abqo2_1280.jpg
    Amber with love

    1. Hi Kitty, I like I like very much.
      Thank you my Kitty Cat