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Thursday, 27 July 2017

"With Love On Your Retirement" part 2

Hi Everyone
  Thank you for all your wonderful comments, I hope I have pulled the rug out from beneath you with this middle part.

With Love 
On Your Retirement
Part 2

    It must have been the warm air blowing across his body that drew him fully from his slumber. For apart from a few minutes when, under our gentle instruction, he sleepily opened his eyes for us to delicately highlight and paint, he had remained sweetly asleep or semi-conscious throughout the past 7 hours and that included the 3 hour trip down to Ms Holdens river side home in Surrey and the hour we had spent washing and preparing his body.
  However as Ms Jordan and Ms Steel neared the end of their delicate task our young man stirred and stretched his long feminine limbs, his eyes flickering open to look straight into mine.
  “Hello sleepy”, I whispered, stroking his prettily flushed pink cheek, “You look amazing. I hope you slept well”.
  “Ms Kirkwood?” His voice was soft and distant, as if he were speaking in a dream, which I imagine was what he thought he was in, gazing into my warm eyes. “Where?….”. The question had barely formed on his freshly glossed pink lips before it drifted into a deeply drawn sigh of pleasure, a pleasure mirrored in the slow closing of his femininely lashed eyes.
  I glanced away, down to where my friends and colleagues where kneeling, slowly drawing the hair dryers they controlled over the young mans new slick pink and blue vinyl skin. Gently caressing them over is drowsy young boyhood, allowing the dryers heat to melt and shrink away the last of  the fine creases and wrinkles which marred the skins otherwise perfectly smooth finish.
  “Oh does that feel nice?”, I whispered, stroking the luxurious waves of his newly extended and perfectly dyed blonde hair, “Don’t worry darling, we are nearly there, nearly there”. I smiled as our young man once more drifted into a sweet daze.
   Placing the small dryers aside, there unusual task complete, the ladies knelt back, smoothing their soft hands down his long elegant legs, ensuring no crease, no ripple remained on the ultra smooth vinyl encasing them.. Happy both with their work and with the soft sleepy moans of young Andrew, it was Ms Thorpe’s turn to kneel at his feet.
“I think we should be ready now, I have left them to go tacky as in the instructions and added another drop just to make sure they won’t come off”.
  I smiled, god they were high, there was no way he would be able to walk in them, but that was the idea, walking was not going to be an option and if it ever became so, it in itself would be a thing of sensual beauty. I nodded and Ms Thorpe carefully slipped the brilliant pink dagger like heels onto Andrews vinyl coated feet. Within moments the adhesive had gripped, the deed was done transforming our young mans legs into a thing of pure feminine perfection.
  “Are we using the same thing for the mask?” Ms Thorpe asked, admiring the curve and form of the heels.
  “It says you can, but I think we can think of that after we have added the finishing touch”. I smiled, I know I smiled, because I had been waiting for this moment ever since we decided on Ms Holden retirement gift.
 Softly now I stroked Andrews cheek, it was warm and sweetly blushed. “Andrew dear, wake up a little for me now darling, just a little”. Gently I moved positions on the sofa, allowing Andrew to stretch out, slowly emerging from his induced slumber, he stretched and turned, breathed a deep breath and I felt him tense.
  “It’s Ok darling, It’s OK, you are fine”. I purred stroking his head, but poor Andrew was in a moment of pure shock, for his eyes now gazed down the length of his body, a new body of sleek and smooth vinyl, split into two tones, his stomach and thighs a soft pink and the rest a pale baby blue, both mottled with delicate dark patches of black. I placed my hands on his shoulders as his surprise took him, calming him reassuring him, he raised his hands and gasped, his fingers gone, now folded into their palms to form pads, soft useless pads like those of a……..I smiled as his pretty eyes widened.
“Hello Kitten”, I whispered, knowing my words would neither calm nor clarify his thoughts. “And what a pretty Kitty cat you  are. Shhh now darling , we are nearly finished”.

                                                              To be continued


  1. Oh poor Andrew. He was in for a shock and he has not even fully awoken yet. I did like the twist at the end. Just the thing he would need to snap him self conscious.
    Too bad there was not a caption at accompany, but it did feed the imagination.
    Another great story and already looking for the next installment.

    1. Thanks Lee, It was inspired by my own art and I enjoyed missdirecting you

  2. OK. You fooled me on what direction this was going to take.

    1. You had so many wonderful ideas RH,I thought I might need to change it, But I am glad you were surprised

    2. I'm looking forward to reading what comes up next.

  3. Oh my! Our own Kitty will be miaowing with pleasure when she reads this. Just hope has a little delicate collar with a bell to complete the look. (Besides the mask, of course.)
    S xx

    1. Our Kitty would make the purrrrrfect companion

  4. Lovely as always and you just enjoy teasing us don't you? XD can't wait to see what's in store for our new friend here