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Friday, 12 May 2017

Super shiny Cheryl Baker

Hi Everyone
   Just a quick post, I was wondering through old video clips on youtube and as ever ended up watching Bucks Fizz clips and came to the conclusion that Cheryl Baker really must have had a thing for the smooth  and shiny, for in a number of tv shows and things she is wearing leather and latex. I have posted a couple before but have now seen these and think they deserve a showing off.
  The really wild thing as far as i am concerned, apart from the sight of the lovely Ms Baker looking all smooth and shiny,  is that these are from 2 years before I was even born!!
 By the way, the other day when I posted a twitter thing with a link to a video of Cheryl Baker in PVC, Cheryl Baker herself liked it , I thanked her for the like and she thanked me back! How flipping cool.

Not sure if in this one she is in fine leather, PVC or

for those of us who have worn latex under lights, she 
must have been rather sweaty after this performance.


  1. This is soo fantastic! Ms Bakers outfits here are really stunning. They remind me of my first time stumbling over a blurry, distorted picture of a model looking somewhat like Ms Baker, wearing something nearly exactly like her. It was a picture included in a sexy short story I found online. I kept this picture (and the story) for years and years and although its quality was terrible, the lady, the suit, the shininess touched something deep inside of me and helped it grow.

    Thank you for these videos and the memories, Andy!


    1. Hi Elizabeth, so glad this quick post stirred some memories .
      And thank you for you email. I shall reply very soon, the clips and pic and story were all wonderful

  2. Buck's Fizz. That takes me back. If I recall correctly at one time the daughter of a well-known British comedian (Bruce Forsyth?) was in the group.

    1. Hi Nyenor, well i do not know about that, I know there were a few changes of meMbers due to Jay Aston leaving and for legal stuff later on, but thank you for your comment

  3. I remember her gold skin type pants from the Eurovision time but hadn't seen the latex vids before so thanks for that.

    Thinking of latex and music, do you remember the bass player from Babylon Zoo's Spaceman?

    1. Hello Anon XX
      Glad you liked the vids, I have seen many more, were she is in leather and still looking great.
      No I do not recall her?