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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Super short story. By Rubber H

Hi Everyone
   As I mentioned, the wonderful Rubber H has written a superb short story which features our helpless Hero/Heroine Andy and his Aunt Jane. It also features an old and dear friend in a new and brilliant light.
  R H, had intended it as inspiration for new art by me, which it surely will, but I think it deserves publishing in it's own right. It captures the tone and feel of my own stories to perfection and I am greatly honored to be able publish it on my blog.
  Hope you like this, sure you will.

                                                      A Special Weekend It Will Be
                                                                 By Rubber H

Copyright 2015

“We are almost there my sweet.”, said Aunt Jane as she checked the GPS on her phone. “Now be sure to watch your speed. The roads are quite narrow and the local farmers will be moving their herds this time of the day.”
Andy would normally reply “Yes, Aunt Jane”, or “Yes, M’Lady”, but the oversized penis gag was strapped and locked into his mouth. He couldn’t utter a word. He nearly died of shame when he stopped at the one intersection and the lorry driver got a good look at the rubber encased and gagged chauffeur. All Andy could do was try not to make eye contact as the driver stared at him in disbelief.
The rubber chauffeur’s uniform was not just skin tight. It was almost like he had another layer of skin. It accentuated every curve of his body, including his new C-cup breasts. His nipples stood out as Aunt Jane would examine the uniform; caressing it and making certain that there were no unsightly creases.
The boots were the usual stiletto style.  They too were laced so tight that he appeared to be in a one-piece outfit. It was difficult but not impossible to drive wearing them. Of course Aunt Jane made sure that he had plenty of practice by making him drive her around the city. He would take her to social events or run various minor errands.
He was gagged this time because he pleaded with her too strenuously about dressing like this for the entire weekend. It was strangely exciting to wear but the rubber was incredibly hot and sticky. He would rather have been in his French maid’s uniform. At least there would be relief as he could lift up his skirt and feel the air flow underneath him.
Aunt Jane was excited about the weekend. Lord and Lady Quirt had invited her and a number of others to their home for a weekend of shooting, riding and other activities. These events were considered THE prize invitation of the social calendar. This was also her chance to show off her now feminized and rubbered ‘niece’.  Her hard work would be rewarded by Lord and Lady Quirt’s approval.
Andy slowed down and turned into the entrance of the private road which lead to the estate of Lord and Lady Quirt. After a couple of minutes he stopped at the main entrance where Lady Quirt was already there to meet Aunt Jane.
“Jane it’s wonderful to see you!”, exclaimed Lady Quirt as she kissed her on both cheeks. “And I see you brought a surprise.”
“Gwen, this is who I’ve been telling you about all these months. This is Amanda, formerly Andrew.”, replied Aunt Jane, returning the kisses.
After driving for hours without a break Andy tried stretching his legs. He then was reminded about the very large intruder in his rear as he went to retrieve the luggage.
Lady Quirt looked at him with some amusement. “So utterly divine.”, she chuckled “Rubber becomes her and I bet she doesn’t want to wear anything else.”
“She rarely has a moment where she isn’t encased in one rubber garment or another. The maid’s outfits though are my favorite. You’ll see them later.”
“I can hardly wait! I know Edgar will be dying to see her as well. However, I also have a little surprise for you as well.”, replied Lady Quirt.
Aunt Jane was curious. “Really? Are you going to leave me in suspense?”
Lady Quirt smiled and led them into the man house. Andy was told to leave the suitcases by the stairway. Once that was done Aunt Jane cuffed his hands behind his back. As they crossed the great hall Lady Quirt spoke. “Remember that little gift you gave me on my birthday last year?”
“Oh yes, were you pleased?”
“More than you can imagine. When you told me how you were going to transform Amanda it inspired me to try my own hand. In fact, I hope you won’t be too upset but I have gone a little farther than you.”
Aunt Jane was taken aback. She had not expected this. This was her weekend to shine in front of the cream of society. But if she said anything Lady Quirt would no doubt take it as an insult.
Andy could only walk behind them and suffer in silence. The rubber was so hot! The gag so large that he was certain that his jaws would be permanently locked open. As they came to the end of the hall he saw someone else waiting for them. It was a girl dressed in a rubber riding habit. The tall black rubber riding boots had severe steel spurs. They went up the shapely legs and practically melted into the latex jodhpurs. The white latex blouse with ruffles was straining against the two enormous breasts which were almost ready to break through.
But it was the face that Andy was transfixed upon. There was a smile which to some was pleasant, but he could see that there was a thin veil of cruelty behind it. Then his blood ran cold as a sudden realization came upon him.
“Jane, I would like you to meet my daughter.” Said Lady Quirt.
“Daughter!?” exclaimed Aunt Jane. “When did you…Aren’t you unable…”
“Adopted.” Lady Quirt interrupted. “The papers were signed and filed last week.”
Aunt Jane realized what Lady Quirt had done. “Did you do a COMPLETE conversion? I mean..”
“No. Those parts are intact. Of course there were some changes. The hormones and testosterone blockers, the augmentations, the larynx being shaved and a few other minor touches. It was the mental changes that I’m most proud of. He was a natural for deep hypnosis and other psychological conditioning techniques. He already had a deep desire to become female.”
Lady Quirt had a gleam in her eye. “He also had other, darker desires. Ones that began to appear after you delivered him to us. It seems he took one look at Amanda and he couldn’t deny them any longer. Once he saw your ‘maid’ dressed in that tight rubber straightjacket those thoughts couldn’t be contained.
Andy stared. Tears began to flow as he looked at the girl standing before him. The gag prevented him from speaking but he tried anyway.
The girl clipped a least to the collar around Andy’s neck. “Oh Mummy!” she cried. “We are going to have so much fun this weekend. I want to try some of the new toys you gave me.”
“Jane, would you mind?” asked Lady Quirt.
Aunt Jane knew that she could not say no. She smiled as best as she could and nodded.
“Goody!” shouted the girl and pulled Andy by the leash towards the dungeon.
Andy was crying uncontrollably.
“ROBIN!...ROBIN!...DON’T YOU REMEMBER ME?!” he silently screamed as he disappeared from Aunt Jane’s sight.

Hi me again, that was wonderful. I just wanted to let you know about Robin. It is not his real name, but he was a very good friend when I was growing up, we lost contact when he moved away when we were about 13 or so and he was the first guy I ever had a crush on.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my little story, and that it met your expectations. Someday we might be able to join forces on a more complete tale.

    1. That would be a wonderful thing RH. Fingers crossed and as for your story. Superb

  2. Nice litte read glad you put the time in.Are you planning to expand the story sone more.

    we must be due for some writing from Andy soon .missed his working .


    1. Hi Martin
      My writing comes in short bursts theses days. Head full of ideas, but they refuse to come out when sitting in front of the keyboard. Really annoying.
      As for expanding this one, that is In RH's skilled hands.

    2. If you have any of those ideas you'd like to see me include in a future chapter let me know.

    3. I have many ideas, but really do not wish to cramp your style RH, I know how tricky it can be working to someone overs ideas.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Give my regards to Rubber H, just a wonderful story that really does compliment your art wonderfully.


    1. Thank you Erika. It was a pleasure to add my little story.

    2. Your Welcome, you two should collaborate more often!


    3. Thank you Erika XX
      And it is a very exciting prospect, to share RH's mind

    4. I'veeen trying to comment on the Jenkins video but keep getting an error message that will not allow me to do so and the same thing happens on this page. Commenting as a 'reply' is the only way I can get access. On Katherine in that dress - I feel she does not look 'comfortable' in it. Why oh why do these singers always use a language that most cannot understand. She could be singing about anything at all.

    5. HI Nyenor
      Sorry about reply issues.
      I don't know if it is contractual, but it seems so many female singers who appear at G.A,Y try Latex there. She did look really uncomfortable buy the end of the short set, like it was a good idea right until she got under the lights. Not that I am complaining, she looked awesome and as for singing in Italian, it is the language of love dear thing.