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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Amazing Latex on TV

Hi Everyone.
  This is a quick post in connection with nothing really, but I hope it tickles the same spots as it did me.

 This is Spanish  presenter Monica Martinez appearing on late night TV wearing an awesome  brilliant red Latex catsuit. The show in question was (I believe) "Pecadores in de nait" recorded in Madrid sometime in mid August.
  I only came across the pics whilst flicking through the net but was captivated, by them. Now you know my thing for older ladies and being Beautiful, sexy and with her stunning figure and killer naughty smile, Ms Martinez fits the bill perfectly. 
  I don't know if this is a regular thing or whether it caused as much of a media thing there as it would over here if say.. ...Susanna Reid wore Red Latex (Gosh now there is a naughty thought) or indeed Carol Vorderman.All can say is she must have been rather hot under those lights and made some wonderfully sexy sounds as she crossed and uncrossed those legs.
  I then realised something else Ms Martinez bares an amazing resemblance to one of my favorite British presenters, the equally gorgeous Amanda HoldenSo perhaps 

a few photos side by side
might cause enough Latexium magic to pass between the two. (or is it a cheap excuse to print a few pics of Ms Holden)

  If anyone knows where there might be a video clip of Monica Martinez in this stunning outfit I would be most grateful.

Monica Martinez
Amanda Holden


Below are a couple of links to video sent to me by my dear friend Andres. Any more would be so welcome.


Thanks Andres


  1. It has been some years since I saw Amanda on TV here 'down under'. When I last recall seeing her, in a comedy about a rock star in which she played the wife if memory serves, (the guy who played her husband always made me think of Keith Richards for some reason) she was absolutely gorgeous (Or should that be Absolutely Fabulous?)

    1. Hi Nyenor
      Commenting issues solved I hope. X
      Oh I don't recall that one I shall have to look it up. I did like Big Top (she looked great in her ring mistress uniform) and in Marple. Her acting is over looked. I love her naughtiness..
      Thanks for trying to comment again Nyenor, always nice to hear from you

  2. I have never seen this show, and I live here. What's sorcery is this? :D

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Hello Alectra
      Glad to be such a sorceress, follow the new links to see more.

  3. Google 'Monica Martinez catsuit' and it's the first hit.


    Video http://uploaded.net/file/ehuztrv9

    I haven't downloaded the video as it's a crap server and it was going to take an hour with a 42mb download connection so I gave up.

    The Amanda Holden show was called Celeb and it was absolutely terrible. There was only one redeeming factor of the six weeks it ran for, i'm not sure if there is a better quality video of it however.


    1. Hello CM
      Ah yes that series. I have watched that clip many a time. Excellent. X
      And double thanks for the links. I love the extra pics. Wonderful.
      Another friend of mine has just sent me a link to the video and I will add it to the post.
      Best wishes