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Friday, 23 January 2015

Chloe Sims In Latex

  Hi Everyone
  Just a quick piece of news from here in Britain.
     I was beginning to worry that the Dominatrix Chic, which the Daily Mail had christened the wave of Latex worn by celebs such as Kylie, had begun to die away, but then Reality TV star Chloe Sims walks the red carpet at the National Television Awards the other night in this awesome House of harlot gown and it is once more Game On!!!!

Mind you, the girl does have some previous brushes with the fetish fashion world..


  1. Yes, Chloe looked glorious. Latex suits her so well. As it does someone else of my acquaintance. :-)

  2. I do not know who Chloe Sims is, but if anyone could look better in that dress,or even the pants, I cannot imagine. She is stunning and must stop traffic wherever she goes.
    Where is Ms. AKL when you need her ?

    1. It is so god to see someone keeping the Latex vide in the media. Lee and as for Miss Amanda K, she is currently on a mission and will hopefully report in soon,

  3. Not much of a latex wearer myself(my shiny kink comes mostly from satin and taffetta) but i love the cut of that jacket with that last outfit, It's purfect,,,

    Saskia xxx

  4. One should wear dloves with that though and the shoes are a bit off too.

    1. Hi Miss Z
      You are right gloves would look great with that dress, but I do like those heels. Would imagine the addition of gloves would make the evening even hotter, The twitter reports of her bathroom visit was quite amusing, Yes been there had that problem. XXXX