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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kylie's Latex adventure Update, this time with added Video!

Hi Everyone,
  You may recall a few months back, before I git distracted, I was updating you on Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue's dalliance with Latex fashions, mostly those of designer William Wilde, such as this, from the Brits Awards.

Well over the following months, she was seen at quite a few live shows wearing various Smooth Slick n Shiny outfits, (hey that sounds familiar), such as this Cherry Cocktail dress, (Below)
which she also wore for this live Gig back home in Australia.(Below)I think this is possibly the best Live Video of Kylie in one of her Latex dresses as the lighting is perfect to show of the shine and texture of the dress.

She also wore William Wilde at Gigs in Melbourne,

And in Paris in this Latex Garcon Pencil Dress
  Now I know I have posted this before but never with the appropriate Video clips,

 Back here in England she played a special Gig for Mastercard, once more donning William Wilde. This time the stunning red version of the Garcon Pencil Dress.
Once more Video has finally come to this blog with these clips,

It is a pity the images are affected by the lighting, but others are available if you look.

Away from performing Kylie was spotted on the cover of Attitude magazine in this neat William Wilde Candy Stripe Mini dress. (Could do with a little polishing that one, form a queue)
Also she was spotted In Norwich at the Proudlock and Harry, for a photoshoot, in Latex.......Hang on Kylie?....Norwich?...No distrespect to Norwich, but Norwich? Hang on, that is a Kylie A Like, posing for the shoot, Very good had me going for a second there.

 Never mind. Still I do hope we have not come to the end of Kylies love of latex.
 Minogue + Latex = perfection.
 an easy equation. 

Must Dash
take care all


  1. hi just to ask will there be more to the story of the strange world of knightley manor thanks

    1. Hi Anon
      I have been trying to piece that file together again. I do hope to have another chapter soon.
      So glad you like the story. Thank you.

  2. There has been quite a bit about Miss Minogue on TV down here in Oz recently with the showing of a drama about the life of the vocalist from INXS and of course Kylie (well an actress supposed to be Kylie) was prominent in that. Cannot tell you more as I did not watch the show. She is certainly looking well for someone in their forties.

    1. Hi Nyenor
      Heard nothing of thus drama over here. Seems a bit of a silly idea. Kyle is still here why not just appreciate her as she is.
      Daily Mail used the Red Pencil dress pic to illustrate an unrelated story on her this weekend. Nice.
      I think it is her age which makes her all the sexier.
      Thank Nyenor

  3. I wish we had more latex celebrities here in the US. We are to prudish. We would not recognize beauty if it walked up and introduced itself.

    1. Hi rl
      I think Katy Perry Is the nearest the US has to Kylie. Wish she would slip back into Her Syren Latex wardrobe.
      Thanks rl