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Monday, 25 November 2013

Dr Who rocked!

Hi Everyone
  So you are stuck on a train, off to a temporary transfer and you are thinking of the brilliant Dr Who Special.
  So what do you do to pass the time? Write a long essay in praise. Deconstruct it from the base up to find fault.Twitter about it from(alright done that) or what do you do?
  Simple. You open the blogger  app and Dream about those dimples.
and the stunning Jenna Coleman.
And who else could we turn to but the genius of headswapharry .


  1. Now this would renew my interest in Dr Who which has waned over the past series or two. Also a thank you to you Andy for taking the time to reply to most comments made here. You will be surprised at how many sites you NEVER get any further feedback from even though you are asked to comment in the first place.

    1. Hi Nyenor
      It would only take a glimpse of latex or leather or Pvc to drive up viewing. Lets face it Clara rides a motorbike. Leathers at least should be worn. :-)
      As for replying it is only polite. After all kind people such as you who take the time to comment are a bloggers life blood and without you it can get rather
      lonely blogging. Besides which i am very happy to talk with everyone who has something intelligent to say.
      So thank you Nyenor. It is always a pleasure.

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