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Friday, 30 August 2013

Emma Watson in New Latexium Shock!

Stop Press

Hi Everyone,
  In an unprecedented event British actress and rising Style Icon Emma Watson, this week suffered a double attack of the mystery Latexium Curse which has plagued her for the past few months.
  Attending the press day for the new Harry Potter exhibition at Leavesdon studios England, the bizarre curse left the young actress facing the worlds press in a very brief peach and black Latex slip dress, which to the gathered media, resembled little more than a very delicate piece of exotic underwear.
 After posing for a minute, the usually cool and composed Miss Watson, clearly unnerved and angered by the event, made her exit. 

  It was then reported to us that Miss Watson, refusing to be photographed once more in Latex, demanded a new outfit. This was duly found, only for it too to fall under the curses spell.
   However as ever, bound by her honest desire not to disappoint the crowds of fans who had gained tickets to the event, Emma returned unbowed by the tight black latex skirt and revealing red jacket to complete her appearance with her usual style, grace and humour.
  Asked later by our reporter about the incident Miss Watsons PA said 
   “It was an unfortunate event, which has left Emma saddened as the original dress she had wanted to wear was by Liz Insini,  the young designer whom she is championing and now the one off dress is lost and it was particularly annoying as Emma had taken the embarrassing precautions to wear Latex beneath in an attempt to placate the curse”

  Well once more the strange curse has struck, this time seemingly with a malevolent streak. We can only hope a cure can be found.

  For SmoothSlick’n’Shiny in England
I’m Amanda Keira Louboutin.

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