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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Garmentia Latexium! Emma Watson in latex

Hi everyone,
  Garmentia Latexium! 
   It is one of the less spoken spells from the Harry Potter series and its effects can be quite startling.Turning any outfit worn into tight gleaming latex. Poor Hermione
  However sadly in real life, spells need a little help to work. Still we can all dream.

Promoting The deathly Hallows on US today show.

Wrapped in red to Launch of Rouge in Love, for Lancome

Attending a fashion show in China

Promoting Harry potter on the Letterman Show

"Bloody hell Harry"
What would Ron say?

Hope you like these, they are only fun and a good thing too, because the idea of Emma Watson wearing
Latex would totally blow my mind.
         Now where is that old spell book?


  1. Perfect. We need more Emma latex fakes!!! :-)

  2. Really awesome! This idea sure blows my mind. The first one is my favourite. Looks quite real.
    This is the first time I see your blog. Can't wait to scroll down^^

    I'll come here again for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your work!


  3. Fantastic my own sweet Emma. One could almost state "Magical". Sadly I don't think "Wingardium leviosa" will work with such a tight fitting skirt.

  4. Hi everyone and thank you for all your comments i really do appritiate them, they are the air we bloggers breath, so thank you.
    I have developed quite a crush on Emma Watson over the past few months thanks to one thing, or person and another and i feel there will be further latexy tributes to her in the future.
    Oh and Hi Marvin, welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment.
    And you know the use of magic outside Hogwarts is banned don't you S.

    1. my name is todd carnis I love your caption live art of the real andy in latex is there any more pictures coming.one more item how tall are you.are the same person on christen art pictues you can email me toddcarnis@q.com

  5. I can't understand why we have never seen that Lancome one before. But maybe we have seen the dress?

  6. U can't touch thiiiiis!!!!!4!44!!!!!!!44!!!!!