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Friday, 30 November 2012

New from Honour

Hi everyone,
 Golly i am supposed to be going out but i got a little waylaid. I just had to direct anyone who loves wonderful latex fashions to the new collection by Honour. Their clothes have always been brilliant and their service and kind staff always a delight.
Please Me - Pin Up

The collection is called Pin me up and features some stunning new styles. Here are some of my choices.

 The Countess Dress.http://www.honour.co.uk/countess-dress.php?SID=1l7u90mq86thkugh6js7k20ju0

Cherie shirt and tie http://www.honour.co.uk/cherie-shirt-tie.php?SID=1l7u90mq86thkugh6js7k20ju0

 Mademoiselle Dress (Very cute indeed.) http://www.honour.co.uk/mademoiselle-dress.php?SID=1l7u90mq86thkugh6js7k20ju0

Penelope Peplum, Dress http://www.honour.co.uk/penelope-peplum-dress.php?SID=1l7u90mq86thkugh6js7k20ju0

These are just a few, check them out for yourself there are some real delights.Also check out their Hint of Noir collection for more wonders.

 Honour, Thank you.


  1. Hi dove,
    you would look particularly stunning in any of thoses marvels but I especially love the chérie shirt and tie with a high waist black skirt!
    Superb collection once again from Honour!

  2. I got the countess dress. It's amazing, i didnt realise the zip was only half way down the back which is fine. Just make sure if its a real tight fit get some one to zip you up. My zipper broke after a couple of wears and I'm really bummed out about it.