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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday Girl.... A short story.

Hi everyone.
 Here is another of my short little fantasy stories. It was written quite a few years ago when i was in college. (well not that long ago).
 It is written from a different angle from much of my work. I hope it makes sense and i hope you enjoy it.

  Saturday Girl

 It all started about a year ago, when Andrew, or Amanda as I now call him, crept into my ‘specialist’ ladies wear boutique in the north lanes of Brighton. I sell all sorts of sexy and glamorous outfit, club wear and the like. I also do a selection of  kinkier outfits in glossy PVC and shiny smooth latex rubber.
  I have quite a select clientele so to see a young man, especially one so timid and nervous moving about my shop desperately trying not to touch any of the satin outfits on display was rather unusual, But not wanting to frighten my young visitor a way I watched him for a while. And as I did I could not help feel a strange tingle of excitement building inside.
  My young visitor could have only been in his late teens, he was slim and of average height, with dark collar length hair. I noticed he did not dress all sloppy and messy like most of the other boys in town, No he was wearing a very smart pair of black trousers and a crisp neat white shirt that seamed to emphasise his slim figure. Yes he was an unusual visitor, but also an exciting one, for this was the sweet little boy I had been waiting for .
   And so with that tingle of excitement I tip toed up behind him and in a haughty  voice said, “Can I help you young man?”.
   Oh he jumped like a startled kitten and head down, started mumbling something about needing a pair of Ladies panties. Poor boy, he looked so meek so sweet.
 I stared at him with a look of great distaste, my cool green eyes boring into his sweet baby blues and as beads of sweat broke out on his brow I asked, “and what would a young man want with ladies panties”.
  I waited and I waited but the poor boy said nothing. Oh he did open his mouth, but what came out was little more than a squeak.
   Yes this was the young man  had been dreaming of.
  “Now come along, I have not got time for silly young men, now why do you required ladies panties?”. As I spoke my voice got stronger and firmer and that tingle of pleasure spread between my thighs. But still my visitor remained helplessly dumb. “Very well then I must assume they are for you”.
  At that my little boy gasped, “No, no miss”, he said, his voice softly trembling, “they are not for me they are for a dare. You see all the instructions are written down. I found that in my school bag”. He offered me a piece of paper and explained he needed the panties to fore fill a college initiation dare.
   I read the small note, allowing my lips to curl into a smile. “A dare?.
  “I’ve never been in a shop like this before ”.
   “I’m sure you have not young man, it must have taken you a lot of nerve”. I passed the note back and looked him up and down, “Still courage like that deserves reward. Come with me young man I think I have just the thing”.
   The trembling had died away, but my little boy still looked nervous as his fingers gently caressed the panties I had laid out. One pair where made of soft sheer burgundy silk, very soft and smooth whilst the other ,well they were gorgeous, high cut French panties, trimmed with black lace and fashioned from smooth and shiny, bright red rubber. “Which do you think young man, do you prefer the silk or perhaps the rubber?” .
 It took him a long time, almost as if he was to embarrassed to admit he liked either pair, but then to My exquisite delight he pointed to the shimmering latex .
  “The…these if you please”, he whispered.
  “Excellent choice, I think they should help you win your dare”. I said. “And as you are such a nice polite boy I will make you a deal. If you return them to me on Saturday, I will let you take them for free”.
  At first he insisted on paying, but I would here nothing of it and told him it would be my pleasure to see him again. Oh, my little boys face lit up at that and thanked me again and again.
  As I watched my him disappear down the busy street, my hand drifted across the smooth satin of my tight skirt to softly press between my thighs. I could not wait until my cute little fly was safely wrapped in my sticky web.
    That Saturday morning, slightly less sheepish than the last time, Andrew entered my shop. I let him wait for a few minutes allowing him to bathe in the aromas of femininity.
  “Good morning young man”. I said stepping from the back room. I had dressed that morning in my most dominant outfit. A pair of skin-tight black patent  leather pants, a matching ribbed leather halter neck top, which clung and moulded about my generous bust and patent leather ankle boots with dagger like 6” heels.
   I tingled with delight at the wide-eyed look on his face, it was nice to know that at very nearly fifty years I could still have that effect on a young man.
 Trembling and unable to pull his eyes from my polished leather body, he offered me the bag containing the panties. I asked if he had won his dare. He nodded. Saying he had and thanked me once more. I said it was a pleasure and that he must call again, but then as he turned to leave I said in a deep firm voice.
  “Just one minute young man”. He turned back to find me holding up the panties, a stern look on my beautifully made up face. “These have been worn”.
    Of cause they had not been, they were immaculate, untouched, probably not eve taken out of the bag. But, Oh dear, the colour drained from his pretty face and I could see he was shocked.
 Of cause he pleaded his innocence, saying I was mistaken, but I was having none of it,
  “I am appalled at you young man, after all I did for you In good faith, you choose to soil these rubber panties”. Still he begged and pleaded, his face now glowing a deeper and deeper red. “I shall have to contact your collage about you”.
  That was cruel, I never would have, but it did the trick. And my pretty boys eyes filled with tears.
   “Please Miss don’t”, he stammered, “but ..but if there is a problem I will pay for them”.
  I stepped closer narrowing my eyes, “Young man it is not as simple as that, you see these are part of a set and without these I can not sell the rest”.
   The colour drained from his face and reluctantly he offered to pay for the other items as well.
   Perfect. Oh, I could have made him beg some more but, but he looked so sweet, so helpless I did not have the heart.
   Tingling now from tip to toe in my leather outfit I said, “Very well young man”, and taking his sweaty hand I took him through to the back of my shop, to introduce him to his new purchase.
   Of cause it was a gorgeously feminine lingerie set. The panties were a match for the corset and suspender belt and Andrews eyes widened as I held each up.
  The look on my young mans face was a dream of embarrassment, but when I revealed the price of £200 It quickly turned to horror. “Good quality is expensive”, I said, “And I only sell quality”.
  Poor Andrew his hopes of an ‘easy’ escape seemed dashed. He explained there was no way he could afford to pay that much.
   “But we had a deal”, I said, placing the shiny latex corset before him. “you agreed to buy this set”.
   “They are so expensive”, he sighed, “I did not realise. I am sorry”.
    I shook my head, “No young man, sorry will not do. I need payment and if you will not honour your deal I shall have to find someone who will. Perhaps I shall have to make that call to your headmaster after all”.
  “No no please”, he begged. In fact he begged so earnestly I had a sudden twang of guilt. However my mixed emotion quickly passed as I knew my moment to strike had come.
   I looked at him hard, he blushed and lowered his eyes. “I have an idea. You can repay the cost of the outfit by working for me, here in my shop
  The young man thought long and hard about it, his eyes nervously glancing around at my rather….unusual stock. However of cause he agreed, he had little choice and meekly asked what it was I would want him to do.
  “It can be very busy in here”, I Said, “and it will be handy to have some one else to make the coffees and help with things”.
  Again he thought before silently nodding his agreement.
  I smiled and in an almost throwaway tone added. “Good, I would not usually employ a young man such as you in my shop, but I am sure with a little help you will fit in perfectly”.
  The look on my poor boys face was a real treat. Confusion and uncertainty clear to see. “I am sorry….Miss….”
 I smiled, “Behr…..Charlotte Behr, but you will address me as Ms Behr”
 “Ms Behr…..a little help?”.
  I looked at him with a fake surprise. “Why yes young man, of cause you will need help….that is unless you know how to apply your own make up and such”
 For a moment my words did not register but then his lips slowly parted in a silent gasp. “Surly you don’t mean?……like a girl”.
   “But of cause I do. I’m sorry young man. You may be very cute but I can not have my customers feeling nervous about my having a male assistant, but don’t as I said I will help you.”.
  My young mans eyes glistened. He looked round the shop and then back at me. His big brown eyes softy and silently pleading for my mercy. But I was not willing to show my poor sweet captive any such thing.
 I tingled inside as I watched his eyes lowering in submission. “very well”. he sighed. “Whe… when do you want me to come, Next weekend?”. I could see his mind race. My young man was not a silly boy……but neither was i.
  “Oh no young man, I am not giving you the chance to run away”, I purred stepping forward and placing the rippling latex panties in his hand, “…………Not next weekend…… today…….in fact…….right….. now”
   His panicked face drained of colour, as closed his plan of escape, “But….but I have college classes”, he mumbled, “I need to attend right….right away…they are very…”.
 Looking down at him from atop my dangerous heels I shook my head and tutted at his increasingly desperate pleas. “College on a Saturday……Oh dear, I really don’t think so”., I laughed, “No young man today you are all mine” and with a stern point of my finger I ordered him into the dressing room.

  Now it had been my intention of putting Andrew into his new underwear and then into one of my fantasy outfits, you know, the sort of thing. I sell a lot of Maid uniforms, sexy nurses that sort of things, but though my actions in trapping my young man seem cruel, I am not a cruel person and so the moment I saw him, standing so nervous in just his dull underpants I knew I could not be so wicked with him…….well not just yet anyway and so I presented him with a choice.
  “So which is it to be young man…..a frilly little maid dress or Trousers and T shirt?”
Naturally he chose the T shirt combination, well he would do. However I was not willing to let him think he had free will and so slipping the glossy latex dress back in it’s rack I added. “We will save that for later then Andrew”. Oh the look on his face…what a treat….poor thing.
 Indeed if he had though the had free will in his choice outfit, the first sight of the
Pants made it clear either way, dress or pants, he was still going to appear very very feminine. They were a liquid black latex, very smooth and shiny even without polishing and sat low on his hips and though very stretchy and smooth the material clung and moulded with liquid precision about his surprisingly feminine and shapely legs and buttocks, before rippling and flaring out about his calf’s and ankles. Indeed it was only the tell tale bump of his boyhood which gave any hint of his true gender. It was only a small problem though (sorry Andrew but it was) and with a little help and a lot of blushed embarrassment from my young man, I was able to tuck him away and create an even more pleasing line. To be honest the little bump was quite cute and I thought added a little hint of mystery for any of my future clients to wonder at.
 Instructing him to bend and stretch I asked him how they felt. However his reply, though soft and clear, was lost to my ears for as he spoke he turned and presented his bottom to me and with a barely contained gasp I realised the latex had moulded his twin cheeks into two perfect polished pillows. Goodness the desire to slip my hand between my own thighs almost overcame me. But with a deep breath I regained my cool stern exterior before our eye met once more.
  “Mmm yes they seem fine”. I purred as cooly as I could.
 Next came the T shirt. Easier to put on than the pants (at least we did not have to go though the embarrassment of him removing his underpants again) however like the pants it was a clearly feminine cut garment.
   Metallic blue, the sleeves of the smooth latex T were shorter and cupped about his slim upper arms, whilst the body was cropped to reveal Andrews flat toned stomach. However the neck line of was scooped, which at my whim, I could adjust to sit either on the shoulder or off in a more feminine way.
  Again it fitted perfectly and my new Shop girl was displaying a very feminine , if boyish, figure. Nearly there.
   The question “What size shoe?”, was greeted with a strange squeak, well not that strange as my poor boy had not really spoken since I slipped his underpants off, But it was as if until then he had not realised he would be in heels.
 A soft 6 was his reply and for a moment I was stunned. But then stepping back I realised he was not the tallest of young men, average, below even, 5” 7’ at the most and so, where before I had been uncertain of footwear I now knew I had the entire store to chose from.
  It was naughty of me, I could have gone with an easier pair, I had all sorts, from 3” heels up, but the moment I saw them I knew. You could call them stripper heels, they were fashioned from transparent plastic, open toed, and blessed with staggering 5” heels and neat little platforms. Poor Andrew what a shock and as I slipped them onto his feet I could feel the latex of his pants tremble with his uncertainty. However his shock was nothing to mine as with his first tentative step It became clear he could walk in them without any problem.
 I smiled, whether it was with astonishment, delight, excitement or even pride, I don’t know, but I smiled. I also smiled because up until then I thought I would have to spend some time teaching my new Saturday girl to walk again and even then Andrew may not have been able to move with feminine ease. But now I knew, as he moved with natural hip swaying, latex stretching femininity before me,  I knew my plan would succeed.
  Only one thing remained
  Now as I drew him to the lighted mirror and sat him in the deep leather of my make up chair, My young mans voice returned. “Please Ms Behr, Can’t I just….like this…..if I have  too?”.
  Oh the look in his deep eyes was so nervous, as if my car was baring down on a helpless fawn in the road. “No Andrew I expect my Saturday girl to be immaculately made up at all times. Besides when you are working in the window, which you will be, imagine if your friends came by. Which would you prefer them to see. You Andrew dressed I latex and heels or a beautifully sexy Saturday girl, with fluttering lashes and glossy lips”.
   “But……”. Again my young mans voice died on his lips. He knew I was right and I knew my trap was perfect.

   Before I opened my shop I was a professional make up artist and so in no time I had transformed Andrew from a sweetly cute boy, into a very sexy young lady. He had perfect skin, flawlessly smooth, which needed barely a touch of foundation and first I had tried him in pinks and blues , which although it left him looking very beautiful it also made him look to sweet, too innocent to, well, virginal and so I decided to go deeper and darker. Plucking and shaping his eye brows, which I know was wrong of me but I knew it would be worth it, before darkening his eyes with Smokey tones and lashings of mascara.
  I then rouged his cheeks into a sexy flushed glow and finally, tilting his face up to me, painting those full lips a creamy luxuriantly vibrant red, glazed on top by 2 coats of rich glossier, leaving them in a wonderfully kissable pout.
 Oh the effect was stunning, a wonderful blend of innocent fawn and sensaul beauty.
  I next slicked his own short brown hair back and slipped a long dark wig over top, brushing and teasing the glossy strands to frame his blushing face. I stepped back. My heart sinking, It was wrong, totally wrong the look, though stunning was wrong, to….to perfect too… cover girl. Then I hit me, I knew just what was needed.
  As I slipped the shorter wig, brown and copper red, trimmed into a cutely sexy pixie cut, on to my new girl my heart leapt. Perfect and I knew why. For where the long brunette wig had transformed Andrew into a stunning beauty, it had also disguised him, turning him into a different person entirely, but now, with this shorter style, closer in tone to his own Andrew had not been disguised. Andrew was the same sweet faced person as before only now he had become a girl and as he looked back at himself in the mirror Andrew could see it too.
  He was now a she.
    I let his new self gaze back at him for a few moments, But knew deep down I really wanted him out in the shop and so turning the chair to me I extended a hand and without a word drew him to his feet. Silly boy all he had to do now was not be able to walk in those heels and I would have had no chance of completing my plan. But no, as before one delicate foot clicked in front of the other and with his hand in mine I led my Saturday girl through the curtain and into the sun lit shop.

   And that was how Andrew became Amanda, Oh he is completely feminised now, utterly gorgeous and I did get him into that cute maids dress by the end of the day. Oh he looked so sweet so helpless. Oh and if you had come yesterday you would have seen him in it, working on the window display. Quite a hit with the local boys. Poor thing never seen him blush so much.
  Not that he is my maid all the time oh no, with a shop full of sexy outfits, he is what ever I choose, a sexy Nurse, a baby girl all in pink, even my secretary in a smart business suit. Take today for instance, we have had a special catsuit promotion from a top fetish house and needs a new window display and as ever Andrew, sorry Amanda, still do it myself, is creating it. So what better way to advertise than have your Saturday girl model one whilst she works. I chose the dark red one, because it compliments is hair, natural now, the wig is long gone and his skin tone. I also close it because it was the smallest one we had and it fits so tight it honestly looks like it has been painted on. It really is only the little creases at the elbows, knees and things that give it away. It also allows me to try one of the new corsets , we have. It gives Andr   Amanda a perfect figure, so……….. very………………………………………….…Sorry, sorry just caught a glimpse……Oh his bottom is so…… …Sorry where was I?.
  Yes, yes, so that was Andrews story, poor thing. You know I don’t think he will ever get used to it, being a girl. Oh he is well practised, he moved in with me a few weeks, no 3 months back, Cheaper than college rooms, so I can oversee his time off and spend time teaching him make up and things.
  Oh and why has he not left?, why did he come back after that first Saturday?. Well ……..you see those little cameras in the corners of the store, well they are the same as the dressing rooms. Well they were here when I moved in. Oh they are not connected to anything, I don’t think they ever worked and they are definitely not connected to any recording device………..but Amanda is not to know that………. is she.

Bye Bye


  1. I really must say I truly love reading your stories. I really enjoy the way you make me imagine myself in poor Andrews position - God I'd love that... *sigh*

    Another very good read, and looking very, very much forward to your next story!

  2. Deliciously sexy as always! I love it as I love all you do!
    Oooooh I'm so envious of (and fall in love with) Andrew all the times you wrote about the darling (and whatever the angle you use to write it from)
    Thank you for sharing this new jewel, dove!

  3. Andy,
    Due to various factors, I've been experiencing a pronounced lack of enthusiasm for fetishistic material lately. However, I really enjoyed this story; it reminds me of what I like so much about this sort of thing. It's almost enough to fill me with a renewed sense of inspiration.

  4. I keep coming back to your blog for these stories. The way you capture the sensuality - more than the sexuality - is something I despair of finding elsewhere on the net. Bravo!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Dave you sound down, i hope you can get your groove back and can overcome the sadness you feel. Besides i would miss your art.
    Anon thank you too for your wonderful compliment. I have another tale based on a helpless scpunt which i hope will come soon.
    Kisses to all.

  6. naughty me i forgot to mention you R.Slave very sorry. Thank you for your comment i am so glad you like my writting and thank you all for sticking with me.
    My next story is about a poor boy scout.