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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Thank you.

Hi everyone.
Really had to say Thank you to everyone who left such kind messages
after my last brief posting. I am greatly touched, Thank you. It
really warms my heart.
As for the future well i do hope to post a short story from my early
days next week if i can and as for anything else, well we will see,
but your kind comments can do of nothing but good for me.
So Thank you again and i hope you are all well and happy.
Hello to Jason Issacs

On 23/03/2012, Andy Latex <sweetandylatex@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> I am so sorry i have not posted anything for you for a while but i
> have had a very hard few weeks emotionally. Missing someone special
> very much.
> Anyway i just wanted to let you all know i am still here not left or
> gone without a goodbye. I would never do that to you and i also wanted
> to say Thank you to my sweet S skintwo to many of you and to Amber for
> their kind words and support. XX
> And to anyone who has posted comments here Thank you too they mean a
> great deal.
> Back soon i hope
> X
> Andy


  1. Sorry, bit silly, forgot how to comment. Lovely to see you back here. But take your time. We'll still all be here rooting for you.
    And Hello to Fairport Convention and Auntie David Morrissey too.

  2. Hello chéri(e),
    so sweet to hear from you and see that you are beginning to make plans for the future, I'm so glad!
    Ooooh to be able to hug and kiss you for real!!! *sigh*
    I L..e you, there, that's said! *deep blush*

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  4. News from you is always good news! Hope you'll be fine really soon.


  5. Happy Easter Andy and a lot of Eastereggs

  6. happy easter. i finally did some updates and as you know i totally relate. *huggs