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Friday, 13 April 2012

A short story

Hi everyone,
  Here is an old story i found. It covers all my favourite things. Hope you like it.

To Travel

  Tight and shiny, smooth and rubbery my maids uniform clung to her blossoming young body like a glaze of black oil. Tonight she was more beautiful, sexier, sweeter and more submissive than ever before. I did not want her to leave me, she was my companion, my pet, my plaything, but as I always maintain a deal is a deal, Robin had served me for 1 year and now it was time to find a replacement.
  I thought it would be an impossible thing to find anyone so ..’special’ , but that was before my eyes fell on the hotels young bell boy. He was well groomed, polite, blushed shyly when greeted  and possessed a tall slim figure and a prettily feminine face which I knew would look gorgeous with a little help. I also noticed the look on his face the first time he saw my maid in her glossy rubber uniform.  

                              Yes Andrew, I knew you would make the perfect Maid.

  And so I invited you to dine with me in my suite, just we two and my maid. You are greeted by her at the door, your eyes widen  with delight. She is dressed in a very short plum red rubber uniform, rimmed with soft pink lace and completed with a pink PVC apron. She smiles warmly and kisses you on the cheek.. As you follow her into the lounge you cannot help but admire her long shapely legs which seam to reach for ever down to the plum red court shoes, which possessed 5 inch stiletto heels. You could not help but wonder how she managed to move so gracefully atop such thin heels.
  In the lounge my maid explains I will be with you shortly. You look about nervously, the room is expensive and immaculate, with a wide view of the night city below. But none of its splendour can draw your eyes from my maid. Her beauty, her perfume and her stunning uniform are like nothing you have ever seen before. She catches your gaze. You blush and then as she offers you a drink, asks if you like her uniform. Words fail you. You nod smiling, finally saying “its very shiny”
 She giggles, “Of cause it is darling ,Its made of rubber”. She takes  your hand and places it on her waist. You gasp. The material is smooth and slippery under your fingers, almost like liquid, “My mistress insists I wear rubber all the time, it was a little funny at first but now, I adore it, especially my rubber panties. The only problem is keeping it polished and if my mistress sees a smear or mark, she puts me over her knee and spanks me”, she moves your hand a little higher until it sits just below her breast, her face drawing closer, lips wet and smooth .“But she always kisses it better later”.
  This was the moment I chose to enter and  as much as you admired my maid, the look on your face spoke volumes.
  I had deliberately dressed in the most dominant of outfits. From my 6 inch black stiletto heeled boots, your eyes travel up my legs moulded and encased in skintight, glossed leather pants. I have a wide shiny black belt about my slim waist and as your eyes travel up to my white silk blouse, you give me one of your sweet blushes as you notice the silk stretched tightly across my full breasts. Then as you look at my beautiful face, impeccably made up, I know you are under my spell.
  I greet you warmly, as maybe a special aunt might and we sit. All the time I can feel your eyes on me, inside I smile.
  As we eat, my maid stands behind me and I can see you glancing at her.  You are so sweet so pretty, I can barely restrain myself from there and then, rushing you into my dressing room, painting that feminine face and sliding your slim young body into a shiny rubber maids dress. But I must. For I know you must come to me and so we eat our meal and drink our wine, we chat about ourselves and I await my moment and when it comes It could not be more perfect. ‘I would love to travel?’
  “How exciting”, I say, “and how appropriate, to why I invited you here”. I lent close, stroking your knee and  explain my maid is leaving my service and as travelling alone is so sad and that I would very much like you to become my…companion.
 The look of surprise on your face at this unexpected offer from a near stranger is a picture , but I know you are excited by the idea . I go on to tell you how you would travel the world with me, visit the most exotic of places and never want for a thing as I would provided everything you needed. I go into detail about where you will go, spend time describing the hotels and ships, telling you of my homes in Paris, New York, Rio and Tokyo , Filling your head with all the things you will see and do, until your young head spins. Yet as you look into my dark eyes and listen to my silken voice, you have no idea, no idea I am secretly drawing you closer to the moment I can close that rubber dress about your lovely young body .
 “What do you say darling, will you come with me?”.
 You take a moment to think. Not that you need to. I mean the idea of travelling the world with an beautiful rich older woman is the fantasy of any 17 year old boy and so with an un-suppressed smile of delight and excitement you nod.
 “Yes, madam, yes thank you, I would love to very much”. You pause, almost embarrassed to ask your one question, “But what would you want from me in return?”
  I lean close, I am almost there, my body tingles with excitement, but I draw out my pleasure.
  “When  Robin said he was leaving I was devastated , I felt I would never find another maid as beautiful as he”. Instantly your eyes widen, I knew why, “Oh did you not realise, oh dear. You see Robin is the nephew of a dear friend of mine. He wanted to travel the world and I needed a companion ,but in return for travelling with me for the past 3 years, I insisted he agreed to be totally feminised and take on the role of my Maid….No I could not imagine finding another as beautiful”. Now was the moment, and taking your hand I lead you silently into the bed room. I feel you tremble at the sight that greets you,.  A young man stands before you, his face is familiar and his eyes sparkle with delight whilst  laid out on the bed, like a pool of shimmering black oil is a dress, a rubber dress, A maids dress . I turn you to me a triumphant smile on my lips, “….but that was until I saw a young bell boy. That , Andrew, was until I saw you”
Oh the look on your face is a dream, a mixture of confusion and understanding, of terror and if I may…….excitement? and as the realisation of my true intent reflects in your wide eyed I slip my hand in yours, turn you to me, stroke your flushed cheek and whisper  “Here’s to the next 3 years……and to you Andrew….my beautiful new maid”.

Thank you all for reading. I do hope you enjoyed it.


  1. How is it that you always are able to put "on paper" all of my fantasies?
    Do you read my mind, darling?
    Oooooh this is a so perfect, so deliciously erotic, so enticing little story!
    I love it a lot, thanks for sharing it, dove!

  2. :) I liked that version of Andrews first time! thanks!