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Friday, 9 September 2011

in defence of Carol

Hi everyone,
 Been feeling a little flat today, so9i have decided to post a few pic of my favourite woman Carol Vorderman. Now i do this not just because i like her but because i feel i must spring to her defence.
  You see over the last few weeks the online newspapers from back home have been criticising her dress sense, by claiming this....

Is too young for a woman of her age.Oh come on, she is only 50, 50! and with a figure to die for. I know i am bias but she looks gorgeous.
 Now in one article, which i know was done in a light hearted way a stylist, got her to try on a few new outfits, to see she could still look wonderful even by dressing "her age".

  This is what they came up with.
I mean please, what are you talking about
Yes the cut is flattering to her curves, but
OMG what is it with the wild patterns all
they do is break up her silhouette, Its like
wearing combat camouflage.
  Sorry, no no no.

And this is really hideous

So Carol, please ,please stay as you are, you are gorgeous, but if you must dress your age Carol may i make a suggestion, no more a plea. please make that age about 40, Because those leather pants sure made an impression on me. 

Perhaps if i may, trying not to sound to much like begging (but then if begging will work), please please please how about one last draw dropping outing for this classic.

So Carol please don't change, stay as you are and show all of them a clean pair of heels.

Thanks for reading, 


  1. I don't know many women aged 50 who'd dress in those grotesquely ugly prints. Solid colors. The tight jeans work just fine. ;)

  2. Always a tricky situation, but apart from a few outfit mistakes (we all have those), carol has seemed good in her outfits.
    What people of certain age group of celebrities wear is always a item journalism will pick on, as its easy to do. As far as I'm concerned, if she is happy with what she is wearing what is the problem.

  3. She's a magnificent Lady, and with a lovely curvy silhouette! I totally agree with you and Melissa, she can wear anything she like!
    And the last pic, WOW!!! I will follow her anywhere! *smile*
    Kisses all around

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. It is great to know there are others who apritiate Carols curves.

  5. Love those curves, I prefer the dresses that Carol picks for herself which enhance her natural beauty.