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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A short story

A special summer
A fantasy by.

  You lay on your back, drifting on the air bed, just looking up at the aeroplane trails that drift across the pure blue summer sky. Not that those shiny jets were the centre of your thoughts, no that was given over the the sparkling blue eyes and wide smile of your best friend Robin, The friend you had grown up with for 16 years, but who’s smile had never made your body feel like this before……
You jump from your rest at the sound of Robins voice and turn into the water. When you wipe the water from your eyes you are met with a vision that sends your heart into your throat. "Wow!!!", you gasp as your jaw hits the water.
Your stunned expression and unchecked out burst was a clear delight to your friend and a wide excited smile spread across his face. A smile that made those eyes now shine with a naughty sparkle and your heart pound like never before.
You had never seen anything so…amazing ever before.

You had had a great summer, staying with your best friend Robin at his Mums big house in Surrey, You had the run of the place from top to bottom. It was such fun together, you had know each other since you had joined junior school together 10 years ago, but this was the first time you had been invited to spend the summer with him and his Mum at there ‘big house’. She was a beautiful woman of about 40, a very successful business woman, who always dressed well, with perfect hair and exquisite make up and nails. In fact she was every school boys dream of an Mum. Fun, lively, easy going and dead sexy to any 16 year old boy.
You had spent the day in the pool enjoying the sun when, Robins Mum came over. She was dressed in a pair of really shiny skin-tight black leather pants and a tight white blouse which showed off her full cleavage. The look on her immaculately made up face was not one of fun.
"OH Robin darling I have a problem I am so sorry but I have to go into the office", she bends to her son and places a kiss on his lips, (it has always been on the lips, very soft and slow and she would always lick her lips afterwards and smile) "So, I will see you boys later, have a fun time". With that she was gone and you returned to splashing and diving.
A few hours later after laying out on the deck, you say you are going to the toilet, "Bring us that big towel from my room", Robin calls lazily from the pool.
Slipping the robe about your shoulders you run back up the grass slope and into the house. Making sure not the drip on the polished floor you nip upstairs to the toilet and then along the landing to your friends room.
It is a wide open room with lots of light and air. You look at the wardrobes, all three of them. ‘Towels’ you think and open the first. It is the usual mess, shirts trousers shoes everything in a heap, everything but a towel, the next was no better, the third however was larger than the others and set back into the wall, more like a door way. You swing it open and to you surprise are instantly enveloped in the unmistakable aroma of rubber and if this were not strange enough, what met your eyes was not a towel, but a collection of , shiny clothes…..girls clothes!!. You looked in stunned surprise into your best friends wardrobe, there were sexy little dresses, long flowing dresses, shorts, bodices pants, high heeled shoes and all fashioned from the same wetly glistening material and beneath each sat a matching pair of very high heeled shoes. You remained stunned to the spot for a long moment. Then as if drawn by some unseen force you tentatively reach out and part the dresses, the material is cool and ripples to your touch, and what is revealed makes you silently gasp. It is a nurses uniform!!!!, complete with dainty cap and apron both embellished with a bright red cross, However this was a nurses uniform the like of which you have never seen before. Pale blue with white trim and short puffed sleeves, it would clearly be very very short indeed and the polished white high heeled shoes beneath where clearly not the norm.
You just stared for a brief moment, unable to believe what you were seeing ,but then with a jump your turn to the soft voice behind you. And are met buy the red face of your best friend, panting and dripping having rushed from the pool. "Andy?".
"I’m sorry Robin", you blush stepping back from the door, "I did not know…..It was…. You know your Mums wardrobe….i just thought it was your room so……I was not looking at her ….". You stumble over the words trying to find a way out for both of you, however to your astonishment Robins face just lights up into a bright smile.
"Don’t worry Andy, they are mine and Actually this is Mummys favourite", he says stepping forward and drawing the shimmering dress out into the light and holding it before him, "she says it makes me look really naughty ". You feel the colour rise in your cheeks, but your friends smile widens. "Its alright Andy, don’t be embarrassed….its my favourite too. I love wearing it….. Do you know what it is made of?",
"N..no", you stammer, at the idea of your life long friend dressing in such a way, "but Its very shiny, odd stuff…. it smells rubbery".
"that Andy is because it is rubber. Actually it is called Latex ,Mummy is always saying so, but it’s the same thing". Robin sees your shock and confusion and without a moments embarrassment takes your hand and leads you to sit on the bed.
"It started as a bit of fun on a rainy day 3 years ago. We were playing about, dressing up and she joked I would look really sweet in a dress, you know what she is like, everything is fun, so. You know. First it was that, it was deep red satin, really smooth and expensive. I never thought to wonder why she would have a dress in just my size, But it was fun, a secret , I did not mind and", he paused, realising what he was about to admit to, "I …. I quite liked it….Any way It went from there.. One day I might have been her secretary in a tiny black skirt and white blouse, with note pad and glasses, the next I might have been a little girl in ribbons and lace. Once, she took off the outfit she was wearing and dressed me up in that. I remember her tight leather pants were still warm as she zipped them onto me. Any way one day, when I came in from school, she said she had bought me something special, and brought me up here. I had never heard of dresses made from rubber before, let alone seen one, but there it was laying like a pool of glossy black oil on the bed. A rubber maids uniform, all frills and red lace …… I had never seen anything like it , but there was something about it ,the way it glistened like liquid glass and the smell…", he raises the rubber dress to his face and breaths deeply, "Oh so sweet so warm……, it was wonderful. My Mummy said it was very expensive..very expensive and said she would let me wear it on one condition only….. I must be completely feminised and my face fully made up. I had never worn make up before, well not full make up, I admit I did try a little lipstick one day when mummy was out…it was so creamy and tasted of cherries……… and well, that’s about it". He stops, pausing as if daring himself to continue. "would you like to see". He looks straight into your eyes, and without a hint of shame or embarrassment skips to his feet and Before your eyes he is slipping his robe off.
"No No Robin you don’t have to", you half gasp.
"No Andy I want to, I want to show you", he looks into your face, his eyes sparkling with excitement, his lips curl into a naughty smile, "I’ll be your naughty nurse". For a moment there is a deep pause, filled with fire, then with a girlish giggle turns away, unzips the rippling dress and eases his arms into the cute puffed sleeves. For a moment he wriggles and jiggles the rippling rubber into place then draws the smooth material about his slim body. All you can do is watch as he skilfully slips the zipper together and draws it upwards stretching the gleaming rubber until it fits like a coat of gleaming wet, pale blue enamel. For a few moments you are left with just the vision of his cute rubber wrapped bottom wiggling from side to side as he smoothed and adjusted the clinging dress, then he turns
"What do you think?", he says, there is silence, a long silence, or rather a silence for Robin, for you the room was filled with the sond of your pounding heart and gasped breath., "Andy?".
Robin now asks again, in a half whisper, his shimmering smile replaced for a moment by a look of nervous uncertainty . Still you do not speak, you can not, the effect is to startling . For in that instant standing before you in that shiny rubber dress, you notice things about Robin you had never seen before. For one thing he seams to possesses the body of a young girl, a young girl with long shapely legs ,a narrow waist, soft shoulders and slim neck ,arms and tiny hands. But most stunningly of all his face was now impossibly feminine and sweetly beautiful. His blue eyes shining , his cheeks glowing and his lips holding a cute girlish pout. The silence hangs
"I’m sorry Andy" Robin sighs, "I was….., I’m"
"You look amazing", you blurb without measured thought. The truth just coming out.
"Really?", Robins smiles fills the room, "Really?"
"Yes really , you look really amazing….. You look like a ….like a girl".. "
It was as if these were the words Robin had longed to here for ever, he skipped and jiggled about the warm room, his giggles of delight in perfect keeping with his new feminine girly persona . "Oh thank you Andy thank you…Weeeee!!!", he twirls about filling the room with the scent of warm rubber ,wiggling his hips and jiggling his bottom At you. Then hesitantly ,yet uncontrollably you rest your hand on your friends rubber sheathed hip. Calming his movements. The rubber feels warm and smooth, like liquid. It feels nice. He stops, smiles and steps closer.
"Thank you Andy, Thank you so much, oh, I have never felt so alive, so happy, I have always dreamt of this of sharing my secret with you but….i always thought you might laugh at me and it would ruin everything".
"There is nothing to laugh at Robin, really you look…….its amazing. I would never have imagined this".
"Oh its so nice, like being free, I wish I could always be like this". H stops and looks deep into your eyes, as if measuring the moment, daring himself to tell you more. "But, do you know what I have always wanted to do, ever since mummy first dressed me".
"wear something less revealing?", you giggle.
"Don’t be silly Andy, besides if you think this is tiny wait till you see my night dress", his smile softens and taking your other hand rests it on his other hip and begins to slowly sway rubbing against you . "No ever since that day i have dreamt of doing something really amazing, but something I could only have dreamt of until now, until today…….", he looks deep into your eyes. "Dressing you".
"What!". The words bounced about your head like some wild pinball, hitting all the buzzers but never resting. "d..dress me up….but I have never.."
"Nor had I Andy, nor had I, please I know you will be amazing"
"I don’t know, Robin I mean you are so ….you look so….i could never"
"Yes you could Andy", Robin pleaded, "You would be the greatest…..i could be mummy and you could be me".
That was a simple statement but both of you saw your reaction, it was as if you could both see your heart suddenly pound from your chest. Suddenly you could see in your friends face that of his gorgeous mother, the lips, the eyes that naughty sparkle and Robin could see it too, he could see your reaction and his stomach fluttered. Now he steps away from you, straight backed, suddenly he seams taller.
"Now no more words Andrew", Robin never called you Andrew, only his mother did that, but now from his lips I sent the same shudder of delight through your body, "Take another dip in the pool, whilst I get ready…..I won’t be long".
"Andy". The sound of Robins voice breaks your dreaming. You pause for a moment stilling your breathing and heart. Then you turn. "WOW!!!…..". You gasp, it just comes out in a startled burst an uncontrolled expression of astonishment. For coming down the steps is not your friend Robin, but a truly stunningly sexy girl all long legs and wiggling hips, but not in some put on way, but in a naturally sexy way. You watch in disbelief as Robin comes across the deck, the click click of his heels a perfect rhythm to the swing of his tightly rubber clad hips and bottom. He stops before you and places one red manicured hand on his hip. For a long moment there is silence and Robin. Now the transformation is utter and complete, and although the features are still those of Robin they now those of his gorgeous mother, those of her daughter!!.
His make up is immaculate, his eyes sparkle from behind fluttering lashes and his lips glisten with smooth cherry gloss. Everything is perfect and framed by a mass of tumbling golden waves which conceal his own short brown hair. Slowly he turns before you Your eyes drift up his stunning long legs, enclosed in skin-tight pants of gleaming latex, up over his hips and buttocks and up to where the tight shiny rubber of the smooth blouse has lifted and moulded his softly fatted chest into the blossoming cleavage of a young lady complete with hard nipples. From the tip of his heels to the top of his curled hair he is nothing but utter femininity and more……he is gorgeous and the effect on your body is embarrassingly instant.
"Andy, do you like it?", All you can do is stare. "Andy?,". he repeats nervously smoothing his hands down over the tight latex about his buttocks.
You step back and say one word, "Yes", and then your eyes widen as the true effect of your friends transformation hits you. "Oh my god….Robin, You….you look like…..,!!". A wide smile once more spreads across Robins cherry lips. "You look like ……!!!".
"mummy?", Robin smiled nervously.
You just stare and nod.
Robin filled with joy, giggles, skipping atop his heels, "oh I am so glad, I always wanted to be like her beacause I know you like her".
It is true, you have always had a thing for her, and now to be face to face with her younger image, dressed in tight rubber was almost to wild to take in. "Yes"

Your friends transformation was quite stunning and total it was almost to much to believe. Yet 30 minutes later you were undergoing it’s magic yourself.
Robins fingers were soft and skilled, he made no error in his work, explaining all the time what he was doing and reassuring you of your blossoming beauty. It was a beauty you could see for yourself some time later, for the image in the mirror to which he turned you was that of a stunningly beautiful girl. Made up to mirror your friend the only difference being your hair which was now a plume of red which cascaded over your silken shoulder. You could feel your lashes flutter and taste the cherry gloss on your lips but your feminisation had but begun.
First Robin helped you into yours new undies, they were red and made of thin shiny rubber. First there was the panties, which moulded about your bottom like a glaze of enamel, then there was the waist cinching bodice which once laces gave you a very sweet little cleavage to match your friends and finally sheer stockings which left your legs totally flawless and completely feminine .
"You look perfect Andy", Robin said turning you before him, his fingertips brushing over your shiny smooth buttocks "absolutely perfect". And then came the final act.
"This was the first outfit Mummy bought for me" Robin smiled as he turned the gleaming red Latex Maids dress before you. "And I am going to put you into it".
There was something in Robins choice and tone of words that made your stomach flutter, I am going to put you into it , the words were a statement of intent, an intent which made Robins dominance over you clear.
You did not protest as Robin eased his rubber maid dress about your perfumed body, gently stroking it into place, making sure there were no creases of ripples in the glossy smooth material to ruin the line of your stunningly feminine figure. With its tight bodice and flared skirt floating atop a pillow of vermilion petticoats, the rubber stretched and squeaked, protested about being drawn so tight, but slowly the line of buttons down your spine were closed, sealing you inside. The rubber dress felt instantly amazing, clinging like a second skin it afforded you complete freedom of movement yet held you in a firm all enveloping embrace, You had never felt anything like it.
Robin turned you before him, his eyes drifting over the beauty before him. "Oh god Andy", he whispered, "You look amazing in rubber".
The two of you just stared at each other, you could not find words to describe how gorgeous your friend looked, he was every bit the most beautiful ‘girl’ you had ever seen. Robin completed your uniform without another word. He added your apron, cap and collar before helping you to rise atop your new heels, these to were blue and graced with dangerously high needle thin heels, which in your newly feminised state you handled without problem. Becoming dainty and elegant with each step. You were complete, you were feminised, a gorgeously beautiful maid. But Robin had one last task for you both.
He produced 2 bottles of clear liquid and 2 clothes. "Whats that", you ask taking one of the offered bottles.
"Rubber polish".
"Polish?", you repeat,
"Yes we must be completely spotless and gleaming from tip to toe". With that he misted a fine spray onto your torso and began to gently rub. You gasped Instantly the black rubber had turned to glass, reflecting the light like sun on a still lake.
The process was slow, deliberately slow, each of you taking it in turns to gloss an area of rubber and softly caress it to a shine. Some areas you could do together, your bodes and skirt and pants, but some one would have to relax and stay calm as the other slowly polished there backs or arms, but slowly the polishing fell away, your bodies gleaming like glass the bottle and clothes were replaced by tender fingers and soft hands. Your rubber bodies drew closer, the smooth material working across the other in a sensual stretching friction, that drew gasps and moans through painted parted lips. You felt Robins hands on your back, drawing you closer. You did not close your eyes, you wanted to see this beautiful face, to linger in those eyes and to see those lips part. The taste of creamy cherry spread into your mouth, . It was not a hard kiss, but the tender touch of new love, It lingered, softened and then in a gloss of cherry parted. The two of you stared at each other, lost in what had happened, and what was happening.
"I’m sorry" Robin whispered. Nervously.
You look into his big soft eyes and with your heart racing whisper softly……."Don’t be"
and slowly you draw him close and those glossy wet lips became one again.
Beyond the door, out of sight, Robins mother rises from her place of hiding, she smiles and turns away.
"Thank goodness", she thinks, glancing back, "they have found each other at last. This will be such a special summer for them".


  1. I do hope both pairs of soft, glossy lips ended up encased around each others hard, stiff, sissy clitties Andy? ;-)

    Maid Lexie

    1. I would like to think it was the start of a long Loving and very kinky love affair.
      Thank you for visiting Lexie, you are very welcome.

    2. My pleasure! I love your stories, and your artwork is so striking and sexy.

      If I could offer you another idea for a story.... How about Andy and Robin trapped in the 6th form Gryffindor dorm, under the spell of the latex curse of course! Ms. Grainger would also be present and correctly attired!

      Then all three girls are at the mercy of the strict, new Professor of Potions, Professor Jane, your Aunt!

      Maid Lexie

    3. Oh what an idea Lexie, latex ,magic and Emma. What more does one need.
      Maybe others will be inspired by your naughty mind honey.
      I am