Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

One of my first stories.


I ran my fingers about every detail of the foot before me. Smoothing the glistening oil across the rubber in which it was enveloped leaving It with a deep liquid shine. Only when I was perfectly satisfied did I reach for the shoe. For a moment I admired its sensual lines . Its elegant arch, delicate straps and long, dagger like heel. Then gentley I slipped it over the offered toes, I heard a soft Oh of surprise as it moulded the tiny foot into the sexy curve only a good 5-inch heel could, Before carefully closing the straps. I drew each together a closed them with a tiny golden lock. For a moment I gazed at the perfect image of femininity, then carefully repeated the act on the other foot. My heart raced as that second lock clicked shut, It was the finishing touch.
I paused, now for a moment, letting the moment hang, then slowly I drew my fingers and eyes up the length of those long legs, glad in skin tight transparent rubber they shone like glass and drifted on for ever as perfect columns of feminine beauty. Finally my eyes came to the white frilled hem of that tiny black rubber skirt, then up across its rippling shimmering surface to that slim waist, encircled now by the ribbons of that shimmering white apron. I swallowed, trying to still my heart, as I travelled on up to the soft blossoming swell of that young bosom , The nipples hard peaked clearly visible beneath the glossy material. Again I swallowed, I trembled as the creamy perfumed skin led me to that neck and finally onto that face the face I had dreamt of a 1000 time, yet framed now by a dark, feather cut, pageboy bob, was a million times more beautiful , from the pale blue eyes soft with innocent tears, that peaked shyly from behind long fluttering lashes, to the soft young rouged cheeks it was a million times more beautiful, yet as gorgeous as it was it was the twin petals of those full moist lips that broke my heart, they hung, rich in there succulent coating of cherry gloss, like dew ripe fruits, wet and heavy with juice. They parted slowly, there liquid velum peeling apart to reveal white teeth and softly a voice more loving and sweet than a morning of bird song, reached my ears.
"Thank you…so very much".
Drawn by that soft tone, like a bee to its nectar I rose until I stood tall above the trembling beauty. Once more now I paused, drinking in the vision before me, the feminine perfection, Then slowly I drew the beauty towards me, until my breath fell on those cherry fruits. We had kissed a hundred times before, our special kiss, our secret kiss on the corner of those lips a place where an eager tongue could slip out to taste my lip gloss. But this kiss would be like no other. I felt the beauty tremble in my arms as slowly I smoothed my glossed lips over those full petals. I felt breath drawn as I controlled them, allowing the glossies of our lips to mingle whilst gently easing them open to allow me to taste the nectar within. I watched those eyes flutter, the long lashes closing down in ecstasy as I luxuriated in the texture of our kiss. Then slowly we parted. I felt panted breath on my lips. On my cheek I heard that soft voice. Tender and dripping with desire.
"I love you Aunty"
"And I love you Andrew….my beautiful Maid".
I looked up from my desk as Andrew entered my office. Today he looks every bit a beautiful as he did , that first time, not so long ago. Only now his body had truly blossomed into that of a very sexy girl and like the most beautiful girls he is never without immaculate make up nor a stunning outfit. Unusually it is fashioned from gleaming rubber or sometimes PVC, but what ever it is it is nearly always very tight and very short. Quite rightly so when you have a body and legs like his. Infact one day a client of mine commented that my Maid was the most beautiful young lady she had ever seen and asked if she had ever thought of modeling. Well I said she had not, but it did lead me to take some photographs of Andrew for myself, wearing some very kinky outfits my favourite being a stunning pale blue airhostess uniform in gleaming rubber.
" Do you like your gift?", I say stroking Andrews botttom beneath the skirt of his maids dress as he bends over to serve
"Yes thank you misstress". He breathed in that kitten soft purr I adore.
"Do you like the way it feels?".
"Oh yes Mistress, so very much"
"would you like it turned on again?".
There is a pause a long one. Then softly "Yes please"
"Good girl". I beckon Andrew to turn round before me. Gently I raise his skirt and ease those tight rubber panties aside. There before me glinting between those soft cheeks, buried in his most secret place is the tip of the plug which 6 hour earlier I had eased up into him. I had surprised him, pressed him over the sink as he was about his chores and slowly worked its wide bulb inside drawing ,sweet girlish gasps and squeals until every inch of it was swallowed. My finger touched the tip, softly I hear it hum and a moment later Andrew lets out a soft gasp and slowly wiggles his hips. Keeping him still I draw the panties up and lower the skirt. Motioning him to turn back to me. He dose, his legs crossed as if dying for the toilet, but with a look on his face like ecstasy itself. For a moment I just watch, and listen to his sharp hungry breaths, then leaning forward I say, "I want you to do something for me"
"Anything Mistress", he half sobs, still all a wriggle.
"Play with yourself, before me".
For a moment he hesitates, it is an instruction he has never heard before, but Andrew needed no second instruction and softly he raised his skirt with one hand and slipped the other into the already bulging panties.
It did not take long, the duel effect of his soft touch and the insistent humming vibration deep inside quickly turn his breath to a passionate panting. I adore this moment, I shift In my seat and as his blue eyes fill with tears of joy and that panting turns to sobs of pleasure, his back arches and with a gasp my beautiful nephew cums and as he dose I here him whisper his love for me.
Elegantly I rise and knowing the sensations rushing through him,hold him until the tears stop, then with great love and tenderness I ease his fingers from their heated place of duty. They are warm and wet. Gently now I draw them to my lips, my tongue drawing in the liquid pleasure. He tastes as sweet as ever. I gaze at him now, so beautiful, so helpless. I guide his fingers from my lips to his, softly running them across, their cherry red surface, coating them richly in his cream.
Andrews eyes widened at the clear implication of my gesture, But I did not need to offer instruction. Slowly, his eyes fixed on mine, his lips part and tentatively his tongue rimmed his lips. Oh I have never seen a face melt in to ecstasy so quickly. His eyes rolled back beneath hooded lids and with a purr he released a deep moan, then to my astonishment for the second time in but a few minutes his back arched and with an even more excited squeal came. His climax rushed on for some time and I felt my darling nephew would pass out with joy, but slowly his breathing rested and I draw him into my arms, tasting his come on his lips with my own.
"I am so sorry mistress", he whispers .his face deep in my breast.
"For what", I purr, "Pleasure is nothing to be sorry for". Gently I ease my fingers once more into those smooth latex panties and I feel his breath deepen. "And this is just the beginning"


  1. OMG, you write so wonderfully, so expressive and detailed, it is truly wonderful I loved it, especially as all of the story mirrors my own fantasies exactly.

    Thank you so much and cannot wait to read more.

    1. Hello Jo, if you ares till out there and I hope you are. Thank you for that comments oh so long ago.

  2. Was it really so long ago that I first read this? And why didn't I comment at the time?
    S xxx

    1. and why did i not reply to those who did comments back then. Naughty Andy