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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Susanna Reid In Latex!!!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone
Now calm down at the back there, I am sorry to say I do believe this is a case of false news. The headline was posted online as a genuine story on the 17th of the month and you can image my frenzy when it popped up on our news feed here at S.S.n.S Towers. Susanna Reid? WHAT!! THE Susanna Reid?, sexy, flirty, gorgeous 46 Year old news presenter Susanna Reid? In Latex? LATEX!!!!!! on the Tele? No.....no it can't be true....It can't be true....Oh damn.  The moment I saw It was posted on The Daily Star's website I kind of guessed. You see The Star is not known for it's quality let alone accurate news content. Still though I may be slighty damaged at the moment, I felt duty bound to investigate for you (I know It's a hard job). However it is with a saddened heart I must report. The Star had struck again.
    But then again, no one has yet denied it is not Latex.......  dare we dream and If we dare, where is the video proof.......

Susanna Reid blows minds in skin tight latex skirt

GOOD Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has brought sexy back.


  1. Ciara looking smoking hot in all black latex

  2. The Daily Star? Isn't that the newspaper Clark Kent and Lois Lane originally worked at?

    1. Silly Billy, that was the Daily Planet a better read than the Star by lightyears

    2. Sorry, being a bit of a nerd at heart, I couldn't resist alluding to a useless scrap of comic book trivia. In the very early Superman comics, it actually was the Star, but then they changed it to the Planet.

  3. a lot of these newspapers have no idea how to tell the difference between pleather, lycra, pvc and latex. they opt for latex as its more risque.

    not that there's anything wrong with the other materials - besides extremely random quality. trick is to see how it hangs and folds/bunches.

    the other give away is if the model complains or is madly into it. something like Marmite?


    1. You are right Asudem, but bless The Star for going all in with Latex

  4. She really wears that skirts so well, a fabulous lady!