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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Great Eight from Christeen

Hi Everyone
 I have been very lacks in not posting the works of Christeen of late and so as promised I bring you A Christeen Great Eight and to quote the gorgeous Kylie Minogue.  "I don't need to say anything, you'll see for yourself"


  1. Welcome back. Lovely new set of pictures from Christeen. Particularly like Chris' search for her Male Pics. I can imagine Aunt Jane restricting Andy's access in a similar way.

  2. Now that is something nice to wake up to. It is a pleasure to see a new pair from Christeen, but this was quite te set.
    It seems to me that there was a progression for his early introduction to his steps through his first and second Levels. I like him holding on for assistance as he descends the stairway. Perhaps I just like him in red with a lot of leg.
    I now have a new fondness for soft mint green as in the last. At first I thought he was speaking to a like dressed boy in a similar situation.
    I wonder what job he has as he primps for the new man at work. Always being watched, he knows he must put on a most feminine and alluring show. Just show some legs and a smile to hook him.
    Thank you for the set. You are both quite the talents.

  3. A real feast of Christeen's work - thank you! All these pictures are yummy, but I agree with Skinny Stallion, I particularly like Chris's search for his male pics. In future years no doubt Chrissie will look back and wonder - did she really used to be a boy, or was that all just her fantasy? At any rate there's no documentary proof of it! And 'Chris is now a soprano' there's no going back from that, is there? Thank you again, Christeen!

  4. From Sweet Sissy Stevie

    Beautiful pictures as always. I particularly like the cumbersome gown. Think of the help he will need getting in and out of cars and up and down stairs, especially as he is probably in a long-line corset underneath the gown and petticoats not to mention the ballet boots.

  5. Hi, Yes, all that and hobble slip too. Chris is usually helpless; dependent upon the women around him. All the best, Christeen

    1. From Sweet Sissy Stevie

      Of course Christeen, I forgot about the hobble slip. Also, he would look good in a pair of shoulder length glace leather gloves, very tight fitting so restricting his use of his hands and rendering him even more helpless and beautiful. Although we can't see, I would assume he is also in the strongest chastity.

  6. Chrissie's soprano voice, perky boobs and lack of boy pics will make it easier for him to accept his femininity and should improve his flirting skills. And any boy with gorgeous legs that long SHOULD be in heels 24/7! Thanks for posting Christeen's work which, along with your own, provides many hours of letting my imagination run wild.

  7. OH MY GOD THAT GOWN! That's scrumptious! Oh, how I would love to be trapped in that gown...

  8. I would like to see Christeen in a busy beauty salon getting a nice perm or haircut with a proper wetset

  9. I would like to see Christeen in a busy beauty salon getting a nice perm or haircut with a proper wetset