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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Emma Watson shines out East

Hi Everyone,
   Well it has been a while, but it is good to be back .

 So it seems our favorite style icon has been in the news once more.
  This time our on the spot reporter, Amanda Keira, was on hand as Emma Watson made a big impression out East at a special gala showing of Alfonso Cuarons' Oscar winning movie Gravity, in Shanghai.
 Wearing a classic Chinese style inspired mini dress of highly polished latex rubber, the always dazzling beauty turned heads and grabbed headlines and as ever our ace reporter managed to grab a few fleetingly revealing words with the young actress.
  As ever her style and that dress headed the conversation, but this time the question "Latexium?" received a surprising reply. An almost embarrassed smile.
  Emma Watson explains....
  "Um well actually no , this is mine. It was created by a local designer, not specifically a fetish designer, but one who had seen me in other outfits and asked if I would like it.
  I was  a little uncertain at first, for obvious reasons,but personally I have always liked the simple style of classic Chinese dresses and I adored the little flower detailing and just fell in love with it.
  It is funny how the Latexium curse was just that for a long time, a curse,but now having had such kind words written about my "New image",it has almost proved a blessing, allowing me to move on from Hermione. Latex is such an easy material to wear, so sleek and smooth, I love the way it clings and shines. There was a time when I would Bathe for hours to remove the aroma, but now even that is very pleasing to me.".
With that surprising tribute to what was thought of as a curse, the ever delightful Emma Watson bid our reporter a good evening. However, intrigued by Emmas sudden acceptance of the curse, Amanda Keira did what every ace reporter does and dug deeper. Tracking down the designer, to find out more.
  Designer Jing Wai.....
   Yes I offered Miss Watson a dress, she is a very sweet and generous lady, very beautiful and charmingly British. However I never designed that dress in Rubber.
  Amanda Keira....
    So do you believe your dress was affected by the Latexium curse?
  I had heard of this curse, in the press, but to be honest thought it the work of a publicity machine. However I did witness something extraordinary, but I am still not sure of what happened. We had a fitting and Miss Watson did the dress great justice, she has a beautiful figure to dress.but then I could not help but notice a strong smell of rubber in the room. Miss Watson immediately began to apologize, saying she loved the dress and how she had hoped this was not going to happen, but I was just astonished to see  before my eyes what was pure silk, transform into , well, into Latex.
 So you witnessed the actual event, the Latexium curse?
 It was quite bizarre, the silk became very very shiny, almost Liquid like and flowed from the centre of the dress, outward in ripples, until the entire dress was perfectly transformed down to the flower detailing. Quite shocking. Miss Watson was clearly upset at this and to her great honor offered a dozen apologies. Condemning the curse for ruining all my work.
 Did you offer her a replacement?
 Very much so. However the buttoning on the dress had become false, unreal, a mere detail and so with the collar being so fitted, she was unable to remove the dress.
 So Emma was literally trapped  within the dress?
Very much so. A prisoner in a latex dress. But there was one more thing. The dress, when silk, was cut to just above her knee, but with each condemnation of the curse, shortened and tightened about her buttocks and breasts, until it was really almost unwearable without total embarrassment with each movement. I could hear and see, the young Lady, very upset, almost begging the curse for forgiveness and to my amazement the dress responding by lowering the hem by two or three inches. Most bizarre. It truly is a curse. I felt very sorry for such a sweet lady".

  So there we have it, an eye witness account of the curse close up and it's effects and perhaps we can now understand Emma's rather glowing appraisal of Latex as little more than appeasement to what can clearly be a very cruel and humiliating curse.
  We shall keep you all up to date on all things Latexium, but for now, be safe, be happy.


  1. All my sadness for what Ms. Watson must be going through. Enough to make her apologize to the curse itself. Does anyone know who cast such a spell on a lovely Lady? Fortunately she is growing into a lovely woman.
    My thanks to you and Ms. Keira for the update.
    Welcome back

    1. Hi Lee
      Thank you for being there and posting such fun comments, Sorry for being away so long. I hear poor Emma had another brush with the curse at the weekend, just awaiting Amanda K's report.

    2. Fear not M'Lad/dy
      You were missed, but it left me wanting you even more. New additions from you are always welcome. To see Ms. Amanda K. return and offer further insight into her world is just icing. Always looking for more.
      Rest well and send in another of your next set soon. You have a singular way of setting up your pics and prose.
      Stay safe

    3. Hi Lee
      Thank you for such kind words. Rest assured new caps and new art is on it's way soon. Plus more input from our very own Amanda K.
      Take care. My very best wishes

  2. Well, where to start... first of all, the beautiful content of your blog made me register myself as a user here (finally!), so that now I no longer have to comment simply as "anonymous". Thanks for the invite, hopefully, we are all frieds here indeed :-)
    Second: Wow! Just: Wow! The curse is back, and stronger and more wicked than before! I really love the picture and your caption of it.
    Third: I LOVE the style of your writing: Always impliying more than what is written down. After reading this report of the lovely Amanda, must we not asume that Ms Watson still hates wearing latex and especially the smell of it? And that it is pure mental torture for her to wear latex? Especially as she now has to (constantly?) appease the curse - knowing about the consequences. She is blackmailed into compliance - and very aware of her subjugation. And must we not also assume that Ms Watson was still kept prisoner inside the (beautiful!) dress at the time of the interview while beeing unaware when, if and under which conditions the dress would finally release the grip on her? Delightful food for thought...
    And finally: What will be the next steps of control exerted by the curse? Constant wear of latex items, also in bed and during bathing (just to keep the smell alive...)? Or additional fetish items, like wearing high heels constantly? Or further behavioural modifications? So much to dwell upon!

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to let you know: Your captions and stories about Ms Watson and the curse are very much appreciated and always cause for delight! They really get me going... Thank you so much! Your fan, Peter Jones

    1. Hello Peter,
      So glad to know your name and there is very much no problem with long or short comments, I am just to delighted my posts are so well received.
      Thank you for your compliment on my writing, I have be struggling with this side of things for a few long months now, Words in my head take so much longer to look right on paper, but I do not like the blatant hash writing one sees in other places, I like to place the thought and let the imagination do the rest.
      I have no doubt the curse with find new and naughtier ways to manipulate poor Emma.
      thank you again for taking the time to comment, these really are the food of the blogger.
      Bless you,

    2. Dear Andy,
      thank you for your kind welcome! The praise for your work is well deserved - even more so if it is the result of hard work! Thanks for putting in your time. As I wrote, I share your preference for leaving much of the story to the imagination of the reader. (Sorry for spelling, or better: spilling out my whole trail of thoughts above. I will keep them for myself next time.)
      Delighted to read that Ms Watson "had another brush with the curse at the weekend", I'm looking forward to the next report. My kindest regards to lovely Amanda :-) xxx Peter

  3. Hi Peter
    You are more then welcome here and never fear about over writing your comments, they are a pleasure to receive.
    Most of the items I post do require some time to put together which is why i am not that prolific, but i hope quality over quantity is a better equation.
    I shall pass on your best to Amanda K
    Take care,

    1. Andy is of course spot on, and I too would like to say that it was a pleasure to read your comments and to also give you a warm welcome. Watch out as he's a sexy beast is this young miss Watson.

    2. Bless you my dear Birdie, you are so sweet. Double kisses for you.
      XXX XXX

  4. Good evening, I enjoyed this series of posts on the Emma Watson find very captivating these stories ...
    however I would like to have the links of these posts for me to read from the first post

  5. Hi Honey
    Thanks so much.
    If you look under the picture you will see LABELS. click on Garmentia Latexium and it will show you all the Emma Watson posts.