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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Emma Watson in Latex and on the offensive

Hi Everyone
  This Is Amanada Keira here once more (affecting my best American CNN Accent) to bring you the very latest in British actress Emma Watsons battle with the Latexium curse and it seems the young style icon has struck a blow for both style and elegance by wearing a stunning Leather pant suit, whilst on a promotional tour this week.
  The slim fitting pants teamed with a jacket perfectly tailored for her slim figure was a total head-turner and allowed her the freedom not to worry about the threat of embarrassment from the bizarre curse, This with the perfectly size red clutch bag showed Miss Watson was far from beaten in the battle over the Latexium Curse.
  This comes a few weeks after it was revealed Emma had suffered a very public attack by the curse whilst on anniversary promo visit with Harry Potter author JK Rowling in London, The Author was on hand to offer a comforting hand as her young stars outfit swiftly transformed from a classic monochrome silk satin, into a stunning shimmering glistening Latex. right
 As her hand rested on Emma's Latex-ed hip Ms Rowling said "It's not the first time I have seen the curse in action, however I really don't think it matters what Emma wears,she never looks anything other than stunning", before adding, slightly un-guardedly,"she is young and sexy and to be honest I think she looks amazing in Latex,"A further comforting hug and a shared glance between the pair sending a whisper of speculation about the gathered media group. 
  She created all the spells and curses for the hugely successful series, but could JK herself really be behind the Latexium curse ??????.
We here a S.Sn.S will keep you up to date on all the latest revelations and whispers, but until the next time
  I am Amanda Keira for SmoothSlicknShiny.


  1. Aha... interesting! J.K. Rowling as potential source of the GL curse? That might make sense after all... Lokking forward to the next installment!

    1. Our investigations have not proved conclusive yet, but it is a theary we here at S.S.n.S Are working on. More details will follow.
      Thanks for your comment Anon.

  2. Does that mean that wearing leather protects you from the curse?

    1. Yes, Emma has revealed to us that leather has been shown to give a degree of protection. One polished and shiny material seems to act as a trade of against another.
      Either way Miss Watson is always a polished beauty.
      Thanks for visiting and for commenting.