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Monday, 24 February 2014

Kylie Minogue in William Wildest Latex....Again!

  Hi Everyone
   Well.another day another Kylie in Latex post. Not that I am complaining. Carry on Kylie. You look awesome.
   This time Miss Minogue is rubbered up for a Photoshoot for The Sunday Times Style Magazine UK February 2014, which was published the Sunday after Valenetines day, but before the Brit awards.
   Again a William Wilde Latex dress,teamed with some stunning heels. Another perfect combination.Hope you agree.
  We can only dream of who will be next to dip her toe into the world of Latex fashion.

Ps if any one has higherDef images please may i share them.


  1. Yes, luv-er-ly indeed, both dress and heels, although the poses could have been a little diffrent. Somehow, for me at least, this material always looks far better when the wearer is moving so that the light reflects from the shine. What do others think?

    1. Hi Nyenor
      I totally agree. Latex is alive when in motion, the reflected light flows and highlights the wearers every curve. Also i personally love the little ceases and ripples movement creates.
      Yes i am very much with you on this.
      Do we all agree?

      Thanks Nyenor

  2. Well I'm afraid that "Cherry Bomb" is still inescapably linked with Cherry Currie and The Runaways (not forgetting the lovely Joan Jett, Sandy West, Lita Ford and Jackie Fox): a veritable teenage dream although still just as attractive. However, it's undeniable that Ms Minogue looks fabulous and William Wilde does her proud.

  3. I have just read a news item that states that Kylie made a brief, unannounced, appearance at a small club in Sydney 'last night' (I assume it was Wednsday as I read the article early Thursday morning my time) and the article stated 'wearing one of her favourite PVC dresses'. The poor quality video showed what seemed indeed to be a red PVC dress.