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Friday, 31 January 2014

Emma Watson. Latex Update. "The first thing you notice is the smell"

Hi Everyone,
This is Amanda Keira again to bring you the latest updates.

   "The first thing you notice is the smell"

   The words of Emma Watson speaking to us after another manifestation of the bizarre Latexium curse struck the British actress whilst attending the Lord Mayors charity lunch in London.
  "It comes from nowhere" the young style icon continued "and instantly you are enveloped in this rubbery scented cloud that no perfume can hide. Then it starts. Sometimes instantaneous , but sometimes it can take minutes or hours before you can feel anything physically changing. It is a kind of, it is difficult to explain, like whatever you're wearing kind of liquifies. It all becomes loose and you have this, this feeling of not wearing anything . It is as if the curse is deciding on its final appearance and once it has, the weight seems to return and what I can only describe as a slow tightening takes over and this of cause is accompanied by an awful rubbery stretching sound. Like fingers on a balloon. It is fortunate the final latex outfit is sometimes quite loose, but when it fashions into a dress like this. (see right) or worse still,leggings or Pants, sorry trousers, too much time in the states, it can get very very tight indeed.
  I recall the Lancome Launch a year ago, when, what were a perfectly nice pair of Capri pants became a pair of very tight Black Latex leggings. It was a very good job I was seated when the curse struck, because I remember them just tightening and tightening. I thought they were going to burst. Fortunately as it turned out they were spot on trend and perhaps fewer people really noticed than than did. (see left)
    Would I miss it if it ended tomorrow? Oh my Gosh no! No.People have been very sweet over it, but if it were gone I would not miss it. Or the smell."

  Well we here at S.SnS can understand why people are so sweet and understanding about the curse. Strange, bizarre embarrassing it may be, but as ever Miss Watsons  grace charm and beauty out-shines any latex outfit, no matter how highly polished it may be. However we have noticed the dress Emma reluctantly wore to the Mayors Lunch was a copy of the cutely modest Peter Pan collared dress she appeared in on the Today Show a while back (below). Coincidence? or is the curse developing a signature style for our favourite style princess.
  Either way,We shall keep you up to date with all breaking news on the curse.
   But for now.
            This has been Amanda Keira Louboutin, for SmoothSlick'n'Shiny

Oh and SmoothSlick'n'Shiny would like to say thank you Lex for your support. It seems the word is spreading. As is the curse


  1. Not just the perfect dress for the Lord Mayor's Lunch but perfect hair and make-up too.
    That curse just won't go away.

    1. The curse may have tightened it's grip. It is a good job Amanda Keira is there to keep us updated.

  2. Thank you for this update. :)

    1. Hi Lex.
      Glad you like it and many thanks for your comment on my work at kinkygerlingy forum.