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Monday, 17 September 2012

Knightley Manor part 5

  Hi everyone.  
    Sorry it has been a while coming, but i have had to piece this back together from a rather fractured file on an old disc. Anyway here is the next part of the strange world of Knightley Manor.
 I hope you like it,

The strange world
Knightley Manor
Part 5
Taking the Queen.

   The morning after the night before , was filled with the possibility of great embarrassment .All night Andrew had dreamt of, not his Aunt as he had done since there abduction, but of soft cherry lips, of there moist warmth and creamy texture, he tingled with dread at how he would react to seeing Emily that morning, how embarrassed he would feel at there kiss. But thought did not enter into it, the moment the beautiful girl, dressed in her glossy rubber uniform entered his room, his body reacted without prompting, he smiled and that knot returned to his stomach.
 Emily was fully made up and ready for her duties, her smart black latex uniform gleamed deeply in the morning sun as she drew back the curtains. “Good morning Andrew” she smiled her lips wet and glossy, “Time we were busy”.

 That morning Emily had asked if  Andrew might wear her cherry lipgloss as a treat. Ms Richmond at first was not to sure, saying it was not the colour for such a young girl, but Emily persuaded there  superior. Given permission she took great care in applying its thick creamy gloss to the boys full lips, filling them with rich deep liquid colour, over sealed with a sticky gloss, that turned them into rich wet cherry lips like her own, lips that now hung inches from his own, there wet gloss sealing them into a sulky pout that begged to be kissed. Andrew felt his heart race as her eyes met his, he felt nervous, unsure, totally in her control. Slowly her lips parted, there rich gloss peeling wetly apart, Andrew tensed closed his eyes awaited there touch. But it was not her lips that met his, but her tongue. It smoothed across his mouth, tasting his lips, Coating them with her saliva to further deepen their gloss.                  
  Her breath sweet and warm fell on his mouth, “ I can’t wait”.  She Sighed

An hour later , two beautiful Maids were busy dusting the stairways. their identical black rubber uniforms reflecting the morning sun in there deep gloss surface. Not that it was only there uniforms that reflected the light, two pairs of wet lips sparkled with deep matching gloss that matched that of there outfits in both depth and shine, in fact the only distinguishing thing between them was the glossy ball gag, framed by Andrews red lips..
  And now it became clear to Andrew that they really were just Maids, in as much as they were basically ignored by all who passed them by, be it one of the mistresses guards or one of her ‘office’ staff in there smart rubber business suits. No none seemed to notice them, in any other world, two boys made up into beautiful girls, uniformed in shiny black rubber Maids dresses, would have seamed very odd, but here, well, they were just Maids and that was how they spent their day, dusting cleaning, running errands as Maids.
 Three times they were pulled aside by Ms Richmond, twice for inspection when Andrew was found to have small smears on the sleeve and bodice and once for Emily talking. All of which brought them a stiff telling off and a reminder what would happen if the mistress had caught them.
  The third time, after Ms Richmond had departed, Emily placed her hand on his arm in comfort, “Don’t worry Andrew”, she breathed softly, “she’s only doing her job. You’ll see, later she will be all smiles again”.
 He replied with a nod.
 “We Maids have got to stick together”, she smiled, paused and then to Andrews surprise lent close and touched her glossy lips to the gag. “Don’t we”.
   “Maids should be stuck together in a sack”. Suddenly the young beauties jumped and turned red faced to the 3 women who stood behind them in the door way. Dressed in skin tight glossy black rubber pants, boots and tunics they were instantly recognisable as 3 of the mistresses guard. Each carrying a riding crop, they entered gracefully atop needle heels, circling them like predatory black cats eyeing there pray. “Maids should learn to put there tongues to better use”.
 Instantly Emily dropped to her knees and adorned the speakers boots with kisses.
 “Oh no” said the others “perhaps we could give private lessons and show them there true position”.
 “I do believe there is a good film on tonight”. They exchanged sly looks, “You will be our guests tonight in our quarters, dress appropriately you will be sent for at 10pm”. It was hardly an invitation more an order, but as the 3 swept down the hall it was an invitation they knew they had to except.
  “Don’t worry everything will be fine”, Emily placed her lips to Andrews, just as the door to there room opened.
  “Well, two dirty little maids having fun together”, one said pointing her dangerous crop to where Andrews hand still rested on Emilys thigh .
 “It is time you two pretty Maids were  put to better use”,
 “Emily?!”, Andrew jumped and for a moment resisted as the gorgeous guard, swiftly snatched their wrists and drew them to their feet. In an instant the vinyl collars and leads were about  throats and wrists cuffed behind backs.
 The 3 gorgeous guards led Emily and Andrew, dressed only in delicate translucent night gowns, from the comfort and ‘safety’ of their room through the darkened, silent house and down into the ornate and opulent surroundings of the guard quarters. Decorated in deep reds and gold’s and strung with curtains and banners of shiny rainbow rubber the room felt rich with the atmosphere of this bizarre world.
    “Please Veronique”, Emily pleaded as they were led through the doorway and into a large semi dark room, the air rich with the aroma of hot rubber and perfume, “Veronique, don’t stripe us, please Andrew is so young”
 The tallest, brunette smiled, her deep red lips glistening in the half light, “You had better stop that Maid, you do not want to tire your tongue to soon” . At that moment Emily was silenced for she recognised the skeletal frames to which they were led. Two ‘Queening chairs’ , in front of which stood 2 more guards, these two beauties wore the uniform of the mistresses personal attendants, tunics that scooped low to displays full breasts were matched with tiny mini skirts and thigh high boots all made of deep burgundy rubber, highlighted by gold piping.
 “What is going to happen?”, Andrew whispered ,his voice a tremble.
 “We are going to be Queened” Emily replied as they were placed before the two women, “They will put us in those frames and….”.
 “That is enough of that”, Veronique snapped, “We don’t want to spoil the surprise”.
 There lips glowing with the same rich gloss that fashioned their uniforms, The two women eyed there night attired captives with pouty smiles. “Aren’t they cute”, one said stroking her crop across Emilys arm, “I really don’t know which one to choose”.
 “If you don’t mind, I’ll take Emily”, said the other taking her lead, “All I want is a good cream, besides I know how much you like the first time”.
 “You are so right Rachel”. Her deep green eyes locked onto Andrews and slowly drew down to his lips, “Beautiful”.
 Never before had Andrew been put into true bondage but, despite his best efforts, In double quick time both Emily and he were  bent into a Z shape, their arms and legs bound to the frame  whilst heads, tilted back were secured up through the circular cut out in the chairs seat, a position that made there mouths hang helplessly open into sensual feminine pouts.
  Forced to gaze straight upwards Andrew, could only hear the sounds of the TV coming to life, he could not see the image and only vaguely heard the sound, if he had been able to see he would have recognised the beautiful woman  entering the boutique, her perfect legs clad in skin tight burgundy leather, he would have witnessed her capture and rubber journey, but all he was  aware of now was nothing but the sensation of complete immobility and the sound of approaching heels.
 Looking up he saw the two women move above them .He gazed up long legs and onto shiny buttocks , then, together ,both reached round and drew those tiny skirts up to reveal there naked sexes and sat. Andrews cry of shock was instantly muffled by a soft wet purse of hot liquid flesh as the womans sex settled on his face. For a few moments she shifted about, whether deliberately squishing her sex across his face or simply seeking to gain a comfortable position the effect was the same, Andrew face became an instant slick of thick rich syrup. For a brief moment she rose, though face and sex remained conjoined by thick oily tendrils, before once more lowering consuming Andrew in darkness. This time she found her place and Andrew beautiful face was smothered in the deep cleft between her buttocks, whilst his mouth was completely overlapped with musk flesh. His nose pressed into her secret star, fought for life giving air, an air which came to his lungs thick with moisture and womanhood. He sensed her relax, the pressure increased and to his greater shock felt her wet lips spreading wider and wider, totally covering his open mouth and nose. He panicked, he would suffocate, he drew deeply fluid filled his mouth making him swallow which made him gasp, which made him draw deeper, filing his mouth making him swallow, making him gasp, he drew deep……
  The woman caught her breath, her eyes hooded and she  relaxed.
 Sealed within a dark world of hot fluid flesh, both Andrew and Emily struggled and fought for breath as, greatly excited by the video film they were enjoying, there ‘queens’ rubbed and squished their wet sexes into and across their faces, smothering them in a viscous film of rich, hot ,sex syrup. Every so often one or both women would rise from her seat to reveal the beautiful come coated features of their living pillows, allowing, for a brief moment, the two captives to gasp and suck in air before once again swallowing them between their buttocks with a wet squelch wriggling three bottoms deeper and deeper onto there faces, causing more and more waves of thick syrup to stream down over them.
  Neither Andrew nor Emily could tell how long they had spent in that hot liquefied world but finally both women rose from there seats for the last time, their wet slits and buttocks literally sucking free from the film of come that connected them to the ‘pillows’ .
 “Well done Emily, as thorough as ever”, a flushed Rachel said smoothing her shiny skirt across her buttocks with trembling hands, “You seemed to be having fun Veronique”.
 The other woman was red in the face, a broad smile on her burgundy lips, “Not at all, Rachel, I had to do all the work”, she stroked her crop through the cum on Andrew cheek, “next time I expect a little tongue work from you my dear or I will be giving you a present”.
 The two dominant bitches turned away and ordered the other guards to release them, gently the pair straightened from their enforced positions, instinctively Andrew reached up one finger to his face, skimming it through the thick mask that enveloped his features, an action that brought a sharp crack from Veroniques crop.
 “How dare you show such in gratitude, perhaps a lesson in humility”, the queen bitch flounced into a high backed chair, crossing her rubber clad thighs, “ clean each other”.
  The other women in the room swiftly gathered taking seats and places to form a circle about the two come coated cuties, eager to watch the show.
  Her voice silenced behind cum sealed lips Emily took Andrews trembling hand and with cum coated eyes, sort to calm and direct his movements. Gently she drew him closer until there syrup masked faces were inches apart. Slowly she parted her lips, for a moment the thick cum formed a glossy transparent membrane between them, before bursting wetly  like a childs soap bubble, to send a stream of white syrup dribbling down her chin . Her tongue free now of it sticky prison, slowly snaked out, its length already smothered in cream, hovered for a moment a breath from Andrews face, before ever so softly , like a cat with her kitten she  began to lick him clean.
  She took long smooth drafts of his soft cheek drawing in the thick cream swallowing it down, before returning for more and as her cats tongue worked she felt her kitten purr. After a moment Andrews lips parted, sealed as hers behind a film of cum she rimmed those soft petals before pressing in through. As with hers a stream of cum dribbled from his mouth , but now she had access to the cream pot. Emilys tongue darted in and out gathering the stringy fluid into her mouth, seeking out every nook and crease of Andrew mouth and tongue, and as she did the boys own tongue worked back. Beginning to gain the taste of the rich oily jelly, Andrew lapped it back as Emily, swallowing it down  feeling it stream, warm and creamy down his throat.
  How long it took, I don’t think anyone could tell, both performers and audience were so lost in the erotic show not to care, but finally with one last lick of each others lips both Maids rested, their eyes locked together knowing ,understanding what they had just shared.

  Strangely silent the guards led the beautiful pair back to their room, it was almost as if these dominant women had witnessed something that had completely stunned them and it had not only stunned them for the two Maids safe once more in there room were also silent, but now few words were needed between them It was as if they had crossed a border one had only hoped and the other had never dreamt.
  “This was my first nightdress”, Emily sighed running her finger across the smooth latex, “It really makes you look beautiful”. The gowns glossy folds rippling down to just below Andrews hips. It was a very short cute dress made of  translucent pink latex and highlighted with ribbons and bows, teamed with matching glossy pink  panties and stockings Emily had completed the outfit with shiny pink high heels fashioned from transparent plastic. “I’m sorry I did not mean to..to stare”. She  blushed deeply, realising she had let eyes linger in the mirror, “its just you are gorgeous, really you are the most beautiful…..”, she stopped, “I’m sorry”.
 “Don’t be”, Andrew smiled taking her hand and drawing her to sit beside him, he paused lost in thought, “May I ask you…about”, he struggled for the words,
 “Don’t worry Andrew”, she smiled and stroked his hand, “I know what you want to know”, she took a breath. “Yes I am a boy, my name is,sorry, was Robin”, she drifted in thought for a moment, “Robin, I haven’t said that in a long time, seems funny now”. She smiled and took his  hand, placing it in her rubber covered lap.
 “That’s just it I can’t believe some one so….”, he  halted himself realising what he was about to say.
Emily stroked his hand, “so what, Andrew?”.
He blushed again, lowering his eyes coyly, “so …so..beautiful”.
Emily glowed with delight and thanked him for his compliment, “ That’s just it, you see I’m not an ordinary boy”, she took a breath, summoning the words as if they were difficult to hear, “I am a feminised boy.”. she thought for a moment, her fingers stroking the back of Andrews hand, “The mistress once explained to me that all boys and girls are very much a mixture of masculine and feminine, some more masculine ,boys, other more feminine ,girls, however before a certain age it is possible to completely erase the weaker masculine side and replace it with a second side of  femininity, this is called feminisation. That doesn’t mean I have been turned into a girl, not at all, I am still a boy, although feminisation has”, she paused, “erased, all the masculine parts of my personality and nature, aggression, competitiveness, wilfulness , and accentuated the softer feminine side, making me passively compliant, submissive, willing to become whom ever I am required to be and so fueled by this total femininity of nature the body undergoes its own feminisation , allowing a girlish figure to  bloom whilst diminishing the boyish parts. I am a feminised boy, pure femininity”
 Andrew had found his eyes glued to her..his…no her mouth, her lips seaming to move in an almost hypnotic flow of pouting gloss and smile as she spoke and it took a few moments silence to draw them back to her eyes, he blushed. “P..pure femininity?..but what about…I mean are you…. completely”, there was no way Andrew could form complete sentences with Emily smiling at him, “Don’t you mind?”
  Emilys smile widened, “Oh how sweet, you really are adorable Andrew”, she began once more to play with his fingers, stroking them, caressing them, running them softly along the latex that fashioned her night gown, not as young and childish as Andrews Emilys night gown was full length and low necked to display her bountiful breasts, the gown also boasted a thigh high slit, into which she eased his hand, she felt him tremble on her rubber stocking thigh. “No I don’t mind, not now, but I remember Robin did, he got such a shock when he was first forced to wear girls clothing, but by the time Robin became Emily he was happy to leave the past behind and surrender to femininity, to its pleasures and delights”, her eyes never left his as she eased his fingers onto the edge of her panties, he offered no resistance , lost as he was in her voice and lips, lips that edged closer and closer, parting wetly to display her perfect white teeth. “As will Andrew”. Gloss on gloss, cream to cream, their wet red lips embraced.
   The night drifted by  Andrew surrendered himself to the touch of his new Friend,  it did not matter, boy, girl, both or neither Emily had the softest gentlest touch he had ever felt, not even the warm embrace of his beloved Aunt Penelope produced such a deep sensation of excitement and comfort. The two, cuddling close, warmed the latex that clothed and sheeted them until it clung to there bodies like a liquid glaze, bonding them together all  night long, until the warm sun spread across there bed and they were woken by the soft touch of the smiling Ms Richmond .

To be continued


  1. Darling, what can I say that I didn't aleady? This is so utterly erotic and your characters stayed so sweet and innocent even in the most naughty situations! Love it all!
    *Licking your glossy lips*

  2. Please post next part. Im so inlove with this story, and I love all the latex bondage and machines cant wait to find out more about them.