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Sunday, 8 July 2012

A new short story.... Wasted Dream

    Hi everyone.
Here is a new short story for you all. Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors. Hope you enjoy

                                                              WASTED DREAM

    I have had a crush on my Auntie since I was a little boy, she was so lovely, i always look forward to my stays with her, Although she was in her late 40s she was very beautiful and was such a good laugh,  we always have fun. I also like visiting because her maid Jenna, oh she was so beautiful, she was about 20ish always smartly uniformed and liked getting me to help her about the house. I didn’t mind, she was great fun.
 However one day my Auntie was not very happy, Jenna was feeling unwell and had to stay in bed, not a great problem really but tonight was the night of the important party my auntie had been planning,
   “I don’t know what I’m going to do”, she said siting on Jennas bed. Jenna apologises again, Auntie smiles and took her hand, “don’t worry dear, it’s not your fault something will turn up”.
 “Perhaps Andrew would be maid for the day, to help out”, jenna said smiling at me.” After all you know all my duties”,
 My auntie looked at me and smiled,
 “Oh Andrew , would you?, I would be so grateful”, she said stroking my knee, I smiled and  nodded
 “Sure I don’t mind, if I will be of help”.
My Aunt took my hand and kissed it. “Oh thank you darling”, she said, “I know you will be wonderful, but we have no time to waste”, with that she leans over and kissed Jenna on the lips, “See you later dear”.
  We left Jenna to sleep and went down stairs and began my new duties, I knew where everything was kept, all the dusters and mops. I know where to put any washing and things and my doing that allowed Auntie to lay out the house and arrange the food and drink and by 2.00pm everything was laid out, the caterers preparing in the kitchen and the tables are set.
 “Oh look at the time”, she said “come along Andy we don’t want to be late”. I asked where to, “Jenna and I have an appointment at the beauty salon to have our hair, nails and make up done and as Jenna was ill I phoned Selina and she said she would love to help you instead”.
 I didn’t quite understand. “
 “help me?” I asked, “with what?”.
 “why with your Hair, Nails and make up of cause silly”, My auntie smiled and stroked my cheek, ,  “ Oh Andy, if you are going to be my Maid for the day, you do want to look your prettiest”, she kissed me “Don’t worry darling I know you will look gorgeous in your Maids uniform”.
 I was stunned, stunned into silence, dressed as a maid?, like a girl? Surely not, but my auntie was soon driving us into town and we pull up outside the salon. The sight of the pink draped windows returned my voice. “Auntie do I have to,?”.
  She turned to me, her smile was soft and red, her eyes green and warm.
 “Oh darling no not if you really don’t want to. It s just that this party was really important to me and I wanted everything to be perfect and I thought that if you were being maid for the day, you would want to look your prettiest for me”.
   I can felt the lump in my throat, she looked so sad, I don’t like to see it, I love her so much. I had said I would help.
 “I’m sorry Auntie, I would like to”. Oh my what have I done!
 Her smile said it all and in no time she was leading me through the door and into the scented feminine salon and the realisation of what was about to happen hits me and I felt myself tremble. As we waited I felt eyes on me, but soon we were greeted by a tall beautiful woman of auntie’s age, she was Selina the owner,
   “You must be Andrew”, she said with a smile, before taking my hand and leading me away to sit in the centre chair, a pink silk cape slips about my neck. “Your Auntie has told me all about you, how you are going to be her Maid”, she said, so everyone else in the salon can hear, “she told me you were standing in for Jenna and that you wanted to look really beautiful for her”, I felt myself blush. “Don’t be embarrassed Andy, I have had a few boys in here before, but they wanted to be made up for fancy dress parties and things, they just take it as fun, no, it is so nice to meet a boy who really wants to become beautiful and feminine”.
 I remember my stomach knotted.
 Without a second word Selina begins, I was eased forward over the basin and my hair was washed, oddly it was done 4 times, before I sit back, she towelled it first then begins to enstyle it, cutting it, swiftly and with great skill , my hair lifting from my face, it was combed and teased, parted and clipped, trimmed and brushed. Then  another girl sat beside me,
  “Hi Andy, I’m Becky I’m, just going to do your nails, this won’t hurt”, with that I felt her take my left  hand . I didn’t look, I felt worse. “You have lovely small hands”, have you ever had your nails painted before Andy”, she asked, I could not speak
   It took about an hour before both Becky and Selina were happy. I sat under the warm dryer as the older arranged her make up tray. I could not believe is was happening, I glanced down to my nails, Oh my!! they were now smooth ovals, longer than before and painted a deep glossy pink, they were girls hands, like Jennas.
  “Don’t your nails look sweet”, Selina said sitting close before me, “That Pink is such a sexy colour, I will paint your lips to match, it  will make them very beautiful.”, as she spoke she began to smooth a light cream over my face and neck. “You have such a good complexion Andy I’m using a light foundation”, she explained, “ but don’t worry I intend to really go to town on your eyes and lips”.
 It all happened like a dream, a weird helpless dream, I felt her  applying make up to my face, a dozen brushes, pads and pens, every now and then she stopped and gazed at me, I know I  was blushing, I was so embarrassed yet all the time she was saying how pretty was looking, I couldn’t be pretty, I was a boy . The final thing to be done were my lips, she took her time I felt the lipstick, it was smooth and creamy, like oil, like honey, she leant close as she carefully applied it, my lips become heavy.
“And this is called glosser”, she said, holding a small bottle and brush, “This will make your lips really shiny and girly, like a cover girl”. It felt even wetter than the lipstick which already  coated my lips. Two coats and she was gazing at me once more, then skilfully she unwraps the dry towel and after a few flicks with the brush steps back, her eyes said it all. My heart raced, I felt I would faint. I was gazing into the crystal blue eyes, of  an impossibly beautiful young girl. With full wet, glossy lips hanging in a cute bow of surprise, her sweet oval face was framed by deep red hair, bobbed into a sleek style about her cheeks. I could not believe my eyes, for they were her eyes, and they sparkled
 After a few moments lost in my ‘new’ face, I saw my Aunt approaching in the mirror, she looked stunning as ever her hair was freshly enstyled and her make up flawless, she can behind me, her eyes shining with excitement, her lips curling into a smile.
  I don’t remember much about the drive home, except for the strange feeling of the lip gloss on my lips, when ever I spoke I could feel them slipping and sticking, my Aunt told me if I put my lips together, I am pouting and that I should let them fall in to a natural  bow.
 On arriving back at her house my Auntie led me straight up stairs, “I can’t wait to see you in your maids uniform” she said. She led me passed Jennas room, stopping briefly to say she was back and into the well lit dressing room. Nervous beyond belief I let my Aunt undress me, being naked infront of her was less embarrassing than the visit to the salon, she sprayed a rich perfume over my body, I felt it settle, then leaving me to luxuriate in the scented air she opened the wardrobe , I recognised Jennas maids dresses instantly, the idea of being dressed in one made me sweat once more. She took her time, taking out first a deep pink one, “This matches you lips Andy”, she said, before returning it. Then it was a cute powder blue one, like a babies dress, all frill and lace, “No not blue, not for a new girl”, then she suddenly stopped and went to a second door, she opened it with a flurish. “Yes”, she said, “How could i have forgotten, this is what a sexy new maid would wear”, she drew out another pink dress, even brighter than the first. Frilled about the neck, cuffs and hem with white lace, it was a quite simple dress however ….it shone, it shone like nothing I had ever seen before, no not shone, ..glistened, yes glistened like oil, its smooth surface reflecting the rooms light like sun on water. She brought it to me, a look of total excitement on her face .She held it up to me and as she did the material brushed my naked body, I gasped and shank back, it was cool and so smooth. My Auntie giggled, “Don’t be silly darling, here”, she took my hand and lay the dress across, It was smooth, slippery, rippling through my fingers like thick glossy pink liquid….i could not believe it, the dress was made of  Rubber!!, A shiny pink rubber dress! I looked at my aunt she was looking at me, “I think you will look gorgeous in latex Andrew”
 The misting of scented silicone latex polish was the finishing touch, it left the clinging pink dress even glossier and shinier than before, turning its smooth pink surface into a deep mirror like glaze, “There”, my aunt says stepping back, “perfect”, she smiled at me and took my trembling hand, “are you ready?”.
No  I was not, I was gripped by mixed sensations, I dreaded to see what I looked like in my completely feminised state, but also needed to know. Everything felt so strange from the rich creaminess of my lips, to the clinging, stretching tightness of the thin rubber dress, hugging my body and chest as if I had been swallowed by a gleaming pink snake, the fine material stretching and squeaking with each nervous breath . She asked once more and I nodded .
Still a little unsure on my new 5 inch  heeled stilettos ,she led me before the full length mirror.  I was gazing at a truly stunning sight, a beautiful girl, tall in her high heels, dressed in a spectacularly sexy French maids uniform, which consisted of a gorgeous glossed pink rubber dress, trimmed with white frills, a gleaming white pinafore, also white frilled and tied at the centre of her back in a huge bow. Beneath the dress was a billowing mass of fou fou petticoating which raised the short skirt to reveal two very long, extremely shapely legs, sheathed in sheer, seamed silk stockings, legs that led teasingly downward to feet cradled in a pair of dangerously tall brilliant pink stiletto heeled court shoes., A beauty with the largest, bluest eyes I had ever seen and with the most perfect cherry pink lips, painted into a sweet tempting bow. Around her long slender neck she wore a simple pink latex collar, a sparkling diamond rings hung from her delicate ears, and on top of her  copper red hair was a sexy ,white lace maids cap.. I Gasped as I beheld my ultra feminine image, a vision of rubberised perfection, a beautiful doe eyed rubber maid, her slim body enveloped in a sweet cocoon of glistening latex, her pretty blue eyes widened with amazement,
“You look absolutely marvellous, Andy”, my aunt whispered, “I never imagined you would be this beautiful”.
 Nor had i
    It took a few minutes for me to recover my mind, in this short day I had gone from shy 16 year old boy to beautiful 16 year of girl, from trainers to stilettos, from denim jeans to glossy rubber dresses. It was so much.
 I remember her leading from the dressing room and without thinking I adopted a natural grace atop my heels, she took my hand as we went down the stairs and into the wide hall and there, to my shock, stood Jenna!, fully made up and immaculately uniformed, the look on her face said it all,
“Oh Andy you are so beautiful, but we knew you would be…….with a little help”.
 I looked at my Aunt she smiled. “What sort of Auntie would i be if I did not know my beloved nephews most  secret dreams and a lost dream is such a crime”, she stroked my cheek lovingly, “Its alright now darling, I knew you would have been to shy to ever admit to it. I also knew you would never let me down if I needed your help”.
 I gazed into her eyes, she was so lovely and I understood.
 Slowly she kissed me on the lips, lingering letting our lips gloss slip wetly together, my head span as they parted. My Aunt spoke.
“Now, listen darling. This is just the beginning, you see, I too have a secret dream, a dream to have a beautiful niece……..and I know you won’t let me down”.

And I never did…..would you have?


  1. Simply love it. :)

    However, I think I've read it before, did you post this already or did I find it at some other site you post stories, maybe? :o

    But nevertheless, a great story. :) Please keep them coming! :D

  2. hi Rs
    Oh dear have posted thos before? think you may be right, i wondered when i came across it yesterday why i had not posted it before.
    Silly sissy, but thank you all the same Rs for reading and commenting.

    1. I could read this again and again, I will always been entranced! What would I give to have been so lucky when I was a young boy! Now it's too late, where could I ever find a cute auntie that would want me as her little maid? *sigh*
      Thanks you, dove, when I read these sexy stories of yours, it allows me to daydream that I'm Andy for a while and it make me feel real good!
      Kisses aplenty