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Friday, 22 June 2012

Unique feeling

Hi everyone
I had this in my inbox this morning and it instantly set off that
unique exitement i and i am sure, many of you feel when entering your
favourite fetish boutique.
There is just something about the aroma of the shop, that rich warm
latex smell that is auch a turn on. It is also the atmosphere, a
naughty, tentertive nervousness which again i am certain i am not
alone in feeling. However nothing can compare to the sensation of
caressing your way through thoughs rails of outfits and i do mean
caress, for with each touch, each outfit selected and held out into
the light we release that sexy light fluttering popple sound which
only the finest latex creates.
Such a delight, such a pleasure, that visit to the latex boutique. Am
i not right?
Thanks for the pic Nikki


  1. You are definitely right. I have always felt that same feeling of intoxication every time I've gone into a nice store ever since my first visits. Starting from my first visits to She'n'Me on Hammersmith Road, and then to places like SkinTwo and Zeitgeist, as well as many others, I've always loved the pervasive aroma in the store and as you browse the racks (and maybe make some purchases).
    So how come a store in Hamburg is sending you flyers my sweet Stable Girl?

  2. I guess they thought that if one day, our little doll of Andy/Amanda was willing to travel to Hamburg and perchance decided to visit their shop it will certainly attract more customers be they male or female just to behold our lovely baby trying some gorgeous outfits!
    Amber xoxoxo