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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nigella finally gets all sticky

Hi everyone,
 I had this image drop into my inbox and had to post it (Thanks Kel). It is of the British TV cook Nigella Lawson and shows her getting all sticky with Caramel. Now any one who does not know the rather beautiful Ms Lawson will not be aware of her Show, which many people of a stuffy nature call food porn. This is because it contains not only lingering looks at the dishes she creates but also, it refers i think to her wording. She uses such terms as , "Slick with rich glistening syrup", or "Sparkling dew moistened berries", Such thing as that, but she delivers them with coy glances and a very naughty smile. People probably read to much into it and she is i expect just a very fun and beautiful woman, but judging by this. I think she may be enjoying her own "Slick honey smooth coating".
 Anyway her is the pic along with a few more sweet offerings for Christmas.

 Monica Bellucci looks gorgeous in anything, but in honey? Oh my god!!!!!

This is simply a very pretty picture, what else do we need.......Yes apart from spoons

And in case you were wondering, this is Ms Lawson. A little less sticky but no less beautiful.


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  1. wow - i was sent a bad scan of that shot. next update i'll tell people to come here too look at it.