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Friday, 2 October 2015

Emma Watson:The Latexium interviews. Part 2

Hi Everyone
  So here we have the second part of Amanda Keira's exclusive interview with British Actress and style icon Emma Watson. We rejoin the conversation as we ask Emma a straight question.

S.S.n.S…Let me ask you a straight question. Who cast the spell?
E.W…….Straight answer……Jo
S.S.n.S….You mean as  in J.K? However did that happen?
E.W…….. I must say she has been really upset over it and has really been very helpful in trying to reverse it, coming up with all kinds of strange variations. It was a total accident, we were sitting on set and in the newspaper was a photo of Lady Gaga in this outrageous latex outfit and we were joking about how she got into it and I said Magic and Jo said…. Well you can guess. It was as simple and as stupid as that, those words and a simple pat on my knee.
S.S.n.S…. Did it take affect straight away?
Emma Watson appears on the "Today show" in Latex dress
E.W….. Not I think for a few months, I had been noticing a faint rubbery smell in the air for a while, but the first manifestation came during the first promo work. I think it was for the Today show in New York. That was a real shock. I could not believe what was happening, It was thirty Minutes before I was due on air. I was in the car going from the hotel and suddenly, as I have said, smelt this rubbery smell and then, the dress I was wearing just, well, turned into rubber. It shrank and tightened and I remember saying to Claire my aid something was wrong, she looked, I think we both screamed and well, now we are minutes away from national U.S TV. What do I do?
S.S.n.S…..Cause the internet to melt for one
E.W…..Did I cause that?
S.S.n.s….Totally. The pics of you, looking cool calm and stunning raced around the world, Here was Emma Watson, Hermione Grainger, on national America TV casually wearing a skintight Latex rubber dress, Latex rubber for god sake. I think the reason the world did not go insane about it was that, with your new Hair it was seen as a signal that you were not Hermione and that this was the real Emma Watson, take it or leave it. I think the world applauded you.
E.W….. The curse from that respect has helped me to step away, I just wish it had been a little less…..sudden.
 S.S.n.S…You speak as if it was deliberate. Do you think the curse is sentient, do you believe it knows what it is doing?
E.W…..Yes, I believe so. It is not some wildly random thing, it is totally calculating. It understands my moods and feeling and by it’s actions can exert a control over me.
S.S.n.S…..How so?
E.W…… At it’s most basic. If I relax and accept its will  if you were, It creates something in keeping with that mood, a subtle or a more modest transformation. Where as if I am upset or petulant the curse will react with a more embarrassing style.
Emma Watson in what she describes as a modest skintight Latex sheath dress
S.S.n.S….It is crazy to think that Latex can be modest. However we in the circle understand that it really can be. I especially recall the pewter ….
E.W….. Sheath dress, I wore to the Bafta awards, yes. That was, at first, a classic black Chanel, modest and simple and what it became was still modest and simple, yet now skintight and Latex. I must admit I did freak out a little with that dress, It was astonishingly tight and very very hot and I did so want to get it off, but there was no seam, no clasp, nothing, It was on me and I was in it and that was that. I thought about pulling out but it was an important year with Harry Potter ending and Jo receiving a special award so I desperately wanted to go. I remember turning in the mirror a dozen times, fearing how unforgivingly tight it was and we were back to the underwear issue again, but then I realised it was fine, unorthodox but totally modest and revealed nothing. It was only an hour after the event, that Claire noticed a tiny Zipper appear at the back of the neck and off it came without a fight. Yes the curse is very much a living, thinking thing.
   It is also a very embarrassing thing, for at that moment our poised ans polished guest lets out a gasp, stifled by her hands covering her mouth. The reason for this and the subsequent collapse into giggles? A crossing of her legs, a shift in her seat and the air, warm and moist beneath the Latex escapes in a classic Latex Fart.
E.W…. Oh my gosh that was so not me, rather it was but you know, I am so sorry. I’ve been in these Pants now for a few hours and things are getting a little sticky in there. Where were we? Well infact this is a good example, I was really happy to come here today, so the curse, merely transformed what I was wearing, blue jeans and black blouse, Blue Latex Jeans, Black Latex Blouse. Where as if I had been petulant about it it might have created something embarrassingly short or fetishy.
S.S.n.S….Embarrassingly short. That brings us to the picture.
E.W…. Aw my Gosh. No, I have never seen that before. Oh my Goodness that is tiny. Am I inside that dress trying to get out or outside trying to get in.
S.S..n.S.... We believe this is the only shot of you in this dress, it was taken rather quickly but  it is quiet a stunning image.
Emmas' total embarrassment was saved by some very fortunate lighting
E.W..... Thank you, I think. My goodness. Well it illustrates what I mean about my mood and how it effects the curse. I loved the dress I had chosen for that evening, so when the curse decided to mess with it I was rather annoyed and to be honest threw quite a hissy fit.Claire my long suffering PA told me to calm down and that we had an alternate dress, but I was really upset and the more upset I got the tighter and shorter the dress got.
S.S.n.S.... So the original was more modest?
E.W..... Very much so, a lot longer and a more solid bronze colour, Quite a nice dress if it had not been made of Latex rubber. but like I have said, I knew any alternate dress would be effected too, so I just said right, OK if that is what it wants lets give it and just stomped out in front of the cameras, hands on hips, without introduction, sort of "Well here I am then" and caught everyone but you by surprise.
S.S.n.S ......Hard to imagine Emma Watson stomping anywhere, but I see what you mean by it effecting the dress.
E.W..... From the moment I left Claire, to stepping out, the dress had gone up even more and it was not until I saw the reflection in one of the doors that I realised it had taken on that smoky transparency and of cause no underwear. So the moment I felt that cool air down there I was gone like a shot and back away from the cameras.That was apart from yours of cause.
S.S.n.S..... An embarrassing lesson
E.W...... Very, but it has in a way it has taught me to respect the curse and understand its' actions.

to be continued
  Next time
S.S.n.S...... Is it true you were invited to model for one of the most well known Latex designers?


  1. Another unique interview from a lovely Lady. Ms. Emma is truly a stunning and intelligent icon. It must be terrible to have such a curse pop in at the most inopportune moments, but then at other times make her the center of attention. As for myself, I could not imagine let alone endure the heat building up between the skin and the second skin of the Latex.
    She always looks as if she has it under control. A true artist.
    Hopefully Ms. A.K. will grace us with her own fashion show someday.

    1. Hi Lee
      Thanks so much, we here as SSS are proud to be associated with Miss Watson and I shall pass on your compliments when next I see Amanda K.

  2. Welcome back. Superb part 2 to the Miss Watson interviews, well worth the wait. It sounds like the curse is only going to continue, which I'm sure we're all secretly pleased about. I just hope Miss Watson gets a little upset more often if that short smoky dress is the result... my word... stunning!

    1. Good Morning Mr L.
      Than k you for your kind comments. It is hard to imagine Miss Watson getting angry, but the frustration must be great, Any more annoyed and that dress might have become trying embarrassing. Good thing she has the figure for it

  3. Oh once again a tease lol but a wonderful interview

    1. Thanks TJ and I know, I am an awful tease. XXX