Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

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Friday, 14 May 2021

Thank you Christeen

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A simple selection
from the archives
featuring unused
layouts and outfits
for early Andy and
Aunt Jane pieces.

Hi Everyone
   Thank you Christeen for giving us these wonderful new pieces, your work is always so much fun and I just want to say publicly how honoured I am to host your work.
Big hugs

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Wednesday round up


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Hi Everyone
  Here we are with a large Wednesday round up, featuring lot's of our old friends and favourites.
  So straight on with the fun.


   First up we have a couple of sweet translations by our dear friend Morgane Girlie, who has be responsible for all these super translations. 

Now a blog favourite Amanda Holden makes a welcome return. The beautiful TV and Radio presenter turned heads as she walked to the studios last week wearing these beautiful wine red leather pants.

Next up another little video featuring our Andy on the big screen, this time in a world I really love, that of the golden age of Hollywood glamour.

  And now, the main feature of any Wednesday round up, some brilliant Fiction. So here it is Chapter three of Mistress LeatherBeth's wonderful story.

The Spy Who Came Into the Pavilion

Chapter 3

By Mistress Leather Beth

Gary collected his thoughts for a few seconds before getting out of the Mazda and approaching the front door of The Grange. His pressure on the doorbell seemed to have taken someone by surprise, judging by the sound of breakages within. But a few seconds later the door was opened by Belinda, carrying a dustpan and brush.

“Yeth?” was all Belinda managed to say before recognising the visitor.

“Ah, Haskins,” said George. “There’s a problem, I presume?”

“Quite a problem,” replied Gary. “You’ve had no other visitors this morning, I take it?”

George barely had an opportunity to shake his head when there was the sound of movement upstairs.

“Belinda! Who’s that at the door at this time?” Magdalena’s voice, steel-edged, came clearly from the upper floor, though she herself was out of sight.

“Haskins, dear,” replied George.

“Kerry or Gary?”

“It’s Gary, Mrs C. I’m afraid we have a problem.”

“Gary, dear,” said Izzy, popping her head around the top of the landing and smiling down on them, while taking all the sharpness from her tone. “It seems like ages since we saw you. George, take Gary into the study, where you can have your discussion in private. Gary, have you eaten?”

“I called on Mum on the way here, so I’m fine, thanks.”

With that, he and George went down a corridor and entered a room near the centre of the house. Quite a special room. When Izzy had said ‘in private’ she hadn’t simply been using a turn of phrase. George Cooper’s study was swept for bugs at least weekly, sometimes more often, and was protected by state of the art technology. Anyone considering a little industrial (or other) espionage would be in for a rude awakening.

“Very well, Haskins. What are we looking at?” asked George, as he sat down at a dressing table and proceeded to begin to ‘remove’ Belinda, explaining that there’d been a change of identity plans for the rest of Saturday, due to umpiring commitments.

“It’s Yevgeny.”

“You’ve spoken to him? He’s been in touch?”

“I’ve had a text,” replied Gary, “a long text on the encrypted number. He’s supposedly on his way here to speak to you. Apparently, he’s having serious trouble with Жosimov.”

“Well, he certainly hasn’t arrived here yet. What sort of trouble?”

“For a start, it isn’t Жosimov.”

“What isn’t Жosimov? You’re talking in riddles.”

“The person we’ve been instructing Yevgeny to contact. It isn’t Жosimov.”

“I’m still hearing riddles,” said George, opening a new bottle of cleanser and working with extra vigour on the ‘slap’.

“Either accidentally or, more likely deliberately, we’ve been led to believe that the name ‘Жosimov’ is the identity of our VIP contact,” explained Gary.

“And which name should we have been using?” asked George, removing the last traces of Blueberry Pop eyeshadow (a shade which Kerry had been favouring until Pam taught her new little girl some taste).

“Жosimova,” replied Gary.

“What’s that? A one letter difference? I hardly see the need for all this panic.”

“I rather think that panic, or at least action, is vital,” said Gary. “You see, the individual we’ve been trying to get up close and personal with is actually Colonel Olga Ludmilla Dmitrovna Жosimova.”

“A woman?”

“An Executive Officer in the FSB.”

There was a silence for some time while George took this in. Indeed, it wasn’t until after a quick shower and change of clothes that finally George, by now tying his cricket club tie, swore.

“Cat’s arse and cabbage! We could be in for just a tiny spot of bother here. Who’d have thought that a simple attempt to defraud Vladimir Putin out of the odd billion (US) would result in his people turning round and trying to double cross us? Gary, my boy, this is going to be fun.”

“Whatever you say, Mr C., whatever you say.” replied Gary, noting the gleam in George Cooper’s eye.

Even while George and Gary discussed this new information, Will was finding himself in the middle of a domestic crisis at the Fullerton Arms. The iron had given up the ghost.

In the matter of cricket wear, Kat favoured traditional whites. They may, by the end of the game, be covered with grass stains and, possibly, a red mark on the bum of any player tasked with shining the ball, but Kat felt that nothing looked better at the start of the game than a perfect, knife edge crease, and a nice tight bum. And JoJo had no objection whatsoever to Kat’s nice tight bum. By contrast, JoJo preferred the short pleated cream skirt, with socks over the knee, (and Kat really liked JoJo in a short, pleated cream skirt). And to get those creases and pleats straight and crisp was a task for the iron. In truth, the girls were fussing over nothing, and they knew they were, as they only had to pop downstairs and borrow an iron from Josie. But they were stressing a little, and allowing themselves to panic, due to pre match nerves.

This changed, however, when Will finally managed to get a word in edgeways with his offer to play if there were any vacancies. And when he included ‘a decent googly’ in his CV, Kat gave him a big hug.

“Will, you’re a lifesaver. We’re down to the bare bones, between holidays and the start of the harvest. Derrington are no better off, as far as I can work it out, so you might swing the game. No pressure, of course, Will.”

“Is there no registration period?” he asked.

“Will. Come on. This is the South West Surrey Combination, not the Indian Premier League. Fifty overs, no bowling restrictions. One thirty start. Be at the ground at midday for a warmup net. Alice is the Secretary. She’ll let you have a registration form to sign then. Will Andy be coming along?”

“O, yes. He’ll be there. And Jane.”

“Well, if Jane’s there, the vicar won’t be far behind. He does seem just a little bit less reticent since I had my word with him a couple of weeks ago. I’m pleased”

”By the way,” said Will. “Who do we have for umpire? Anyone I know?”

“Each club supplies one. For us, George Cooper has made himself available, in case Derrington try on any of their funny business. He’s a no nonsense umpire. Very strict. Don’t confuse him with Belinda.”

“Fair enough,” said Will. He made his way back down the stairs to the car park, just in time to almost bump into two new arrivals, although both Alice Aldridge and Chloe looked remarkably different from when he’d last seen them the previous evening. No latex or fetish bondage paraphernalia to be seen, just jeans, trainers and tshirts.

He gave the girls a smile, then looked up and noticed that, whilst he could no longer see the Civic in the pub car park, a red Audi A5 Cabriolet he’d not seen before was occupying the same position.

Its occupant, a dark haired, imposing looking woman, was busy on her phone, and the tinted windows meant that Will had no chance of spotting that the driver of the Civic was stretched out behind her on the rear seat. Unconscious.

Jane, having showered, changed and taken proper care of her ice blue dress, noted that the door of Andy and Will’s room was slightly open. She looked in and found Andy at his dressing table, meticulously making himself beautiful. He was currently concentrating on his cleavage, subtly working the brush to enhance his breasts, as Jane entered the room.

“Andy, dear, how are you? I thought that you and Will might have a lie in this morning, after last night’s excitement. Where is Will, by the way?

Andy’s jaw had dropped slightly. “Will? Oh, he’s erm... he’s gone to see Kat.”

“Kat? Why on earth...?”

“She’s the captain of the cricket team, and, um, Will was wondering if, um, she might have a place in the, er, team for him.”

“Ah, yes” said Jane, “I see. We were talking about today’s game the other day. He mentioned that he’d brought his cricket bag with him, just in case he could get a knockabout. Andy, dear, are you all right? You’re sat there with your mouth half open and stumbling over your words.”

“It’s just your new..., they are new…?”

The penny dropped. “You like them?” asked Jane, twisting to peer over her shoulder at her rear end. “Dear Dodo normally only does them in black, but as a special favour to an old friend she made these for me in cream. I think they’re simple enough for watching the cricket, don’t you?” said Jane, referring to her fantastic pair of leather shorts (that’s fantastic as in ‘soft’ and ‘Tight’ and ‘SHORT!’).

Andy had become something of an avid reader of fashion magazines, and realised that Jane’s ‘old friend’ would be none other than Dodo Bar Or, and that the shorts would normally retail at over £500.

“They’re amazing,” he said.

“Yes,” said Jane, “and I think I know just which pair of boots to put with them.”

Drawing his attention back from Jane’s wardrobe, Andy asked “Did Mayfield get home safely last night? How is he?”

“Mayfield? Oh, we sat up most of the night, chatting. He’ll be fine. But after last night’s accident, I wouldn’t be surprised if this bright sunshine didn’t give him a headache so, to be on the safe, I’ve left him my pair of RayBans from my bag. Oh, was that the door? Will, is that you?”

Colonel Olga Ludmilla Dmitrovna Жosimova (for it was she) was just about to relocate the Audi when a distinctly familiar character stepped out of the front door of the Vicarage. The Hawai’ian shirt, the cargo shorts, the sandals, the dark glasses and, particularly, the unmistakable limp; if she remembered correctly, the last time she’d seen him was as he was (slowly) fleeing the fire in the breakfast room of the Hotel Turbine in Yekaterinburg back in 2019. It was, surely, none other than her arch enemy, Todor Hristovich Boytchev of Bulgarian State Intelligence, otherwise known as Agent TB12.

Monday, 10 May 2021

New Art. This Weekend

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Another super lovely
preview piece from
the mind of Christeen
This one, as you might
be able to see from
this snippet is right
up there with the classics.

Hi Everyone
   Monday Monday, don't get that day, well here is something we all can get, the latest in a small series of  loosely connected images.
 Once again we find Andy, edging closer to his fate and as ever he is putting up his usual halfhearted resistance to his beloved Aunts desires for him.
  I am sure you will note the subtle chances t Andy's environment from the earlier images, this allows for a little passage of time between them.
  Everything else is there for you to enjoy.
Big Big hugs


Yes once again we see Andy in his normal clothes, but fear not, we will soon be back to seeing him all fem and pretty in some super new adventures.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Friday Christeen Fantasy

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 A special exclusive
wide version of a 
future cover for the
Andy Latex in the
25th Century story
Into the Microverse.

Hi Everyone
We have made it once more to Friday and the tender embrace of Christeen.
I am sure you will like these, these are just beautiful and I thank Christeen so much for letting me share them on our blog.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Welcome to Wednesday

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Hi Everyone

 Mid week is upon us and thanks to a bank holiday in Britain it has arrived quicker than i was thinking, However we still have time for a few morsels of fun, with guest art from Shadoman and the second chapter of Mistress LeatherBeths amazing new story.

Thank you for your support and kindness, take care 



Here are a couple of images created by our friend Shadoman, there are two tributes to the work of Christeen and one rather nice stand alone piece.

Thank you Shado for these Big hugs XX

A wonderful video from 2018 of singer Tina Karol, who appeared in a series of Atsuko Kudo Latex outfits on The Voice of Ukraine . Really gotta give credit to Wear Latex for editing this clip.https://www.wearlatex.com

Finally from me is this, I love the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, it is so wildly imaginative and fun, plus is stars the lovely Cara Delevingne. But imagine if it had starred our very own Hero/Heroine of the spaceways.


And now we get to the main feature, Chapter two of

The Spy Who Came into the Pavilion

Chapter 2

Kerry made good time driving down, and it was at a little after 7am that he parked down the
side of the house and let himself in through the back door.
“Is that you, Kerry?”
“Yeah, Mum, it’s me. Can I be cheeky and ask you for some breakfast while I go and change?”
“Of course, darling. Bacon, egg, sausage, fried slice?”
“Two of each, thanks, and a mug of tea.”
“Coming up. Love the new shoes, by the way.”
Twenty minutes later and looking a lot more like the stereotype of the powerful businessman’s
trusted Personal Assistant, Gary Haskins was tucking into Mum’s spread.
“Well,” said Pam Haskins, “What brings Kerry all the way down here from Manchester on a
Saturday morning, and what’s Gary got planned for the weekend?”
“Same answer to both questions, Mum.” replied Gary, “Work, you might have guessed.”
“I still don’t understand why George Cooper can live ten minutes down the road from here, and
you have to live in Manchester,” said Pam.
“Come on, we’ve been through this before, Mum,” said Gary. “Between the petro-chemical
division in Ellesmere Port, the new retail development near Chester, the telecoms in
Mytholmroyd, the renewables operation in Morecambe and the half a dozen other companies
strung between Grimsby and Wrexham, Manchester is the ideal location for me to get round
everywhere, keeping a personal eye for Mr Cooper on the UK end of his operations.”
“And for Kerry to enjoy herself,” smiled his mother.
“Just be glad I don’t have responsibility for the quarter of the Australian Northern Territory that
Cooper Amalgamated owns,” said Gary.
“But what’s so special about this weekend, dear?” asked Pam.
“Well, don’t spread this around down at the corner shop, but Cooper Amalgamated have come
to certain arrangements with certain associates of a certain Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to
acquire certain rights to certain mineral deposits in certain locations within certain former
Soviet central Asian republics. And before you ask me whether I’m certain, yes, I’m sure. But
problems have cropped up. Our man over in Tashkent, that’s Uzbekistan, Yevgeny Piotrevich
Kropotkin, was supposed to recruit a character named Жosimov, whose significance even I don’t
know, but who is apparently vital to the project, to facilitate the deal. Three days ago, on Mr Cooper’s
orders, I informed Yevgeny that if he failed to recruit Жosimov he would lose his job (although I think Mr
Cooper might be bluffing, but I can’t be sure). Anyway, Yevgeny has panicked, and is on his way to
see Mr Cooper at The Grange. And Mr Cooper won’t be happy about that.”
“I can imagine,” said Pam. “And how is dear Belinda? And The Queen of the Night?”
“You know Belinda. She’s just...Belinda. And, apparently, this is a Belinda weekend. If I need to
contact Mr Cooper on a Belinda weekend, it has to be in person. Those are the orders. And I
wish you wouldn’t make these digs about Mrs C. Once you get to know her, she’s harmless. For
one thing, I’ve heard her sing, and she’s no Diana Damrau.”

“She wouldn’t thank you for calling her harmless, I’m sure. Anyway, how can you be sure that
this Yevgeny isn’t already here, dear?”
”There are no direct flights from Tashkent on Fridays, so he’d have to change in Moscow. Our
Tashkent Office confirms he was with them until 5pm local. Late flight to Vnukovo, early flight
out of Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo, three hour time difference, arriving Heathrow no earlier
than 07.30. Customs, passport control, pick up hire car, drive, and arrive here at 09.00 at the
absolute earliest. He must have texted me during his Moscow layover.”
“I can see why Mr Cooper appreciates your thoroughness. But are you sure you should be
telling me all of his business secrets, dear?” asked Pam.
“Mum, I’ve been telling you everything for as long as I can remember. When I came out when I
was 14yo. And then about Kerry, a year or so later. And when Simon broke my heart, and
everything else. And you’ve always been there for me, my best friend and the keeper of my
secrets, and you’ve taught me makeup, and heels, and everything. I don’t think you’re going to
change now.”
“Well,” replied Pam, “I couldn’t let my lovely little girl be my miserable little boy, could I? But,”
she continued, “what I was meaning to ask you was, should you really be telling me that Mr
Cooper is in the process of trying to defraud Vladimir Putin?”
“You may say that, Mum. I couldn’t possibly comment. Anyway, I’d best be off. I might be back
later, or maybe tomorrow. Whichever, remind me to show you my new latex dress.”
“I’ll look forward to that,” said Pam, as Gary kissed her forehead. “Just keep a lookout for the
KGB, is my advice.”
“FSB, Mum”
“Federal Security Bureau. It replaced the KGB back in 1995. Federal'naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti
Rossiyskoy Federatsii.”
“Now, now, remember the wise words of Sheldon Cooper, dear. Nobody likes a know it all.”
Gary just grinned, picked up his small suitcase, climbed into the car and set off on the ten
minute journey to The Grange.
Will had been awoken earlier by Andy’s oral attention to his nipples, but that had been some
fifty minutes ago, and they were both now relaxing in each other’s arms. Over the last few
weeks, Andy had developed what Will could only describe as a ‘sultry’ face in bed, although
Andy had sworn that he had no idea what Will meant. Whichever way you looked at it though,
several more sessions of bedsport, to use a favourite medieval expression, would have been on
the cards, had Will not said, “Sorry, but I need to catch Kat as soon as I can.”
“Oh? Tiring of me?” grinned Andy.
Will studiously ignored Andy’s attempt at humour, and hurriedly dressed. “If Kat could find a
place in the team for me, it would be really great, wouldn’t it? I’ve not played at all so far this
season, but Budgie reckons that there could be vacancies, what with holidays, and with it being

the start of the harvest. And leg spin is always useful, so I should have a good chance. But I
don’t want to leave it too late to speak to her. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I think it would be wonderful,” said Andy. “I was never as good a player as you, but it will be
great to watch. But do you think Kat will be up and about this early?”
“Game Day?” said Will. “No problem.”
Their farewell kiss lasted no more than five minutes, before Will headed off to the pub.
Normally, the village would be quiet this early on a Saturday morning, deserted even. So, Will
was surprised by the amount of action on view as he strolled towards the Fullerton Arms. The
first person he saw was Jane, leaving the vicarage, and looking somewhat furtive as she did so.
Her ice blue latex gown, low cut, backless and slit to the waist, which had attracted so much
admiration at the Extravaganza, wasn’t exactly ‘pop down to the village shop first thing in the
morning’ wear. Normally Jane would have been oblivious to such niceties, so Will could only
assume that she was thinking of Mayfield’s reputation as she tried to make herself as
inconspicuous as possible by taking the lane opposite the vicarage, down the side of the church,
which then became a footpath across the field and back in the direction of home. Whichever
was her motive, it meant that she didn’t catch sight of Will, who made a note to himself to tell
Andy so that they could tease her.
Will was then surprised to see a blue Civic parked in the car park of the Fullerton Arms. Its
driver was looking at least as furtive as Jane. From his movements and actions, Will reckoned
that he was in the middle of a heated phone call. He rang off abruptly and seemed to begin to
use the map on his phone to work out some precise locations. A stranger in the village so early
in the morning?
Will was about to step into the road, to cross to the pub, when he heard the sound of a
powerful car engine approaching. He paused, and a couple of seconds later a Mazda MX5 (the 2
litre Sport model) swooped past and, to Will’s surprise, applied the brakes and glided into
Strawberry Lane. A few moments later, silence. So, the Coopers had an early morning visitor?
Interesting. Anyway, Will kept his mind on the important matter in hand (getting a place in the
cricket team), and was soon knocking on the door of Kat and JoJo’s flat at the top of the steps
by the side of the pub.
Consequently, he didn’t get to see yet another new face in the village. A mysterious woman,
thirty years old maybe, dark hair, glamourous in an exotic sort of way, who was seated in a
head turning bright red Audi A5 Cabriolet outside Polly Evans’ sweet shop. And she was
surveying the whole village scene through some seriously powerful looking binoculars.

To Be Continued 

Monday, 3 May 2021

New Art. Spot Check

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New from Christeen
this super special
preview of an up
and coming new creation.

Hi Everyone
   No moody rants today, just into the fun with the second in this loose four part run of images. Previously I had planed this as a 3 image run, but then realised the image i had previewed on Patreon a week ago fitted in a this point so well that i had to use it today.
  Now then, on Patreon there were some super comments, so what I intend to do is post this version (my version) here today to fit in with this run and then at a later date, probably as part of a Wednesday round up, re-post it with the Patreon comments and stories alongside.
   So the image. Last time we saw Andy slipping into a new pair of heels, just so Aunt Jane could see his shiny new toe nails. (left)
 However this time Jane is the star with her beloved Andy facing his fate and a with  nice little nod back the the previous image..


I hope you like this simple image.
Big Hugs to you all

Friday, 30 April 2021

Friday Fun With Christeen

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Well it is the end
of the month and
that means Patrons 
will get the latest
page of our whole
year Calender.
This time we have
Andy as never seen 

Hi Everyone
   Friday is here again Yayyyyyyy and not only does that mean the weekend (which I will be having off this week) but it also means the delights of Christeen and her art.
   Thank you for being there and joining in the fun