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Friday, 23 July 2021

A fabulous Friday 4some from Christeen

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Adventure which I have
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Hi Everyone
  Hoorayyyyy, it's Friday, one more day and all of you, or us, fortunate enough to have the next two days off  can sit back and relax, safe in the arms of the lovely Christeen.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Hello! it's another Wednesday round up

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Hi Everyone
   Sorry if this is a little under-powered today, the wheels nearly came off my world last night but we are all OK now I think.
  But let us not dwell, let us get into the fun stuff and that means the final two chapters (only for now I hope) in Mandy Sweet Hearts awesome story Hello! Plus a few other bits and bobs to toy with.
Thank you all for being such fun. Biggest Hugs and kisses

Thank you so much for this Mandy, you are a gem 


The Missing Chapters. Part Two.
By Mandy Sweet Heart.

Chapter Five.

Although Lady Jane may have had an unbelievably awe-inspiring Friday evening, the same could not be said for Andy. After struggling his way into a very tightfitting latex uniform he allowed the deckhand, whose name he quickly discovered was Tony, to polish it, and Andy was just grateful that Will could not witness the way it was being brought to a gleaming shine. Andy was of the opinion that it would have been less humiliating if Will had caught Jane polishing one of his outfits a year ago.
After worming his way into a snug latex uniform, for the rest of the afternoon Andy and Tony were required to polish the brass accessories on the sizable yacht and by six o'clock he was more than appreciative to hear that they could have another shower. However, having seen how accomplished he was, Andy was dragged into more buffing chores the next day.
After lightly powdering his body, and despite Tony watching him with envious eyes, he easily decorated his facial features before reaching for a clean uniform. Unlike the first attempt, now that he knew how tight the uniform was he coated the inside of the latex with lubricant and eased his legs into the highly embracing fabric. Although he had thought it was a standard leotard, one that would reach his ankles, he realised the legs were more like a pair of plus fours, and using the hidden buttons he secured them into place, just below his knees, before hoisting the rest of the uniform over his shoulders so he could fasten the silver bib over his chest.
While Andy concentrated on the front, Tony smoothly burnished his back, and it didn’t take the two of them long before Andy was glowing again. Andy lowered himself to one of the stools and wriggled his feet into the six-inch heels so he could polish the above knee latex, and while he worked Andy asked. “Will you need any help, Tony?”
“Oh, you best attend to Ms. Lash-Buckle, I expect she is on deck already and you don’t want to keep her guest waiting.” Tony replied in a shaky voice, yet Andy was surprisingly pleased to be away from the young man as he found Tony somewhat tedious, this was due to the way Tony had been endlessly talking about cosmetics all morning, then Tony brightly added. “I’ll ask Michelle, he’s always eager to help me.”
With the uniform and boots gleaming, Andy went to leave the room but Tony yelped. “Don't forget the cuffs.”
Andy peered at his uniform, rearranged the tiny bow tie and noticed how he had forgotten cuffs, he quickly remedied the problem and pulled the leotard straight. “How do I look?” Andy asked, sure that he missed something else.
Tony checked Andys’ attire, and apart from shining the back of one of his heels, Tony enthusiastically announced. “I think you’re flawless.”
Andy soon found the mistress of the yacht gazing at the shoreline several miles away, and as Andy peered at the coast he thought he recognised it as part of northern Spain. He quickly proclaimed his presence, and although she had not waited very long, Ms. Lash-Buckle said. “Ah, Andy, at last.” She began evaluating Andys’ clothes, though she used her fingers to caress the latex, and she imagined that she had slyly brought it to a higher shine than Tony. 
When she was satisfied, she faced Andy and resumed talking. “You look lovely. Lady Jane must be very proud of you.” Hearing his Aunties’ name caused Andy to smile. “Don’t worry Andy, you will see her soon.” She watched as Andy relaxed slightly, yet Ms. Lash-Buckle hadn’t finished. “You will stand to my left, two steps back of course, and when I offer my guest a drink, Jordan will pass you a tray. That is until Princess Concetta is here, then when I apprise you, you will assist her. 
“Unless she doesn’t need you, then you will serve drinks to my other guests but you must keep one eye on Princess Concetta at all times, just in case she needs you.”
“As you wish, Ms. Lash-Buckle.” Andy said politely, yet he was still mystified why she didn’t just use her small army of beautifully feminised young men.
For the next hour Andy was finding the unrelenting heat beating down on his latex uniform to be more than unbearable, that was not to mention that he found the whole routine of simply standing around with nothing to do very boring. The few times that Lady Jane had insisted that he accompany her to a cocktail party she made sure that he was included, but with his aunt not being around Andy felt as if he was nothing more than a mannequin. 
Despite there having been no new guests arriving for the past twenty minutes, Andy hadn’t bothered to start a conversation with Jordan and he was about to see if Ms.Lash-Buckle was on the pool deck when she unexpectedly appeared at his side, and said. “Make sure your uniform is straight Andy. Princess Concetta will be here in a minute.”
Although he considered the latex adoring his body to be perfect, he immediately gave the leotard a gentle tug and waited for the woman to board.
As the stylishly tanned lady stepped on board Andy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Ms. Lash-Buckle curtsey in front of the princess. Although the Princess appeared to be a sincere person Andy could tell she was an unassailable woman who was obviously of Mediterranean descent. He tried to overhear their conversation but that would mean he would have to be a step or two closer and Andy knew that Ms. Lash-Buckle would notice. Abruptly, Ms. Lash-Buckle turned to face him and said. “Champagne.”
Eventually he was allowed to step closer, but their convention had reached a lull, and as Andy operated the silver tray Ms. Lash-Buckle pointed to him and stressed. “I have designated Andy to assist you with your needs.”
Princess Concetta appeared to study Andy for a few seconds, then she turned to Ms. Lash-Buckle and in a rather annoying tone she said. “I thought you only used sissy boys.”
“Oh, we do your Highness. This is Andy or Andrew if you prefer. Unfortunately, he belongs to an acquaintance of the sisterhood and I’m just using him this evening.”
Andy considered correcting Ms. Lash-Buckle, telling her that he only lived with his aunt and if he belonged to anyone it was his boyfriend, but Andy just kept silent and watched as the princess admired his looks. The princess took over a minute to circle him, all the while keeping at least one finger upon his body, when she again stood in front of Ms. Lash-Buckle, the princess chirped. “If I can have one that is half as pretty as this boy, I will be very happy.”
Andy could not believe his ears but Ms. Lash-Buckle grinned. “I’m sure we can accommodate your needs, your highness. Would you like to meet with my other guests?”
“I’m rather short on time.” Princess Concetta righteously announced. “I would like to start negotiations as soon as it can be arranged.”
“Of course your highness.” Ms. Lash-Buckle grovelled. “We can go to my cabin and begin if you wish.”
“I do.” The princess declared, then she turned back to Andy and whispered. “It was lovely to meet someone as beautiful as you.” Unsure of what to do, Andy merely gave a small curtsy.
Astonished at how Princess Concetta discretely spoke to Andy, Ms. Lash-Buckle turned to him and said. “That will be all for now Andy, assist the boys with the dignitaries and I will have someone let you know when you are needed.”
Andy was somewhat dumbfounded at this turn of events, he had been expecting to serve this one lady all evening, but as he watched the ladies enter the hallway to the cabins he quickly made his way to the pool.

   As this is a momentous point in the story, Chapter 6 will follow after this promo for an up-coming new series in the Fall schedule. 
  Andy Latex Is......... Young Xena. Warrior Princess 

And now back to the story

Chapter Six.

To say that the previous evening was completely different from what Andy had been anticipating would be an understatement. Until two in the morning Andy and the other boys simply went around serving drinks and canapes as requested, but Ms. Lash-Buckle and Princess Concetta remained out of sight.
The following morning, to the complete amazement of both Andy and Tony, they were woken by the sound of Ms. Lash-Buckle notifying Andy that it was time to wake up. As he looked at her with sleepy eyes she joyfully said. “It transpires that Princess Concetta was so taken by you, she is already willing to accept many of our services.” She ran her fingers through his messed up hair and resumed. “We will be back in England in a few hours so get yourself dressed and you may simply relax on deck if you wish.”
Even as Ms. Lash-Buckle exited the cabin, Andy couldn’t believe what he had just heard and Tony appeared to be the same. “Wow!” Tony exclaimed. “I’ve never seen Ms. Lash-Buckle looking so happy.”
Having beautifully decorated his facial features Andy inspected his blouse, merely making sure that the latex didn’t need a fresh polish, and he considered how he should have asked what time they hoped to dock, for the most part Andy wanted to be able to surprise Will and watch him kick a ball around, but even as he began to consider asking Tony, Andy knew that he would have no idea.
With his bits neatly tucked away, Andy draped the blouse over his shoulders and spiralled his arms lovingly down the sleeves of the soft latex before duplicating all the actions with his skirt.
With the pair of six-inch heels in their customary place, he made his way to the crew dining room for some much-needed breakfast, and while nibbling on half a grapefruit Andy wondered if should offer to ask if the crew needed help polishing the fixtures, but he quickly changed his mind when he thought that Ms. Lash-Buckle might consider the offer  to be a suggestion that Andy might wish to leave his aunt.
Once on deck he noticed how there were only a few deckhands around, and not wishing to get them into trouble by chatting to them, he smoothly made his way towards one of the loungers that he hoped would remain in the shade.
It was only when he felt himself shaken awake that Andy realised that he had been dozing, and though he could barely focus on the person who woke him, they quickly spoke. “We're back in the U.K. Andy, and when you’re ready your chauffeur is waiting for you.”
“Ugh!” Andy exclaimed as he noticed that it was Tony who had aroused him, but at the understanding that he was back home he quickly raised himself from the sunlounger. He embarrassingly eased his clothes away from his skin and asked his companion for direction to the pier.
Despite the way he still hadn’t adequately cleared his mind he made it safely into the rear of the limousine where the driver, who appeared to be the same one as the day before, asked. “Do wish to return to your aunts’ villa.”
Andy glanced around the sky and guessed it was past midday, yet without having to stop and think, Andy purred. “Oh, yes please, but do you have a bottle of water?”
The driver informed him that there was a bottle in the small fridge before closing the door and hurrying to the front of the car while Andy relaxed on the bench seat.
Initially Andy merely watched the scenery roll past, but as he began to recognise a few of the landmarks he almost wanted to yell at the driver and tell him to put his foot down. Eventually he relaxed again, and hardly realised that he was being driven through the gates to his aunts’ villa, but as the limousine came to a full stop the chauffeur leapt out and held the door open for him.
He was still unsure of the time, and when he saw the front door opening Andys’ first thought was how his aunt Jant had let him down by not bothering to support Will and his team, but this didn’t stop Andy from quickening his pace and rushing into Janes’ open arms. “Gosh, I missed you Aunt Jane.”
The two tightly embraced each other and Jane murmured. “I missed you too darling and I’m so happy that you’re home.”
Although they continued to hold on to each other, Andy saw a small movement unfolding further along the hallway. He peered towards the entrance to the kitchen and instantly caught sight of his boyfriend, forgetting about his aunt, Andy moved around her and rushed towards Will while noisily calling out his name.
Normally Lady Jane would have corrected Andy for acting in this manner, but as she watched them share a kiss, they clung to each other and she simply smiled.
“Oh Will, I love you so much.” Amdy sobbed.
“I would have thought you might have forgotten all about me by now.” Will teased.
“Never, never. You’re all I thought about...well, I thought about Auntie Jane too, but mostly it was just you, Will.”
Lady Jane had been about to wordlessly pass them and enter the kitchen, yet as she heard her nephew tenderly confess all to William, and although Jane understood how she was slightly less important to Andy than his boyfriend, she smiled softly and continued on her way.
“It was horrible.” Andy resumed. “I had to share a cabin with a young man and all he wanted to talk about was cosmetics. If I ever get that bad, just shoot me Will.”
“You can be worse than that at times.” Will said dryly, yet the delicious smile he had upon his lips told Andy that he was just playing with him and the two resumed gazing into their partners eyes.
Their devotion to one another was only disturbed by Lady Jane as she skipped out of the kitchen. Andy noticed how her hands were full but before he could ask anything, Jane joyfully announced. “Come on boys, we need to celebrate. I’m sure a little champagne won’t hurt either of you.”
With Lady Jane and Will sitting either side of him, Andy placed his glass upon the glass topped coffee table, he took hold of their hands and told them again how much he had missed them. 
After they had returned the sentiment, Andy turned to Will and asked. “How did the match go?”
In a totally astonishing tone, Will said. “You wouldn’t believe how enthusiastic Lady Jane can be Andy. I scored the only goal of the match and Lady Jane went absolutely  
wild. She was jumping up and down, well she only bent her knees but she was really cheering me on.”
Andy swiveled his head from left to right, it was almost as if he couldn’t be convinced by what he had heard about his aunt. “It’s true.” William said as he wondered if Andy would ever stop pivoting his head. “And you will never be able to guess just what Lady Jane has kindly offered me.”
“What?” Andy inquired and again he tried to look at them both at the same time, albeit this time it was slower, but as Jane would only smile and Andy finally fixed his gaze on Will and repeated. “What? Tell me!”
At first Will only smiled, yet when Will thought he had teased Andy enough he sheepishly said. “After your eighteenth birthday, Lady Jane has kindly offered to allow me to live here full time.”
Unable to understand what Will had just said, Andy turned to his aunt. She could see the words quivering upon his pink glossy lips and not wanting to cause him any distress, Jane said. “I thought it would be nice to have a gorgeous man about the house.” Then, almost as if the idea had just occurred to her, she asked. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve invited Kitty to your party.”
“You haven’t seen her again?” Andy asked doubtfully.
“Yes,” Jane replied gleefully, “we had a lovely meal and a long chat. And not that it’s any of your business,” Jane leaned over to give him a little kiss before continuing, “but we’re going to try for a relationship, though it will be at her pace. So poor Will better get used to seeing lots of feminine things scattered around the place.”
“Oh, I don’t mind,” Will said, “as long as I have Andy.”
As Will began to speak some more, Andy allowed the news to sink in and suddenly he hugged his aunt and stressed. “That’s wonderful Auntie Jane, I do hope you’re both happy. I can’t wait for my birthday now, thank you so much for letting Will stay with us.”

To Be Continued.....I hope 

Now this might seem random, but I just love this picture, because it reminds me so much of the parties and dinners I was invited to when I was with my friends in Lyon. Often it would only be me in something shiny, but that was just the fun of it. I really do miss those days and can't wait to be allowed back.

And now and for no reason other than I like them, some of the stunning boots that have caught my eye of late.Plus a gorgeous white and Gold image from our dear Lee.

I adore the chain detail on these

These look so soft, I bet the lining is so smooth
 Love the colour and finish

Same as these, so smooth and deep

Amazing colour, total favourite

I just find this so beautiful.

And Finally a couple of promos.This time for the new series of American Horror

Monday, 19 July 2021

New Art. A Question of Trust

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A rather super new piece
from dear Christeen. 
An absolute treat for
all us heel lovers,with 
Chris looking adorable.

Hi Everyone
   I do hope you are well.  Today we have another in an unplanned series featuring Andy in the Sisterhood Manor. Took a lot of work this one, because I became a little obsessed with the details, but and I hope you agree, it came out rather well. 
Biggest hugs

A Question of Trust

Hello again. I thought about all sorts of dialogue, telling more of the story, but realised all I needed was the image and a casual threat to express Andy's dangerous position.

I'll let you all imagine what is being said here.

Friday, 16 July 2021

Christeen at the weekend

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a special treat. An
exclusive Andy image.
Which kind of follows
on for the piece I
posted here on Monday.

Hi Everyone
  Hope you are all well and I apologies for rushing again, but as ever, I am sure you are all here for the latest creations by our dear Christeen and not my waffle.
  So happy weekend and big hugs

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Hello! it's the Wednesday round up.

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Hi Everyone
  Welcome to the Wednesday round-up. A few nice bits and bobs and a few old friends, starting with Mandy Sweet Heart.
 Hope you enjoy

The Missing Chapters. Part Two.
By Mandy Sweet Heart.

Chapter Three.

It wasn’t the guilt of deceiving her nephew that kept lady Jane up all night, nor was it the words Ms. Lash-Buckle had predominantly used, but it was how the woman had unemotionally looked at Jane when she mentioned selling Andy to an unscrupulous person that kept her far from her bedroom.
Andy also slept badly that night, although for him it was the thought of being separated from the two people he loved the most, even if it was just for two nights it more than bothered him. 
Due to the amount of coffee she had consumed Jane had been aimless moving around the lower floor, and at around three thirty in the morning she thought she had heard him creeping across his room. Despite considering the idea of going up to see him, she instead made herself another coffee before sitting herself down at the breakfast counter and carefully listened to her nephew plodding around his room while she slowly sipped from the umpteenth cup that night. 
As she peered at the whiteness of the ceiling, Jane imagined what Andy was doing. In her mind she pictured him draping a colourless latex blouse over his shoulders before she heard him hoping on the spot as she thought that he must be slithered into a tight pair of pink panties, then she believed he would have to select a skirt. There was a lengthy pause in his shuffling where Jane guessed that her nephew must be beautifully applying his cosmetics prior to a sudden bout of clipping heels; Jane smiled as she recalled the many afternoons of fun they spent together while Andy learnt to stroll elegantly in pair in a pair of heels and then she imagined that Andy was also giving his clothes a final burnish.
Unaware of her concerns, Andy was cautiously surprised at seeing how disturbed her features appeared to be, yet he simply put it down to the lack of natural early morning light.
“Morning darling.” Jane said in a somewhat tuneless tone.
“Morning Auntie.” Andy replied, likewise his remarks were just as listless. Then solely by instinct he lethargically added. “Would you like a coffee?”
Jane peered into her cooling cup, and the mere thought of yet more caffeine seemed to make her tummy hiss with animosity. “No, thank you Andy, I’ll give it a miss.”
As Andy, along with his freshly brewed coffee, sat opposite her, Jane said. “Everything will be alright Andy, it’s just for this weekend.” Yet her words were partly to reassure herself as much as Andy.
He realised that she was repeating similar words to the night before, then a new and strange concept crossed his mind, one that told him that his delightful Aunt might be just as concerned as he was, but before he could voice any concerns Janes’ awareness was drawn to the security monitor mounted nearby.
Having spotted the lustrous black stretched limousine entering her driveway, she glanced at her watch. “They’re early. It's only four thirty.” She moaned.
Both Jane and Andy waited in silence until the doorbell softly chimed, then considerably annoyed at the premature arrival Jane slid off her stool and went to vent her displeasure.
Before Jane could say a word, she noticed how the person who had arrived looked almost as exasperated at being here as she felt, yet the visitor sheepishly explained. “Please forgive my early arrival madam. Ms. Lash-Buckle insisted I approached you as soon as I could, and I miss-judged how empty the roads would be at this time of day.”
Instantly, Jane could gauge the fear within his words, and she felt somewhat better about her own trepidation. 
Meanwhile, Andy had slowly crept behind her and although he would never consider himself an expert in these matters, he automatically understood the person standing before them was a young man, yet whereas Andy was comparatively at ease with appearing feminine this young man was considerably offended at the transformation that had taken place, and Andy thought he was unhappy at having to dress in six-inch stilettos plus a skintight, glossy black latex chauffeurs’ uniform that would definitely suit a woman as shapely as his aunt.
The interloper finally noticed Andy, wearing a navy blue, highly burnished latex skaters’ skirt with a white latex blouse, as he took in the beauty before him, he said. “I’m sorry ma’am, are you Andrew Watson?”
Andys’ six-inch heels gently clipped against the hardwood floor as he stepped forward. Nonetheless, having passed his Aunt, Andy swung on one heel and fondly embraced her. “I’ll miss you Auntie Jane, please don’t forget about Will and tell him that I love him for me.”
Jane agreed to his soft words prior to easing him away for her statuesque body and whispered. “I won’t darling, and we will see you soon.” Then she gave him one of her special kisses, a small peck on the lips.
The chauffeur had missed them sharing their goodbyes’, to give them some privacy he had returned to the car and silently waited to open the rear door for Andy.
“I’m so sorry about this.” The driver nervously repeated as Andy gracefully entered the car.
With no knowledge of where they were going, Andy soon found the journey to be extremely tedious, yet with the sun rising to his left he did sense they were going South. 
Possibly Andy might have remained more alert if he could have chatted to the driver but with the privacy shield raised, after they had covered about forty miles he found himself starting to doze and he was abruptly propelled out of a delightful dream by someone he didn’t recognise.
It took Andy several long seconds to collect his thoughts, and as he became aware of what was happening, and having established that the chauffeur was nowhere in sight, Andy spotted what he imagined to be was a blurry vision of a person in a pale blue double breasted blouse that went along with the soft voice telling him it was time to get out of the car.
Stepping out of the sleek limousine, he lightly ruffled his red hair and nearly gasped when he discovered the person was nearly sealed into a low cut, blue and silver latex unitard and he was just able to stifle a giggle at seeing the feminine fashioned, tiny bowtie as he knew that this person was another sissy. However, Andy was rather impressed by the silver, six inch, knee high boots that the boy elegantly walked in.
Whereas his sense of smell was already telling him where he was, it wasn’t until Andy glanced at the yachts along the dockside that his brain finally registered the fact. Despite his mild nervousness, Andy continued to follow the young man that he assumed was a deckhand and guessed that the person he was being escorted by would give him little information.
Although Andy had taken little interest in the yachts moored alongside the jetty when they came closer to the last one, a five hundred and seventy two foot super-yacht, he peered up at its single worded name emblazoned in uppercase at the stern of the ship: SISTERHOOD.
This little piece of selective information told Andy nothing, yet he accompanied the boy up the gangway to the quarterdeck and was instantly greeted by a lady he recognised.
“Hello Andrew.” Ms Lash-Buckle said in a tone that was so cloying the young man escorting Andy took a step backwards. It had seemed so long since Andy had heard his name used in that way that he genuinely frowned in confusion. “Or do you prefer Andy?” The tall lady asked.
“Umm, Andy, everyone just calls me Andy.” Andy said, wishing that he could have asked what was happening.
Ms. Lash-Buckle took a step forward and cupped his chin. She began to examine his face as if he were an insect under a microscope, then she proudly exclaimed. “My, you’re even prettier than I was told.” She peered even closer at his features and whispered. “You can’t even notice any surgery scars.”
“I’ve never had any surgery.” Andy said so indignantly that even his Aunt would have been proud of him.
Despite a gasp of surprise from the young man standing just behind Andy, Ms. Lash-Buckle giggled. “Oh, I think the Princess will like you. It’s such a shame that I told Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones that I would return you, I would like to keep you as my own. But those in the Sisterhood always keep their word.”
Not knowing what she was talking about, Andy justifiably became more edgy. “Why am I here?”
“Didn’t Lady Jane tell you?” Andy told her how his Aunt just said it would help her with the sales. “Oh that’s sweet.” Ms. Lash-Buckle gasped. “If you do as expected of you, I might recommend Lady Janes’ clothing to my friends. Nonetheless, you’re here to convince Princess Concetta of our feminisation program.” She leaned closer to Andy and whispered. “I know you never attended our program but I’ve been told about your individuality and elegance.” She stood upright again and placed her hands on her sensuous hips. “When she arrives, you’re to accompany Princess Concetta and see to her needs, plus you will be serving my other guests during the party I’m having tomorrow.” Ms. Lash-Buckle leaned to one side and said. “Paul, go with Andy and tell Tony he is to help him dress in an appropriate uniform, then he is to ensure Andy knows his way around, then they can fully polish all the brass on the boat.”

Chapter Four.

From the moment Jane had closed her front door she had instantly felt lonely. Over the past few years herself and her nephew had rarely been apart for longer than a weekend, and when they were Andy would only be staying with his parents, but this felt different somehow and Jane wished she knew that he was safe, and more importantly that he would be returned back to her.
Although it was a Friday, Jane knew that there was no way she could face the others at work and after leaving a brief message, informing those at the office how Andy and herself would not be in, Jane took herself into the lounge. She glanced around the room, nearly expecting to see her nephew but seeing no one she took a moment of guilty pleasure by slumping on the sofa and putting her feet up.
Jane sighed and closed her eyes for just a second.
It had been approximately five O’clock when she had rested her eyes, but when Jane opened them again it was nearly ten AM. Her eyes darted around the room and when she couldn’t see Andys’ pouting face, Jane recalled the past few days and felt the emptiness within the villa.
Knowing there was nothing she could do for Andy, having showered and wriggled her way into a tight pair of cherry red leather trousers with matching scarlet six-inch heels, she slid on a white silk vest and picked up a jacket to match her red slacks, but Jane couldn’t face being alone any longer and took herself to the city.
With even her favourite coffee house seeming lifeless, Jane could only think of one person that might cheer her up.
Having quickly made her way to Slicks’ emporium she swiftly made her way past the manager who appeared to want a chat, and having made it to the lower floor, Jane was more than pleased to see how Kitty was alone.
“Hi Jane.” Kitty said in her usual cheerful tone, then she noticed the heartache in Janes’ eyes. “Isn’t Andy with you today?” 
Jane glanced over an explanation of how Andy was away for the weekend, then she declared her reason for being there. “I was wondering if you would like to go for a meal this evening?”
“A real live amorous date with you?” Kitty said in astonishment. As the sales assistant had always turned her down, Jane was expecting her to decline, and with the way her luck was going Jane almost expected the young woman to laugh at her, but Kitty added. “I would love to go for a meal with you Jane. I would really love to get to know you better.”
Jane felt as if she could have been knocked down with a feather, had she really misunderstood the girl along, though she was stunned Jane quickly said. “If it’s alright with you, yes. What time do you finish?”
“Not until five, I’m afraid. Then I’ll need to shower and get changed.”
“You look perfect as you are Kitty, I’ll meet you outside at five and don’t worry if you’re a little late.” Jane said as her cheeks flushed from the exhilaration she suddenly felt.
Despite missing her nephew, Jane perceived that everything was right with the world and even stopped to pass a few words with the manager, the one whom she totally ignored several minutes earlier.
Admittedly, after leaving Slicks’ for the first time in her life Jane felt as if the hours she spent strolling around the boutiques were something of a laborious chore, nevertheless as she began to slowly make her way back to Slicks’, Jane spotted just what she should buy.
Hoping that she had been waiting at the right exit for the past ten minutes, Jane felt elated when she spotted Kitty walking out of a door at the other end of the building and Jane quickly skipped towards her.
“I’m sorry Jane.” Kitty said in a pathetic tone. Janes’ heart froze mid beat and once again she expected the worst. “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting but my manager wanted a few words.”
Unsure of what was happening, Jane dubiously asked. “However, everything is alright now?”
“Oh yes, I just thought you might be upset. If everything is alright with you...Where are you taking me?”
All of a sudden, Jane realised that she should have spent the afternoon planning the date but she knew of a quiet restaurant that normally could find a table for her, to give a second she lifted the posy of flowers she bought and said. “For you, Kitty.”
“Oh wow! Carnations, how did you know?” Kitty jubilantly said. Jane gazed at her friend in wonderment, seeing the expression on Janes’ features Kitty stated. “Red Carnations are my absolute favourite flowers, they’re lovely. Thank you Jane.” To Janes’ amazement, Kitty reached up and gave her a small kiss on the corner of Janes’ mouth. “Thank you.” Kitty repeated.
There was a long forty-five second pause, in which Jane was utterly bedazzled by Kittys’ candor but Jane was finally able to regain her regal composure, and with a little giggle in her tone Jane linked arms with Kittys’ and started to walk in the direction of the restaurant, eventually she asked. “Do you like Italian?”
“Sometimes, but at other times I find that French is my favourite and occasionally it’s Chinese food.” Jane realised she was unable to think of a reply, but thankfully Kitty added. “Today I like Italian.” Then she giggled mischievously.
“Are you going to be like this all evening?” Jane asked.
“Maybe, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for a date for ages…” Kitty began, then peered into Janes’ clear blue eyes. “...I just thought you just wanted a one night stand and I’m not into those, and even though I’ve never slept with a woman I might make an exception if it involves you.” She slowly bit her lower lip before resuming. “I would like you to be my first Jane, but I need to get to know you first.”
Their meal lasted longer than they had planned, or rather the drink they ordered after the meal, mostly remained forgotten about after they had taken a sip then left the glasses on the table. Simply sitting at one of the side tables, the two ladies sat and talked although they soon found that they had an abundance in common and were often unable to stop themselves from giggling. When the two ladies finally left the restaurant, apart from the street lighting it was totally dark and following what Jane had considered to be a delightful evening she was rather surprised when Kitty started looking for a taxi. “Kitty, why don’t I give you a lift home?”
Kitty considered the question for several seconds, and though she was slightly ashamed to admit where she lived, she courteously accepted her offer.
“You really don’t have to do this.” Kitty said as she effortlessly opened the car door.
“Nonsense.” Jane retorted, and began backing her car out of the spot. “I've had a fantastic evening thanks to you, and it means I will have your delightful company for a bit longer. But I think you will need to point the way.”
Even if Jane hadn’t been regularly taking glances at the young woman next to her, she would have become confused in the maze of streets Kitty was easily directing her though, yet all too soon Kitty shyly gasped. “It's down just down here, on the left.” She pointed at an old 1930’s semi in need of some repair.
Despite the wonderful evening they had just enjoyed, Kitty imagined Jane would just drive off after seeing the rundown area in which she lived.
Dragging herself toward the old wooden gate Kitty hadn’t heard Jane’s door silently swish closed and she almost jumped halfway to the moon when Jane tenderly rested a hand on her shoulder and regally purred. “Don’t I at least get a goodnight kiss to see me home?”
“I…” Kitty began and wrapped her arms securely around Janes’ neck. Kitty felt as if she was unsure of how to proceed, yet as she slowly moved her lips closer towards Janes’ full, succulent red ruby lips, she gestured her lips and was delightfully bewildered when Jane pulled her closer and joined her in a passionate embrace.
Kitty may have been twenty seven years old, but she had never experienced a first kiss just this before, she was startled at how delicate Janes’ skin was and she was unsure if she had ever kissed anyone that produced as much desire as Jane was accomplishing within her at that moment. 
Kitty was solely concentrating on how fervent Jane was kissing her that she was unaware of how her fingers were aroused when they discovered Janes vibrant hair, and she was definitely oblivious of Janes’ hands as they joyfully probed Kittys’ lower body. 
For over two minutes Kitty had been unsuspecting of where Jane was leading her hands, then Kitty exquisitely squealed as Jane pushed her fingers under Kittys’ panties and clasped her rear cheeks. Kitty ended their kiss. However Kittys’ hands remained around the back of Janes’ head and as she continued to ruffle Janes’ once immaculate hairstyle, she longingly peered into the older womans’ blue eyes and admitted. “I would invite you in Jane, but the girls I share the place with…”
Kitty had left the explanation in midair yet Jane thought she understood, and said. “If Willam is up for it, would you join us for a meal on Tuesday?”
“Who’s William?” Kitty asked in disgust. Jane quickly explained about Will and Andy, and how she was taking them out to make up for ruining their weekend. “Oh, I would love to see Andy again and it would be fabulous to meet his boyfriend.” Kitty paused to meet Janes’ lips again, before adding: “And if I don’t disgust you, I would love to see you again, Jane.”
Jane was totally undecided what Kitty meant by the last statement and did not want to go into it just now, instead she said. “Even if William and Andy don’t come, I would like to see you again.” Jane watched as the smile grew upon Kittys’ lips, and she gave another hint of her desire. “Maybe you would like to spend a night at the villa. You could always use one of the spare bedrooms if you find it more comfortable.”
Knowing that Jane wasn’t forcing her to do anything hasty, she felt more relaxed, and she quickly uttered. “I would like that Jane, I really want to know I can trust you first, I’ve been hurt before.”
“I understand.” Jane purred. “But, be warned lovely Kitty,” Jane said. Kitty expected Jane to tell that she wouldn’t wait for long, yet Jane caressed her cheek and purred. “I’m going to do everything I can to make you want me.”

To Be Continued....
Thank you Mandy, gotta say I am loving that.


Ok So time to see what the world of movies as missing not picking up our dear Andy for those big roles. Today one of the biggest in recent memory, but to be honest I can't see anyone else as Rey but the wonderful Daisy Ridley (I'm a big fan)

    Speaking of Movies (who said this is just thrown together) Currently in production is the Pamela Anderson story staring the lovely Lily James as Pamela Anderson (well she won't be playing Tommy Lee now would she. Ed)
  So here we have a few on-set pics of Lily James in a very slick red Latex mini-dress, however, as pretty as Miss James is , she doesn't quite match the legendary Ms Anderson.


and now the real deal. I came late to the party with Ms Anderson not really seeing her until re-runs of ViP, but she was amazing in some of those outfits..

And finally........
Ok, So we did not win the Euros football this time, but we still got something out of it.
Hope my legs are still that good when I am 50.

Big hugs

Monday, 12 July 2021

New Art. Welcome to the Manor House Andy

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A super new preview
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from our dear friend

Hi Everyone
  Hope you are you all super well. Today we have the full version of a piece previewed on Patreon a few weeks ago.However today I can post the full version, with dialog and the missing character.
   This is my version, however over on Patreon there were so many super comments and ideas for what that version could be about. 
   However our dear Skinnie S posted a long and superb comment/vignette giving his telling of the story (which to be honest was not far from my idea) so I will post that as a little extra treat below.
  I think, with this image, we are in the second stage of Andy's feminisation . 
   We have returned from Paris (or maybe not) and he is not yet  permanently fem and still struggles with his beloved Aunts idea for his future and perhaps it this "struggle" which has led Jane to this pivotal point in their journey.

  Hope you like this sweeping image, as I am currently working on a sequel 
Biggest hugs

Below is our friends Skinnie S's  super vignette.

Skinnie S
Andy is sad because Aunt Jane is going away on a business trip.  Aunt Jane is giving him soft encouragement and reassurance.  

In the same way that Aunt Jane has put Fifi her poodle into kennels for the duration of her trip, she has decided to put Andy in one of The Sisterhood's 'summer schools'.   Since he was so sweet recently in putting on his pink maid's dress for her when she gave him a choice while she went out shopping for the day, she thought Maid School would be the ideal option for him.   

Leaving Andy on his own at the Towers was too much of a risk.   The taxi driver had already seen her maid and would no doubt have talked to colleagues about the pretty thing.   Similarly, she didn't want him going back to his footballing ways when he was making such good progress.  There should be no back-sliding while she was away.   And she didn't want him wearing his dresses and heels when boys or men might call - she didn't want anything else sliding in just yet.

A 'little holiday' for Andy was what she promised him and his parents.  She knew Maid School would smooth off any rough edges and control anything thin and pointy.  Staying with The Sisterhood would avoid any silly ideas about going out with girls while she was away or  wasting himself in other ways.  She wanted him to be all hers when she got back.  

The maids in the picture are trainees at the School.  Some are there just for a short period of education and re-education.  Edwina on the left has spotted another redhead and already feels a kindred spirit with the poor boy saying farewell to his Auntie.  Elise on the right is seeing a pretty thing who looks much like her a week ago.  While Erica in the centre is wondering why on earth the School is allowing a boy in.  She has become rather a permanent fixture at the School.   Her Mistress couldn't afford The Sisterhood's high fees so she has had to stay until the balance is paid.   Sadly her fees have accumulated faster than her Mistress's ability to pay.  In consequence, Erica has become very much part of the school: she  considers herself Queen Bee amongst the maids and acts as such.  She will not tolerate rivals.  This new boy looks so unfeminine turning up in shirt, chinos and brogues  At least he could have worn some little Mary Jane shoes just to show his place.   Really, his Mistress must have no idea what she was doing with him.   The School would soon whip him lick him  into shape.

Meanwhile, Mistress (Tess) Strictly is telling Andy to say goodbye to his Mistress.  ("Mistress?" thinks Andy.  "She's Aunt Jane.   Lady Jane, maybe when they have guests.  But Mistress?")  Andy doesn't know whether to shake her hand (they are in public after all),  kiss her (hardly, he'd already been warned a bit about The Sisterhood), or kneel and kiss  her wonderful heels.     What he really wanted though was a cuddle.   Just a cuddle.   He was going to miss her so much.  Three weeks was too long.

Mistress Strictly can feel his little heart pounding and knows that tears will come soon.  It shows how attached he is to his Mistress.   He looks all boy but she can detect his delicate effeminacy.  He appears to have potential but it's unclear how far he has progressed.   This new member of The Sisterhood lacks experience and it's unclear what training she will have provided to her young man.  Mistress Strictly will look for the little signs first when they undress him: is he wearing panties?  are his toenails painted?  is he shaved and smooth down there?  is he a virgin, although it's so hard to tell these days with plugs and Hummingbirds being used so often by sissies and their Mistresses?   Yes, this one definitely has potential.   Three weeks at the School will definitely sort him out.   If he does show the quality she expects and Lady Jane has promised, The Sisterhood might decide to take a more lasting interest.   But Lady Jane needn't know about that for now.  She's only an apprentice Mistress herself, after all.  She can always find another boy if The Sisterhood decide to adopt 'her Andy'.

Friday, 9 July 2021

Christeen Time

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A couple of images
from the unfinished
but not abandoned
follow up to Andy
and The Plant.

Hi Everyone
  Here we are again with the perfect start to the weekend, 3 new classics from our dear Christeen.