Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Extravaganza Chapter 3, Plus the Wednesday round up

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Hi Everyone
    Time for a Wednesday round up, however this time I am giving first place to Chapter 3 of  the wonderful Extravaganza. I think I did it a disservice last week by placing too much in front of it, an error for which I do apologise.
  So this time, we will have the Main Course before the dessert and everything else we will classify as nibbles.
  Those nibbles include someone new to our blog. who likes her Freddy's and Louboutins as much as we do.

   But before that and with a thank you to Mistress Leather Beth, here we go with  Chapter 3

The Extravaganza
By Mistress LeatherBeth
– Chapter 3

Mayfield was feeling quite satisfied with himself, here on this beautiful Friday evening. His service for Sunday morning had been ready and printed off since yesterday. The sermon particularly pleased him, thought provoking yet succinct. Now, with the warmth of the day hardly abated, he strolled around the village, resplendent in his favourite Hawai’ian shirt, cargo shorts and sandals. His sister teased him for being a fashion victim, but Mayfield didn’t really mind. To him it was what the clothes contained, the character and the kind heart, that mattered. He realised, however, that others in the village had different takes on what constituted acceptable clothing.

A prime example, for instance, was young Andy. When Jane had first introduced the delightfully pretty girl as her nephew, Mayfield had been, it has to be admitted, shocked. I mean, you hear about such things, and there are, he believed, even television programmes on the subject, but to come across the phenomenon right here in the village was almost unbelievable.  But he’d very quickly realised that Andy was a happy well-adjusted young man who just happened to be, what can be said, successfully feminine. Very feminine.

Even when smiling, Lady Magdelena was an intimidating sight (think of a shark that’s just heard a good joke), and Andy couldn’t help but feel thankful that he seemed to be a hit with her. “What a charming place setting,” she said. Andy was at a loss. He’d merely placed a few plates of canapés (or nicknackeroonies, as his Gran referred to them) on a large side table, but this seemed to make him flavour of the month with Lady Magdalena. He was just grateful that his dear Aunt Jane was to be present. She wouldn’t permit that the flavour of the month be swallowed whole. Belinda, meanwhile, was the recipient of any number of tuts, sighs and rolled eyes.

Then there was Jane. O Jane! What was he going to do? According to dear Kat, Jane ‘fancied’ him. But that surely couldn’t be right. Could it? Jane was so glamourous, so sophisticated and, yes, so very smooth, and slick, and shiny. It was a look which, unaccountably, he liked very much. Very much indeed. Some people might consider it bizarre. Equally they might consider his own present attire slovenly. But, as he’d tried to make clear to his sister, it’s what’s inside that counts. And Mayfield was sure that, under Jane’s glossy, well-polished exterior lay a heart of gold. Just because it sounded clichéd didn’t mean it was untrue. Some might think of her as bossy, but he could tell that she was simply supremely confident. In contrast with Isobel Cooper, who was, indeed, simply bossy. At times her treatment of poor George bordered on bullying, though it had to be said that they seemed a devoted couple.

Jane and Will had set off quite early, intending to be among the first guests to arrive. As they strolled towards the corner of Strawberry Lane, Will, looking stunning in his new tuxedo, had asked, “How long have the Coopers lived locally? Not long, I suspect?”

“Oh,” replied Jane, “if you listen to Izzy, she’ll tell you that she has ancestors who were given estates in the local area by Henry VII. Well, that tells you a lot. The Tudors! Particularly That Tudor! As for George, he makes no secret of his humble origins. Acton, I believe. Left school without qualifications, self made man. I’ve a lot of time for George Cooper.”

Will nodded, acknowledging that Jane could still amaze him. Not so much as a hint of snobbishness.

They arrived at the front door of The Grange, which swung open immediately, Belinda being under the Strictest orders to ensure that guests were admitted as swiftly as possible.

Jane had not wished to miss any of the fun whilst, at the same time, being able to assure herself that Andy was OK. But she needn’t have worried. Jane smiled as she watched Andy go about his duties with all the grace and assurance of a natural maid. Jane had been more than a little surprised at how excited and enthusiastic Andy had been when the subject of spending the day in service at The Grange had been raised. But it had also warmed her heart. With each day that passed, Andy’s natural femininity was becoming more and more prominent. She was, however, fair-minded enough to give Will a share in the credit. Since he and Andy had become an item, Andy seemed to have forgotten how to pout, and now just spent his time enjoying his femininity.

As for Izzy and George, she thought, they simply were who they were. Lady Magdelena and Belinda; and it was possible to discern that neither would have it any other way. In their own way they were, indeed, a devoted couple. Izzy was wearing what Jane recognised as a Cathy Gale Avengers leather catsuit. By comparison with what some ladies present were wearing it was distinctly retro, and not in a good way. However, Jane had noticed how Belinda’s eyes had lit up when Lady Magdelena entered and, as they had stood side by side for a moment, Izzy had taken George’s hand and given it a little squeeze, and had been rewarded with a look of total devotion.

Jane had a lightbulb moment. She saw a pubescent George Cooper poring over photos of Honor Blackman, or even the odd edition of Atomage; she saw how a strong lady in leather might become a young man’s ideal female, one for whom he would happily do anything (suffer anything?). Then, years later, he meets Izzy Hamilton and, to his total joy, she accepts his service.

The first highlight of the evening was a display by Sir Roderick’s Pony Troupe. Protocol dictated that such a troupe be named after its male driver, and such was the case here, with Sir Roderick (AKA Clive Horrobin, a scrap metal merchant from Epsom) putting the four ponies through their paces in both dressage and trap-pulling, whilst dressed in the traditional pony troupe leader’s attire of leather trousers and greasy pigtail. But it was well known that the person with the organisational and pony training skills in the troupe was, in fact, Sir Roderick’s Head of Stables, Baroness Tanya.

Whilst ponygirls weren’t really to Jane’s taste, she couldn’t but admit that this particular troupe was a class above any other she had seen, and a credit to the Baroness.

The village was very quiet this evening, Mayfield thought. Not that there was ever a great deal of through traffic, but there were usually a few people out and about, strolling like himself. He found himself passing the Fullerton Arms, and was suddenly overcome with the desire for a pint of Jennison’s Old Badger Licker. He popped into the Snug and waited until Dick Attlee, the landlord, came round to serve him.

As Dick delivered his pint and change, Mayfield asked, “It’s very quiet in here tonight, Dick. Where is everyone? You’re not usually on your own. The staff all having the night off?” “You could say that,” Dick replied, “It’s the ‘do’ at The Grange. I’m surprised you’re not over there, Vicar, what with you being so close with Lady Jane.” (“Odd,” thought Mayfield, “that people still use Jane’s title when she isn’t present to reprimand them.”)

“Do? What ‘do’ might that be, Dick?” asked Mayfield.

“Oh. Ah,” muttered Dick, wondering if he might have said too much. “Erm, just some sort of Fashion Show or some such, I believe. My Josie’s popped along.”

“Ah, right,” said Mayfield, surprised that Dick might consider him, of all people, a fashionista. But all the while he had this feeling that there was more going on this evening than some of the ladies of the village talking hemlines, or whatever it is that they get up to on these occasions. For a start, the pub was virtually deserted. Where were the male regulars? And there was no sign of Budgie, who by now ought to be setting up his equipment for the Quiz and the Karaoke. The Dining Room and Kitchen appeared to be closed, and, really, would Dick have let two barmaids have the same Friday evening off?

Which reminded him. “Dick, I meant to thank you for giving young Joe a job. It will help them settle into the village so much more easily.”

“JoJo? Kat didn’t give me much say in the matter. Not that I’d have argued. JoJo is just what a landlord would look for in a barmaid and waitress; efficient, attractive, with that little extra.”

The comment was lost on Mayfield as he finished his pint and wished Goodnight to Dick, even though there was still a couple of hours daylight left.

Some of those more intimately involved in the rest of the evening’s proceedings were starting to prepare themselves. Jane smiled as she watched Andy stare fixedly at Josie Attlee, Dick’s wife, as she shed one latex garment (a HotHouse special, made to measure), and donned another, becoming, in the process, a white rabbit. Throughout the process she had remained her usual, vivacious self, joking with Kat and two other young women whom Jane didn’t recognise. Then, the moment she pulled on the floppy-eared headpiece, her vivacity disappeared along with the twinkle in her eye, and she slowly follollopped (another of Andy’s Gran’s favourite words) towards an open cage-like hutch near the wall. She wriggled in, tucked her nose and ears between her front paws, and seemed to fall asleep almost immediately.

Andy turned to Kat. “Is Mrs Attlee all right? I mean, she seems suddenly, I don’t know, erm…” “Don’t worry about Josie,” replied Kat. “This evening she’s precisely who and where she needs to be. She’ll be back to her usual self tomorrow. Anyway, she’ll have Jules and Jaz to keep her company.” Kat nodded towards the two other young women who had made similar transformations. Jules, who worked for the County Council in Guildford, had become a pretty, if distinctly curvy, bright russet latex vixen, and had already received a couple of taps on the nose from Belinda for her attempts to steal from the nicknackeroonies; whilst Jaz, a driving instructor from Frimley Green, was a black and white latex kitten, grooming herself with a back leg behind her neck. Several people had tickled her behind the ears, and had been rewarded with a deep purr.

It was about thirty seconds after leaving the Fullerton Arms, as Mayfield was passing the Village Hall, that a phrase used by Dick came back to him. ‘I’m surprised you’re not over there, Vicar, what with you being so close with Lady Jane.’

Did that mean that, just as Kat had said a couple of weeks ago, everyone in the village was aware of his admiration for Jane and, if he could believe it, hers for him? He pondered this as he continued his stroll, eventually reaching the junction with Strawberry Lane.

Frankly, Mayfield was curious, and he’d never been one of those who criticised curiousity. Something was happening at The Grange this evening, and he wanted to know what. Nevertheless, there was an element of ‘just continuing an evening stroll’ as he turned and slowly made his way down Strawberry Lane toward The Grange.

To Be Continued.............


  And whilst we are on the subject of quality writing, our Dear Mandy Sweet Heart has a new book out, I have read it and it is classic.

Here is but a snippet 

Raising the dress until the tailored waistline was seamlessly above his narrow hips, he managed to glide his slender arms down the unfettered sleeves, meandering his arm along until he imagined that the beautiful latex dress was part of him. As he alleviated the slick dress onto his svelte shoulders Sam felt the words his Mistress had spoken to him that morning, and a small tear slowly rolled down his cheek, causing him to fasten the twenty pearlescent buttons that coordinated beautifully with the deep purple upper prior to securing the ten corresponding buttons on each sleeve through blurry eyes.

Forcing himself to think of more pleasant things, he whimsically slipped a lilac flower into his hair and hurried back to their room, where he found his Mistress merely gazing out of the window. 

For several seconds he simply peered at her, prior to exquisitely gliding across the room and embracing her, with his arms comfortably around her waist, Sam sighed. “I love you Mistress Victoria, and I promise that I’ll never hurt you.”

Due to the way she was reflecting on the memories of his warm, tender lovemaking, at first Victoria was confused and wondered why he spoke so delicately. She simply rested a hand gently on his latex covered arms and recalled how she had told him about her previous experience and steadily turned to face him.

She laid her lips against his brow for a second, before stating: “Looks like we’re going to be snowed in for a while, so I think you can resume your duties a few days early, Sammy. Starting tomorrow, I want to see you in a titillating weensy uniform and you can start satisfying me as my maid once again.”

Find the whole book and others, right here

  So now we have dessert and again an error on my part, this is crazy that I have not posted any pics of the gorgeous radio host and showbiz reporter, Lizzie Cundy on here before. I have been an admirer of hers for ages,(you know me and my older ladies) and besides any woman of 52 who loves her Freddy Pants as much as Ms Cundy does deserves her place on our blog.
Freddy's and Louboutins, with such style, she clearly deserves her place on our blog

Here she recreates the Victoria Beckham instagram post, Sex Pants on
Vinyl Freddys. OMG!!!!!

Sometimes even the most stylish people have a slight wardrobe malfunction. Fortunately for her this incident from 2017 left her nothing to be embarrassed about 

   Now continuing the Leather theme another new-comer to the blog, though I have been meaning to share this ever since I first saw it Live on Good Morning Britain last year and it features the lovely weathergirl Laura Tobin and a pair of seriously tight red leather pants.

    Finally, but very much not the least, Rachel Riley, the beautiful and brilliant mathematician fromm tv's Countdown show, nearly made me spill my coco pops when I saw this, for a moment, a brief glorious moment I thought it had finally happened, but sadly it was not to be, but heck, still any excuse to see Rachel Riley.

That's all for today folks
Take care

Monday, 18 January 2021

New Art. Start as we mean to go on

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A lovely preview
of a new piece by
our dear friend 

Hi Everyone
   Time once again for me to present a new piece of my own art and this time we get to see out poor sweet Hero/Heroine Andy in something new, well not entirely, we have seen Andy like this before but many moons ago and in a different way.
  This look me an age to complete with all the detail in Andy's outfit, but I do so love this one so much. The only issue I had was how to stage it and then a passing comment by a friend let it loose and It is perfectly in keeping with the world of Andy and Aunt Jane and once again gives Jane the opportunity to make her beloved nephew glow with  a sweet blush and cause another innocent bystander scratch his head in disbelief.
   So off we go. Hope you like this.

Hello Again
  This image contains a very subtle hint at Andy's age. If you know when someone is eligible to drive in the UK you will understand....I'll say no more   LOL

Friday, 15 January 2021

That Friday Feeling from Christeen

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One Patreon Today
We revisit the classic
covers of Slick Magazine.
Featuring both the 
Slick Sissies Title and
the rare Slick Bizarre
Bondage Fetish Title.

Hi Everyone.
 Welcome to Friday, not that I have anything to do with its production, It seems to roll up quite happily on its own these days, but what I can add to it is Christeen.
 However for the next 2 weeks I will only be posting 3 New pieces instead of the usual 4, this is due to Christeen being absent for a couple weeks and I have been promised normal service will be resumed as soon as she returns.
 So let's not muck about, Here is Christeen, putting dear sweet Chris to the test.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Wednesday round up, Kylie, Emma and The Extravaganza Chapt 2

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Hi Everyone
   Time for a new collection of bits and bobs, plus the main feature, Chapter 2 of  "The Extravaganza"

So first up and this really gave me the trembles when I came across it. Yes Its, Kylie Minogue back in Latex!!!!! Now calm down 
people, it is only the very briefest of glimpses of a lovely skirt and one rather lovey photo, however I charge you my friend to see if you can find any more images and videos of this moment. These were from Instagram and twitter, but there must be more out there somewhere, surely.

Next a very strange thing. I have checked back though the blog and nowhere can I find this image Of Emma Watson, I can't imagine I overlooked it but can find no trace of it and so, without any more explanation here we have it. Most strange.

Now we have a few of our dear anonymous friends, wonderful translations of my art into French. I have many more of these to share, but here is just a little selection.
 Also, may I ask if any of you use the Translation option on my blog. I know it doesn't work on my art, but I hope it works on other aspects. Feel free to reply in whichever language you are most comfortable in.

And now finally we have the main event, Chapter 2 of Mistress LeatherBeths, awesome story.

The Extravaganza – 
Chapter 2
By Mistress Leather Beth

Wednesday, 3pm prompt, Jane pressed the doorbell at the Grange. The house was little more than five years old and quite out of keeping with the rest of the village. For example, Snowdrop Cottage, where Carmel and JoJo had settled in so very well, was more than a hundred times older.
Fortunately, The Grange was tucked away down Strawberry Lane, and many locals thought that that was the best place for it, out of sight and out of mind. Jane had smiled when Will had described it as ‘Mock Architecture’, new pretending to be old, and failing at both.
Meanwhile, Andy fidgeted, dabbing at imagined specks on his gleaming white apron and constantly rechecking his older, less sophisticated make up, as they waited for the bell to be answered. In due course the door swung slowly open to reveal what can only be described as a round shouldered, middle aged man in a maid’s uniform and, to be truthful, make up bordering on the hideous. The eyeshadow looked as though it had been applied with a trowel, the lipstick with a water pistol and as for the lashes…
“Who is it, George?” came a voice from the top of the stairs.
“Lady Jane and her maid, M’Lady,” came the reply in a light, lisping voice which few self-respecting sissies would use if anything better were available. A few moments later, Izzy Cooper had descended the stairs. An attractive woman, to be sure, but she was always going to run second to Jane as a head turner, even when, as today, their wardrobes were quite similar.
“Ah, thank you, Belinda. Jane, dahling, how are you, my dear. It’s so kind of you to offer your assistance. And may I say that you have probably the most exquisite maid I’ve ever seen,” giving Belinda a glance which caused the older maid to stare at his unattractive brogues while reddening somewhat. “She really is a tour de force.” Andy would have been thoroughly intimidated by this powerful woman’s attention if it hadn’t been plain that the majority of what she said was for Belinda’s benefit.
“Why, thank you, Isobel, dear, but Andy was an absolute dream to work with. A little pouty perhaps to begin with, but he knew as well as I that ultimately the girl inside just wouldn’t be denied her time in the sun. Anyway, I’m sure you have work for him, so I’ll let you get on. I’ll send Will, Andy’s boyfriend, to fetch him home later. Shall we say five? Andy, dear, be a good maid and make me proud of you. Goodbye, Isobel, dear. Until Friday.”
With that, Jane turned on a killer heel and walked briskly back toward the village High Street.
“Well,” said Isobel, “I must get back to what I was doing. Belinda will show you around and explain your duties and, please, Belinda, try to be a little more careful.” Just an instant later she was at the top of the staircase and turning out of sight, a last finger of sun from a skylight glinting off her vinyl derrière.
Belinda raised her eyes from the ground and began to speak in a voice which totally fitted the description of ‘simpering’.
“I think that firtht we should jutht take a brief tour of the houthe, to get our bearingth. If you’ll jutht follow me, thith way… O, thod!” At this, Belinda reached into a small pocket in the back of her linen apron and brought out a mobile which had obviously just vibrated. Belinda glanced at the name on the screen and a total transformation took place as she answered the call. Stand up straight, shoulders back, a firm, clear baritone. 
“Haskins! News? Singapore has agreed the deal? I thought so. I knew that Ho Chan was bluffing. The Zoning Commission is on board? Good.
“Now, I need the full cost breakdown before the NASDAQ closes, as well as the very latest voting forecasts from the Manitoba Provincial Legislature Gas and Oil Select Committee. Also, you’ll need to speak to Yevgeny about the Tashkent project. Tell him that he has three days to bring Жosimov round to our way of thinking or else he’s fired. You’ve got that? OK, ‘Bye.”
By the time the phone was back in its little apron pocket, Belinda had returned.
“I’m tho thorry about that, but Mathter George ith thuch a very buthy man. Ath I thaid, if you’ll follow me. Thith way.”
Andy wath confuthed (sorry, confused). Belinda had that effect on people.
“Erm, how long have you been with the Coopers?” asked Andy, thinking that this would be a safe, straightforward question.
“I began therving Lady Magdelena thome three yearth before thhe married Mathter George,” was the oddly worded reply.
Andy furrowed a pretty brow, took a deep breath and started thinking. “George is Belinda and Belinda is George. But they seem to think of each other as independent characters. Is it schizophrenia, or just an ‘old maid syndrome’? Whichever it is, it’s hard work. But at least I know now what Mrs Cooper calls herself. Lady Magdelena.”
Upstairs, Izzy dialed a number. A few seconds later she said, “Katherine? Ah. Kat. Yes. Isobel Cooper here. You’re well? So glad. Now, I hear from young Chloë that you and your friend will be attending our HotHouse Extravaganza on Friday evening, and I was wondering if the pair of you could give Chloë some assistance with a little set piece we’re organising? You can? So kind of you. Chloë will let you have the details, if you have a word with her. Thank you so much. Goodbye.”

By the time he and Belinda had seen most of the house, the general impression that Andy had gained was one of large amounts of money having been thrown at interior designers to install as little character as possible. No expense had been spared, but most of it had been wasted.
Andy suddenly stopped. “What’s through there?” he asked, pointing to a door behind a curtain in the wall of the lounge.
“There? Oh, that’th nowhere, erm, nothing, er, Belinda doethn’t go in there, well, not uthually, no.”
”Wait a minute,” said Andy. “That’s the outside wall, isn’t it? Or it should be. Or is it actually the extension to the garage through that door?”
“Belinda wouldn’t know about thuch thingth.”
Andy had spent enough time in Jane’s company to know how to get a question answered. “Do Lady Magdelena and Master George spend much time in there?”
With obvious unwillingness, Belinda replied, “All I can thay ith that I do know that Lady Magdelena hath her own ecthtenthive tool kit, conthithting of a very large thelecthion of interethting, or ath thhe liketh to dethcribe them, amuthing devitheth. Thhe enjoyth tinkering whiltht Mathter George aththithtth her from hith pothithion thomewhere down in the depthth of the the pit.”
Andy made a note to ask Will if he enjoyed tinkering, but left his questioning there, apart from enquiring, “Will the garage be in use during Friday’s Extravaganza?”
“I believe Lady Magdelena’th guethtth will be able to actheth all areath, and no partth of the houthe will be out of boundth. Ath I underthtand the thituathion, the garage will be parthially theparated into areath for cothtume changeth, private amuthement, etthetera.”
Andy was impressed. For someone who didn’t lisp naturally, Belinda was admirably consistent, as though her brain had a find/replace function. And ‘private amusement’ was an interesting euphemism.
“What will our main jobs be?” he enquired.
“On Thaturday afternoon there will be a thertain amount of furniture to rearrange in the through lounge. We will altho liathe with the catererth, and, when the guethtth thtart to arrive, we will therve drinkth and canapéth. We may altho be required to aththitht guethtth and modelth if they have any cothtume problemth or malfuncthionth. We will altho be tathked with helping to enthure that any babieth and petth behave themthelveth ath much ath poththible.”
“Models?” frowned Andy, dismissing the reference to babies.
“Oh, yeth. HotHouthe ith putting on a Fathhion Thhow of thortth ath a promothion for the new buthinethth. Lady Magdelena and Madame Thtella are determined for HotHouthe to be a thtunning thucthethth, and thith will be the firtht of theverel promothional ectherthitheth. Modelling dutieth will be performed by memberth of thtaff and volunteerth.”
“That doesn’t sound as though we really needed this run through today.”.
“Erm, no, but Lady Magdelena wath very ancthiouth for you to meet both Belinda and Mathter George. Thhe felt that a maid ath beautiful ath yourthelf would motivate them to greater heightth.”
Andy digested this. In truth, it sounded a little sad. George would obviously have given anything to be a glamourous, sexy maid, but he totally lacked any of the physical attributes necessary. But equally, Lady Magdalena lacked Jane’s skill in bringing out the femininity which she had seen just below Andy’s surface. Then again, maybe Magdalena and George found mutual gratification in Belinda’s total devotion.
As if on cue, the doorbell rang, and Belinda shuffled across the hall to open the door. Sadly, it must be reported that when Will caught sight of the maid there was a definite double take, and maybe even a shudder, but he recovered swiftly and said, “Hello, I’m here to collect Andy.”
“Thertainly, thir, he’th jutht here in the hall. Do thtep inthide.”
Andy rushed into Will’s arms and the pair luxuriated in a long, deep, warm, loving kiss. “’Bye, Belinda,” Andy said over his shoulder. “We’ll see you and Master George on Friday, about 4 pm.” With that, Andy and Will made their way home.

To Be Continued.......

Sunday, 10 January 2021

New Art. Madame Darkly

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This is a really
gorgeous image.

Hi Everyone
   Had the delight of hearing from an old friend of our blog the other day, I will not say who but his footprints are all over the place and I was overjoyed to hear from him again.
   So Monday, must be my turn to provide the entertainment. Well I have to say I really really REALLY like this one and even if I do say so myself it is a classic (Steady on with the modesty. ed) 
  I will give nothing away, the image says all i need it to and I leave the rest in your naughty hands. However I will be back after for a few more words.


Hello again
  Hope you enjoyed that and wonder if you looked at the picture first before the words and whether you recognised Aunt Jane straight away.
   I wanted to create something to showcase Aunt Jane with Andy in an almost supporting role. We have seen Aunt Jane looking stunning and gorgeous before but I wanted to step a little sideways. 
  It had to be something special and I was inspired by the singing governess post on this very blog. 
  It took me ages to get it right, but finally it dropped into place and I had Jane right where I wanted her and.......where she likes to be too, in charge and despite whatever is about to happen, she is still cool enough to finish her cup of Earl Grey.

Friday, 8 January 2021

Thank Friday It's Christeen

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On Patreon Today.
  Well I have uncovered a few 
panels from the continuation of this
old time classic.
I do not have many and the story was
never completed, but I think they are a fun
insight into what might have been if I had 
been a little more dedicated. 
The second part was posted back in 2016

Hi Everyone,
  So we have made it to Friday and that can mean only one thing, Time to lay back and melt into the warm and naughty arms of Christeen and let her transport you to the world of sweet feminisation.
  Love these


Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Wednesday round-up and The return Mistress LeatherBeth

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Hi Everyone
  It's the Wednesday round up, back on Wednesday, but also back with the latest in the wonderful story "Fun in the Village" , By Mistress LeatherBeth.
 However this being round up Wednesday, I have included a few little bits and bobs, prior to the main feature.
  First is another selection of Re-Face Gifs, once you get the hang of the right form and quality you can have some serious fun.
Here we find two examples of our Andy in the states, back on the interview circuit.

  I shared this with some friends on Twitter the other day, It is short but super cute and shows the sweet effect of a hummingbird, set on gentle mode.

                                               "Mmmm That's exceptional"

Then we have this clip, from a German shopping channel, illustration the problem/delight of wearing quality Vinyl Pants. Those of you lucky enough to have worn such a sleek and sexy garment will totally understand.

That reminds me, ever since you tube dropped my channel lots of video clips on my blog have gone too, so I will have to re post them with my new account.

   Any way enough of me, Lets get on the the star of the show. The next part of Fun in the Village.
This follows on from here.
and is entitled " The Extravaganza"  and believe me, it is.

So, with a huge thank you to Mistress LeatherBeth, here we go.

The Extravaganza - Chapter 1
Mistress LeatherBeth

It was a Thursday afternoon during what was proving to be a long and idyllic summer, and Will was strolling along the corridor from the kitchen as Jane reached the bottom of the stairs.

“You got those bits and pieces that I requested from the village shop?” she asked. 

“Everything put away,” he replied. “And I also found this. It had been slid under the kitchen door.” He handed Jane an envelope which she opened.

“My, my” she said, after reading the card inside.

“An invitation, by the look of it,” said Will. “An invitation, indeed.” said Jane. “We are ‘cordially’ invited to a ‘HotHouse Extravaganza’ at The Grange on Friday week, 7 o’clock onwards. Well, well, an extravaganza. How… how fascinating.”

Will thought. “The Grange? Isn’t that the modern detached house on Strawberry Lane?”

“That’s the one,” said Jane. “Izzy and George Cooper’s place.”

“The Coopers? You mean, with the new ‘garage’?”

“I do believe they have extended their parking facilities recently, yes,” replied Jane. “and look at this. A dress code! ‘Excessively Informal.’ Now, what on earth does that mean, I wonder?”

“If these are the Coopers that Kat was telling us about a couple of weeks ago, I suspect that ‘Excessively Informal’ is code for ‘Kinky’, said Will.

“You think so? Amazing. But that could be a problem. I mean, I wouldn’t have the first idea as to where to acquire anything remotely ‘kinky’,” said Jane.

For a second Will was dumbfounded. Then he remembered Jane’s penchant for deadpan humour. She didn’t exhibit it very often, but that made it all the more effective when she did.

“I’d imagine you could get away with anything, Aunt Jane. You’ve been looking for an opportunity to give an airing to your newest pair of Freddys and Loubou boots, haven’t you? Or your strapless, backless, super low-cut, side-slit-to-the-waist ice blue latex evening gown.”

“You may be right, Will. You don’t think they’re too plain, do you?”

“Not at all,” said Will, almost hiccupping with the humour of the idea that Jane could ever be plain.

“Very well, the evening gown it is. And I’ve just had an idea for Andy,” she added. “He’s a trained maid. I could offer his services to Izzy Cooper. It’s been weeks since he spent a few hours in domestic service. I’m sure he’d jump at the chance.”

“It’s certainly an idea,” said Will. “I’m sure the two of you will have a great time,” he said.

“But, Will, dear, you’ll be coming too,” replied Jane.

“I not sure that it’s really my sort of thing,” said Will.

“Nonsense,” replied Jane, “a handsome young man like you can fit in anywhere. And you don’t want to be separated from Andy for too long, do you. I’m sure the pair of you will be able to get some time together during the evening.”

“We…ell, I’ll see what Andy says. We might be able to sort something out.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will. There, I’m glad that’s sorted.” said Jane, in an emphatic tone that left Will in no doubt that he would, indeed, be joining the local kinkerati at The Grange on Friday week. As she turned away, meanwhile, Jane grinned to herself. She really shouldn’t have teased poor Will like that, but sometimes she just couldn’t help herself. Hopefully she could get in a couple of shots on Izzy Cooper at this event, if not before.

This same Izzy was making a call. “Clive? Yes, it’s me. Just shut up and listen. Tanya told you about Friday week? You’re to arrive with your girls no later than 5, so that there’s plenty of time to prepare. Any problems, and Tanya and I will make your miserable existence ten times worse than it is already. OK?” She ended the call abruptly.

A few minutes later, Chloë, having delivered almost all of the village invitations that Madame Stella had tasked her with distributing, called into the Fullerton Arms to check in with Kat or JoJo, to see if either were on duty. She found JoJo behind the bar, painting his nails alternately purple and green whilst flirting with Bert, the oldest customer, who had more visible nostril hairs than teeth and who seemed to survive on a diet of scrumpy, pickled eggs and pork scratchings. Kat, meanwhile, was on her way from the dining room to the kitchen.

“Chlo!” What brings you out this way?” she asked,

“Just delivering some invitations for a HotHouse event at The Grange, a week on Friday,” she replied.

“Yes, I heard about that. A customer mentioned it earlier. So, you’ve brought us ours?”

“Actually, no. But I picked up a couple of blanks on my way out and, given the amount that you and Carmel spent on your first visit, I’m sure it was just an oversight. I’ll fill them in now. Or would you prefer to gatecrash?”

“Personally, I’d be a happy crasher,” said Kat, “but I think that Carmel and JoJo would prefer to keep their entrance low key, and just use the event to get to know a few more local pervs. I suspect that the vicar is just about the only local not on the guest list, sweetheart though he is.”

The subject was still on Will’s mind that afternoon as he and Andy lay in each other’s arms after a little Afternoon Delight.

“Has Aunt Jane said anything to you about the invitation to The Grange on Friday week?” asked Will.

“The Grange?”

“Strawberry Lane, The Cooper’s place.”

“The Coop…? You mean…?”

“Yes, those Coopers.”

“OK, erm, no, she hasn’t.”

“Dress code: Kinky. It sounds like it might be something to drum up business for HotHouse. Also, Aunt Jane has had the idea that perhaps she should ought to offer her trained maid (that’s you), to the Coopers to help things go smoothly.”

“What? Me? I mean, but it’s been so long since I performed service.”

“But you do want to, don’t you?”

“O, Will, I do. My maid training was when Aunt Jane first showed me the girl within. It brings back such happy memories, even if I was permanently embarrassed at the time. O, Will, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? How could I possibly mind? It was Andy the pretty, sexy maid, that I first fell in love with.” Will smiled, then leaned across to nuzzle Andy’s neck and let his hands wander. Andy closed his eyes, allowing himself to be overwhelmed by Will’s strong masculinity. Sky rockets in flight.

“Isobel, darling? Jane Fullerton-Jones here. I’m just ringing to thank you for the invitation to your leettle event on the 19th. We accept, of course, and we’re all looking forward to it immensely. I was just thinking, though. It’s going to be a great deal of work for you. Perhaps you would like to borrow my nephew, Andy, to help you on the day? He’s a trained maid, and I’m sure he’d be a great help. Naturally, I know that you have Belinda to perform all of your most menial jobs, but you know what they say about many hands, and Andy is both efficient and highly decorative. Really? O, good. I’ll drop Andy off at the Grange at 2pm. on Friday week? What? A run through before then? Fair enough. Wednesday, 3pm, was it? I’ll make sure that he’s as shiny as possible. See you then.”

Jane somehow managed to slide her phone into what passed as the back pocket of today’s pair of Freddys (burgundy) and set off upstairs to give Andy the good news. Even before she’d reached the bedroom door, however, she could pick up the sounds of Andy and Will.

“My, my,” she thought, “Andy and Will sound as though they’re being truly, erm…truly compatible. Perhaps now isn’t quite the right time to disturb them.” With that, she made a mental note to tell Andy about his appointment the following Wednesday, and went back downstairs, smiling.

To Be Continued.......................