Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

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Friday, 5 August 2022

Christeen at the weekend

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No Patreon today
A very special 
new preview piece
one on which I have
been working for 
3 weeks and now
I think it is pretty
much all I wanted it 
to be.As I say,this
is special. But perhaps
not what you expect

Hi Everyone
  Sorry for missing the Wednesday round up, but time prevented me for getting to it, but hopefully we should have better luck next week.
  However right now, we only have one thing on our minds and that is the latest from our dear Christeen.
  Now Christeen might be out of contact for a few days so bear with her.

Monday, 1 August 2022

New Art: Kinda Average Andy

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On Patreon Today
The latest preview
piece from the ever
brilliant Christeen

Hi Everyone
    So Monday has rolled around again, but lets not let that drag us down.
 It's time for the completed piece I previewed a few weeks ago on Patreon and to my delight it went down very well with all you lovely Patrons and so I thought I would publish the comments from over there so you can compare the expectation with the final piece.
  We find Andy now pretty much settled in his new life, yet even now, surrounded in the love of his beloved Will, Andy still doubts whether the world around him has accepted him in the same way.
  I love white, or off white Latex, I think it is a very expensive option and very special, so Andy just looks extra fresh and sweet in this very very simple dress.
Hope you like this.

And here are those super comments from patreon.....

Girlie Morgane
Is this the bridal chamber? ...

Skinnie S
Will could tell that Andy was going through another of his moments of uncertainty.  "Look, you have to meet them sometime."

“I guess so.   But now?   At your sister’s wedding?”

“Why not?   Sis loves you.   She thinks you’re adorable.  It’s why she wanted you as one of her Maids of Honour.”

“The only thing of Honour I have is this dress.”

“Yes, and she’ll be so pleased to see you in it.   She did want you in latex.”

“But will your parents be OK?”

“With latex?” queried Will, deliberately misunderstanding his friend.  “Of course they will.”

“No, silly! With me?”

“Sure.  I’ve said so much about you.”

“That you’re in love with one of your former college football team?”

“No….   er …. well …. er…..  yes, they do know that.”

“Oh, Will, how could you?”

“Because it happens to be true.  It doesn’t worry me and it didn’t worry them.   I also told them they’ll be meeting the prettiest girl they've ever seen.”

“Oh, Will!”

“And that also happens to be true.   I just love your hair by the way.”

“It was Auntie’s idea.   She said it would work for any version of Andrew I want or need to be.   I just need to take off or wear less make-up.   Fine for work.  Fine for play.”

“And your earrings and collar.”

“And them.”

“Now we need to go down for the Service.   It’s so practical that these country house hotels are now registered to do the ceremony as well as the reception.”

“Yes, but I like a Church service.   I think it makes it feel special.”

“Would you want a Church service?” asked Will.

“I think so.   But we’re not there yet, are we honey?”

“Not quite, Andy.   Not quite.   Anyway, we need to go down now or we’ll be late.”

“Let me just straighten your tie, Will.”


Andy moved closer and smoothed the knot, his platform mules putting him on more of an equal footing with Will.   “And Will, you know there’s going to be quite a long gap between the wedding breakfast and this evening’s reception?”


“I was wondering whether we could come back to the room for some rest in between.  Aunt Jane booked the room out for all day, and she’s only going to collect me at midnight.”


“And, Will ..”


“I’m going to have got all hot and sticky in this dress.  Maybe if I take it off, I’ll be happy to get a bit hotter and stickier.   With a little help from you, I hope.”

“Oh, yes!” said Will, giving his friend the gentlest peck on his lips to avoid messing with his lip gloss.   Then both dissolved into giggles of embarrassment.   Tonight might not be the night, but this afternoon almost certainly would be.

I hope that's not too far away from your original concept.
S xxx

And here I was thinking of a post-Prom hotel rendezvous. (?) That just does not look right. Darn spell check. How about Rhonda View?

Oh! Andy is so sweet in the arms of Will!
Andy is so sweet ! Hope he/she will stay with his/her beloved Will!

lovely :)

White latex yum yum. A very special scene indeed.
Has our friend Skinnie S stolen the show ;)
Definitely intrepid for Andy meeting future parents in-law, but going on the nice surroundings, guessing they are as sweet as Will.

Friday, 29 July 2022

Fun with Christeen on Friday

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Hi Everyone
   A fun time Friday is here again and and with it it brings the delights of Christeen's latest wonderful art.

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Wednesday special

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Hi Everyone
  One big Wednesday special today, I have neglected our dear friend Skinnie S's talents for too long and so today I am delighted to bring you this magnificent story, based on my art.
As ever this is Skinnie's version of Andy and Janes world, but all versions are welcome and this is just beautiful. 
Hope you enjoy

Today's the day:The first Time
Skinnie Stallion

Part 1

Andy knew he  should’ve realised it was going to be a long day when he was doing his Aunt’s make-up and helping her dress that morning.  This had become a ritual on Saturdays and Sundays:  she’d said that he simply wasn’t getting enough practice during the week because of his work, so rather than her doing play face painting with him in the afternoons, she now expected him to use her brushes and powders on her.  ‘Practice makes perfect’ was one of her mottos.

It had been clear for some time that she was getting fed up with how he looked.   He’d tried to make
some concessions: he’d bought a pair of Bliss Galore Skechers and socks to match the trainers’ liner.   He thought pinky-mauve was quite a bold look for a boy like him.  He was already a bit concerned about what others would say at the club that evening.   Despite the time he’d spent selecting a new pair of skinny jeans with just the right distressed feel, she was very clear when he arrived on yesterday for their Friday Netflix evening that she was tired of his jeans and plain white tees look.  And his baggy ripped Diesels definitely had to go. 

A picture containing cosmetic

Description automatically generatedHe'd wanted to sleep in that morning, but Aunt Jane had insisted on a prompt start.  He’d made their coffee and slipped back into bed for a final cuddle when she suddenly sat up and said: “Today’s the day.   We need to go shopping.”  He’d thought it was going to be just going to be another trip to help his Aunt choose dresses.  He was going to protest and plead for another five minutes, even starting to slide down the bed to try to persuade her, but she was resolute.  “I’m fed up with how you look,” she’d said.  “You need a proper pair of jeans and shoes.   Not those baggy things, and definitely not trainers.   Not if we’re going out tonight.”  

Maybe he should have realised after her shower when he was dressing her.   She’d selected  a pair of her tightest stretch jeans.  He’d needed to roll her on the floor to get her into them.  And then she chose the thigh boots that she’d worn to bed last night. Not the over-the-knee ones she sometimes had for day wear, but the thigh high ones.   She normally only wore those in the bedroom.  She knew he couldn’t resist her in them.  He loved holding her leather clad calves or gripping her heels as her legs crossed and locked across his back.   She’d been very clear with him that her stiletto heels would be the only shaft he would ever need to hold if he wanted to be amorous, and she had been right.  He loved gripping their stiffness in his hand as her leather enveloped him, pulling him closer as her thighs grazed his cheeks.

He thought they’d be off to somewhere like Churchill Square with time for another coffee and maybe a croissant or pain au chocolat while they planned which stores to visit, so he was dismayed when the Tesla started heading away from town.  “Where are we going Auntie?” he asked.  “Aren’t we going into town?”

“No honey, the selection’s too small.   We’re going north.”


“Maybe.”   Jane put some music on.   Radio 3.   Too early for bangers she said.   Andy knew they would come later.  But he did find ‘Composer of the Week’ rather dull.

It was more than an hour’s drive and Andy was gasping for that coffee when they arrived.  But rather than stop at one of the coffee shops or even one of the stalls along the arcade, Jane told him to go straight to a shop called ‘Mademoiselle’ while she went to the loo and did some browsing.  She said she’d drop by ‘Mademoiselle’ to collect him.

Andy walked with some trepidation into ‘Mademoiselle’.   It didn’t seem to be a clothes shop.   All the counters just seemed to be for make-up.  Two attractive ladies in short white mini-dresses greeted him on the first counter: “Good morning, you must be Andrew.   Lady Jane said to expect you.”   

Andy was perplexed.   Had Aunt Jane called ahead?   He couldn’t imagine that she’d had much time given that she would have needed to spend a lot of time shimmying just to get her jeans down in the Ladies.  “Errr, yes,” he acknowledged.

The shorter of the two with pixie platinum hair came out from behind the counter “You look worried, darling.  Don’t be.”   She took his hand.  “Lady Jane has booked you in for a full pampering.”

“Are you sure?” queried Andy.   “She said she was only going to be a few minutes.  I expect she’ll be along soon to buy some make-up to top-up her supplies and get some new shades.”

“Oh, no.   You’re booked in with us for two hours: a facial and make-up,” said the pixie

A picture containing person

Description automatically generated“I think you must be confusing the bookings.  I think that must be for her.”

“The booking’s definitely for you.   Here at Mademoiselle, we only do boys and young men.”

 “I need to check.   There must be some mistake.  Please can I call her?”

“Don’t worry, honey, I will,” said the pixie.  Her blonde colleague, who looked a little like his beloved Auntie, passed her a phone from behind the counter.   “I’ll use call back.  It’s ringing….   Hello…..  Lady Fullerton-Jones?  …….  Yes, it’s Mimi at Mademoiselle…..  He’s here….. He says you’ve made a mistake.  He’d like to speak to speak with you…… Oh, no need, you say…….  He needs to learn to follow instructions….. Yes, he probably does…… Yes, thank you, Lady Fullerton-Jones……   Yes, we will but we will need another hour …..  No problem. He’ll be lovely and smooth for you when you collect him. ……. Pinky beige?  …..  Yes, we can do that. ……. Thank you, Lady Fullerton-Jones.   We’ll see you in three hours.”   

A group of people standing in front of a counter

Description automatically generated with low confidence

She held the phone out so that Andy could hear his Auntie:  “Be a good boy, Andrew.  Auntie loves you.”  

“Love you, Auntie,” Andy blurted and then blushed realising that the ladies had just heard what he’d said.  He’d never said that in public before.   But the ladies were smiling approvingly.   He just hoped another boy and the lady accompanying him standing nearby hadn’t heard.

The pixie pulled back the phone, listened then said, “A pleasure Madame.  Mademoiselle are delighted to assist.  Giving a boy so early in his journey a glimpse of what is to come is such a loving gift.”   She hung up the call.

Andy was puzzled.   “Journey?  Where am I going?  And three hours!?”

“Don't worry, darling.  You’ll find out.  Your Aunt has big plans for you.   Now go with Tracie to one of the cubicles at the back of the shop.   Tracie will be looking after you today.  She’ll start with your waxing and facial.”  


“Yes, waxing. Lady Jane was quite insistent just now when I told her you thought she’d made a mistake. She wants you nice a smooth.   You’ll have gathered she’ll be picking you up in about three hours.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  Milk?   Sugar?     Tracie will bring it through to you when she’s got you started.   Now go with Tracie and take your clothes off.”

A picture containing person, indoor

Description automatically generatedTracie had been behind him during the call and had held him firmly by the shoulders as if she was going to stop him running away.   She towered over him in her 5” Louboutins, a  bit like Auntie did.   He wasn’t going to run away from her.  She took his hand and led him towards the back of the store.   As they walked away, he heard Mimi speaking to the couple who’d been standing near the counter.  “….No, I’m afraid we won’t be doing his make-up for another two hours.  If you’d like to come back in a couple of hours, I’m sure his Mistress wouldn’t mind.  You can always look at some of our products while you wait.  Maybe try some nail varnish?   A manicure?  A pedicure?”   And then they were out of earshot.



Part 2

“So Andrew, how does it feel?” Jane asked.

A picture containing person, indoor

Description automatically generated“Chilly,” he replied.   The boy watching sniggered.   He and his lady companion had been observing him having his make-up down by Tracie. It was the first time anyone other than Aunt Jane or himself had done it, and definitely the first time anyone had watched him being prettified.   Andy had to accept that the work of a professional was better, much better, than his own amateurish efforts or even his Aunt’s. His skin seemed to glow, and his cheekbones had an iridescent lustre that made then stand out against his bronzed and delicately rouged cheeks.  And yet the shading was simple.  Tracie had used a much narrower colour palette than he was accustomed to.   Everything was beige or neutral with just a hint of pink on his lips and cheeks.

Andy shivered.  Neither the boy, Thomas, nor his friend whom he called Mistress Firm, seemed at all
perturbed that Andy was naked now that Tracie had removed the cape she’d given him while she did his face.   Tracie wanted to show off his smooth, fully depilated body to Aunt Jane.  Andy had found it odd being observed while he was having his make-up down.   Every time he looked up, he found that Thomas’s eyes were fixed on him while Mistress Firm spent her time either smiling at him or beaming with pride at Thomas.  He found it both satisfying and oddly arousing having his make-up done by someone other than Auntie and having another lady watching.  He was having his make-up done in a salon: what could be more normal than that?   And then the shock would hit him that he was sure Jane wasn’t going to let him remove it, and that he was going to have to walk through the Mall in his jeans, sneakers and tee wearing make-up.   It was all very well Thomas and Mistress Firm seeing him – they clearly understood - but not all the folk in the Mall.  There would be men there.   And he didn’t want guys or young girls making fun of him.  He couldn’t decide which would be worse.  

“Yes, I can see you’re cold: we need to get some clothes on you.   But you look so much better without all that nasty hairiness.”   Andy looked around  for his jeans and t-shirt, but it seemed Tracie had removed them.  Then he saw that Aunt Jane had some shopping bags with her.  “If you could just slip into these.”   Then she turned to Thomas and Mistress Firm:  “It was so nice meeting you Fenella.  You’ve got my number.   Maybe we can meet sometime and compare notes? It's always useful to learn how other ladies train their boys.  Now, if you and Thomas can give my nephew some privacy, I’d like to get him dressed so we can go shopping, please”

Tracie ushered the couple out while Jane started to delve into her bags.   “Right, here we go: shirt, jeans and shoes.”  She started to unbox the shirt.  To Andy it looked less like a shirt and more like a blouse.   A bolero cut, silk blouse with slightly elasticated blouson cuffs and delicate little poppers rather than buttons.  “Oh, silly me,” said Jane, “we need your jeans first.”  Another bag was opened.   Andy was pleased to see it was a stone-washed pair of blue denim jeans, but gasped when she unfurled them and he realised that it was a pair exactly like the ones Jane was wearing.  They looked super-skinny.  “I think I got the size right.   But don't worry, they do stretch.   A little.”

“Can I have my pants first, please Auntie?”

“These are your pants, honey.”

“No, Auntie.   Not like American.   Underpants.   Briefs.”

“Oh, you mean panties.   You don’t need to wear those.   Not in these jeans.  They’ll be far too tight, and you won’t want to upset their lines.   You have to wear these jeans ‘au naturel’ like I do.   Now be  good boy and slip them on.”

“I can’t.   I won’t.”

Aunt Jane looked at him stony-faced.  She didn’t say anything.  He could sense her disapproval.   He took the pair from her and pointed the toes on his right foot like a ballerina.   His heel just got through.  Then he did the same with his left.   He started to pull the jeans up his legs.  They pressed hard against his calves and then his thighs.   ‘How did Auntie wear these all day?’ he thought.   ‘What on earth did they do to her circulation?’   He got them to the top of his thighs and then wondered what to do.   There was no way everything was going to fit.

“You pull, and I’ll push,” said Jane.   She came close to him and her hand pushed his little protuberance back between his legs.   “You are lovely and smooth down there.   It will be so much easier tonight with no hairs getting in the way and so much easier to get you clean after.”  She gave a knowing look and a little wink at Tracie who smiled and gave a slight nod of acknowledgement.  It was clear that Tracie was not in the least surprised.  “Now, pull hard.”  And then the jeans were over his bum but he still had to fasten them.   “Lie down like I do with you, then breathe out.”   To Tracie’s amusement, Andy laid down on the floor and wriggled and writhed.   “Breathe out, darling,” instructed Jane.   “Aren’t you glad I didn’t take you for that croissant when we arrived.”   Andy drew the sides together, fastened the button and pulled up the fly.  Jane extended a hand to pull him up.   “There!   Doesn’t that feel good?   Look at yourself in the mirror.”   Andy had to admit that the jeans suited him and made him feel very sleek and slinky.   “Now put on your blouse, I mean shirt.”   Andy was embarrassed to find that he had an exposed midriff.  “If you like darling, we can get you a belly button piercing.   It would look so good with that blouse.”

“Not today, Auntie, thank you.   Now can I have my trainers.  Though I don’t know how I’m going to bend down to do up my laces.”

“Don’t worry, I asked Tracie to bag your up your Skechers with your other clothes.   I  got you some slip-ons.”

“Oh good, thank you Aun…..”   Andy stopped abruptly as he saw Jane unbox a pair of mules with transparent vamps and delicate marble print heels and mini-platforms.  “I can’t wear those!” he protested again.   This time Jane’s gaze was withering.    “But they’ve got heels.”

“Of course, they have.   You can’t wear skinny jeans and not wear heels.   Silly boy, how else are you going to show off your legs and hips?   Now put them on and see how they look.”

“Must I?”

“Why not, they’re only three inch heels.   When you play in mine at home you’ve gone up to five inches.”    Another glance and little smile from Jane to Tracie. 

“But not here.”

Another withering look.  “You’re embarrassing me in front of Tracie.  Just slip them on.  I know you're going to like them,”   she said firmly

“Must I?  Really?”   Wearing make-up in the Mall was going to be bad enough, but a blouse and high heels!  With those skinny jeans, anyone might think he was a girl.  That would be terrible.

That stare again.  “Yes.”    Andy stepped into the mules and looked at himself in the mirror again.  He paused.   He had to admit he liked the look.   The heels really worked with the jeans.   He didn’t just feel slinky, he felt sexy.   Tracie smiled at him approvingly.    “Would you like lunch now or shall we finish shopping?” asked Jane.

“I’m not sure I can eat a thing in these jeans.”   

“Well, like Kate nearly said, nothing feels as good as skinny.”  

“I just want to go home Auntie.”

“But we need to finish our shopping.”

“OK.  Let’s finish your shopping.”

“Not mine, darling, yours.”


Part 3 

When they walked out of ‘Mademoiselle’ and along the arcade, Andy felt all eyes were on him.  He was used to his Auntie attracting attention, and always felt privileged to be seen as her escort, but this was different.   As she held his hand leaving Mademoiselle, he felt he looked more like her girlfriend than her ‘boyfriend’.   Not that he could ever describe himself as the latter, even though he found it a source of great pride to be seen with such a beautiful, if somewhat older lady.  Maybe a nephew with a loving aunt?  Except now that would make him her niece.   But he was sure that some of the ladies observing them could tell Jane wasn't holding the hand of her girlfriend but of a nervous, feminised boy.   They’d assume they were a couple in their lookalike jeans: a dominant mature lady accompanied by a petite, elfin beauty.  She was so obviously in charge, in her dominatrix thigh boots.   

Thankfully they’d only gone a short distance before Jane turned and led him into another shop:  ‘Miss-Defy’.  “I found this place while you were having your pampering,” she said to him and, to the assistants, “Yes, me again.  I’m back to make those final selections.”   

The assistants stood back and left Jane to get on with it.  Soon she was rifling through the racks of lingerie.   With mounting horror, Andy realised that she was selecting items for him.   And she wasn’t being discreet about it: “If you want to do more of these casual weekends, Andrew, I think you need to start wearing something pretty for me beneath your school uniform.”

He could hear the assistants who’d gathered in the doorway speaking to one another: 

“No, it's a boy!   I heard the lady calling him Andrew.  She’s dressing him.”A group of women in a store

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

“Sounds like she may prefer undressing him.  Look at the arse on him: he’s got such a cute bum.”

“Nice tight buns.”

“Those jeans must have been sprayed on.  And that figure!”

“They’re dressed very his and hers.”

“Yes.   He’s hers.”

“Have you seen she’s moved on from the silk and lace to the latex?”

“I’d love to see how he looks in those.”   

“It looks like it could be a big order.”

For some reason, their chatter gave Andy confidence.  It didn’t matter whether they thought he was a boy or girl.   He was a customer.   And being with Auntie was so nice.   Perhaps he could manage a little lunch while they were at the Mall.   Who cared whether people thought he was a boy or a girl?  Trixie and Mimi hadn’t.   Mistress Firm hadn’t.   Even Thomas hadn’t.   And Auntie certainly didn’t.   And only Auntie really mattered.  (Well maybe his Mum and his Gran, but he knew they’d approve if that’s what he wanted and was happy.  And his Mum knew he was very happy with her closest friend.  She knew he was being well taken care of. Very well.)    He started to look more closely at some of the styles Aunt Jane was selecting.   Did girls really wear all that?


Part 4

“Now come along darling, you’ve done so well so far.   Just this little frilly slip.”

“But I feel hot Auntie.”

“You certainly look hot, honey.   Very hot.”

‘Don’t you like how you look?   You helped select these.”

“Yes, I like the look.   Of course I like the look.   I just hadn’t realised it would be so warm.”

“Don’t worry about that.   You’ll cool down in a minute or two when I spray and polish you.”


“Yes, polish.   You want your latex to look nice and shiny, don’t you.   You know how you polish me.”

“Well, yes.   But that’s for you.  Not me.”

“Why ever not?   Of course you need to be polished.”

“Well maybe just my stockings.”

‘Not at all.   I want you to be all nice and shiny when I undress you tonight: a perfect glistening package to unwrap and enjoy.”

“Let me just ease up this little slip.   Do you like your heels?  They give you that little bit extra in height.   I’m sure they’ll make you more at ease when we go to the restaurant.”

A picture containing person, indoor, clothing, underwear

Description automatically generated

 “But I thought we were just going to have a little candlelit dinner à deux, Auntie?”

“When you’re all dressed up like this?   No, we’re definitely going out.   When you look like the best girl in town.   Of course I’m taking you out.   And we can go to a club after.”

“But what if word gets back to Mummy?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already promised her pics.   We may even drop round to your parents for coffee after our meal.   I’m sure she’d like to see how you look.”


“That’s a definite YES then,” affirmed Jane.

A mannequin wearing a garment

Description automatically generated with medium confidence“But what can I wear?   I can’t wear that maid’s dress you bought in ‘Miss-Defy’.” 

“Stop worrying.   I got you a little something from William Wilde.   I’m sure you’ll look fine.”

Andy gulped.  William Wilde!   He loved the look of William Wilde dresses, and now he was going to be wearing one.   And Auntie was right about his peep toe platforms.   They did feel wonderful, and he didn’t need to worry about practising walking in mules.   He ’d already spent five hours in the mules Jane had given him in the Mall. And 6½ inch heels couldn’t be that difficult.   He was used to trying different pairs of Jane’s 4 and  5 inch heels at weekends.   He’d liked the way the mules had clacked on the tiled floor of the Mall.   They attracted attention.   He was certain his new platform mules would draw even more looks.   

A picture containing indoor, floor, chair, ceiling

Description automatically generatedHe was still trying to understand his response.   At the Mall he’d felt embarrassed and a little humiliated to be made up and dressed in girlie jeans and blouse, and to be walking in heels in public.  It had taken him time to adjust but he’d become more settled in ‘Miss-Defy’.   The admiring words of the assistants had been a great support.  After they’d been to ‘Miss-Defy’, Jane had even taken him to a pop-up piercing booth in the centre of the arcade.   At least she hadn’t asked him to have that belly button piercing, but she had demanded that he have his ears done.   He’d expected little sleepers, but Auntie had insisted on large gold hoops.   They were hardly boy-ish earrings.  They were definitely girlie, and the type of earring he normally associated with a certain type of girl.   Was he really that type of girl?  Is that how Aunt Jane saw him?  Is that how he wanted Aunt Jane to see him?  From feeling comfortable in himself, it was back to humiliation again.

And now she was putting him in latex lingerie.  Admittedly latex lingerie that he’d helped choose.   And wanting him to go out in public again.   It had been such a long day.   Andy didn’t know whether to wish it was over or that it would never end.   It had all been so embarrassing.  

Then she brought out the dress.   What a dress!     If Auntie wanted him to wear that dress, he would.   If Auntie wanted him in latex underwear and platforms, he was happy.   If Auntie wanted to take him out in public wearing make-up that was fine.   If Auntie wanted him to wear big hoop earrings, he was comfortable.   He was that girl.   He was her girl.

The things he would do for his Auntie.  He hoped she’d put those boots back on when they got home tonight.   Maybe she’d let him wear his stockings and suspenders to bed too.  He did want to be properly girlie for her.


Monday, 25 July 2022

New Art: Like a good Girl

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On Patreon Today
A sweetly
embarrassing time
for young Chris.
In a new piece by 

Hi Everyone
    Looks like we are back in the game, I did move all my art onto a new stick and it seems ok thank heavens and now its all backed up safe and sound.
   So today we have the full version of a piece posted on Patreon a few weeks ago, (where is gained lots of lovely sweet comments) with our sweet Andy looking all super cute in pink Latex and super heels, though you can imagine Andy's embarrassment at being in such a pretty colour. 
However it seems the effects of the dress are making our pretty Hero/Heroine feel a little bit cuter in himself.
  I think this is early to midway through Andy's, new life, not yet open about his femininity to Will and still glowing with embarrassment at being dressed by Aunt Jane.

Hope you like this

Friday, 22 July 2022

Friday at Christeen's

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On Patreon today
One of those sweet
moments between
Andy and Will that
I like to loose myself
in from time to time.
It is not a huge plot point
but just a moment of 
 I can bring you this
because Patreon is all
pre-loaded, so it was 
pre-posted before
the issues.

Hi Everyone
   I am currently doing exactly what you suggested Dani and moving varoius items to my hard drive and then I will get a new stick and copy the lot onto it. There is 64GB of data one one stick alone and I have 4 plus my back ups. This will teach me to back up all the newer stuff as well as the archived stuff.
   Anyway I think we will be okay for Monday and besides to day is Friday and that means the delights of new art by Christeen. These I could upload because I downloaded them straight to the hard drive.
   Big hugs to all

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Wednesday round up: test posting


Hi Everyone,

  Well I still have not found the reason for my not being able to upload my art, I think it is an issue with the memory card they are stored on. They are all there and safe, but there is not access via the blog.

   Anyway, just to show we are still alive and kicking, here is a brief Wednesday round up. In the coming weeks I have stories from our dear Skinnie S, plus I hope some translations from dear Girlie Morgane, plus lots of other bits and bobs sent to me. For which I thank you all so much.

So lets get on.

We all love heels, I do and my friends do, so here are a few glimpses of the amazing heels modelled by the artist https://www.instagram.com/_angelshiny/ . I think we would all love to try these.

Now we see a mother can do whatever her Daughter can. As Addison Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling 43 copies her daughters Latex look in this sleek black latex dress.

Speaking of Latex dresses, Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe has
given us the pleasure of seeing er in latex before, when she wore this red gown to the British soap awards in October 2014, 
However she returned to the sleek and slick at this years awards, but this time in gleaming black

So I hope these post, which would be a step in the right direction.
Super big hugs