Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Well it is not so much a blog more a place to share all the things i have written, drawn and generaly played with over the last 10 years. Most of them are related to my love of smooth slick Latex and shiny PVC, as well as the delights of feminization. I also have a huge crush on British TV presenter Carol Vorderman (The perfect model of the older woman) as well as the gorgeous Keira Knightley. (more my age). There will be nothing harsh or nasty here, just fun things, naughty things, sexy things and yes, well, Kinky things. Basically it's a stroll through the kinky lanes of my mind. hope you have fun. XXX

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Monday, 30 January 2023

New art. Lock 'n' Key

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On Patreon Today
I am happy to
say we still have
a few pieces from
the wonderful
Christeen to share

Hi Everyone
   Hope you are all super well.
       Today we have the completed version of a piece shared over on Patreon  a few weeks ago.
This piece though only featuring Andy and an off screen Aunt Jane took me an absolute age to get right. Not only was the dress and outfit the frilliest and fluffiest we have seen our delightful Hero/Heroine in, but I wanted the latex to be the slippiest and shiniest ever.
  This is an explosion of Pink and we find Andy in the middle of his months Pink Punishment imposed by the Sisterhood for Andy's silly choice to play football.
  Hope you like this, it gained lots of comments on Patreon.
Big hugs

Friday, 27 January 2023

New from Christeen

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On Patreon today
Its the last Friday
of the month and
that means the
very latest page in
our Andy Calendar.

Hi Everyone
  Ever so Happy to present a couple of new pieces from our dear Christeen, who sadly is still struggling with major tech issues.
 However she has not let us down, giving us two new super images to enjoy.

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Wednesday TV presenters special

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Hi Everyone

So this Wednesday round up is pretty much a TV Presenter special. 
It seems since Carol Vorderman dropped the Latex Atom Bomb on  the country, other celebs and TV presenters have followed suit and some nearly caused the same shock waves as Ms V.
  There seemed to be a sudden rush all on one day, but lets hope it will not come to an end too soon and judging by Ms Vorderman's social media posts over the past few days she doesn't show signs of slowing down


 So lets start at the beginning, with Carols Vorderman's own response to her latex photo shoot, when appearing on daytime TV


Here is the Lady herself in  seriously sexy pair of  very tight leather pants. Wow she sure loves that belt and it really shows off her wonderful waistline.

She sure loves her flirty dances

Ok so here is how it went down.
First on BBC Breakfast news, the beautiful Sally Nugent caused hearts to flip when she wore this very sexy and stylist Biker style jacket.

And then, in the same show Business Analyst Nina Warhurst took her place on the big red sofas in a pair of sprayed on leather leggings. The thing about that is, it was such a surprise to see her in such an outfit and she looked amazing and sent the twitter world into fits.

But then, then you flip the channel on to ITV Breakfast TV and the gorgeous Laura Tobin has on one of her her cute little leather  miniskirts and a pair of killer heels.
It seems the walk from one screen to the other has become a highlight of most breakfasts.

Then, we get to the evening viewing and we a treated by Andrea Mclean to a her amazing legs in these slick leather pants. Red and Black a classic fetish combination.

Finally we take a trip to the movie premiere of Gerard Butlers new film The Plane and find Blog Fave 
Lizzie Cundy all slick and shiny.

Monday, 23 January 2023

New Art. Christmas Future

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On Patreon today
We have a new piece
by our dear Christeen.
Some of you may know 
she has had a major tech
disaster so to be able
to present a new piece
is a real delight.

Hi Everyone
  I do hope you are all super well.
     Today I am posting the Christmas treat I shared over on Patreon late last year. I contemplated just having it as A patreon exclusive but that seemed a littel mean and besides I love this piece so much it just had to appear on the original place for my art.
      So Is this a glimpse into the future, a happy and loving Christmas with Andy ,Will and their adopted family, or is this one of those photo shoots?.
To me it is the former, a glimpse into the future to a happy and loving life, full of warmth and peace. I feel this, not just because it is a future I wish on everyone, but in the picture Andy's face has a slight maturity to it, yes he is still stunningly beautiful, but to me he just looks  even more feminine as if he has grown into his beauty and now wears it with pride.
    I also worked on the body language, it had to be representative of the characters. Their Daughter Keira (I mean what other name could it be) happily takes her Mums hand and looks up to her/him lovingly. Whilst the boisterous Connor (named for the most wonderful and beautiful sweet boy I ever knew) needs that calming hand on his head as he looks straight back at his beloved Dad.
       I am probably reading to much into my own art, but I guess that is what one does. I have known these characters for so many years now,I can spot when I am creating something subconsciously and just let it happen.
   Our dear friend Skinnie, captured the essence of the image on patreon and I will share his thoughts below the image.
  Happy new year to you all

From Skinnie S

Andy and Will now have two children.  Yes, there were struggles to adopt them but Andy and Will were able to show they could provide a loving family.  A safe environment in which two kids wouldn't just be looked after but loved and cared for.  A sweet young girl, and a rather naughty young boy. (Fittingly they embody Andy's childhood persona split into two) Yes, they'll be visited by social workers to check on their progress.  But the social people will only wish that all families were as kind, and gentle, and provided such a positive  nurturing  household as Will and Andy.   

Of course the kids will know about Andy and Will, but they don't care.  Daddy doesn't care, so why should they?   In Andy, they have the perfect Mummy, and a loving Daddy in Will.    They've been adopted into a kind, supportive  family with parents who will do anything to support them.  They're safe and happy.   

And they have loving foster grandparents too.  It's clear that Will's parents love Andy.  They now have the grandchildren they'd always hoped for.  And Andy's parents are happy that they're all together.  Andy's mum has even found some of Andy's old football boots and kit in the loft for the boy.  (It's strange, when she was searching, she could find all the stuff from when he was small , but not the kit   from when he was playing at college and after.  It all seems to have disappeared.  Surely she didn't throw all that out?  It still puzzles her.)   And then there's their Great-Aunt Jane.  Or honorary Great-Aunt.   They love their Auntie.   They think she's funny.  She's the only old lady they know who still drives a sports car.  

And now it's time to enjoy Christmas.  Together, as a family.   They'll run out of steam eventually, and when they're tucked up in bed, I'm sure they will each give the other the special Christmas presents they had been waiting for all day.  Provided they haven't dozed off in front of Netflix watching the 6th 'KnivesOut' sequel.  Yes, they've got Netflix but the 'Chill' bit may have to wait - being parents is tiring work.


Friday, 20 January 2023

The return of Christeen

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On Patreon Today.
It has been a long
time since I posted a 
brand new piece 
so today we have 
something that 
took me and age
to get right.
It is now a personal 

Hi Everyone
    If I am back, that means Christeen is back too.
   However our dear friend has recently suffered a major computer disaster, a total nightmare, which means, for a while at least, we will only have the delights of two new pics on a Friday.
  Now two new pieces of Christeen art is like a gift from the Gods, so Heck we ain't gonna complain, but what I am sure we will all do is wish her every success in sorting out her problems.
  So here we are, It's nice to be back and even better to once again be hosting Christeens work.

Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Carol Vorderman In Latex

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Hi Everyone
  Well my heart has still not stopped pounding. 
  Last Saturday Evening my friends Skinnie S and Amber sent me a twitter message containing the most amazing image ever, Carol Vorderman, (62) the original Blog Legend,genuinely and with out Latexuim curses, in Latex and I nearly....well I won't go into detail, but you might be about to guess.
  Strangely I read a clip of an interview where she mentioned Latex, it peaked my interest but never gave it another thought, but then..... Finally after nearly 12 years it has happened, In fact it was one of my very first, if not first posts back on Thursday, 31 March 2011, that I  first dreamt of this moment.
   In all that time, no one, not Emma, not Sally, not Amanda, not even Keira have I dreamt more of in Latex that Carol Vorderman and she did not disappoint, she looks sensational, born to be a Latex goddess 
 There is a danger of me waffling on, words do not cover it, only images will do.
   These are a mix of official images and screen shots. I like the screenshots, because, though not a sharp, they convey the joy and fun that Carol clearly had, plus they reveal she is totally knowing of what she is doing to her fans, this is as much for us and for her and she revels in it.
 Thank you Carol, but we hope this is only the beginning.
   Oh and by the way, did I mention she is 62......Sixty two!!!!! and in Latex!!!!!!! looking utterly and completely .......sorry, time for a lay down.
Nurse? the screens

Latex ,Halter neck top and leather pants, WOW!!!!!!

Just look at that smile, it is clear she is loving the look

This one, I have actually ordered a full poster for my flat. If it is any good I will post a pic of it.

Look how tight that dress is, Oh for a clip of her walking in it.

I think this is one of  my favourites, it shows Carol totally relaxed and enjoying the experience

Is there a little hint of nerves in this pic?

And finally....for now

Monday, 16 January 2023

New Art. Rachel. Plus STOP PRESS!!!!!!

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On Patreon Today
 It is Monday and 
that means the very 
welcome return of 
our dear Christeen
with another classic 
image for you to enjoy

Hi Everyone
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all so much for your kindness and sweet messages, I am so very very touched, and lifted by your friendships. Bless you all 

I am so happy to be back creating and sharing with you all and today we catch up on a piece previewed late last year over on patreon.

   I am sorry but this moment is way too big to wait until Wednesday, because over the past few days the internet has been on fire with the jaw dropping images of 62 year old Blog Legend Carol Vorderman (62??? that's insane) squeezed into skintight Latex rubber for a photoshoot in the Sunday papers.
I will post more on Wednesday, but for now, take a breath and drop to your knees and give worship.

And now, if we have all calmed down, (which I might never do) on with the show.
 In this piece we meet a new character, the mysterious Rachel, who seems to have a message for our sweet hero/Heroine. However I might be a message other in the Sisterhoods household do not wish her to share.
What could it be? We will find out in good time.
Hope you like this.
My biggest hugs