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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A special weekend. Part 2

Hi everyone,
It has been a very crazy passage of work for me of late son my time to create has been limited, fortunately though our dear friend Rubber H has stepped in to fill the gap with part 2 of his brilliant story featuring our Heroes and Heroines, Andy and Jane (or is that just heroines ).
I have not edited this at all, this is all RH's superb words and style and I hope you embrace it as much as you do my own work.
Bless you all and see you soon
Part 1

A Special Weekend It Will Be (Continued)

By RubberH

Copyright 2015

Robin led Andy down the corridor and to the dungeon stairway.
“Now Amanda, this is your first time here so you may be a little startled at what you see.” Robin giggled. “However, you will have plenty of time to get acclimated to it.” With that Robin jerked on the leash and took Andy down the long flight of stairs. Andy tried once again to communicate with his old and dear friend, but the gag would not let him make a single intelligible sound.
Aunt Jane was feeling more uneasy. It was nearly eleven and yet there were no other guests. As she sipped the coffee that Lady Quirt had offered to her she felt the need to inquire about the others.
“Lady Quirt…” Aunt Jane began.
“Now why are you being so formal Jane?” Interrupted Lady Quirt. “You should be calling me Gwen. We are friends now aren’t we?”
“I never thought that we were exactly friends. That is, since you are so high in rank in the Guild.”
“Yet you presented me with such a lovely present in Robin. Were you simply attempting to curry favor so I would forget your little violations of Guild rules?”
Aunt Jane felt a chill down her spine. Before she could answer she heard a voice behind her.
“Whose car is blocking the drive? I had to ….Oh, so Jane, you managed to take time off from your busy schedule to enjoy yourself.”
Aunt Jane stood up and looked at Lady Tawse. Next to Lady Quirt she was the most powerful and influential member of the Sissy Guild. Lady Tawse was wearing a tight black leather catsuit with thigh-high boots and matching elbow length gloves. In her left hand she held a heavy horsewhip which she tapped against her thigh.
“Right on time Stella.” Said Lady Quirt. “That leaves only…”
“Me…and don’t say I’m late.” The third Mistress entered the room. This was Lady Flogger. Aunt Jane was now beginning to panic. All three Mistresses were members of the High Council and the Guild’s Disciplinary Board. Jane began sweating and a slight dizziness came upon her.
“So it just took a simple ruse to get this one out of her plush surroundings and into our hands.” Said Lady Flogger. “She’s not only arrogant but a fool as well.”
Then Lady Tawse shouted: “BULLDYKE!” and in walked her combination, butler, chauffeur, bodyguard and dungeon keeper. Aunt Jane shook in fear as the former woman bodybuilder stared at her. Bulldyke was well over six foot tall and was in a form fitting rubber catsuit which accentuated her incredible build. Aunt Jane began walking backwards as Bulldyke approached her. The dizziness was more evident and she realized that the coffee had been drugged.
“Not that you could overpower Bulldyke.” Said Lady Tawse, “But you’ll be much easier to handle until your trial tonight.”
Aunt Jane’s legs wobbled and as she collapsed Bulldyke picked her up and threw the unconscious Mistress over her shoulder.
Lady Quirt smiled. “Take our guest to her room where the maids will get her dressed. Robin wanted to go riding this afternoon and I think Jane could use something between her legs as well.”
Andy followed Robin through the elaborate dungeon. There were cages, racks, whipping posts and all sorts of implements of torture.
“Oh, you’re not frightened are you? Asked Robin. Andy nodded. “We don’t use these on cute little sissies like you. That would cause too much damage, and you are just too pretty to mess up.”
Robin unlocked a door and brought Andy into another room. This was not a cold, dark stone cellar but a bright white tiled space. “This is where the real torture is performed.”
It was like a mad doctor’s laboratory. A dozen sissies in various stages of development were strapped down to tables or hooked up to monitors and other medical equipment.
“This is the heart of the Guild’s Sissification Center.” Said Robin. “Mistresses who do not have the means or expertise can bring their sissies here for conversion.”
A sissy maid approached Robin and handed her a set of keys. “Subject 7 has reached maximum saturation.” She said.
“Oh goody!” Robin exclaimed. “Now my dear girl, let’s take that gag off. My maid found the keys on your Aunty.”
Aunt Jane! Andy knew that she would never give up the keys willingly. Something must have happened to her!
Robin unlocked the gag and slowly pulled out the rubber penis. Several inches later the cockhead finally passed Andy’s lips. He coughed and carefully worked his jaws. They were extremely sore.
“Robin.” He gasped. “It’s me…”
Robin put her finger up to Andy’s lips. “Hush Amanda. Don’t utter one word from those lovely lips. Otherwise this gag goes back in.” She drew closer to Andy and then pressed her lips to his.
“Isn’t this what you always wanted?”
Andy drew back in surprise.
“Now I didn’t recognized you at first when I saw you as your Aunt’s maid. It took me a moment to get used to these other changes.” Robin began to stroke Andy’s breasts. ”And these. UMMMM! They are soooo beautiful. The perfect size for you. “
Andy felt a stirring inside him. Robin’s touch was what he always wanted. As she continued the kneading and stroking, Andy’s lips quivered.
Robin stepped back and began to open her blouse. Soon two huge perfectly formed mounds were being held in her hands. “Of course mine are quite spectacular don’t you think?” She brought them up to Andy’s face.
“Would you like to taste them?” she teased. Andy stared at the two coral colored nipples. His mouth watered and his tongue touched the offered breast. “What about Aunt Jane?” he asked.
Robin then pushed Andy away and buttoned up her blouse. “No Amanda. You’re not ready. You are too tied to your Aunt Jane.”
Robin turned and pulled Andy’s leash towards another door where another sissy maid was standing. The maid opened the door and they stepped into another room.
In the center of the room was several sissies dressed in black rubber catsuits. They were surrounding something that resembled a square box. As Andy got closer he could see that it was a vacuum bed. Trapped inside the thick rubber sheet was a captive, but it wasn’t another sissy.
It was a man who was sealed in the vacbed. He struggled while his huge erection stood out.
“Oh YES!” exclaimed Robin. “Still hard after three weeks. Don’t just stand there girls. His vitals indicate that he’s just about ready to break.”
Two of the rubber sissies kneeled down and began taking turns stroking and sucking on the entrapped cock. Moans came from the gagged mouth as the sissies would bring him to the point of ejaculating and then would stop. Over and over this continued. When one sissy would tire another would take its place.
“He’s an American student who wanted to travel Europe over his summer holiday. Mummy and I found him on the train from London and persuaded him to come home with us. Once he found out my little secret he suddenly lost interest in a threesome with Mummy and me. Of course by then it was too late.”
Robin walked to the head of the vacbed. She climbed on top of the rubber encased captive and reached over to a solid rubber mask affixed to his face. She opened the seal to the mask and removed it. The man gasped as fresh air hit his face. “Please… please… please” he muttered.
“Oh yes I will free you from this vacbed.” Robin said calmly. The man shuttered as the sissies continued to suck and stroke his cock.
“I’ll do anything. Please Mistress, let me cum.” Tears rolling from his eyes.
“Why of course I’ll let you cum” Robin replied, an evil smile on her face. She began forcing the mask back upon his face. “Next month.” The man’s muffled cries of horror were soon stifled as the mask was resealed.
“He is not fem enough to make a sissy. He’s far too athletic.” Robin pointed over to a rack where a black rubber suit was hanging. It had attached gloves, boots and a helmet which had only a mouth opening. Heavy metal restraints were hanging next to the suit. “Mummy and Daddy always wanted a rubber gimp.” Robin explained to Andy. “Once his mind has totally snapped he’ll be sealed in the gimp suit and permanently shackled.”
“Now I have some business with your Aunt Jane. The girls will let you rest in a rubber mummy suit until this evening.”
Andy knew that no amount of begging would persuade Robin to release him. All he could do was to hope that Aunt Jane was safe.
Aunt Jane woke from her drug induced slumber to find herself secured to a bed and wearing a rubber riding habit similar to Robin’s. Except that the jodhpurs were crotchless. A ring gag was also secured in her mouth. She tugged at the bonds holding her but had no luck. She made an attempt to shout for help but “AHHHUUUHHH” was all that came out.
Lady Quirt, Bulldyke and three rubber sissy maids entered the bedroom. “Ah Jane, I see you are awake. Since I did promise you a weekend of riding and other activities I thought I should keep my word.” She nodded to Bulldyke and the maids who proceeded to unbind Jane from the bed. Bulldyke then produced a rubber armbinder and with very little effort, secured it on her.
The group forced Jane from the bedroom, out of the house and into the estate’s stables. Robin was waiting for them. Jane was ungagged but the armbinder was left on.
“Is Jupiter ready sweetie?” asked Lady Quirt.
“He’s all set Mummy. We just need to get Lady Jane saddled up.”
Jane was marched into the stable and up a small ramp. The horse she was to ride was brought next to the ramp. Jane took one look and began to struggle. It was useless to fight as Bulldyke was far too strong, but what she saw terrified her.
The saddle on Jupiter had two enormous silicone phalluses.
“No, please Lady Quirt!” Jane cried. “I can’t take those, they’re too big!”
“Oh don’t worry.” Said Lady Quirt. “I’ve done this enough to know what a rider can and cannot take. Well it will not be entirely pleasant, but we will take steps to ease your discomfort…a little bit.”
Robin placed her hands under a faucet and pressed a floor pedal. From out of the faucet poured a large amount of warm lubricant. Robin gathered as much as she could and walked over to Jupiter. There she began to coat both of the rubber cocks. She was careful to apply the lube to every part. She took her time and watched Jane’s expression of horror.
“OK Bulldyke, time to mount.” Said Lady Tawse. Bulldyke picked Jane up and held her over Jupiter. Lady Quirt and Robin each took hold of a leg and Bulldyke lowered Jane over the cocks. First was the one in her rear. Lady Quirt held it in place as the huge silicone cock entered Jane. Next Robin held the other and Jane was impaled upon that. Jane moaned as both her openings were being invaded and stretched to the max.
Jane’s ankles were pulled back and strapped to the saddle. She had no reins to hold and had no ability to control the horse.
Robin mounted another horse and led it out of the stable. Jupiter immediately followed her.
“Don’t worry Lady Jane.” Said Robin. “Jupiter is well trained. I just have to blow this whistle a certain way and he’ll do whatever I want.” With that she gave two long whistles and both she and Jane began a slow canter down the bridle path.
Jane began to feel the effects of her situation. Although she was stuffed to the max the sliding in and out both in front and rear was bringing her closer to orgasm.
Robin blew the whistle one more time and Jupiter began a quick trot. Jane was beginning to get used to the saddle and now the force and speed of the intruders was greater.
“Let’s give Jupiter a real workout!” Shouted Robin and blew three short whistles. Immediately he broke into a full gallop. Jane cried out as she quickly succumbed to the waves of pleasure brought about by the saddle.
Over the next three hours she and Robin rode throughout the estate. Time and time again the large slippery phalluses brought her to orgasm. There was no rest. When Robin brought her to the fences Jane could do nothing but to slump in the saddle as Jupiter made one jump after another.
When Jane was finally brought back to the stable and released from the saddle, she could not stand as if her legs were made of jelly. She was totally incoherent and drooling from the effects of constant sexual pleasure.
Lady Quirt smiled at Robin. “Did you enjoy your ride?”
Robin slowly lifted herself from the saddle. This also had a large rubber cock, but for her rear.
“Excellent, Mummy.” Said Robin “I’m afraid Lady Jane though won’t be able to put her legs together for quite some time.”
The two of them laughed and returned to the house. The evening’s meeting of the Sissy Guild would soon begin.



  1. Loving the story and can't wait for what happens next. :-)

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Hello there,
      Thank you for your super comment. The story is great isn't it. I can't wait either and I have a rough idea of what is to happen.

    2. Oh, I might throw in a little surprise.

  2. I am loving it as well, great writing. Does anyone know whats happened to Christeen? Her art archives have disappeared from both Petticoat discipline quarterly and petticoat discipline art.
    Love her work have been following for years.

  3. Hi Anon,
    Thank you fo taking the time to comment, it is greatly appreciated.
    As for Christeen, I have no idea, she will be missed.

  4. What a wonderful story.
    Will there be any chance of some illustrations to go with this story at some point?

    1. That's what I'm hoping will happen. But it is the artists' right to draw according to their hearts and minds. Not to make it to order like a fast food place.

    2. Thank you Rubecca and thank you RH
      I would love to do some art, but as RH says, I have to be in that moment to create it with any passion. I think this is a superb story and the imagination paints such wonderful images to accompany it.
      But never say never.