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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Hello! it's another Wednesday round up

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Hi Everyone
   Sorry if this is a little under-powered today, the wheels nearly came off my world last night but we are all OK now I think.
  But let us not dwell, let us get into the fun stuff and that means the final two chapters (only for now I hope) in Mandy Sweet Hearts awesome story Hello! Plus a few other bits and bobs to toy with.
Thank you all for being such fun. Biggest Hugs and kisses

Thank you so much for this Mandy, you are a gem 


The Missing Chapters. Part Two.
By Mandy Sweet Heart.

Chapter Five.

Although Lady Jane may have had an unbelievably awe-inspiring Friday evening, the same could not be said for Andy. After struggling his way into a very tightfitting latex uniform he allowed the deckhand, whose name he quickly discovered was Tony, to polish it, and Andy was just grateful that Will could not witness the way it was being brought to a gleaming shine. Andy was of the opinion that it would have been less humiliating if Will had caught Jane polishing one of his outfits a year ago.
After worming his way into a snug latex uniform, for the rest of the afternoon Andy and Tony were required to polish the brass accessories on the sizable yacht and by six o'clock he was more than appreciative to hear that they could have another shower. However, having seen how accomplished he was, Andy was dragged into more buffing chores the next day.
After lightly powdering his body, and despite Tony watching him with envious eyes, he easily decorated his facial features before reaching for a clean uniform. Unlike the first attempt, now that he knew how tight the uniform was he coated the inside of the latex with lubricant and eased his legs into the highly embracing fabric. Although he had thought it was a standard leotard, one that would reach his ankles, he realised the legs were more like a pair of plus fours, and using the hidden buttons he secured them into place, just below his knees, before hoisting the rest of the uniform over his shoulders so he could fasten the silver bib over his chest.
While Andy concentrated on the front, Tony smoothly burnished his back, and it didn’t take the two of them long before Andy was glowing again. Andy lowered himself to one of the stools and wriggled his feet into the six-inch heels so he could polish the above knee latex, and while he worked Andy asked. “Will you need any help, Tony?”
“Oh, you best attend to Ms. Lash-Buckle, I expect she is on deck already and you don’t want to keep her guest waiting.” Tony replied in a shaky voice, yet Andy was surprisingly pleased to be away from the young man as he found Tony somewhat tedious, this was due to the way Tony had been endlessly talking about cosmetics all morning, then Tony brightly added. “I’ll ask Michelle, he’s always eager to help me.”
With the uniform and boots gleaming, Andy went to leave the room but Tony yelped. “Don't forget the cuffs.”
Andy peered at his uniform, rearranged the tiny bow tie and noticed how he had forgotten cuffs, he quickly remedied the problem and pulled the leotard straight. “How do I look?” Andy asked, sure that he missed something else.
Tony checked Andys’ attire, and apart from shining the back of one of his heels, Tony enthusiastically announced. “I think you’re flawless.”
Andy soon found the mistress of the yacht gazing at the shoreline several miles away, and as Andy peered at the coast he thought he recognised it as part of northern Spain. He quickly proclaimed his presence, and although she had not waited very long, Ms. Lash-Buckle said. “Ah, Andy, at last.” She began evaluating Andys’ clothes, though she used her fingers to caress the latex, and she imagined that she had slyly brought it to a higher shine than Tony. 
When she was satisfied, she faced Andy and resumed talking. “You look lovely. Lady Jane must be very proud of you.” Hearing his Aunties’ name caused Andy to smile. “Don’t worry Andy, you will see her soon.” She watched as Andy relaxed slightly, yet Ms. Lash-Buckle hadn’t finished. “You will stand to my left, two steps back of course, and when I offer my guest a drink, Jordan will pass you a tray. That is until Princess Concetta is here, then when I apprise you, you will assist her. 
“Unless she doesn’t need you, then you will serve drinks to my other guests but you must keep one eye on Princess Concetta at all times, just in case she needs you.”
“As you wish, Ms. Lash-Buckle.” Andy said politely, yet he was still mystified why she didn’t just use her small army of beautifully feminised young men.
For the next hour Andy was finding the unrelenting heat beating down on his latex uniform to be more than unbearable, that was not to mention that he found the whole routine of simply standing around with nothing to do very boring. The few times that Lady Jane had insisted that he accompany her to a cocktail party she made sure that he was included, but with his aunt not being around Andy felt as if he was nothing more than a mannequin. 
Despite there having been no new guests arriving for the past twenty minutes, Andy hadn’t bothered to start a conversation with Jordan and he was about to see if Ms.Lash-Buckle was on the pool deck when she unexpectedly appeared at his side, and said. “Make sure your uniform is straight Andy. Princess Concetta will be here in a minute.”
Although he considered the latex adoring his body to be perfect, he immediately gave the leotard a gentle tug and waited for the woman to board.
As the stylishly tanned lady stepped on board Andy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Ms. Lash-Buckle curtsey in front of the princess. Although the Princess appeared to be a sincere person Andy could tell she was an unassailable woman who was obviously of Mediterranean descent. He tried to overhear their conversation but that would mean he would have to be a step or two closer and Andy knew that Ms. Lash-Buckle would notice. Abruptly, Ms. Lash-Buckle turned to face him and said. “Champagne.”
Eventually he was allowed to step closer, but their convention had reached a lull, and as Andy operated the silver tray Ms. Lash-Buckle pointed to him and stressed. “I have designated Andy to assist you with your needs.”
Princess Concetta appeared to study Andy for a few seconds, then she turned to Ms. Lash-Buckle and in a rather annoying tone she said. “I thought you only used sissy boys.”
“Oh, we do your Highness. This is Andy or Andrew if you prefer. Unfortunately, he belongs to an acquaintance of the sisterhood and I’m just using him this evening.”
Andy considered correcting Ms. Lash-Buckle, telling her that he only lived with his aunt and if he belonged to anyone it was his boyfriend, but Andy just kept silent and watched as the princess admired his looks. The princess took over a minute to circle him, all the while keeping at least one finger upon his body, when she again stood in front of Ms. Lash-Buckle, the princess chirped. “If I can have one that is half as pretty as this boy, I will be very happy.”
Andy could not believe his ears but Ms. Lash-Buckle grinned. “I’m sure we can accommodate your needs, your highness. Would you like to meet with my other guests?”
“I’m rather short on time.” Princess Concetta righteously announced. “I would like to start negotiations as soon as it can be arranged.”
“Of course your highness.” Ms. Lash-Buckle grovelled. “We can go to my cabin and begin if you wish.”
“I do.” The princess declared, then she turned back to Andy and whispered. “It was lovely to meet someone as beautiful as you.” Unsure of what to do, Andy merely gave a small curtsy.
Astonished at how Princess Concetta discretely spoke to Andy, Ms. Lash-Buckle turned to him and said. “That will be all for now Andy, assist the boys with the dignitaries and I will have someone let you know when you are needed.”
Andy was somewhat dumbfounded at this turn of events, he had been expecting to serve this one lady all evening, but as he watched the ladies enter the hallway to the cabins he quickly made his way to the pool.

   As this is a momentous point in the story, Chapter 6 will follow after this promo for an up-coming new series in the Fall schedule. 
  Andy Latex Is......... Young Xena. Warrior Princess 

And now back to the story

Chapter Six.

To say that the previous evening was completely different from what Andy had been anticipating would be an understatement. Until two in the morning Andy and the other boys simply went around serving drinks and canapes as requested, but Ms. Lash-Buckle and Princess Concetta remained out of sight.
The following morning, to the complete amazement of both Andy and Tony, they were woken by the sound of Ms. Lash-Buckle notifying Andy that it was time to wake up. As he looked at her with sleepy eyes she joyfully said. “It transpires that Princess Concetta was so taken by you, she is already willing to accept many of our services.” She ran her fingers through his messed up hair and resumed. “We will be back in England in a few hours so get yourself dressed and you may simply relax on deck if you wish.”
Even as Ms. Lash-Buckle exited the cabin, Andy couldn’t believe what he had just heard and Tony appeared to be the same. “Wow!” Tony exclaimed. “I’ve never seen Ms. Lash-Buckle looking so happy.”
Having beautifully decorated his facial features Andy inspected his blouse, merely making sure that the latex didn’t need a fresh polish, and he considered how he should have asked what time they hoped to dock, for the most part Andy wanted to be able to surprise Will and watch him kick a ball around, but even as he began to consider asking Tony, Andy knew that he would have no idea.
With his bits neatly tucked away, Andy draped the blouse over his shoulders and spiralled his arms lovingly down the sleeves of the soft latex before duplicating all the actions with his skirt.
With the pair of six-inch heels in their customary place, he made his way to the crew dining room for some much-needed breakfast, and while nibbling on half a grapefruit Andy wondered if should offer to ask if the crew needed help polishing the fixtures, but he quickly changed his mind when he thought that Ms. Lash-Buckle might consider the offer  to be a suggestion that Andy might wish to leave his aunt.
Once on deck he noticed how there were only a few deckhands around, and not wishing to get them into trouble by chatting to them, he smoothly made his way towards one of the loungers that he hoped would remain in the shade.
It was only when he felt himself shaken awake that Andy realised that he had been dozing, and though he could barely focus on the person who woke him, they quickly spoke. “We're back in the U.K. Andy, and when you’re ready your chauffeur is waiting for you.”
“Ugh!” Andy exclaimed as he noticed that it was Tony who had aroused him, but at the understanding that he was back home he quickly raised himself from the sunlounger. He embarrassingly eased his clothes away from his skin and asked his companion for direction to the pier.
Despite the way he still hadn’t adequately cleared his mind he made it safely into the rear of the limousine where the driver, who appeared to be the same one as the day before, asked. “Do wish to return to your aunts’ villa.”
Andy glanced around the sky and guessed it was past midday, yet without having to stop and think, Andy purred. “Oh, yes please, but do you have a bottle of water?”
The driver informed him that there was a bottle in the small fridge before closing the door and hurrying to the front of the car while Andy relaxed on the bench seat.
Initially Andy merely watched the scenery roll past, but as he began to recognise a few of the landmarks he almost wanted to yell at the driver and tell him to put his foot down. Eventually he relaxed again, and hardly realised that he was being driven through the gates to his aunts’ villa, but as the limousine came to a full stop the chauffeur leapt out and held the door open for him.
He was still unsure of the time, and when he saw the front door opening Andys’ first thought was how his aunt Jant had let him down by not bothering to support Will and his team, but this didn’t stop Andy from quickening his pace and rushing into Janes’ open arms. “Gosh, I missed you Aunt Jane.”
The two tightly embraced each other and Jane murmured. “I missed you too darling and I’m so happy that you’re home.”
Although they continued to hold on to each other, Andy saw a small movement unfolding further along the hallway. He peered towards the entrance to the kitchen and instantly caught sight of his boyfriend, forgetting about his aunt, Andy moved around her and rushed towards Will while noisily calling out his name.
Normally Lady Jane would have corrected Andy for acting in this manner, but as she watched them share a kiss, they clung to each other and she simply smiled.
“Oh Will, I love you so much.” Amdy sobbed.
“I would have thought you might have forgotten all about me by now.” Will teased.
“Never, never. You’re all I thought about...well, I thought about Auntie Jane too, but mostly it was just you, Will.”
Lady Jane had been about to wordlessly pass them and enter the kitchen, yet as she heard her nephew tenderly confess all to William, and although Jane understood how she was slightly less important to Andy than his boyfriend, she smiled softly and continued on her way.
“It was horrible.” Andy resumed. “I had to share a cabin with a young man and all he wanted to talk about was cosmetics. If I ever get that bad, just shoot me Will.”
“You can be worse than that at times.” Will said dryly, yet the delicious smile he had upon his lips told Andy that he was just playing with him and the two resumed gazing into their partners eyes.
Their devotion to one another was only disturbed by Lady Jane as she skipped out of the kitchen. Andy noticed how her hands were full but before he could ask anything, Jane joyfully announced. “Come on boys, we need to celebrate. I’m sure a little champagne won’t hurt either of you.”
With Lady Jane and Will sitting either side of him, Andy placed his glass upon the glass topped coffee table, he took hold of their hands and told them again how much he had missed them. 
After they had returned the sentiment, Andy turned to Will and asked. “How did the match go?”
In a totally astonishing tone, Will said. “You wouldn’t believe how enthusiastic Lady Jane can be Andy. I scored the only goal of the match and Lady Jane went absolutely  
wild. She was jumping up and down, well she only bent her knees but she was really cheering me on.”
Andy swiveled his head from left to right, it was almost as if he couldn’t be convinced by what he had heard about his aunt. “It’s true.” William said as he wondered if Andy would ever stop pivoting his head. “And you will never be able to guess just what Lady Jane has kindly offered me.”
“What?” Andy inquired and again he tried to look at them both at the same time, albeit this time it was slower, but as Jane would only smile and Andy finally fixed his gaze on Will and repeated. “What? Tell me!”
At first Will only smiled, yet when Will thought he had teased Andy enough he sheepishly said. “After your eighteenth birthday, Lady Jane has kindly offered to allow me to live here full time.”
Unable to understand what Will had just said, Andy turned to his aunt. She could see the words quivering upon his pink glossy lips and not wanting to cause him any distress, Jane said. “I thought it would be nice to have a gorgeous man about the house.” Then, almost as if the idea had just occurred to her, she asked. “I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve invited Kitty to your party.”
“You haven’t seen her again?” Andy asked doubtfully.
“Yes,” Jane replied gleefully, “we had a lovely meal and a long chat. And not that it’s any of your business,” Jane leaned over to give him a little kiss before continuing, “but we’re going to try for a relationship, though it will be at her pace. So poor Will better get used to seeing lots of feminine things scattered around the place.”
“Oh, I don’t mind,” Will said, “as long as I have Andy.”
As Will began to speak some more, Andy allowed the news to sink in and suddenly he hugged his aunt and stressed. “That’s wonderful Auntie Jane, I do hope you’re both happy. I can’t wait for my birthday now, thank you so much for letting Will stay with us.”

To Be Continued.....I hope 

Now this might seem random, but I just love this picture, because it reminds me so much of the parties and dinners I was invited to when I was with my friends in Lyon. Often it would only be me in something shiny, but that was just the fun of it. I really do miss those days and can't wait to be allowed back.

And now and for no reason other than I like them, some of the stunning boots that have caught my eye of late.Plus a gorgeous white and Gold image from our dear Lee.

I adore the chain detail on these

These look so soft, I bet the lining is so smooth
 Love the colour and finish

Same as these, so smooth and deep

Amazing colour, total favourite

I just find this so beautiful.

And Finally a couple of promos.This time for the new series of American Horror


  1. Hi Andy.
    Any idea if those "American Horror Stories" are coming out on DVD?
    You could tempt me to write the 3rd interlude by offering me a pair of those red boots, (very yummy). Once I have finished the first draft of my new novelette I'll start it!
    As always, thank you for your very kind words but I could never see you as the warrior princess, you're much too sweet.
    Take care and huge hugs xxx

    1. HI Mandy,
      It’s just another roll to an artist darling, I see Xena as a sweet and damaged soul, in search of peace.........and ill get me big sword out on anyone who gets in me way 🤣😂
      To sure about the horror stories, I think the rubber woman is only in the first two of the new series.
      I would be delighted to read more of your Andy and Jane stories
      Thank you Andy big big hugs

  2. Now those are the best reason to start watching American Horror Story.
    It is nice to read that Andy is safe, so far, and even learning a trade. he may be bored at times, but he is serving an important purpose. Not just eye candy, but one of the servants, ready and willing. As always, time is of the essence and the ladies must retire to a protected area and work out the details.
    What will Andrew learn as the wait-staff at the pool area? More that just eye-candy again, glistening in sweat. Who awaits at the pool area for Ms. Lash-Buckle to finish her negotiations. Unless the Princess Concetta is of an Echelon well above her station. Then she will just have to listen, learn and obey.
    Someone's ceiling is always someone else's floor.

    1. Super comments Lee, Mandy will be made up

  3. Hi Lee.
    I'm sure Ms. Lash-Buckle could find some use for such beautiful "eye candy" at some point!
    Hope you enjoyed the story. Take care, hugs xxx

  4. With her red bob and chunky-knit sweater I'm sure the 'American Horror Story' antagonist is channelling Velma Dinkley from 'Scooby Doo'.
    Personally I have entirely another take on rubberising Velma...

  5. Mandy, enjoyable chapters, I'm inspired to go polish something ;)

    Andy, the star of the movie again, gorgeous.

    The red dress at dinner, very nice indeed. Travel is allowed soon so here's my fingers crossed for you.

    The collection of boots. Well I couldn't aggre more, they are yummy.

    American Horror story, those clips are sucking me in.


    1. Hi Aldan, hope you have everything gleaming by now & don't forget the window!!
      Take care, hugs xxx

    2. Thank you Aidan, so happy you still enjoy my bits and bobs. I loved going to dinner with my friends just like the beauty in that red dress, so exciting and the fact that no one made anything of it was even better, I was just Amanda and that was how Amanda dressed.
      Big hugs to you