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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Latexium? Emma Watson MTV

Hi Everyone
  My L.A correspondent Amanda Keira has just logged a new report of the Latexium curse. My apologies for not re-formatting her words prior to publication. Enjoy

   Hello to everyone back home in England, this is your on the spot reporter Amanda Keira Louboutin reporting from the shrine auditorium  L.A , where on the 7th of May we witnessed, not only the annual MTV Movie awards, but the latest manifestation of the bizarre and unworldly Latexium curse, which  for the past few years has been centred around the blossoming actress, activist and star of the years biggest film Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson.
  However, today I can exclusively reveal and despite the chatter on social media and the speculation surrounding Miss Watsons stunning appearance at the awards, the simple and sleek Latex dress she wore was indeed worn at her own choice and not as a result of the curses influence.  
  Having followed these events for some time I have gained the trust of both  Miss Watsons people and the British style icon herself and as such gained a few moments for a chat. 

S.S.n.S  When you arrived and accepted your award you were in a very different outfit Emma. Then at the after show press call you were wearing Latex. Did we witness the Latexium curse tonight?
Emma Watson accepting her MTV Award
E.W.     Kind of, I could sense the curse was becoming active, that smell of Latex about me. So after I had been on stage I changed into this dress.
S.S.n.S  A sort of preemptive strike on your part.
E.W      Yes, in a way
S.S.n.S  So you just happen to have a Latex dress to hand?
E.W      I keep this dress with me whenever I travel, It is a sort of safety net, because I really do not want to risk the curse creating anything inappropriate. It is very conservative and clean and If I have to wear Latex then this is what I would choose.
S.S.n.S    You bought it, so who is the designer?
E.W        It is William Wilde, from his basic collection.
S.S.n.S    William Wilde is one of my favourite Latex designers, May I ask if you had a fitting?

E.W        Yes, I went to his studio, he was very discrete and kind and helped with this and a couple of other outfits.
S.S.n.S    So we may see you in other Wilde designs
E.W        Hopefully not, Latex is still not my choice
S.S.n.S    We have not seen the curse in a few months now, do you have it under control?
E.W        Kind of. For the past few months I have been wearing Latex close to my skin at all times, it is not a problem, all very discrete and that for a while kept the curse satisfied, however over the past weeks it has been trying to influence my dress again and so I had started, extending my contact with Latex to sleeping under Latex sheets
S.S.n.S    Wow! A very hot and sticky experience yes?
E.W.       Eh yes, Unpleasantly so, especially here in L.A, I find myself waking, wrapped in the sheets like a sweaty mummy. However it works and I had little thought for the curse until tonight. But the dress is enough to keep the curse in check. 
 Whatever the reason for her stunningly confident and impossibly sexy red carpet appearance the 2017 MTV Awards will, this year, be remembered for a very different kind of winner.That and the image of a sweaty Emma Watson mummified in Latex. 

In L.A, I am Amanda Keira Louboutin

   Stay shiny


  1. Oh my, poor Emma! Having to sleep wrapped in rubber in LA must be a sticky mess. Let's hope she has help around the house to change her sheets and such things, keeping everything clean and shiny.

    Great reporting Amanda! Thank you xxx

    I wonder what made the curse become stronger in the last few weeks? Emma probably will be forced to choose more latex items for her daily outfits. How smart of her to try to stay one step ahead of the curse... But living in in hot and sunny California won't make it any easier for her to choose the right amount of latex: enough for her to not appear completely inaprobriate but also just the right amount to satisfy the curse. That's tough!

    I guess Emma needs to try to find a way to lift the curse over the long run, assuming the effects of the curse get stronger and stronger... Unless Emma actually wants to spend most of her day encased in multiple layers of heavy rubber just to be able to "buy" some less rubbery time for her acting career. Just imagine her at the film set, sitting in her trailer, sweating and moaning under three or four catsuits, waiting to be called for her scene. The time getting dressed and undressed alone would make it nearly impossible for her to continue her acting career normally. At some point she will have to wear latex outfits even on camera. What an experience that would be...

    1. I was just going to say: Or she'll have to pick roles that allow her to wear latex on screen? I wonder if the curse will also influnce her other clothing choices some day, e.g. forcing her to wear 4" heels minimum?

    2. Thank you Elizabeth for such a deeply thought reply, well I have no idea how the curse will manifest in the future. I hear nothing for weeks then Amanda K updates me.
      Stay tuned though

  2. In this era of 'fake news', we are deeply indebted to our correspondent, Ms Louboutin for bringing us this story. But hey, have you noticed that with just a minor change we have Ms LoubPutin. Is our news being tampered with, who is this correspondent really? Should we get James Comey on the case? Is this a curse and just another sign of Russian inteference? Have they been tampering with our favourite actress? And we know how much Ms Amanda would like to interfere with Emma.
    Your Stallion x

    1. A deeply topical and satirical comment from our dear Stallion. Wonderful fun as always

    2. And that ain't fake news either

  3. Excellent! Elle est tellement sexy!