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Monday, 1 May 2017

Emma Watson in new mystery

   Below is a Email sent to me by our dear friend Elizabeth Chastity I like it so much that i just wanted to share it with everyone.

Dear Andy,

the reporting on the latexium curse by Keira Amanda has always been terrific. Thank you, Andy, for publishing her stories.

Maybe this newly found photo could contribute to finding the origin of the infamous Latexium curse:

Who is she? What is her connection to the latexium curse? This still remains a mystery and there are many plausible rumors going around. But this one I find particularly worthy of writing down:

Emma has a secret sister. It sounds ridiculous, but it is the only explanation left. All available pictures of Emma show her suffering from the latexium curse. Emma's clothes always turn to rubber upon touching her skin. The only possibility of seeing a picture of someone looking like Emma not sporting a magnificent latex dress is that the person in the picture isn't Emma. And the only way to explain the striking similarity of Emma and this mysterious woman is: they are sisters.

That much seems obvious now. Everything that follows at this point is of purely speculative nature. Is she suffering from a curse of unknown nature herself? Were they both victims of unholy magic at some point in their lives? Emma stated two years ago in one of the Latexium File interviews with SmoothSlickandShiny.com that JKR cast the spell on her. But maybe there is more to the story. Maybe her sister casted the latexium curse upon her? But what would her motive be? The picture is titled 'White Fairy' which probably indicates the title of Emmas sister. Is Emma a fairy herself? Is the Latexium curse used to stop Emma from using her own fairy magic? Or is the reason all of Emmas clothes eventually turn to latex a symptom of her fairy nature, something she can't escape from?

Since reporting is a matter of facts, no serious journalist should take sides on anything of speculative nature. Of course, there is no proof for any of this... Just this new picture of the White Fairy. Who is she and what is her connection to the Latexium curse? Maybe these questions will forever remain unsolved... But the truth is out there!

Maybe you could forward this to Keira Amanda. I would love to hear what she has to say. She definitly is the authority on this subject and I'd be so excited to know her thoughts on the White Fairy.

Best wishes,

Thank you Elizabeth, i do so appriciate your kindness and I have passed this on to Amanda Keira

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