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Monday, 3 April 2017

New from Christeen

Hi Everyone
  Here we are again with another superb selection from Christeen. I think this is one of the best collections for a long time and looking at the constant brilliance of her work that is saying something.
  I especially love the last one, which is why i saved it for last.
    Big hugs
Love from Andy


  1. Totally agree. Love all these. I actually think Chris looks very elegant in a Le Smoking style trouser suit but can understand why he should really be in a dress. Even though he's in heels (and don't those heels and trousers really accentuate his legs), there should definitely be no opportunity for confusion. Chris has 'crossed the Rubicon'(it's yer actual Classics, mate!), albeit a very personal one. And that final pic, confirms it perfectly as you say.
    Your personal Stallion S, xxx

  2. How could I not agree with both of you? All four are classics already. The third is also my favorite. The cream/ecru color and the long lines of the trousers draw attention to the temptation that lies within. Definitely not just office attire.
    But in the second, they have him surrounded and are all just as catty and jealous as girls can be. ( So I've heard ) Perhaps it is that they are all new to the draw of beauty? The future will tell.

  3. From Sweet Sissy Stevie

    Of course Chris loves being a pretty girl, who could not want a beautifully made-up face, matching lipstick and manicured nails, the swish of nylon, silk, satin (and latex and leather) and, of course, the highest of high heels. I do think trousers should be forbidden except for the spray-on latex or leather pants worn with very high boots with vertiginous heels.

  4. I'm genuinely curious about what the first picture may be implying. Is Julia(?) homophobic?

    I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the second picture either, but that one intrigues me in only positive ways. Whatever Chris means by "entertainment" is a little mysterious, but it causes the mind to conjure up any number of delightful scenarios.

  5. Hi all, With 1,100 Christeen pics online somewhere it's gratifying to know that we each consider a few of them as 'classic Christeen' depending on our personal tastes.
    Aunt Julia obviously has issues, but being homophobic isn't one of them. Chris looks great in trousers and latex, but then he needs the feel and swish of his petticoats. Thanks for your insightful comments. All the best, Christeen

  6. Chris thinking, "But I like him" in apparent protest led me to think that perhaps Julia has some problem with potential suitors being aware of and yet not having an issue with Chris' actual gender, despite the fact that we've occasionally seen Julia encouraging her nephew to engage with boys romantically/socially in the past. One way that might be interpreted is that for Julia, because he knows Chris' true gender, this boy's interest in Chris is for what she sees as the wrong reasons; rather, Chris must be so fully feminine that he (or she) becomes, for all intents and purposes, a heterosexual girl. It may sound dumb, but it wouldn't be the first time I'd seen a scenario like that, so that's why I asked. Personally, I can do without the pics where Julia is pushing Chris to be friendly with boys altogether. However, those are easily ignored; as you say, Christeen, there are plenty of other pics that do suit my tastes. It was just that the idea that Julia was expressing some sort of backward attitude didn't sit right with me either, so I'm not sorry to know my extrapolation was off the mark.

    1. I think she is just going to make sure the young man really understands Chris's position. I see no phobia and as for the boy and boy thing, It is sweet.

    2. I think that's right. Aunt Julia just 'wants a word.' She's not necessarily going to prohibit the relationship, in spite of Chris's fears, and may even encourage it :)

  7. Hi, Perhaps Julia wants Chris all to herself. Christeen

  8. I agree with most of the comments - these are definitely classic Christeen. Chris looks elegant in a trouser suit, but of course while he is under the tutelage of Aunt Julia, he must wear skirts and dresses at all times, to remind him of his position. And probably Mademoiselle School won't allow anything else!
    But picture 4 seems to confirm what I've always thought - that Chris is gradually coming to realise that he should be, and will be, not just a feminised boy, but a girl. As an adult she will become the sort of beautiful woman who can wear trousers, and still be entirely feminine!