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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Chocolate treats for Valentines day

Hi Everyone,
  I know, I know, we have only just left Christmas behind, but in retail land you are never more than a few weeks from the next sales push and that would be Valentines day.
  The worry about what to get the one you love, will it be right? Will it fit right? will it say the right thing? or indeed the wrong thing? that will be the pressure on us for the next few weeks.
  Or rather on you my dear reader, because this year, thanks to our friends at Cadbury, I intend to say I love you with one thing...... ........Chocolate, and lots of it.

Are you ready Sheila?, 



  1. . . . another entry? You have been a busy little minx.
    I am sure that your snuggle bunny will appreciate all that you will do for her. Am I to assume that you will have yourself dipped, wrapped and delivered?
    Be careful with the shoes. I understand it can be impossible to get chocolate out. Other than that have a wonderful time.
    Amazing photos as usual.

    1. Stay tuned Lee, because god willing there will be another tomorrow.....Shock!!
      To be honest I was rather hoping to have a maturely sexy filling to my Chocolate treat.
      Hang on, can't get Chocolate out of shoes?.....and just how would to have discovered that piece of information? anything to confess?
      Thank you as ever Lee
      Take care

    2. All I should say is the old adage "In any relationship, make sure that YOU are the crazy one". I did not; once, just once.
      More than enough.
      Getting nice here, around 25 degrees f.
      I hope you are snuggly warm.


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    4. He! He! He! Thoughts in my head now.
      25degrees F, nice Chocolate wearing temperature, as for me it's been about freezing all week.
      Take care, always a delight to have you about

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    6. . . . ah, you have a delightful laugh.
      Picked up a new sleeping bag. Good to 10 degrees F. Cannot wait to break it in in two weeks. Suppose to be a snowstorm tonight. Yay !
      Maybe it will cool off.
      Could it be chocolate licking weather as well ?

    7. Think you had enough snow now honey? Wow