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Monday, 18 January 2016

Amanda Holden bares again (nearly)

Hi Everyone,
  Hope you are all super well , XXXX
Yes it is that time again for the awful Britain Got Talent to return, just in case you do not know, it is a show where iffy singers, dog wranglers, and nose blowers from across the country get the chance to be laughed at on national TV.
 However there is one bright point in all this and that is the return of my friend Sheila's younger sister,the gorgeously sexy Amanda Holden to one of the judges seats (She isn't really her sister but they certainly do look alike, especially now my friend has grown a matching mane of hair). 
  Every year, Amanda Holden never fails to get the publicity machine rolling, last years she posted a picture Right of her near naked bum on social media and this year has very nearly done the same, with this instagram shot below of her preparing for the first nights auditions.
  Amanda Holden , 44, show no signs of diluting down her naturally naughty side anytime soon and I for one am delighted. 

Especially when the cold weather brings out some of her naughtiest points. Below
Love and Kisses



  1. Sheila's younger sister? Surely not? I think you keep Sheila decidedly younger in spirit (and probably naughtiness).
    As ever, Love S xxx

  2. have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgUsFYwyAzQ

    1. Oh Wow!, no never seen that before, that is such a treat thank you, thank you so much.