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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Emma Watson on trend in Skintight Leather

Hi Everyone
Emma Watson looks stunning as she steps out in this seasons
hottest style teaming Skintight Leather with luxuriant fur.
  As the last part of our interview with Emma Watson is being edited, it seems, whether it was in defense of the dark arts of the Latexium curse or just a typically superb embracing of this seasons hottest fashions, our favourite style icon looked spot on trend this week wrapping up against the cold London air in shiny skintight leather and warm rich fur.
  Already embraced by both street and celebrity fashionista, such a Kelly brook, Alex Gerrard and our own Emma Watson this stunningly sexy combination of the softest, smoothest of leathers and the most of luxuriant furs, illustrated here, is everywhere this winter.
The elite of New York embrace this years hottest trends
  However fashion divas must be aware for this is one sexy, eye catching trend designed for only the most confident and richest of fashion followers.For the emphasis is on luxury, texture, fit and shine.
Model and Actress Kelly Brook
 in leather and fur
 Both Leathers and fur must be of the very highest quality, only the finest lightest of leathers and the warmest and deepest of furs will compliment.
 Textures must be butter soft, no harsh seams, the leathers grains as smooth to the touch as can be.
  Fit must be tight, eyes catchingly tight and smooth, simply nothing else will do, this is a winter style to show off those long toned legs and tight sexy butts without fear. Heads will turn and if warn correctly jaws will drop.
  Finally shine, the deeper and more luxuriant and glossy the better. The leathers natural shine can be enhanced greatly by the hand of a willing servants dedication to polishing each and every curve and detail of their Mistresses, Gym toned, figure.
  Then only one thing remains, those heels.. Again a statement to be made. Heels must be high and as slim as you possibly dare, nothing must break the sleek lines created but those long and jaw droppingly sexy   leather clad legs.

  Stay hot, stay naughty and stay on trend,
  For smoothslicknshiny, This has been 
Amanda Keira Louboutin


  1. Thank you, Ms. L
    Leave it to you and your daring talents to get to the heart of a story. I should say that few woman have the personna and athletic prowess to wear such tight clothing. You, however have shown us several. You must have been sticking your cute little nose in all of the cracks to flesh out such as your expose. I am glad that the anti-fur hounds were not mentioned.
    You are a singular talent.

  2. Hi Lee
    Oh our Amanda K loves to nose about through the hot spots of sexy fashion there is no doubt about that. It seems our Emma has fully embraced the darker corners of his years fashions and as ever leads the way.
    Thank you so very much Lee

    1. Sweet Andy
      It is obvious that Ms. L loves her work. It must be quite an occasion when the two of you nuzzle together and compare notes. Leave no pillow unturned.
      As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the last photo. A singulourly impressive Lady. From her gorgeous hair to her striking heels.
      Keep you wonderful news flowing. Inquiring mind's need to know.

    2. Amanda Keira and I shall have another face to face meeting over the new yeart holiday, she always draws a crowd of admirers.
      That girl in the last one does have gorgeous hair, thick and glossy. A good friend of mine has been growing her hair long again at the age of 53 and she looks absolutely awesome.
      Thank you for your fun comments and support Lee

  3. Emma looks stunning in her leather leggings ... I have a pair just like hers but not sure that I look as good ha ha ha ha x x x

    1. I can imagine you looking pretty darn hot in them mandy......oh yes.

  4. Absolutely lovely and in total agreement. Although are you sure that's a picture of Emma and not you during your last visit to Sheila. That look of happiness means it has to be you.

    1. Oh I blush, thank you dearest S, but that is definitely of our gorgeous Emma. You can tell because I don't have a coat like that one.