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Monday, 9 November 2015

"A special weekend it will be". Part 3

Hi Everyone
  I am really happy to be able to post the next, but sadly concluding part of Rubber H's brilliant addition to the world of Andy and Aunt Jane.
  I have in no way edited or adapted this brilliant story, it is all in RH's skilled hands. I had intended to create some art to go with it, but my head and the imagination contained therein would not oblige with enough speed and to be honest I just wanted you all to read this great story.
  So thank you so very much Master Rubber H, for your brilliant story and for treating my characters with so much love and respect.

A Special Weekend It Will Be (Conclusion)
Copyright 2015 y RubberH

While Lady Quirt and Robin were seeing to their incoming guests, Andy was left alone in Aunt Jane’s room. He was encased in a tight rubber mummy suit. His body was immobilized as the thick rubber squeezed every centimeter of his body. Locking straps went around his ankles, above and below his knees, his waist, chest and finally his neck. He tried bending his legs but the thickness and tightness of the rubber forced his legs to snap back in position after only a brief moment. All he could do was to stare up at the ceiling and wait.
As he lay on the floor Andy thought about Aunt Jane. What was Robin doing to her? Was she hurt, or even worse?
The light was getting dim as time wore on. Soon it would be night and he would be alone in the dark. He had no gag but he knew it would be no use to say anything. Just as the last bits of sunlight disappeared from the window, the door to the bedroom opened and two of the rubber maids entered. They turned on the lights and quickly extracted Andy from his confinement.
“It is time to prepare you.” Said one of the rubber maids. Andy put up no resistance, not only because he was extremely stiff and sore, but he knew that Bulldyke or someone else was standing by to make sure he was compliant.
Andy was helped into a tub where a warm bath had been drawn. He could smell the exotic bath oils tingling his skin as he sat down. He was bathed by the maids, then dried and taken to a dressing table. There his hair was styled, makeup applied and perfumed. Andy looked into the mirror and saw in the reflection one of the maids holding a very elegant evening gown of pink rubber. The maids dressed him and made last minute touchups to his makeup. He was led out of the bedroom door and directed down the hallway and to the main staircase. He knew that to bolt and try to make an escape was impossible and he couldn’t leave Aunt Jane.
“Ah, there is our little morsel.”, said Lady Quirt. “Our guest of honor.”
Andy looked at the crowd as he got to the bottom of the stairs. There were thirty to forty people dressed in rubber, leather and other materials. They were primarily women, although there were a handful of men attending. He saw that they were all looking at him. Some with curiosity, some with lust in their eyes.
Robin took hold of Andy’s arm. “No introductions tonight. You will get to know all of the senior Guild members quite intimately very soon.”
Andy began shaking with fear as Robin took him into the dining room. He was seated and dinner was served. He could barely eat as he could almost feel the stares of the guests. After desert was served Lady Quirt rose from the table.
“Members of the Sissy Guild, Friends and Honored Guests. Tonight would normally be one for celebration. To welcome a new sissy into the fold. However, that is not the case.” Lady Quirt then left the table and then Lady Tawse and Lady Flogger did the same. Robin took hold of Andy once again and followed all three to the Great Hall.
Lady Quirt and Lady Tawse donned rubber judges’ robes and stood in front of the crowd.
“The Disciplinary Board was alerted to serious violations of the Sissy Rules. After an investigation it was determined that the accused was indeed guilty. Tonight the judgement of the Board and the application of punishment will be given.”
Lady Tawse motioned to Bulldyke and she turned and left the room. In a few moments Andy heard a squeaking of wheels and he turned towards the direction of the sound. His eyes grew wide with shock.
A large steel ring was on a wheeled dolly and pushed into the room by Bulldyke and two of the dungeon sissies. Bound to the ring was Aunt Jane. She was nude and her arms and legs spread out for all to see. A large penis gag was in her mouth. Andy saw the look of horror and shame on her face. The guests looked at her with a mix of amusement and distain.
“Lady Jane Fullerton-Jones.” Said Lady Quirt. “You have been found guilty of four major violations of Guild Rules. “
“One: Using valuable Guild resources for the conversion of a sissy for your own personal use.” Said Lady Tawse.
“Two: Not allowing the use of said sissy for mandatory Guild functions and placement on rotation of our Members.” Said Lady Quirt.
“Three: Public display of the sissy in public situations where Guild members’ privacy would be compromised.” Said Lady Tawse.
“Violation Four: Failure to repay the Guild for expenses incurred for the conversion of the sissy.” Concluded Lady Quirt.
“Tonight the first part of your punishment will be applied in the presence of senior members of the Guild. The punishment will be live-streamed to those members who could not be here tonight.”  
Bulldyke stepped in front of Aunt Jane and removed the gag, then wiped the drool from her mouth.
“Do you have a statement to make before punishment begins?”
Aunt Jane stared at Lady Quirt and the others. “You are just as guilty as I am Lady Quirt. Robin is a prime example of the first so-called violation and…UMMMM!” Bulldyke rammed the gag back into Aunt Jane’s mouth.
Lady Quirt smiled. “Oh Jane…Jane. So arrogant, even to the last. You think you are smarter and better than any of us. We created the Rules of the Guild and know them by heart. Remember what you said when you gave Robin to me? You said I could do whatever I wanted to with Robin. You did not say that this was a sissy to convert or train. Rules of the Guild are very specific and by not immediately declaring Robin a sissy you in essence freed him from sissyhood.”
Aunt Jane knew that it was of no use to resist further. Andy could see her face go from defiance to utter hopelessness.
Lady Flogger nodded her head and a sissy maid wheeled out a trolley. It was filled with various whips, paddles, canes, straps and other implements. As the maid approached the ring Lady Flogger walked towards Aunt Jane.  
Robin could barely conceal her glee. “Watch carefully Amanda”, as she whispered into his ear. “Lady Flogger might be quiet but she is the world’s greatest expert in the use of the whip and application of pain. A sadist beyond measure. Mummy is letting me take lessons from her and I can hardly wait to let you feel what I’ve learned so far.”
Lady Flogger stepped out of her shoes. Then reached up to the clasps holding her dress. She released them and her dress dropped to the floor. She was nude.
“Lady Flogger, are you ready?” asked Lady Quirt. Lady Flogger nodded. “You may begin.”
Lady Flogger took a simple bamboo cane from the trolley. She flexed it in her hands. Andy could see her testing its strength and suppleness. Then without warning Lady Flogger struck Aunt Jane.
The room was silent except for the sounds of the cane whooshing through the air, the sound of it hitting its target and Aunt Jane’s muffled screams.
Andy began to cry as Lady Flogger continued the punishment.
“Why are you crying Amanda?” Asked Robin. “Would you rather that it be you?”
Andy looked at Robin. Then he bolted and ran across the room to where Lady Flogger had finished her fifth stroke of the cane.  As Lady Flogger raised her arm to strike again, Andy embraced Aunt Jane, shielding her from the next blow. Lady Flogger instead of striking, lowered her arm and placed the cane back in the trolley.
“As you can see my friends, her guilt is compounded by the actions of the sissy. There is a strong emotional bond between the two. A bond which is forbidden by Guild Rules. The punishment may be suspended.” Said Lady Flogger.
Andy still held on to Aunt Jane until he was forcibly removed by Bulldyke.
“A more fitting punishment has been developed for these two and you will please join us tomorrow evening for the final judgment of this Board.”
As the guests left, Andy could see Aunt Jane still bound to the ring. Still in agony from the cane, but there was barely a mark on her. He wanted so much to comfort her but Bulldyke would not release him.
“Amanda, or maybe I should call you Andrew. “, said Lady Quirt. “If you were an ordinary sissy you would be both on the ring and Lady Flogger would probably peel every inch of skin off of the two of you. But you are a valuable commodity. A sissy which did not need extensive plastic surgery or mental conditioning. You are a natural beauty, submissive and sissy. Rare indeed.”
Lady Quirt directed Bulldyke to take Andy to the dungeon. Andy looked over his shoulder as Aunt Jane was released from the ring. They followed Andy and Bulldyke, carrying Aunt Jane who had fainted from the pain.
They went to a room in the dungeon which Andy had not yet seen. In the center of the room was a platform surrounded by machinery and several mechanical arms. A cable was suspended overhead.
Bulldyke took Andy’s dress and tore it off of him. He would’ve tried to conceal his nudity but he knew it would be of no use. Andy was taken to the platform and told to sit. Aunt Jane had now recovered and was also taken to the platform. Lady Quirt entered the room and was handed a small box.
“The Disciplinary Board needed to make certain that the bond between you was as strong as we feared.” Said Lady Quirt. “We have decided that we needed to make an example of you for all members of the Guild as well as all sissies.”
Bulldyke took hold of Aunt Jane as Lady Quirt produced a hypodermic and plunged it into her arm. “Relax Jane. It will be useless to fight it.”
Aunt Jane was released and then felt a numbness in her joints. The numbness spread throughout her body. Suddenly she realized that she could no longer move! Andy was also injected and in minutes the both of them were totally immobilized.
“Now this is just temporary. In about an hour it will wear off.”
Lady Tawse joined them. She looked at Jane and then took hold of her arm. She raised it above her head and released it. Aunt Jane’s arm remained as it was. Lady Tawse’s hands went to Aunt Jane’s face and began to open her mouth and pull her lips forward. She continued to manipulate the face, giving her an expression of utter ecstasy. “Yes.” She said. “Very beautiful. But I’m just testing you out. As an artist you know that you need to work the clay just right to get the results you want.’
Over the next hour Lady Tawse manipulated Jane and Andy’s bodies and faces. Then they were both brought together and laid on their sides, facing each other. Lady Tawse brought out a bowl and began mixing liquids into it. “Got to make this fast. Bulldyke, the umbilicals.”
Bulldyke took a series of transparent rubber tubes and brought them over to Aunt Jane and Andy. A double mouthpiece, similar to scuba divers was slathered with the mixture and placed into both of their mouths. The rubber flanges went behind their lips and it now appeared as if they were locked into a deep kiss. More tubes went into their rears and urethas. Tubes went into their nostrils and they could feel them going down their throats and entering their stomachs.
“You are being plumbed for air and food as well as waste removal.” Said Lady Quirt. The mixture is a very powerful superglue. Even if you regained full mobility I would be impossible for you to remove the umbilicals without surgery. Yes there is a solvent for the glue, but that is the least you need to worry about.”
Lady Tawse took Aunt Jane’s right hand, put the glue on it and affixed it to Andy’s left breast. She took Andy’s left hand and applied it to Jane’s left breast. In seconds they were stuck fast. Then Andy’s right hand was moved between Aunt Jane’s legs. There his fingers were repositioned. Andy knew what was going to happen next and tried as hard as he could to stop it, to no avail. His fingers were glued to her womanhood as if he was….oh he wanted to die of shame!
Aunt Jane’s free hand was all that was left. Lady Tawse smiled and began to apply the glue to Aunt Jane’s hand and wrapped it around Andy’s member. Aunt Jane began to sob. This was vulgar and disgusting!
Lady Tawse stood back to admire her work. Two figures embracing in an act of pure lust. The umbilicals were almost invisible so viewers would not notice them. She nodded to Bulldyke who lowered the cable. She attached the cable to numerous strands of steel wire. They were so thin that they were barely noticeable. These wires were wrapped around Jane and Andy and soon the cable was raised slight off the platform. The umbilicals were connected to their mates which accompanied the cable.
Lady Tawse and Lady Quirt checked the connections and the placement of the wires. Lady Quirt then pushed a button on a control panel and the helpless duo were raised another three feet of the platform.
“Last step Jane.” Said Lady Tawse. “You wanted to keep Amanda to yourself and never let go. Well now you have your wish.” Lady Tawse then took two sets of rubber patches and sealed them over Jane and Andy’s eyes.
The room emptied. Aunt Jane and Andy were the only occupants. They hung in their bondage for several minutes. Then Andy heard the sounds of machinery and a hissing sound. In seconds he felt something wet being sprayed over him. Then a second and a third sprayer started to apply a clear rubber coating. The mechanical arms continued to spray while the cable began to rotate slowly. Aunt Jane knew that this substance was one of the strongest liquid rubbers in existence. Even if the drug wears off, even if the glue loosens, the rubber would keep them in this position indefinitely!
Layer after layer of thin rubber coatings built up. Aunt Jane and Andy were now helpless and solely dependent upon the umbilicals for their very lives.
The next evening Lady Tawse’s gallery was opened for a very special members’ only event. Owners and sissies from throughout the country attended. Those who could not make it were live-streamed the even and offered special private viewings to those who would be visiting London over the next six months.
There were looks of desire and fear depending upon the viewer. Those Mistresses who had considered violating Guild rules were reminded of the consequences. Sissies who thought of running away or some act of disobedience knew that to do so would result in something like this.
Aunt Jane and Andy were hanging from the ceiling of the gallery. Their bodies in an act of sexual ecstasy but yet in horror. Immobile and slowly turning while tiny spotlights highlighted them. The patches had been removed from their eyes; the only uncoated parts of their bodies. Jane could see the crowd staring at her. Laughing at her. She would never live this down, when and if she was released. Lady Quirt and the others never told her for how long this was for.
Two weeks later, Lady Quirt and Robin were enjoying the attentions of their new rubber gimp. After weeks of isolation and constant sexual stimulation without relief, the American student finally broke down and was easily reconditioned. He had a talented mouth and his cock was constantly hard and begging to be used.
“Do you think we will have any more trouble with Jane once she is released?” asked Robin.
Lady Quirt smiled.” Oh yes Sweetie. She may be humbled for a short time, but she is far too arrogant for any punishment to last. Whether it will be a week, a month or a year, she will do something stupid and we will have lots of fun teaching her another lesson.”
“Yes, Amanda.” She said to herself. “One of these days you will be mine.” She smiled and looked at a rack in the corner of the dungeon. Hanging from hooks were two pink rubber gimp suits with matching permanent steel restraints. On the hood of one said the name ‘Jane’. The other, ‘Amanda’.


  1. Wow ! An amazing chapter. Very well written and most interesting.
    Andi, you must be proud to have elicited such a story from an admirer.
    Wishing you both all the best of the coming Holidays.

    1. It is an astonishing addition to the Andy and Jane isn't it. RH is a superb writer and has produced a very well crafted and frighteningly imaginative piece.
      Proud, yes i am, proud and honoured.
      Thanks Lee

    2. It was a great pleasure to write this story. Thank you Andy for allowing me the use of your characters and for including it here.

    3. You know how i feel RH, I could not be happier to share with someone so talented.

  2. A very enjoyable piece ...great read x x x

    1. Hi mandy
      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot.

    2. Thank you for your kind words. ... always a pleasure to be in the company of somone who knows what it's like to Don a gorgeous uniform and where it transports you to. ...not many know x x x

    3. You are very kind my sissy Sister. XX
      It is a delight for me to post Rubber Hs super work.

  3. That was a great twist on the story up to now. I liked it and was frightened by it as well. Lol
    Andy did hint earlier that there was something in the works with Aunt Jane where she might get some comeuppance. I would love to see 2 or 3 pieces of Andy's magnificent drawings on just this story to make it come alive. Thank you Andy and RH!!

  4. That was a great twist on the story up to now. I liked it and was frightened by it as well. Lol
    Andy did hint earlier that there was something in the works with Aunt Jane where she might get some comeuppance. I would love to see 2 or 3 pieces of Andy's magnificent drawings on just this story to make it come alive. Thank you Andy and RH!!

    1. Hi Honey
      Thank you for such a wonderful comment, I hinted at it and RH made it happen. I have a few ideas for Janes comeuppance in my art, but still need time to be happy with them

  5. How terrific, with the emphasis on the terror, although what a delighful comeuppance for Lady Jane. I just hope that the heavy latex coating managed to hide and contain any signs of the prolonged leakages that would have emanated from both Andy and Jane.

    1. I believe the gallery has cleaning staff dedicated to taking care of little things like that. Although in Andy and Aunt Jane's case they may need a bucket and mop to handle that task.

    2. Trust you RH to have that covered