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Friday, 9 May 2014

Kylie Minogue,.The new Latex Queen

Hi Everyone
   Before  took my little break I was posting a few pieces about Kylie Minogue and how she was very much embracing Latex Fashion, especially William Wilde, to help promote her new album and singles.
    These videos show just how amazing she looked.
         First a clip of her secret show at the Beresford Hotel, Sydney, Wearing a stunning red Latex,William Wilde  Cherry  Cocktail dress.

 Latex Cherry Cocktail Dress

Latex Penelope Pencil Dress  Well  since I have been away she has continued to dazzle. This time at a rehearsal for an appearance on the Italian version of  "The Voice". Wearing what appears to be a green/black  William Willde Lady Penelope Pencil Dress.

  This of cause follows her stunning appearance at this years Brit Awards wearing William Wildes amazing Heiress dress. (Below).
Latex Heiress Dress However Ms Minogue was quite right in pointing out she was loosing her shine as the evening progressed. Although I do believe she had a little polish before appearing to present an award. It's a tough job, but hey someone has to do it.
  Form an orderly queue please.
  Personally I love the feeling of being polished. Sorry I was drifting off for a moment there.

   Now if this trend is to continue and believe me I do hope it does, might I make a few suggestions as to the next visit to Mr Wildes Showroom.

Erte Evening Dress
Perhaps this Erte Evening Dress, for the next RedCarpet event. Love the colour but think classic black would be a total media killer.

Latex Bad Barbie Biker DressAnd for the next stage performance. How about something to really feed the press machine. You want publicity. Then try this for size (or a size lower for a really tight fit)
 The Latex Bad Barbie Biker Dress (alliteration will get you where you want to go  every time) In brilliant pink. Rock and Roll sex queen. Phew is it getting hot in here?

Latex Primrose Party Dress & Bow Belt  Want something a little sweeter for our princess of Pop. Try this then.
  The Latex Primrose Party Dress. A Totally cute, petticoat and bow fest.
 Love Love Love the colour, a dream.

  Finally, my own Favorite, a dress I would love to wear, an adorable, magical, sweet, pretty and cute creation.
Latex Pink Diamond Dazzler Dress The Pink Diamond Dazzle Dress.
  Oh My God, I do love this sleek and simple dress. Yes It is Latex, but oh my gosh could you just wear it at any time. Slipping into that restaurant, knowing heads will be turning. feeling the eyes on you. Your body is perfumed, but that sensual aroma of Latex, swirls around you. Who is she?
  Ah that is another story.

    Thant you for reading my meanderings. I hope you agree with my choices, but would love to know your favorite designers too.

  Take Care

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  1. Absolutely fabulous in all the best ways. I hope that we'll see Andy wearing more of these lovely creations in some of your new art. Perfect for you in the same that it's perfect for Kylie.

    1. Thank you S. I think that last pink dress is so cute.

  2. Kylie is at present back home in Australia to act as a judge on the Oz version of 'The Voice'. Have not heard whether or not she has worn any of these fantastic dresses on the show.

    1. There was only the briefest glimpse of a leather mini skirt on the British version. please let me know if you spot anything Nyenor.
      Thank you

    2. Trouble is I hardly ever watch the show as the judges make me shudder at their comments. Would watch if the acts were shown THEN the judges made their comments as I could just switch off.

    3. Ha ha! ha yes i agree. I do not watch many of the talent shows really and those i do i record and watch on fast forward.

  3. Hmmm Lovely Dresses. The 6th Dress was Perfect for you Andy. Sweet and Innocent.

    1. Oh my gosh! thank you, thank you so much that is so sweet. I blush.
      It is a lovely colour.

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