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Friday, 23 May 2014

Emma Watson. Elegant in Latex

  Hi Everyone
     Amanda keira here reporting from New York (Affects best CNN accent) and once again I am reporting on the strange Latexium curse which, since its accidental casting during the filming of the final harry Potter movie, has plagued British actress Emma Watson. The curse which causes any outfit the Young style icon wears, to turn into Latex Rubber had shown signs of passing,however in an unexpected twist it appears Miss Watson may have actually embraced the cutting edge of fetish fashion herself.
   I recently had the pleasure of a quick chat with the young beauty at the Style event and to my surprise was happy to  reveal her elegant outfit choice for the event had not been left to curses or indeed to fate. 

 My first one word question "Latexium?"  being greeted with a wide, almost unsurpressable smile.

EW....Actually No I paid real money for it. I saw it in a boutique downtown a few days ago and totally fell in love with it.
  S.S.n.S....well it and you both look stunning as ever. Why finally embrace something which has proved so embarrassing in the past.

  EW....Well to be honest I did not realise the dress was Latex. I have never seen Latex in such a subtle shade I never gave it a thought, until I got closer and then, well.....I guess it was too later. I mean I love the colour and the intricate detailing. It just....I just fell in love with it.
  S.S.n.S  In the past you have said, you hated the aroma of Latex. Has that changed?
  EW....Actually no, very much no. The aroma is still very much low on my perfume list, However I have found that with a mist of my own Midnight Rose the aroma blends away into something I think quite pleasant. 
  S.S.n.S....I have to say it is a quite strangely seductive perfume. Almost mysterious.  Although your reporter did wander how subtle the aroma of Latex would be after a few hours warming upon Miss Watsons skin.
 EW...I hope so, 
  S.S.n.S... So is this the beginning of a "Katy Perry" venture into Latex and rubber?
   EW.... Goodness no Katy Perry looked amazing in her outfits, I don't know how made them.....
  S.S.n.S.....They were custom made by Syren
  EW....That would be why they were so unique. I mean the Simpsons one was amazing.
  S.S.n.S....You took note of them then
  EW.....Well the curse was just really getting hold then, so i was doing a little research, But no.....No no major stepping out. If the curse has it's way, well so be it. But as for choice. This I can live with.

  And so with a neat pirouette, a quick pose and brilliant smile, she was gone and all that remained was the memory of once again meeting the charming young actress and that mysterious perfume.

 SmoothSlicknShiny this is Amanda Keira Louboutin.

Emma Watson Lancome style event New York.

  A few days after this interview we visited the boutique for a response from the owner to one of their Latex outfits being worn by Emma Watson. Their response. Quote
  "We have never and have no intention of ever selling Latex or any other fetish fashion item. We have no idea how this outfit came to be in our stock. It was not on display and we were greatly surprised when Miss Watson presented for purchase"
  A mysterious turn of events. A mistake by the shop owner or perhaps the curse has begun to manipulate Miss Watson's world in a new and more  bizarre fashion.
 Stay tuned.



  1. Jennifer Wilson24 May 2014 at 06:55

    Oh dear, things are getting quite complicated now for Emma. However she certainly does seem to be enjoying the situation, and we certainly do!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. At last the curse creates elegant outfits.

  2. wow, great story aaaand a really great picture you made there! :)

    Love, Kim

    1. Hi Kim and thank you so very much.

  3. Replies
    1. Images and interview of her legendary Letterman Show appearance very soon.

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