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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Uniform fashion

Hi everyone,
 Just thought, following on from the visit to Westward bound in the other post, i would look at my favourite Uniforms from a number of designers. I really like a sleek uniform, not just a maids, i have plenty of those ,but military and other styles. So here are a few i like..

I like Inner sanctum designs, this military style on the right is very nice. I love the details.

At the moment this one below by Inner Sanctum is my fvourite, just love the style and colour combination
Inner sanctum

This below is for personal reasons.XXXX

MANDY Airhostess Uniform
House of harlot.


By Libidex

This is a gorgeous little uniform, love the colour.

And this is so naughty, i can see you in this. (oh i suddenly feel ill)

Both by Rubear latex

This has only been a short , bit of editorial fun, because right now i have guest editor sitting beside me.
So thank you for reading
Andy and Gi


  1. Those uniforms would definitely have a certain someone standing to attention. I'm sure you love the maid's uniform but I would have thought you (and Gi) as nurses would certainly grab a patient's attention. As Gi held up the syringe, you could say "It's just a small prick", but I think that would change quite quickly.
    (Are you two trying to takeover from The Cheeky Girls?)

  2. Oh nurse, my heart is beating too fast, I'm very hot and breathless, drooling too and all this just looking at you, is this normal?
    Oh and... *deep blush*...I confess that all my blood rushes to a particular naughty spot of my person too!
    Love, Amber

  3. I'll buy the Russian one at the top and we will see what happens.