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Friday, 3 February 2012

Jackets for a friend

Hi everyone,
 For awhile no, well about 2 weeks, i have been searching for a jacket for my friend Sheila. She has no latex clothing and is not really into the scene or anything (yet), but i suggested we look for a jacket, something she could wear without being too fetishy.
  Now Baring in mind she is a little older than me i thought this one from Harlot might be a little to advanced for her but i showed it to her yesterday and she really liked it. She may only be saying that, but she seamed genuine.

ODETTE Mini-trench Coat

This one though also by House of Harlot i thought would be a little more appropriate as it is a lot longer but still sexy. The skirt, well we will have to see about that later.



Me i want this from kimWest. I love this there is something naughty about it.


Have you checked out Inner Sanctum. This is , i think, their new collection and it is totally brilliant.

This i would like for my Gi.

Back to Sheilas jacket. This from Honour is also very nice.


This is a gorgeous top, i have seen this close up, very close up


I love Honour and have shopped there on may occasions. There clothing is always top quality and very well priced.
 All i need do now is save for a few more.

But after all that i think this is the jacket. for Sheila.
(AC-140) Perfecto Jacket http://www.polymorphe.com/store/index.php/new/ac-140-perfecto-jacket.html

Anyway, i hope enjoy some shopping soon.


  1. All of these are gorgeous. For Sheila, although I love the tight belted & waisted look of the first House of Harlot jacket, I think the Polymorphe or the 2nd HoH would be a better option. I can see why you like the Polymorphe - it's closer to a conventional biker style jacket. However, for sheer sexiness on your lovely colleague - and to really show Sheila at her best, with stilettos naturally - I think the 2nd HoH would be best. It would look great with either skirt or trousers (latex although I would still be good with other materials). It's just a pity it's not cut a tad longer then it would be so exciting with a mini-skirt where you wouldn't know if the jacket was being worn as a jacket or a dress.

    Of course Gigi would be great in the Mina (although sure your adored Mistress would be fantastic in anything); but I think you in the Nina would be so cute.


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  3. Just showed Shelia the polymorphe jacket and she is in love, the she realised it was latex and not leather and kind f drew breath. Told her it was her to a tee, we shall see, stay tuned and as for the Nina I would wear that to visit you my beautiful S. xxx

    Hi sbo thank you for your lovely comments, as for getting on Yahoo, i think it may be down to my having both a Yahoo mail account and to posting on Flikr, Both of which you may like to try. Good luck let me now how you go and then we can all come over an party at your place.

  4. What a great fashion taste you have darling, I adore the Peter Pan dress from Kim West you selectionned for yourself and also the lovely association gray skirt/back top with fringes on the sleeves.
    Oh and the soft pink dress with the black bow is just sublim!!
    Baby, you no doubt must look fabulous in these superb outfits!

    PS: the polymorph jacket, for your Lady friend, will be spectacular!