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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Back and on the attack.

Hi everyone,
   I’m back, Who said Oh no!, and feeling much much better. So to begin I must thank all of you sweet people who sent me Emails (I hope I have replied to them all) and also to those who left messages on my blog. XXXX
 However I am back and sadly on the attack.
    The article below was sent to me by a fellow Keira Knightley fan and it fits in with some of the problems I have been suffering from for the past few years. (Don’t worry I am no going to bore you with details).
 The article is from Britain’s Daily Mail and the writer criticises Chanels choice of face for there perfume campaign. Now as you know I am a big fan of Keira Knightleys, however I also accept that fair criticism is fine and Ok by me, however I do feel aspects of this article cross that line into the spiteful and personal.
 So it is fine to say she should not be the face of Chanel, fine that is your personal opinion, but to then punctuate it with the term “A bag of bones” is totally unnecessary and spiteful.
  What gives the writer the right to say that. Keira is who she is, shape, personality, style, sexuality what ever, she is who she is and no one has the right to say anything against that. People are who they are and some people struggle to both accept and be accepted for who they are, so for some hack to make a cold hearted comment like that for no better reason than to fill a few inches of newspaper is out of order.
  Phew that’s better.
 Oh and while we are here (oh no not more, I hear you cry), while we are here I would like to point out the facts of the article are wrong as well. Nicole Kidman (very beautiful and fine actress) was the face of Chanel 5, the classic womans perfume, where as Keira is the face of Coco Mademoiselle a perfume for the younger, sophisticated, sensual, independent woman of her age. Totally different.
 Bad journalism mixed with spite...If you have nothing nice to say about someone….say nothing.
 Crickey, that feels better. Sorry if I went on, but I do hope you understand what I meant .Anyway it is nice to be back.

 Thank you again for staying with me.

The cartoon is quite cute though

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  1. Firstly, it's great to have you back. You can rant all you like. We're happy to listen and read your charming thoughts. But you're totally right Honey. This tells you more about the journalism and the paper.
    (N.B. Some weekends I either amuse or annoy the papershop by buying a DVD of a classic film for a £1. I then hand the copy of the Daily Mail (where it was an insert) back to the assistant. Normal response from them is "Don't you want it?" My response (naturally), "No, I'd like to buy a newspaper." (Sometimes, it can be "No, I think my neighbour has enough cat litter.")