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Thursday, 3 August 2017

"With Love On Your Retirement" Part 3

  Hi Everyone
  Thank you for the wonderful comments on this little story. Here is the final part.

Part 3

   Turning his head Andrew saw the coiled pink and blue vinyl tube in Ms Steels hands, about 4 feet long and an inch thick, it shone wetly in the sunlight of the room and at one end a wide black rubber bulb.
  “Every Kitten needs a tail darling” I whispered, “especially the prettiest ones like you”
 Struggling and rolling drowsily in my grip , Andrew looked about him with disbelieving eyes, hazily recognising my friends and colleagues about him., however that and a mumbled what is happening, was very much the extent of his rebellion.
    With extreme care now, the ladies helped arrange Andrews sleepy vinyl smooth body, easing him up onto his knees, legs slightly parted, head still safely upon my leather clad lap and as the ladies prepared the finishing touch, I took time to gently stroke his golden hair and whisper how happy Ms Holden was going to be, with her retirement gift.
  Momentarily Andrews voice returned, but is questions were swiftly lost in the deeply gasped breath that followed.
  “It ok darling” I whispered, my fingers stroking his flushed cheek. “relax, relax. I won’t be uncomfortable for long, just let it happen”, I looked back down Andrews smooth body to where Ms Steel was gently touching Andrews now raised bottom, her fingers seeking out the one small but vital opening in the vinyl suit. I knew her search was over when Andrew once  more wriggled oh so sweetly in my hands. I calmed his head. 
 “ Should I switch it on”. Ms Steel asked, turning the glossy black bulb in her fingertips.
  “But of cause”. I said “After all once it is in It is not coming out for a while”
  There was an addible click as the small device was activated, for a moment we could hear it hum and then fall silent. We all looked at each other, our faces mirroring each others excitement.
  I lowered my eyes to my trembling young man, my head dipping down to whisper my reassurances. “Relax now darling, this might feel a little strange”.
  Andrew wriggled momentarily as he felt the black bulb, cool and slick with rich lubricant, press against his now exposed bottom hole. Gently I gripped his body to mine. “It’s ok Andrew, nothing to be scared off, relax, relax, hush”
 But I could tell my words had little effect on poor Andrews confusion and bewilderment, I could feel him tensing in my grip, his body wriggling against me, the vinyl of his my body smooth and erotically slick. I looked back down to my friends, my eyes seeking my own reassurance that our young man would not be in too much more distress. Again Andrew wriggled, this time he offered a faint gasp and a moaned “Please no?”, his breath was deepening, coming in pants and gasps.
 “Nearly there”, Ms Jordan whispered, almost to herself.
“It’s OK darling, be calm, almost there, can you feel it going in?,
He half nodded, a whispered “Yes” passing the gloss of his lips.
  “oh I am sorry darling, It’s big isn’t it, I know, but it will be oh so nice once it is done. I promise , just relax and let it…..”.
  A sudden gasped “Oh no it’s inside!!” , then panted breaths and Andrew slumped into my lap, his breath quick and sharp as his bottom finally closed about the bulbs base and as his trembling slowly subsided I smiled, and once more breathed my reassurances.
 “There we are darling, all done, no more. I know it feels a little odd, but that will pass”. I felt him wriggle slightly now as the ladies manipulated the tail so as to neatly close the join, between tail and suit, applying  a bead of adhesive to both before smoothing them into one seamless finish. I shivered at the permanence of its fixing.
 I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite so erotic in my life as the young man who now lay before me. Any hint or sign of his true nature smooth away within a skin of flawlessly smooth, shiny and ultra tight vinyl and in that moment I realised we had not given one moments thought to where we had the right to do this to him.
 But that moment passed as swiftly as it had dawned.
  “Shall we test?”. Ms Steel  held the small box In her hand.
 We all nodded our silently excited approval.
I felt Andrew twitch in my lap, his beautifully painted face, pressing into my leather skirt. His breath a quizzically gasped “What?”
  Then in an instant, taking us all buy surprise our kittens tail suddenly twitched and swished and poor Andrew arched his back way from me and let out such a startled gasp of expletive filled orgasmic pleasure that we felt sure our neighbours would be spilling their afternoon tea and calling the police, before, a second later, slumping panting back into my lap.
“Oh shit”, Ms Steel panicked, fumbling with the tiny box in her hand,  “Sorry sorry, I did not know it was going to start there”.
  A silence fell over our group, none of us could for a moment find the word to describe the last few minutes. Then like an uncontrollable twitch Ms Jordan smiled, “Well then…that certainly works”.
  I smiled. I smiled, Ms Thorpe smiled, then Ms Steel began to laugh and we all joined in.
  “I think we’ll try it a little lighter please Ms Steel”. I jokingly instructed, stroking poor Andrew cheek. “I think we nearly blew a fuse that time”
  The tail twitched and I felt Andrews body move. A softly spoken “Please no”, passing his lips.
 Andrews movements were not as wild as before, but  this time a slow sensual wriggle. The base of the tail, which could quite clearly be seen vibrating, dictating the speed of his movements. In a few moments I could hear Andrews breath, not sharp or gasping, but soft, almost as if he were sleeping, almost as if he was purring.
  After a few minutes in which we all caught our breath at the sensual creature which now lay calm and relaxed upon my lap, I instructed Ms Jordan to increase the tails effects. Andrew responded almost immediately, stretching ever so slightly in my grip. His eyes fluttering open to look straight into mine. I smiled and whispered by adoration as his body rolled under the tails command, his eyes never leaving mine as if demanding explanation.
“It’s ok darling. There is nothing…..Oh!”
Andrew suddenly gasped and to my shock breathed my name “Ms Kirkwood…?” as if pleading for my help, my mercy, my forgiveness. A moment later I felt his tensing, not  as violently as before, but this time, his face inches from mine, I could see the ecstasy and confusion across his beautiful face, even the fear at these new and extreme emotions. His tear moistened eyes rolled, his lips wet and glistening parted and with  a deep thankful sigh, he drifted back into my lap.
  My own heart pounding Andrew once more lay silent before me, the sound of my name still in my ears. However he was not still for long and with a softly meowed “please no” and a deepening of the breath, I sensed another wave of pleasure was building inside. This time, my self and the ladies gently eased him onto the floor, bedding him softly on to the deep woollen rug.
 We watched now almost hypnotised by Andrews slowly erotic movements, He stretched an coiled, arched his back and rolled his head, breath deepening, murmured pleas and whispered apologise on his lips. It was as if the tails vibrations were rippling through every pour of his body. At one point the dagger like heel of his permanent footwear touched Ms Jordans foot and Andrew, rolled and coiled his way over to her, caressing his face against he leg, raining delicate wet kisses on her toes, before gracefully moving back to the rug. I swallowed my breath, the vision of sensual beauty layed out almost too much to comprehend, as slowly he arched his back, rolled onto hands an knees, the sound of the smooth vinyl of the skin stretching with him. I saw his eyes roll, his lips gloss and wet part, to allow a long deep moan to pass and stretching his arms before him, we saw his head bow and back arch as another wave of pleasure swept though him.
  We, as instructed by the tails brochure created a fourth and fifth peak, each one resulting in a less and less extreme reaction for our sweet Kitten, until is seamed, as promised by the book, Andrew began to plateau, seaming to ride a wave of near ecstasy without breaking. Indeed breaking is what we had done to poor Andrew, I say poor, because for a few moments I did feel guilt at our toying with him, but that passed in each vision of pleasure which he dance for us and now, he was the boy from stationary no more, but the sleek and sensual creature who lay before as.
  One more thing remained and it was almost a ceremonial act and as before I took Andrews head, drowsy now from the warm glow of his intimate lover, into my lap. I looked down at his beautiful face, a vision of sweet sensuality and for no reason other than pleasure kissed him on the lips, I knew it would not be the last kiss they would receive, but the thought of being the first to taste them was too much to deny and they tasted as good as any dream, moist wet and creamy.
 I looked away as Ms Jordan held out the Zoro like mask, Made  of simple, pink  vinyl,with cute Kitten ears, it was the final piece of Andrews transformation. A bead of  skin safe adhesive glistening on its inside.
  I stroked his cheek, turning his face up to my friend and colleague, Oh the look on the pretty wide femininely feline eyes was a dream, confusion, mixed with a strange acceptance. They closed as Ms Jordan pressed the mask into place, encircling his eyes in the same pink as glossed his lips, highlighting the long fluttering lashes of his ornately made up ayes. I stroked his cheek, his breath coming in a sigh.
“There we are darling” I whispered, smiling warmly my eyes drifting over his beautiful face “all done, all done. Rest a while”
  I must say I could not help but feel sympathy for him, after all, we had, without his permission, transformed him from a sweet young man into a sleek and femimised facsimile of a sensual kitten, encasing his body in seamless vinyl. However my sympathies were very much second to the thrill I felt at having such a sensual creature at my knee, so smooth, so sleek and sexy. I smiled, a feeling of delightful naughtiness filling my body and at that moment made one final decision.

  My heart pounded, my eyes moved from one face to the next, each of my friends and colleagues had the same look of nervous doubt and excitement.
 Tentatively I reached out and stroked Andrews cheek. My heart skipped. It was slick and smooth, warm to the touch and unmistakably plastic. I swallowed my shock, it was done. The sealant was dry, there was no time for second thoughts now and in a way it removed our last doubts, for now, with the top coat of clear vinyl sealant dried, there was no changing of minds to be debated.
  Oh we had doubted our right to mist his new vinyl skin in the transparent liquid plastic sealant, to permanently seal his heels, tail and mask into place. We had even thought of leaving his pretty face bare, just in case our uncertainty had changed our minds, but the sight of the deep liquid gloss forming over his perfect body over-came that option and so, in two passes of the tiny air brush, we had sealed his immaculately feminine and impossibly sexy features beneath the same ultra smooth coating.
 There had even been a moment as it cured that Ms Jordan expressed uncertainty at our actions. For as it dried, Andrew, realising both his nose and lips had been sealed shut, began to wriggle in my arms and struggle for breath. Awakening, his eyes wide looking into mine, he moaned for help, the plastic stretching smoothly between his parted lips.
 For a briefly I had wanted to change my mind, wipe the plastic away, but I waited, whispering to him how beautiful and lucky he was. I waited for some long minutes, holding him close, until the sealant had become smooth and clear, before, with a gentle touch, parting the vinyl at his lips and nose.
As Andrew regained his breath, transforming from needy pants into soft sighs, I tenderly stroked his hair, long, full and perfumed, allowing my fingers to continue down onto the smooth plastic skin of his face, my fingers tracing over the outline of his mask, sealed now beneath smooth clear vinyl .
 I imagined being Andy, inside his new skin, so smooth and so hot, sleek and inescapable. His every movement punctuated and accentuated by the sensual sounds of ultra-tight vinyl stretching across his sweat slicked skin.
  I imagined his confused, uncertain and bewildered mind, struggling to comprehend what had happened to him, how and why he had been transformed into this sensual new creature, riding on un-breaking waves of tingling arousal .
  However I could not for one second begin to place myself in his new and sensual world, for in our hands he gone from an innocent young man, starting out on a new career, to an ultra feminine and sensually erotic plaything. A pet, a kitten, a companion. Our gift to our beloved Ms Holden and as Ms Steel slipped the golden, collar about his slim throat, closing the one way clasp with a jingle of the tiny bell. I smiled at the inscription on the little disk.
With love on your retirement. XXX


  1. That was beautiful. Poor Andrew is in a position of both being loved and loving his new Mistress. I would have truly liked to see his partial awakening as he stretched and twisted his new form.
    Great story.

    1. Thank you Lee, I am so pleased you liked my story

  2. So stunningly erotic. So great to see you writing again

  3. Oh so amazing and erotic, just wish that was me!

  4. That is so naughty. And interesting to see the names of all the ladies featured: one would almost think you were trying to tell us something. Take care and have a great break before starting on your new path.
    S xxx

    1. You super all the references my friend and yes they do tell on me.

  5. Lucky Ms. Holden!

    She will now wake up each morning to see her little kitten curled up next to her. There will be days where she will see kitty search for a warm sunny spot. The hum of the motor and the delightful sounds her gift makes as she manipulates the control.

    Nights, where kitty will use that pretty pink tongue to the delight of Ms. Holden.

    1. Hi RH, your brief few words tell such a wonderful story of Andy's warm and loving future. In think they are both lucky.

  6. Andy,

    You should do an illustration to go along with your story. I remember an illustration you did awhile back that is nearly a forerunner of this story. The one where poor Andrew is in a full cat costume catsuit & a delivery man is witness to his situation.

    Keep up the great work.

    -Dr. Strangequirk-

    1. Good morning Dr c yes that was my inspiration, i felt there was another story to tell. So very happy you liked it.
      My best wishes

  7. Great story. End result reminds me of the photo shoot Katy Perry did for her perfume. Lovely pink and purple catsuit ant tail. Check it out.

    1. Hello Anon, oh yes I very much know that photo shoot and it was the inspiration for my art and this story.
      So glad you liked it